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John Curbishley
Web Yeoman

December 2017


Vale Leslie Joseph Nelson Bartlett R29026 (ex CCY)

My name is Geoff Bartlett, the son of Les Bartlett, a member of your West Australian chapter.

I am sorry to have to tell you that Les died on the 27th of December after struggling this last year with cancer.

His local navy friends have been informed through Ray Thompson, but I would be grateful if you could inform the wider community.

His funeral is at 10:30AM, January 5, at the Karrakatta crematorium (see below):

Regards, Geoff
Lest We Forget

From the Archives: 
Leslie (Les) Joseph Nelson Bartlett R29026.  Korean War Veteran.
DOB 2.1.1929, Joined RAN 5.2.1946, DEE 1.1.1961.  Postings: CERBERUS 1946 (ORD SIG), KUTTABUL 1946-47 for LACHLAN, LEEUWIN for PARKES 1948 (A/SIG), AUSTRALIA 1948 (SIG), PENGUIN for KANGAROO & CULGOA, 1949-51 (A/L.SIG (PROV), WARRAMUNGA 1952, BATAAN 1952 (L/SIG), HARMAN 1952, CERBERUS 1953, VENGEANCE 1953, SYDNEY 1953-54 (A/YEO SIGS), CERBERUS 1954-55 (YEO SIGS), SYDNEY 1955, CERBERUS 1955-57, VOYAGER 1957, SWAN 1957-59 (Title changed to CY August 1958), KUTTABUL 1959-60, (Rated Chief Yeoman of Signals - CCY 13.2.1959) MELBOURNE 1960, LEEUWIN 1960-61.  Discharged Engagement Expired (DEE) 1.1.1961. 

Funeral notice (Clipper Funerals)

The Funeral Cortege for the late Mr Leslie (Les) Joseph Nelson Bartlett of Nedlands will assemble at the Main Entrance of KARRAKATTA Cemetery, Railway Rd, Karrakatta on FRIDAY (05.01.2018) at 10.30am.
31-33 Townshend Road SUBIACO 9381 5888


Vale Clive Thomas Voss R49697 (ex TEL)

The passing of an RANCBAVIC Stalwart!!

It saddens me to have to advise everybody that RANCBAVIC have lost a perfect gentleman recently. Clive Voss of Wangaratta Vic passed away after a very brief stay in hospital. Clive was born 12th September 1934 and joined the RAN on 24th August 1953 official number R49697 for a term of 6 years.

After failing his Tel course twice, he battled on and finally passed. He paid off after 6 years on 23rd August 1959. Postings were - Murchison - Melville - Penguin - Kuttabul - Melville - Penguin - then Kuttabul for discharge.

Clive and Yvonne attended a number of Regional reunions and most would remember the last two years - Wodonga and Port Fairy.

Sometimes things hit families hard. They lost a son approx 3 months ago and then Yvonne had a fall and broke her hip (she leaves hospital on the 6th Jan).

The funeral will be in Wangaratta on the 9th Jan and will be a full Wangaratta RSL funeral and Clive will be farewelled under the old White Ensign.

Anybody requiring information please contact me on 0418 524 067

With a Sad Heart
Lest We Forget


Merry Christmas from Meg Haensel-Fuss

Best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas & New Year to all RANCBA Members.

Although a bit late (I've only just got the school photo), here are a couple of photos for the picture board if you wish to put them up.

Photo one:

Service Members of the Cummins-Yeelanna RSL Sub-branch on Remembrance Day, with our Lutheran Minister who acted as Chaplain for us at our Service.

and, the second one:

Myself with the two Cummins Area School 2017 Awardees of the ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award.  Yr 10 recipient Talya Coombs, (on my right) and Yr 12 recipient Jemima McLachlan.

I gave a quick brief on the award and then presented the girls with their certificates at the Yr 12 Graduation Assembly on 23 November.

Meg Haensel-Fuss


Anniversary of loss of HMAS VOYAGER

The annual service commemorating the loss of HMAS Voyager on 10th February 1964 - the worst peacetime disaster for the RAN.


From: Saint Mary's Office
Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2017 2:11 PM
To: Alan and Sonja Hellier
Subject: Voyager Service

Dear Sonja and Alan,

We are once again holding a Voyager Commemoration Service at St Mary's.  It will be held on Sunday 11 February 2018 commencing at 9am.

Are you able to let your contacts know about the service?

We have been in contact with Navy Headquarters and will invite the Local, State and Federal members for this area.

Is there anyone else we should advise about this event?

Kind regards.

Kym Markwell
Office Administrator
Parish of Kangaroo Point
Saint Mary's Anglican Church
Telephone: 07 3391 4071 (Office); 07 3391 5223 (Fax)
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9.00am-2.30pm

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I would also like to express my appreciation to John for all the hours he puts into the website so we all can know how are shipmates are faring and also of events.  Also to Shorty Moffatt for the interesting newsletters. Josephine and I wish you and your families and to all who read the website a great Xmas and a safe, healthy and happy new year
and hope 2018 does not go as quickly as this year.

Best wishes

Trevor Percival



On Thursday 14th December approx 67 plus joined Magisitic Cruises at Darling Harbour for now Annual event. The weather was absolutely glorious, probably too warm as the temp in Sydney touched 40-41 degs C, but out on the best harbour in the world, no one had any worries. We all started to muster from 11.30am onwards and we had 'No Defaulters', with 'Ship Under Sailing Orders' for midday. On boarding the vessel, we made our way inside to our allocated area, and with tables/chairs all set out, and on each table, bottles of red & white wines, wine glasses and bottles of Crown Lager – what more could a person wish for!!

The vessel got under from Darling Harbour and made its way to Circular Quay for other people joining and then away we went., after a nice beverage, it was now luncheon time and here it was a very good selection of food and the big prawns where very well liked. Then back to the table you had selected (there was no allocation) sit with your friends where ever. Then the stories started, and as you know, no ex Navy (m/f) tells a little fibbee!!

Brian Gray OAM and a very stalwart Member of the RANCBA who when I contacted him if we could have this cruise again this year, made a speech and spoke of a friend of his, who he plays golf with and was onboard, He is 94 years old and I would have to say very sprightly , he had been part of the D Day Landings in Normandy, served on HMS SHROPSHIRE before it was handed over to the RAN . He then handed the mic to me and as President, I felt very honoured to welcome all and I just named a few .

Firstly, our Patron RADM Tony Horton AO and accompanied by his wife Margaret, then Mrs Mary Bell and her husband Philip, and I mentioned for those that don't know Mary, she is the Secretary of the FNSA does all the work behind the scenes, ANZAC Day March, Plaque Dedications, Memorial Services and it was only fitting that I Invite her.

It was then that I mentioned Brian Gray and how, when we had discussed this outing at our RANCBA Meeting, on return home, I contacted him and within 2 hours, I had a response and with a very good deal, so I asked to put their hands together and show full appreciation .

Then to keep all speeches to a limit, I wished all on behalf of the RANCBA Committee a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

It was then time to resume spinning yarns and renewing friendships, having a nice cold refreshment and viewing the best harbour in the world.

Have inserted some photos, so I will let you put a name to the face.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter


Vale Alison Armstrong (Nee Francis) OAM WR/505 (Ex WRAN TELEG)

Sonja Hellier passes on the following information:

This email is going out to all Alison Armstrong's gmail contacts. If you haven't yet heard, I am sorry to let you know that Alison had a severe stroke early on Monday morning (26 November) and passed away peacefully on Wednesday 29 November. We are trying various avenues of contacting people to ensure all those who would want to know are informed. Please feel free to pass on the information to anyone we may have missed.

The funeral was held on Wednesday 6 December at 11am at Pinnaroo Cemetery in Bridgeman Downs in Brisbane. The funeral notice was in today's Courier Mail (Saturday 02 December).

Frances Morgan (granddaughter) on behalf of Alison's family.

Lest We Forget

From the Archives:
Alison Laura Armstrong (Nee Francis) WR/505.  Born 18 May 1921, Joined WRANS 29 December 1942.  Discharged 27 November 1945.  Postings: HMAS HARMAN 1942/43, MAGNETIC 1943/45.


Brisbane Get Together

L to R…Gus Dodds, Bob Simpson, Jim Anderson, Roger Garrett, Tackers Miles, John Horton, Glen Battye, Trev Percival, Doc Watson, Kev Ruwoldt, Gareth Evans, Allan Hellier, Jim Eagles.


Seeking Vicky Bodero


I hope you may be able to contact Vicky Bodero.  In my search, I found her photo on your site. She was a classmate of mine in Mackay NQ and we have lost contact.

I have just come back from a reunion of the Class of 1963 at Mackay West Primary School this weekend. The event was noted with photographs in the local newspaper. Vicky is there in one of the photographs. It was a very emotional weekend, and Vicky is someone I missed.

Please pass on this message. The organisers are still keen to contact those of the group who have not been located. I would love to make contact with Vicky again.

With regards,

Deborah Gregory (neé Low)


Merry Xmas

To you John for another fabulous year as web master and all RANCB Members MERRY XMAS and a safe, healthy and prosperous 2018.

Ciao from
Bob and Kate Vonarx

Vale Lester Burnow 'Dewey' Parnell R53029

Andy Cowley here wishing to let you know that ex T.O. Lester (Dewey) Parnell passed away last Thursday 30th Nov, after a relatively short illness with the dreaded cancer of which he had all through him. Was wondering if you may be able to pass this out to the RANCBAQ family for the info of those who knew him, his funeral will be on Thursday 7th Dec at Toowoomba if anyone would like further details I could possibly help my email

Andy Cowley

Lest We Forget


November 2017

HMAS SYDNEY II 76th Memorial Service – 19th November 2017

The Memorial for the sinking of HMAS SYDNEY II and the fatal loss of all 645 Officers and crew by the German Raider SMS KORMORAN on 19th November 1941 was held at the Cenotaph Martin Place with Mr Maurie Green MP as the MC
The Welcome was given by Senator Jenny Mc Allister, Deputy Opposition Whip representing The Hon Tanya Plibersek MO Federal Member for Sydney.

The Address was given by Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer AO CSC and Bar RAN, Australian Fleet Commander and representing the Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett AO CSC RAN.  Chaplain Andrews Watters RAN Officiated with music by the RAN Band, Sydney Detachment and serving personnel Catafalque Party and Flag Orderlies.

On completion of Prayers,the Wreath Laying Service took place, and here it was many – including Senator Deb O'Neill,The Hon Scott Farlow MLC, The Hon Lynda Voltz MC, Rear Admiral Andrew Robertson AO DSC RAN Rtd, Patron of the HMAS SYDNEY Assn, Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer AO CSC and Bar RAN, Councillor Linda Scott representing the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Ms Ann Lewis representing the Deputy Commissioner of DVA and many many more. I had the privilege and honour to Lay a Wreath.

On completion , the Naval Ode and Ode was Recited and then the Bugler from the RAN Band played the Last Post , One Minutes Silence and then Reveille.

The Naval Hymn was sung by all and then the Blessing by Chaplain Watters RAN and then the National Anthem by all.

After the March off by the Catafalque Party and Flag Orderlies this brought to the end of this Service.


HMAS PARRAMATTA II 76th Memorial Service – 26th November 2017

The Memorial for the sinking of HMAS PARRAMATTA II and to pay tribute and homage who lost their life on the fatal sinking by the German submarine U559 on the 27th November 1941. This Service is held on the closest Sunday to the sinking . Here I was accompanied by Ms Liz Watts OAM, V/President RANCBA NSW

All who wished to and could take part where asked to join in a very small march to the Memorial sight and then the MC, Mr Rus Jardine asked all to stand for the mounting of the Catafalque Party. Music was supplied by a detachment of the RAN Band and personnel from the RAN carrying out the duty of the Catafalque Party

The Lord Mayor of Parramatta, Councillor A Wilson gave the Welcome and on completion all were asked to stand for the singing of the Hymn Psalm 23.  Chaplain D. Hindle RAN gave the Reading and the Address.

Commander S. Cannell RAN representing the Australian Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer AO CSC and Bar gave the Oration . Commander Cannell had served on HMAS PARRAMATTA III and had been Commanding Officer of HMAS PARRAMATTA IV

The Wreath Laying Service then took place and here I Laid a Wreath on behalf of the FNSA, and Ms Liz Watts OAM, Vice President RANCBA NSW Laid a Floral Tribute on behalf of all Communicators. There were many more which included Commander S Cannell RAN, Lord Mayor A Wilson, Ms Julie Owens, Federal Member for Parramatta, Dr G Lee MP, State Member for Parramatta, also relatives of those lost on HMAS PARRAMATTA II.

The Naval Ode and Ode was Recited by Mr Ron Smith OAM and then the Last Post , played by the Bugler from the RAN Band, One Minutes Silence and then Reveille.

On completion , the Hymn Eternal Father was sung and then the Blessing by Chaplain Hindle RAN to stand for the National Anthem.

This then brought to the end of another Service.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW

National Vietnam Veterans Museum Naval Ships Display Opening and our next Regional Reunion

1. Firstly Rachel and I along with Marty Grogan & Janette, Jan Gallagher and Andrew, Laurie Pegler and Darrell (a blast from the past) attended the opening of 'The Naval Ships in Vietnam' display at the Vietnam Vets Museum at Phillip Island. The display will remain until end of April next year. The guest speaker was Commander John Goss representing the Senior Naval Officer of Victoria who is also the Captain of CERBERUS who was unable to attend. Commander Goss gave an excellent rundown on the Naval Ships role in Vietnam, along with Ships HMAS Sydney and Melbourne and at least 5 other escort ships. He also spoke on the Naval Helicopter role, also the Naval clearance divers and not to be forgotten, the Naval band entertaining the troops. If I have forgotten others I apologise. The exhibition is excellent and I recommend anybody venturing down that way to go and have a look.

2. The Museum continues to grow as do the displays. They now have a very professional base with a full time General manager as well as a marketing manager. On the bright side, they have been gifted a further 5 acres of land from a generous benefactor and also have applied for a $10 million dollar grant from the federal government. You can all be assured that their future is secure along with guaranteed growth. For those not aware they have a restored Wessex helicopter and a Grumman tracker from the Melbourne.

3. Rachel and I took advantage of this visit to do some research for our next Regional reunion which will encompass Vietnam Vets day and will be held at Phillip Island. The dates are Thursday the 16th to Sunday 19th of August 2018. Further information on this reunion will be released once we finish planning in a few weeks. We will have all the accommodation and other general information then. We have requested the RAN band for a March with the Vets museum people, us and the RSL also. We have had a meeting with both groups and have a further meeting on the 6th of next month and then we can publish all relevant information. I would love to see a turn up of 100 or more as the RSL will be looking after us well out of the cold. We just have to finalise accommodation providers and other RSL arrangements. There will be a number of excellent activities during the reunion and this will be well covered in future updates.

Cheers for now
President RANCBA VIC

RANCBAVIC Rundown on a few of our activities recently

1. The weekend of 13/14/15th of October saw 25 of us make our way to the Big4 Holiday park at Bellarine for a mini catchup prior to Christmas. The weekend commenced with a meet and greet on the Friday evening in a function room at the park. This was a lovely evening where we demolished 10 KG of beautiful Portarlington mussels. We also had some entertainment between a signalman and a submariner with plenty of banter. We actually had 3 ex submariners for company that weekend - Titch, Les Thurgood and our new recruit Mo. - They are getting around these submariners with the current XO at Cerberus being an ex Submariner RO.

2. Saturday we traversed the Bellarine Peninsula on a bus tour which included 13th Beach, Barwon Heads, Point Lonsdale with a real close up of the Heads into Port Phillip Bay and the turbulent water, Ocean Grove, Queenscliff and then onto lunch at Jack Rabbit winery with its outstanding views across Port Phillip bay to Melbourne city.

3. Next back to the park for idle chat and a few drinks prior to heading to Curlewis golf club for dinner. John Falks home club. A lovely dinner and then back to the park for a few quite ones before hitting the sack.

4. Sunday included breakfast and then our goodbyes. It was a very relaxing catchup and great to see those that made the trip.

5. The following weekend saw a number of us front up to the Melbourne town hall for the Navy Victoria ball. This included the full Navy band, all split playing many different types of music during the evening. They were absolutely outstanding and went a long way to creating an outstanding evening. Guests at the ball included CNS, and both the Cerberus OIC/Senior naval officer Victoria and the XO of Cerberus. There is a possibility that there will be another in two years time at the same venue which could even become a Tri Service ball.

We also have a further interesting day coming up on the 18th of November at the NATIONAL VIETNAM VETERANS MUSEUM PHILLIP ISLAND.  A new exhibition opens at 2.30 pm honouring the ships and crews for their continuous operational service in Vietnam between 1965 and 1972. In all 13,500 RAN members saw service in Vietnam. The ships sailed 400,000 miles nautical and fired 100,000 rounds of ammunition. The famous "Vung Tau Ferry" HMAS Sydney carried 16,000 troops. Many images, video and artifacts will convey diverse stories and incidents, many which have not been available for the
public to see previously. The exhibition opens on Saturday the 18th of November and will remain open until the 1st of may 2018.

Cheers Nokka


Details for where to join vessel and times etc..

Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter.


Cruise Timing

Boarding : 12:00 pm

Departure : 12:15 pm

Returns : 4:15 pm

However, as you know the vessel does return at 2.15pm to disembark the faint hearted.

Departure Location

King Street Wharf, No. 5, Darling Harbour

If people want any further information go to

Regards Brian


HMAS Armidale Memorial Service


Ladies and Gentlemen,

On Friday 1 December 2018, the City of Armidale (NSW) and the Navy will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the loss of HMAS Armidale with a Memorial Service in Central Park, Armidale. The event is open to the public and individual invitations will not be issued.

The attached bulletin is currently being shown on the website. Ex-Service Associations are welcome to re-promulgate the bulletin in their own online or mail-out resources.

Myself and Warrant Officer Alan Ward from Navy Events look forward to seeing you in Armidale if you are able to attend.


Lieutenant Commander Mark Shelvey, RAN
Manager Navy Events

HMAS Armidale, Bathurst Class Minesweeper, was lost in action against Japanese aircraft on 1 December 1942. Forty members of her Ship’s Company and 60 embarked Netherlands East Indies troops lost their lives.

The Royal Australian Navy and the Armidale Regional Council will co-host a Memorial Service to commemorate the loss of HMAS Armidale at 11am, Friday 1 December 2017 in Central Park, Armidale.

This is an open invitation to members of the public to attend the Memorial Service and pay their respects to those Allied personnel who lost their lives in that gallant action. Guests wishing to lay a wreath will be given the opportunity to do so during the service.

There is no requirement to RSVP.



For mine – I served on HMAS ANZAC 1957 – 58 MALAYAN EMERGENCY

So please read and give this a lot of thought.

Allan ,Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Follow this link for the .pdf document



This Memorial Service was held at the Hyde Park Memorial to a very well attended by Relatives of those who had been part of this Charge , Serving and Ex Serving Personnel and many of the public.

It commenced with an Official Welcome by Mr Greg Whitehead, Heritage Events Organiser of ACNA , and then the singing of a hymn, GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA – I would have to say that I have never heard this Hymn, but it is so beautiful. The Music was by the Australian Army Band (ARA), and I have printed the words of this song – it is actually sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda


Here is this God given land of ours, Australia
This proud possession, our own piece of earth
That was built by our fathers who pioneered our heritage
Here in Australia, the land of our birth

God Bless Australia, our land Australia
Home of the ANZAC's the strong and the free
It's our homeland, our own land, to cherish for eternity
God bless Australia, the land of the free

Here in Australia, we treasure love and liberty
Our way of life, all for one, one for all
We're a peace loving race, but should danger ever threaten us
Let the world know, we will answer the call
Chorus X 2

Then the Address of the Light Horse was given – Against all Odds – very interesting and then the ARA Band played and all were invited to sing O God Our Help in Ages Past

Following this, the introduction of the Guest Speaker , Mr Allan Sparkes CV OAM VA and he was absolutely brilliant, he spoke for at least 12-15 minutes and at no stage did he use any notes and he spoke so precise for all to hear.

All were asked to stand and turn and face the Northern end of the Pool of Reflection and here two (2) Mounted Light Horsemen, wearing the uniforms of that period and carrying .303 rifles were paraded down the walkway and led by the Ingleburn RSL Pipe and Drums Band – very spectacular.

Following was the hymn Abide with Me – and once again music by the ARA , they Psalm 23 given by Rabbi Ben Elton and here given in both Hebrew and then English.

A Prayer of Remembrance by the Army Chaplain and then all to say the Lords Prayer.

The Chaplain then Read the Names of the Fallen , and then the Wreath Laying Ceremony , and here Led by the RSL NSW Corps of Guards. This included, Mrs Marie Bashir AC CVO former Governor of NSW, a Representative of the Royal Australian Navy (a current serving RAN Captain) and Representing the Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer RAN , MS Meg Green, National President of War Widows, Ms Rhondda Vanzella OAM NSW State President of War Widows and this is only a few, there were many more from Official Representatives but then NOK and Relatives were asked to come forward and Lay a Wreath, one of the most pleasing was a great grandson of a fallen Light Horseman and here he was accompanied by his 3 young daughters whose ages would have ranged from 8 years to 4 years old, and all in attendance acknowledged this.

The Ode to the Fallen was given by a RSL NSW Representative and then the Last Post played by a Bugler of the Australian Army Band – Sacred Silence and then Rouse

All were asked to remain standing and all to join in the singing of the Australian National Anthem , with music by the ARA

Benediction was given by the Army Chaplain and this then brought to an end of a very well attended and conducted Memorial Service to remember those that had fought and those that had given their life during this Light Horse Charge.

Allan Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Perth Comms Get Together Hobart

The clock was turned back nearly 50 years when a group of communicators who served on the Perth during the first two Vietnam deployments got together in Hobart a couple of weeks ago. Some had not seen each other since 1968 so it was good to catch up and reminisce. A few managed to take in the sights of Hobart and surrounds which included a trip up to a very windy Mt Wellington and also a bus ride and boat trip around the rugged coastline of Bruny Island.

As one of the group said at one stage “If someone had told us back in 1968 that eight of us would get together in a pub in Hobart nearly 50 years later, we would have laughed at them” But, there we all were still chirpy and enjoying life. Hopefully the next get together will be a bit sooner.

First photo left to right: Bob “Willy” Williamson, Wal Leijen, Doug Conn, Terry “Red” Ryder, Bob “Westy” Westhorp, Barry “Bones” Lehmann, Bill Blinkhorn and Brigham Young.

Second photo left to right: Bob “Willy” Williamson, Terry “Red” Ryder, Bill Blinkhorn, Wally Leijen and Barry “Bones” Lehmann.

Terry “Red” Ryder


October 2017

HARBOUR CRUISE – 14th December

The Harbour Cruise on the world's best – Sydney Harbour, will again be held on the 14th December. All Serving and Ex Serving Communicators are more than welcome and this is also for other Chapters. Give it a lot of thought and come along, meet with old friends and make new ones.

Herewith the details for booking – I shall put out details re the time to muster/board etc later..

It will be the same deal again $55 PH inclusive. (YOU WON'T GET A BETTER DEAL) - our Order Number : 476836.

Anyone who wishes to make a booking phone (612) 8296 7296 and quote the above order number and make their payment $55 PP.

Assuming we get a similar number to last year we will have the top deck set up with our own buffet etc.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Vale Tom Mallaghan R96066 (ex RO)

Lest We Forget.  RIP Tom.


Graham Bence is in Sick Bay

Been in sick bay now for over 12 months.

First event that happened in August last year I wen to Canberra for a trip. Went to the War Memorial and then tripped down the stairs. Broke the ligaments in my left leg. Just about got over it and then in July this year I found out I had cancer of the throat.

Chemo treatment has been fortnightly and it seems to be going OK. I feel OK most of the time but have bad times as well.

I have a CT scan on Monday, this is the first since I started treatment and I hope every thing turns out alright.

Regards Graham
All the best for your treatment Graham, we will be thinking of you. Thank you for sharing it with us.

From Paul Boase:  Best wishes for a good outcome Graham.



On Saturday 21st October 2017 this Service to Commemorate these Battles was held at the Cenotaph, Martin Place Sydney commencing at 11.30am and it was due to the effort and hard work by the HMAS AUSTRALIA Veterans' Association under the direction of the President of the Association, Christine Roberts.

Even though the numbers are diminishing due to age/health it was good to see some of those there included , RADM Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN Rtd who had served on HMAS AUSTRALIA during those WW II times and RADM Rothesay Swan AO CBE RAN Rtd who had served in these Battles aboard HMAS SHROPSHIRE, but a couple who I cannot remember their names (for this I do apologise and for others also) had been aboard HMAS ARUNTA at that time.

The Service commenced with the Introduction by Christine Roberts and then the Opening Address by Chris Johnston, President of the HMAS CANBERRA./SHROPSHIRE Association. This was then followed by the Wreath Laying which commenced with a Wreath by Mr Wayne Wilson, Vice President of the HMAS AUSTRALIA Veterans Association and here, Mr Ken Swain AM and myself Laid a Wreath on behalf of the FNSA & RANCBA . All ladies in attendance had been given a single red rose to Lay and on the Cenotaph, they looked very impressive amongst the Wreaths.

Following this was the saying of the Naval Prayer (said by all) and then the Last Post was played by a Member of the RAN Band (Sydney Detachment).

The Ode was Recited by Allan Moffatt OAM as President of the Federation of Naval Ships Association. On completion of the Ode, the Bugler then sounded the Reveille.

The Naval Ode was Recited by Mr, Ken Swain AM.

This brief but very well conducted and organised Service came to a close and here the Closing Address was given by Christine Roberts and on the Order of Service was some very touching words which I would like to insert in this article.

"So ends this simple but sincere Memorial Service in Memory of lost shipmates in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines 73 years ago. People of today should be grateful to our lost shipmates of HMAS AUSTRALIA who helped save our Nation. But we must remember, Peace came at a Price. May they Rest in the Peaceful Haven of the Sea".

I thought this was so well given and ended this Service.

We then made our way to the Occidental Hotel, in York Street which is within very easy walking distance from Martin Place and here the function room had been set up for all those attending.

The Delegates from the HMAS AUSTRALIA/SHROPSHIRE/CANBERRA Associations had a small meeting and I believe a decision has been made to be with closer ties, and it is my intention at the next FNSA & RANCBA Meetings to bring this up in General Business and that we should give more support and keep this Memorial Service going as they did so much for Australia in those 'dark days' of WW II.

After Meet & Greet drinks and stories, all sat down to a beautiful lunch and prior to commencing the Loyal Toast was given by RADM Guy Griffiths.

Sadly, after a well conducted Memorial Service and followed by a Luncheon , the day came to an end – It was for mine a privilege to attend and also to say the Ode in front of Veterans of WW II.

Allan Moffatt OAM
President FNSA & RANCBA NSW Chapter

Interment of the late Cranston 'Bob' Doyle's ashes - 2 Dec 17

Good morning,

For those that knew Bob, I was just informed by his cousin (Peter Cronin) that the family has arranged for Bob’s ashes to be interred with his mother Myra at the Chinchilla Monumental Cemetery on Cemetery Road Chinchilla QLD at 11am on 2 December 2017.

Bob’s family has made an open invitation to all Bob’s friends and colleagues that wish to attend this interment.

Kind regards,
Merv Beergah



On Thursday, 12th October 2017 the Annual Luncheon was held at the Grace Hotel, York Street, Sydney in the Pinaroo Room, Level 1.. and about 12 noon, many started to arrive for the Meet & Greet, and here drinks were made available , either wine or ale, Some that I met there, Bill Ross President HOBART Assn, Mike Kielty, HOBART & PARRAMATTA Naval Sub Section, John Byrnes SYDNEY Assn, Bill Strachan VAMPIRE Assn, John Ellis PERTH Assn , Ken Swain AM FNSA & RANCBA, Max Miller RANCBA , Macca McKenzie Clearnce Divers, Morris Wilcoxon QUIBERON WWII Assn and this is just a few of many.

Roughly about 12.15pm the Guest Speaker, RADM Rothesay Swan AO CBE RAN Rtd and accompanied by his nice wife Margaret arrived, and many took the opportunity to meet and talk with them both. Then at 12.30pm , the Vice President of the FNSA, Ms Liz Watts OAM, alerted me, and she asked all to stand for the entry of the RADM Swan and his wife, which I had the honour of escorting them to the allocated table.

I then had to carry out my duty as MC for the Luncheon, and the first duty was asked all to Stand for the Toast to the Queen, and then to remain Standing for the Naval Ode, Observe a Minutes Silence for Departed Shipmates – but I emphasised only if you are able, and should you need to sit down, please do , knowing that we had many elderly people in attendance.

After this duty and it was approaching time for the Luncheon to be served, I then invited Sister Mary Leahy OAM, Stella Maris & Mission to Seaman to come forward to say Grace. She is indeed a delightful person and with her Irish brogue , she makes it so nice and greatly and I mean this , appreciated by all.

Then it was time for me to ask out Guest RADM Swan to come forward His talk/speech was outstanding and he spoke on the time he entered the RAN as a 14 year old Cadet Midshipman in 1940, and saw action in several places, then a short period in HMAS ARUNTA, and then back to HMAS SHROPSHIRE and was part of the action in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Suriago Straits and Lingayen Gulf. There was other ships , he served on between the time he was a Sub Lieutenant and then being promoted to Lieutenant.

He qualified at HMS MERCURY as a Communications Officer and served on HMS INDOMITABLE and on return to Australia aboard HMAS ANZAC . More postings were to follow which included the Fleet Communications Officer aboard HMAS MELBOURNE and then posted as Executive Officer HMAS VOYAGER. with deployments to the FESR After another posting he was the Commissioning and Commanding Officer HMAS DERWENT during the Indonesian Confrontation.  In 1969 he became Commanding Officer HMAS HOBART serving in the Vietnam war and was Awarded the CBE for his Service there. After a period of Director of Naval Communications he was promoted to Commodore and assumed Command of HMAS MELBOURNE, and during this period, took part in the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Celebrations and Fleet Review in the UK and also RIMPAC off Hawaii.

Then as Director General of Natural Disasters and appointed as a Officer in the Order of Australia AO in 1982, There was more to follow but I do hope that you gleam that he had a great Naval career?

Then, this was not on the Order of Procedures and along with our Secretary, Mrs Mary Bell, we approached Captain John Stravridis RAN if he would like to come forward and say a few words. He is the Commissioning and Commanding Officer of the new HMAS HOBART III which was Commissioned on 23rd September 2017. He did so, and he gave a very good and very welcome talk on the 'new' Navy and how proud he is to be the Commander. After hearing both talks and with the difference in years between their Service, it was good . He was indeed good and like RADM Swan, received a great ovation on completion

Then as the afternoon was closing, and we now the Raffles,
a) the first prize was donated by the Grace Hotel and it was an overnight stay for two
b) 2 packs of 2 wines (one red and one white) donated by Mr & Mrs Andy Mills
c) a special edition Princess Cruises blue leather wallet donated by Allan & Helen Moffatt

Then after tea/coffee and mints, it was time to come to the end of what I believe a very successful FNSA Luncheon, with 2 very good speakers and with Sister Mary Leahy saying Grace made the day and then I would be amiss, and I mentioned their names at the Luncheon, but it was the very hard working Committee who made this possible today – in no set order,Ms Liz Watts OAM V/President, Mrs Mary Bell Secretary and who could not forget her husband Phillip, Andy Mills Treasurer , also with help from Bruce Bowmaker, Ken Swain who all gave assistance and ideas when needed.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President FNSA & RANCBA NSW Chapter

RANCBA WA Informal Lunch

RANCBA (WA) Chapter is holding an informal lunch at the Quality Bayswater Hotel, Railway Road, Bayswater at 12.00 Friday 20 October.

 Enquiries David MacLean 0418 917 982 or 08 6460 2415. All Welcome.

Kind Regards
David MacLean

RANCBA Qld Annual General Meeting/BBQ

Saturday 28th October 2017, 1200 for 1230

Qld Maritime Museum, Southbank Brisbane Qld

$25 pp two course with drinks at the right price.

All Welcome. Numbers for Caterer required by Monday 23rd October

Ring 07 33972663: 0412 750 372

Hope you and yours are well – another busy year fast coming to a close.



The Chapel of Remembrance , together with the Memorial Plaques is a fitting addition to the Naval Chapel, GI in memory of those who served in the Royal Australian Navy, and ensures that their Service and devotion is not forgotten. If you ever have the chance, come along and see this very unique Service which is held 3- 4 times a year.

Today, the Plaque Dedication Service for departed ex RAN personnel, (m/f) was held today at the Chapel of Remembrance , Garden Island, with Chaplain Jon Cox RAN , Officiating, and with the music by the Sydney Detachment of the Royal Australian Band .

All were asked to stand as the Australian White Ensign and Party was Slowed Marched into the the Chapel and the AWE presented to the Chaplain who draped it over the Altar

The Service commenced with a Welcome and Opening Prayer by Chaplain Cox, and then followed by Psalm 23 verses 1-6 to which many would know, The Lord is My Shepherd and here a Musician from the Band Detachment came forward to lead us in the singing.

The was then followed by Psalm 107 vs 23 –32 (The Naval Psalm) and this was Read by Allan Moffatt OAM. On completion, the Lesson John Chapter 10 vs 11-18 was Read by Ms Liz Watts OAM. The Homily was given by Chaplain Jon Cox RAN.

The names of the Plaque Dedications was then Read:

John Knox
Eric Bus
Joseph Martin
Douglas Whitehorn
Betty Stubley
Francis Gillian
Desmond Davison
David Golding
Norma McCarthy
John Myers

The Naval Ode & Ode was Recited by the Chaplain.  Last Post – One Minutes Silence –Reveille was as played by the Band Detachment.

Then NOK, friends , etc were Invited to come forward and give a Family Reflection.

Here , 7 came forward to speak about those mentioned above . All gave a beautiful speech and with great emotion and dignity, but one that I would like to mention was the talk of Lieutenant Francis Gillian AM RAN Rtd , who was an Engineering Officer aboard HMAS PERTH II when it was sunk in the Java Sea by the Japanese, how he stayed afloat by clinging to a biscuit tin , but then taken a POW by the Japanese and on his back were scars where he had been flogged when forced to work on the Burma-Thailand Railway.

This was followed by the Prayer of Dedication and a Prayer for Our Navy given by Chaplain Cox RAN. All Read the Lord's Prayer, then all to stand for the Australian National Anthem – Here, it is a joy to listen as all sing with great pride and a feeling of those that have gone before.

This was followed by Benediction and then all Invited to Morning Tea at the Naval Historical Building.

Members of the FNSA and RANCBA volunteer their services and display their MKR skills. ary & Philip Bell FNSA, Ken & June Swain FNSA & RANCBA, Liz Watts FNSA & RANCBA, Diana Avent RANCBA & her sister Liz, Allan & Helen Moffatt FNSA & RANCBA.

On speaking to many of the NOK, friends etc at the completion of the Service and then more so at the Morning Tea, they have nothing but praise of how this very unique Service is held and to pass on their special thanks to all concerned and the refreshments that we supply.

Today, due to health and being out of State, we also missed the present of Ray & Sharon Mundy, Ric & Jan Easom and Andy & Jan Mills who are also tireless workers and with the above, make sure that all runs smooth.

Thank you all.

Allan Moffatt
President FNSA & RANCBA NSW Chapter

Subject: RANCBAVIC Weekend catch-up 13th to 15th October at the Big4 Holliday Park Bellarine

1. Only a few days before our catch-up weekend as above. This is some information re our programme for the weekend. We will kick off Friday evening with a meet and greet at around 6.30 PM in a cosy room behind the front office. I will be cooking up some local mussels to excite your taste buds. Don't forget it's BYO food for this evening and also for each days breakfast.

2. On Saturday we have a free bus - Put on by the park to do some touring of the local sights. I'm sure those that are not familiar with the area will be pleasantly surprised. Lunch will be at the Jack Rabbit winery on the Portarlington Rd a little past Drysdale. Then off touring again until we return to the park to freshen up prior to bussing off again to dinner at the Curlewis golf club. On return maybe a nightcap in the area we had the meet and greet.

3. For breakfasts we may use a couple of our cabins or maybe one of the camp kitchens. Just play this as it comes.

4. For those travelling a distance, have a safe trip and if anybody else wishes to join us please do as it will be a very relaxed weekend.

5. Names of those attending to date - there is still room on the bus!!

John & Rachel White - Roy & Lyn Barber - John & Sue Falk - Jan Gallagher & Andrew - Les Thurgood - Titch Parsons - Ernie Power - Peter & Ruby Duran - Barry Kane - Graham Willsdon - Mo Bries (Ex Submariner) his wife and two children - Jan Withers - Ian and Vanessa Hogarth

Cheers All

 My 'little' Ships

Surfing the net I came across RANCB Website. Brought back a lot of memories; so many names and faces remembered.

Anyway, some years ago I wrote a essay which I kept. I think it might be of interest to you and the Branch's members.  I attach it here as a Word 2003 doc. If you can use it, you're welcome to it.

Tom Ware
2nd October 2017

Follow this link for Tom's Essay(Also available from MSO page).


Pop White - Circa 1940

While going through my Mum's stuff after her recent passing, I found these old pics of Dads.  I thought it would be worth putting them up on the site, but I am a computer dinosaur.

Would love you long time if you could do it for me. On the back of the Vendetta pic, Dad had written all the specs, but too old and faded to read off a pic, Both pics circa 1940.

Hope all is good with you and yours.

Tks Om

Les White ex LSSIG.



RANCBA Bumper Sticker

Seems to be a few grey nomads hitting the roads in their caravans of late so to aid in the age-old tradition of 'exchanging ID's, a RANCBA Sticker has been produced. The sticker is perfect for the car windscreen or bumper bar - is made of quality vinyl by our mate Russ French.

A limited number of these are available so first in best dressed - Cost is $5ea which includes postage to get it to you.

You can purchase the sticker here -

Image of bumper sticker is attached.

Gary Swanton

September 2017

RANCBAVIC Destination Singapore Cruise 19 days 6th to 25th June 2018

1. This is an unexpected next cruise update on our next venture for a 19 day cruise from Singapore to Sydney on Carnival Spirit (our last cruise ship). The group on the last cruise were all very keen to do this cruise, so here it is.

2. This is a hastily put together notification due to the possibility of getting a very good deal by acting quickly. This is the crux of the information from Kath at Helloworld Travel Rowville - phone 03 97648487 to enable a very good deal.

3. The basic information is as follows - interior cabins from $2898.00 per person - Balcony cabins from $3188.00 per person and ocean view cabins from $2699 per person. Kath has set up a group that when you book you receive a cabin credit of $100 dollars. Also the ex Defence military credit is $200 per person being a lengthy cruise. Helloworld Rowville will have a cruise week next week and for bookings in that cruise week there will be an extra onboard credit.

4. The cruise line - Carnival - is also having a cruise sale next week - Monday 2nd October. This sale could be cheaper prices and extra onboard credits and a bottle of Bubbles for each cabin. The best thing is to ring Kath on the above number and get all the latest information.

5. Rachel and I have booked our flight to Singapore out of Melbourne on the 3rd of June. Maybe we could all do a bit of sightseeing for a few days prior to joining the ship. At a later date we will put out some accommodation options to enable us to do some group things prior to the cruise!!

6. This is a very hasty update to get to as many people as possible to take advantage of the cruise company sale next week. This could be very interesting if it is similar to the last cruise sale offer. I will have further information in a couple of days or weeks as things progress. In the meantime if you are unsure of anything please give Kath (on the above number) or me a call on 0418 524 067.


RANCBAVIC Weekend Getaway Friday 13th to Sunday 15th October 2017

1. A number of Regional reunion have asked for a catch-up prior to next years regional reunion in Phillip Island over the Vietnam vets day weekend. The weekend getaway is being held at the Big4 Bellarine holiday park during the above weekend. The park is owned by the same family as the Anglesea Big4 where we held a regional reunion a number of years ago. The park is located on the Bellarine hwy 10 km prior to Queenscliff. It is about a 20 min drive from Geelong. The parks phone number is 03 5251 5744 to book. The sites are huge and beautifully laid out and we have a very nice discount on 2 bedroom cabins. Also we are all located in the same area.

2. The park has amazing facilities both for adults, but especially for children, including a lovely indoor heated pool. If interested just check out the parks facilities online.

3. The weekend is very casual, with everybody bringing their own breakfast for both mornings plus food for the meet and greet on Friday. It will be possible for us to order pizzas to be delivered.

4. The boss is assisting us with either a bus for the Saturday or dinner on the Saturday night. When he returns from his holiday I shall work this out with him.

5. On the Saturday we will go touring the local area - Queenscliff, Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. We will also visit the very famous and dangerous Port Phillip bay heads. For lunch we will visit the Jack Rabbit winery. This winery has views across their vines and Port Phillip Bay to the Melbourne city skyline which are amazing. John Falk is making sure we are well looked after by the owner.

6. Depending on what we receive from the park owner, we will either have dinner at the park or visit a casual restaurant close by. We will take care of this so there is no Stress.

7. It should be a very layback weekend with little work required by everybody. Please take advantage of the heated indoor heated and there is a feast of things at the park to keep kids amused.

8. Below is a list of those that have booked and the following are either in the process of booking or showing strong interest in attending: Jan Withers, Gary Swanton, Reg Robbins, and John & Sarah Curbishley and others. Come join us for a low key, fun weekend.

The following is the list of those booked.

Jan Gallagher and Andrew - JW & Rachel - Les Thurgood - Barry Kane & Graham Willsdon - Peter & Ruby Duran - John & Sue Falk - Roy & Lyn Barber - Ernie Power & Titch Parsons - Mo Bries (ex submariner) wife and 2 children.

That's all folks - see you all soon.


New Website for ADF Serving and ex-Serving Members

For information and circulation

Defence has launched a new website to assist Serving and ex-serving members get support.

Welcome to Engage Supporting those who serve

Engage is an online portal where users can search for free services and support designed to benefit current and former ADF members; their families, and/or those involved in their support. Engage simplifies the process of accessing support by providing information on not-for-profit services available from a range of service providers.

Engage ‘connects’ users to support services based on different criteria including:

• Need
• Physical location – local, regional and national
• Service or support required

Engage will readily link to a range of support and services from:

• Government, including Defence and Department of Veterans Affairs.
• Not-for-profit service providers and charities.
• Other service providers who choose to participate.

Engage will be operated by the Department of Defence, with data maintained by participating service providers.



The RANCBA-ACT AGM is being held on Friday 6th October, 2017 at The Weston Club, Liardet St. Weston ACT. 1900 for a 1930 start.

No need to advise me you will be attending, but you can send in your apologies if unable to make it.

Finger food will be provided. The club has an excellent bistro if you would like to have dinner before the meeting.

All positions on the committee will be declared vacant, so please consider nominating for a position on the committee to keep our association alive and kicking.

Also, please remember to wear a namebadge, any association/event badge will do.

Please feel free to pass this email on to any prospective/lapsed members.

Our association needs and values your membership.

Peter Guy


Now, here in NSW the RANCBA is a highly regarded Association within the the FNSA, and normally we have the biggest contingent at this Luncheon

Here, other Associations such as the SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, ANZAC/TOBRUK, MERCHANT NAVY, WRANS etc attend.

All Communicators - serving and ex serving are more than welcome to attend ,YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE NSW CHAPTER - so please give this a lot of thought. Come along and mingle with old shipmates and make new friends.

Details of payment is shown at the end.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

A reminder for the FNSA ANNUAL LUNCHEON. Please find attached the information flyer and disregard the cut-off date of 17th October.

Last years luncheon was successful and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out for this year so get your Ship Association to have a table (or 2 or more) and see how many we can get.

If anyone has special dietary requirements, please let me know and I can let the caterers know.

All the details are on the flyer for either depositing direct or sending cheque/money order to me.

Kind regards,

Hon. Secretary
Mary Bell. (Mrs.)
42 The Grandstand
Ph: 9670 4025



As in previous years, the NSW Chapter will be holding a day out on Sydney Harbour (here many thanks must go to a very stalwart Member - Brian Gray).

As you know, Sydney Harbour is the finest in the world, and what more could one wish for, sitting back cruising around the harbour, a nice cold ale or wine in one hand, a delightful meal and more important with friends and a family.

There  fore I hope as many as possible both serving and ex serving Communicators can join us on this day - this is the best deal you will get for a cruise on Sydney Harbour.

Herewith booking details and further info re wharf and time to come aboard etc will follow:

Thursday 14th December. Done! Will do the same deal again $55 PH inclusive.

Our Order Number : 476836.

Anyone who wishes to make a booking phone (612) 8296 7296 and quote the above order number and make their payment $55 PP.

Assuming we get a similar number to last year I will have the top deck set up with our own buffet etc.

Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter


RAN CIS Managers Course

The RAN CIS Managers course for 2017 concluded with a graduation at DFSS-MCISW (aka Comms School) on Thursday 21Sep17. Course participants are pictured with the Senior Instructor CPOCIS Leo Vredenbregt.

RANCBA Vic President John White presented the Warfare Community Medallion to the CPOCISSM Narelle Neave and Secretary Jan Withers presented the RANCBA Mercury Award to the DUX of the course, CPOCIS Jeremy Pitchford.

The RAN CIS Managers (CISMAN) course is the last professional category course to be undertaken by these members.


Gary Swanton
Ph: 0430 339 921


Vale Godfrey Errol  'Checkers' Aldridge R93958 (ex LRO)

Checkers passed away last night Friday 15th September 2017 at approx 2210 hrs. Just like Checkers he fought to the bitter end.

Will pass on funeral arrangements when known.

Gympie Inall
Sad news, our condolences go to Checker's family & friends. 
May he RIP.
Lest We Forget

Further Information

From the Archives: 
Godfrey Errol Aldridge, R93958. DOB 15.01.1947, Joined JRTE 04.07.1963. Postings, LEEUWIN 1963-64, SYDNEY 1964-65, CERBERUS 1965-66, SYDNEY 1966, DUCHESS 1966-68, BRISBANE 1969 (Records closed off 01 Feb 1970 on transfer to EDP).

Funeral arrangements for Checkers:

Date: Friday 22 September 2017
Time: 1500 hrs
Place:  Rookwood Crematorium, West Chapel,
            43 East Street, Lidcombe.

From Ian Pitkethly:
Sorry to hear about Checkers passing away. I met him quite a few times in the mid 80's when I was on Torrens with the late Kel Mesecke. I am sure that pair, who were as thick as thieves will be thinking up a couple of money making schemes already over a couple of cold ones. RIP Checkers

From Tank Evans:
Saddened to hear of Checkers passing. Was at Leeuwin and the Sig School with him. He once visited me up here a few years ago, Nth of Brisbane, and his diabetes had started to take charge then. He had a tough time in the last few years but he was always happy and positive about his future. RIP old mate you will always be remembered.
Tank and Phyllis Evans


Grand Central Meet and Greet 4th September

L to R: Kev Ruwoldt, Tony Miles, Allan Hellier, Basil Cleary, Don Ruwoldt, Farry Dodds, Glen Battye.

Next meet will be at the Grand Central 9th October due Queens Birthday on the 2nd October.

I will be adrift due Cataract Surgery, have a CUPPLE FOR ME.



VALE Kevin Coomber R52533 (ex LRO)

Evening Shipmates,

Iris Coomber gave me the sad news of Kevin's passing today. Kevin had been living on the Gold Coast for some years. I went through recruit school with KG in early 1957 and have kept in touch with him ever since. No arrangements for his funeral have been made at this stage.

Shorty and Max, Would you please pass on this sad news to any DCA and Navy members who may have known Kevin.

Kind regards
Blue Leis
Sad news, may Kevin RIP.

From the Archives:
Kevin Geoffrey Coomber R52533.  DOB 25.11.1937.  Joined RAN 23/11/1956, DEE 22/11/1962.


The above AGM will be held at the Parramatta RSL Club, on Saturday 16th September 2017, commencing at 11.00am.  I apologise for late notice

Due to illness within the Executive Committee we need Members to step forward and put up their hand and become part of the Committee.

The RANCBA commenced here in Sydney, 1946 but sadly with illness, we are now calling on your assistance. The Committee only meet 4 times a year at the Combined Services Club, Barrack Street, Sydney, so there is no pressure.

There will be a General Election, but no formal agenda; any one with items please bring and will be discussed on this day.

Please pass to all whom you know and may be willing to be a part of this great Association


Allan Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Checkers Aldridge back in Sick Bay

Just letting everyone now that Checkers Aldridge is back in hospital. He has been in and out a number of times in the past few weeks.

He initially went in with a chest infection and although he had not recovered the hospital sent him home.

He went back in a few days later and whilst in this time the doctors found that he has Bowel cancer (not a positive diagnosis as he is too sick to have medical to confirm). He also has a blocked Bile Duct.

So on Friday night they sent him home.

Had a call from Phyllis (wife) today to say that he is back in St George hospital and things are looking very grim.

I don’t know what ward he is in at present. I am unable to go see him as I have a bout of the Flu and don’t want to make thing worse.

I will try and get to see him on Tuesday and will update then.

Gympie Inall

Subject: RANCBAVIC Cruise No3 - OperationF1J1 August 2017 Washup

1. Well the third RANCBAVIC cruise is done and dusted. Everybody commented that they had a great time were very happy with everything Carnival Spirit had to offer. We had a very diverse group this time. 2 stokers a steward, a greenie, a shipwright, 5 ex Wrans and all arms of the Comms branch. We all fitted in very well.  This was helped by the evening daily meet and greet at 4 PM, plus the group eating together in our corner of the dining room.

2. The sea was kind to everybody with only a few lumps on the second last day. We missed out on 1 island only due to an elderly lady (not ours) needing to be medivaced off. We had to turn back towards Noumea until a French navy helicopter with a medical crew to stabilise her and then lift her off to Noumea. Thankfully she made a complete recovery.

3. We had a tour of the bridge - 15 males and 5 females was the max allowed. We presented the Captain with an Rancba plaque. Unfortunately the ship did not have one to offer in return. I tried to wrangle the presentation at a complimentary cocktail party as on previous cruises, but they outsmarted me and used the bridge tour instead. Can't win them all!!

4. 14 of us had the most amazing executive chefs dinner one night, $90 per head. It was nothing short of amazing. Far better than any other I have had. We were served courses both in the Galley and our own private dining room. We also had copious red wine included and beer for one of the stokers. We have had this dinner on all of our cruises, but this was nothing short of amazing and outstanding value.

5. The ship was very generous with photos for the group. We all received complimentary exec chiefs dinner photos. plus photos for all on the bridge tour. We took photos of the group on a stairway and hopefully you will find these attached to this email. If not I shall forward them to you all via email.

6. The real value of this very diversified group was that it was small enough for all of us to sit around at each night's meet and greet and have everybody involved in the conversations. Also again at dinner as we moved around each night, which allowed us to get involved very nicely.

7. Well that's about this trip done and dusted. What's next?? there was some serious talk re flying to Singapore, catching up on some old haunts and then sailing back to Sydney!! If anybody would like to supply some feedback please do so either on 0418 524 067 or via email on

8. Finally a little ad for the next Communicators national reunion which will be held in Geelong in 2019, 7 to 11 November. It is taking shape very nicely and should be an outstanding event. Have a look at our Vic site or the communications national site and register your interest. We will be providing plenty of information as we progress. One small piece to wet your appetite is we have the Navy band featuring at the Saturday evening dinner.

Cheers All


Saigon Anchor

An ex Army (Vietnam Veteran) oppo is seeking information as it relates to the item (Anchor) attached. Recently purchased in Saigon.

If anyone can help please contact Dave Sutherland.


Around the World Cruise – Final – New York to to Sydney

The 4 ex Communicators and partners (Sam & Judy Hughes, Jack & Helen Hawkins , Len & Sue Hulme, Helen and yours truly Shorty) carried on in the best tradition and didn't falter doing our final leg of this 3 month cruise.  On leaving New York, we sailed for Charleston, South Carolina and what a nice place. From there we went south to Key West in Florida and once again a place worth visiting.

Then, at our next port of call, Sam Hughes had organised a tour and it was great – our guide was so pleasant and nothing was any problem.  On clearing the harbour, the ship sailed to Cartagena , Colombia and like all the above worth the visit.

Then we started our transit through the Panama Canal – it is indeed, one of the wonders of the world.

From the Panama to Manta in Ecuador, another interesting place and then the ship went further south to Callao, Lima – Peru, glad that I didn't have to drive there!!! Some I think only believe that the red stop light is to make the place bright . We were due to sail to Pisco - Chile, but due to unfavourable weather the Port Authorities closed the port.

We then headed to Easter Islands. You have to see for yourself these huge stone monuments and how they managed to move them to their final resting place is still being worked out. On pulling the pick up, the ship headed to Papeete – Tahiti – Before we sailed we had a folkloric group come onboard and give a show which included 'huala'  dancing –WOW.

The next day, a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Service – Battle of Long Tan was held on board and here I had the very great privilege of Reciting the ODE.

Then it was onto Bora Bora – another good stop.

We now knew we were on the final leg as such as we sailed south to Auckland, NZ. Here many Kiwis left the ship but others came on, even for the couple of days at sea to Sydney.

Sydney – was a nice day when we entered and tied up at White Bay – this was the final port and disembarkation of the cruise and the final leg of 104 days of great travel, places that I had never thought that I would see.

It was great with good company (which was not planned) but with Sam & Judy, Len & Sue, Jack & Helen, they made it all that better -several luncheons, a few ales/wines together but more importantly, their company and this was something that Helen and I will never forget.


Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter


G’day Shipmates,

Registrations for the DVA National 10K Steps Challenge are now open. Registrations close on Friday 22nd September. I encourage all communicators to either register as an individual or to put a team together, like I have. .

I have entered a team, RANCBA (ACT) One, members being my wife Marianne, Bruce Lovett and his wife Kay.

DVA Health Week goes from 23rd to 27th Oct inclusive. However the DVA National 10k Steps Challenge goes for a month from 23rd Oct to 17th Nov inclusive.

All the information re the DVA National 10k Steps Challenge can be gleaned from the numerous downloads that are available if you click on the ‘challenge web page’ shown below:

Please see the email below from Vicki Fox – DVA 10k Steps Coordinator

The DVA contacts are Vicki Fox  and Ashlee Gale

All your steps are undertaken at your leisure, and where you like. However for those living in the ACT region, I would like to invite you, your family and friends to join us in a 5 Kilometre walk around the Central Basin, Lake Burley Griffin on Wednesday 25th October. The walk will start and finish at the HMAS Canberra Memorial, Wendouree Drive. You can start anytime between 1200 and 1300. I will be in attendance until all have finished. I will be inviting anyone and everyone to walk with us at this time.

Let’s see if the RANCBA (ACT) can get the large numbers in this health challenge.

Ken Eynon
President RANCBA (ACT)

Red Rocket Precedence

I have only ever seen one (1) ‘Red Rocket’ precedence message. We are all well acquainted with the ZZ, OO, PP and RR prosigns used on line 2 and line 5 in tape relay procedures but can anyone recall what the prosign for “Red Rocket’ precedence was? I do know it was preceded by the ‘Bell Signal’ (upper case JJJJJSSSSS). Surely it would not have been “RR’ as that would have registered as a Routine Precedence message in the STRAD, TARE and AUTODIN automatic relay systems of the day.

The only Red Rocket I ever saw was transmitted on 1 November 1968 advising all hostile military bombardment of North Vietnam was to cease and ships on Operation Sea Dragon to move south of the DMZ or the 17th parallel.

Can anyone help me by advising what the prosign used in line 2 was or could have been? I also believe receipt would have had to be acknowledge similar to R Z procedure using an OO precedence SVC Message. Can anyone help me?

Royce Bell

Further from Royce 05 Sep:

Doing some research on Red Rocket this morning I came across the following information by googling ‘precedence Red rocket’. This is an extract from page 174 the book Military Communication - A Test for Technology by the Center of Military in the US. Unfortunately it does not help me with the prosign used.

Quote: With misuse of precedence so widespread, the Joint Chiefs of Staff instituted a new precedence, Red Rocket, with an even higher priority than Flash, for use in South Vietnam. Red Rocket. Red Rocket messages could only be sent by a few designated individuals with transmission and delivery taking no more than 20 minutes. Although teletype equipment was kept on standby for special precedence messages, they too were delayed in hectic communication centers in South Vietnam. Unquote

From Paul Boase:

This subject intrigued me and so I found the following on good old google, not sure I have put it all together correctly but I plead age.

In the same group of links where Royce found his quote, it mentions EAM's (emergency action messages) and these used the prowords red and white rocket but were associated simultaneously with the prosigns Z and O. This seems to say that there was no separate"precedence" prosign associated with the "...rocket" messages.

This same article also said these type of messages were used by high command entities only to order immediate changes to "major operational" activities which fits with Royce's experience of seeing them used to order cessation of major activities of the Vietnam war.???? Its seems possible there is no separate prosign to be be found for these "rocket" signals, FYI.

August 2017

RANCBA VIC - Annual General Meeting - September.

Due to us overlooking the Pacific Islands cruise we have to put this years Annual general meeting back to September 16th and not as scheduled on the 2nd.

That morning the ship arrives back into Sydney. Therefore the meeting will now be held on the 16th at the Bentleigh RSL at 11 am followed by lunch.

The RSL is very close to the railway station so access is very easy and also there is plenty of parking at the RSL. Sorry for this minor glitch but would like to see as many as possible attending.

John White
President RANCBA VIC

All RANCBA members are cordially invited to attend the 2017 RANCBA - VIC Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Attendees are invited to meet up from 1130 for beverages
Lunch will be available for purchase from 1200
AGM will commence at 1315.

Bentleigh RSL - 538 Centre Rd, Bentleigh VIC 3204
Website -

Gary Swanton

Vietnam Veteran's Day (At Sea)

1. Allan "Shorty" Moffatt Reciting the ODE at the Vietnam "Battle of Long Tan Service" held today aboard SEA PRINCESS - somewhere in the Pacific.

2, Captain Aldo Traverso (Commanding Officer - SEA PRINCESS) had requested a photo of ALL Veterans of the ADF on completion of the Service.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM


Watch-keeping Hours at Coonawarra

Kay Page has a question she hopes we can answer – the memory fails!

What were the watch-keeping hours we kept at Coonawarra? For the life of me I can’t remember the timings. Forenoons; Afternoons; Middle; First ?????

Hope you can assist, thanks,

Kaye Page

Can someone help with the watch-keeping system?  I guess it depends on the year(s) that Kaye served in Coonawarra.

From Web Yeoman.  Many thanks to those who helped out, Kaye received a number of replies.

RANCBAVIC Cruise No3 - Operation F1J1 August 2017 Update No 5 - Final

1. This is the final cruise update prior to sailing in two weeks. Rachel and I will be boarding between 12 & 12.30 pm if anybody has any queries around then or later please call me on 0418 524 067.

2. Life onboard - you can log onto Carnival Spirits website and check out info regarding life onboard. For example lunch on the first day after boarding is available. Also a list of theme nights for cruises of our duration. Plus a host of other information, such as onboard dining, activities etc.

3. So that we can all catch up, we will meet briefly at the Red Frog Pub immediately after the life vest muster. It is located on promenade deck 2 forward. It is next to the Skybox sports bar and opposite the fountain cafe. This will be brief to allow everybody to head to the uppers for sailing out of Sydney harbour. I think it would be good to catch up there again after clearing the heads prior to dinner. We can then plan further after checking out the ships layout. It also gives Kath the opportunity to answer any questions and brief everybody of other options whilst onboard.

4. We have an area in the main dining room for 7.30 pm each day. I'm sure we can get ourselves further organised during dinner.

5. We are hoping to have a cocktail event with the Captain and available officers whilst onboard. We will have a communicators plaque to present and if this happens will probably receive a plaque in return. We also hope to have one or two executive chefs dinners, depending on how many are interested. Kath will organise this, plus any other interesting onboard activities (A tour of the bridge??).

6. Remember to take a suit or Jacket and your medals as there will be a few formal nights and we will be wearing miniatures on those nights. You may as well Take both just in case.

7. That's it for now, looking forward to catching up with everybody. If you have any queries, please call me on 0418 524 067.

John White

Vale Francis Terence 'Terry' Morris R52221 (ex WORS)

Peter Baggott has just called and informed me that Terry Morris passed away Monday 31st July. Those who knew Terry would know that he had been under treatment for some time and most recently admitted to Palliative care.

His wife June has said that the service is to be private, attended by family only. However, should shipmates care to send a card of condolence her address is Unit 1, 87 Mountain View Ave., Miami, Gold Coast, Qld. 4220.

June also said that I could post a comment in that she has forgiven Murgatroyd for his derogatory comments regarding their Steam Boat!


Brian (Dolly) Gray
Sad news, our thoughts are with June and family.  May Terry RIP.

From the Archives: 
Terry Morris R52221, DOB: 28/03/37, Joined RAN 26/07/56.  Promoted ORD TEL 26/09/57, TEL 26/05/58, A/LRO 11/08/61, LRO 11/08/62, A/RS 05/03/65, RS 05/03/66, CRS 06/06/69 (Records closed off 1970).

From Shorty Moffatt:
It was with great sorrow that I heard of the passing of Terry - he was a great hand and will be missed by all that knew or served with him. 

To June, on behalf of the RANCBA NSW Chapter I would like to offer our deepest sympathy.

Allan"Shorty", Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW CHapter

From Ben Franklin:
Sad to see the passing of Terry Morris. .I was with him on Derwent mid 60's..RIP RS..

From Garry Slattery:
RIP Terry Morris worked with him at Kuttabul (Hotel Charlemont) and with June also 60/61.  My condolences to you June.

From Graham Bence:
Sad to see the passing of Terry Morris. I served with him in a few places and enjoyed the experience. My deepest condolences June.

From Pedro Franklin:
I was saddened by the news of Terry’s passing. June did a magnificent job of looking after Terry during his final years.  We served together in HMAS Sydney in 1971 when he was my boss (CRS) and I together with Frank Hoy and Bones Lehmann have many pleasant memories of that period.
RIP mate.

From Trevor Percival:
Sorry to hear about the passing of Terry Morris, I cannot remember where I worked with him but I do remember what a great chap he was and I pass my condolences onto June and family, he will be greatly missed by all that knew him. RIP mate.


50th Anniversary of Commissioning Harold E Holt Communications Station

I have been endeavouring to contact the branch for some time, but have had some difficulties with your website’s contact links.  I am hopeful you may be able to assist me to disseminate the following information to members.

Nature of information to be disseminated to members:

· The Shire of Exmouth will be holding a weekend of Jubilee celebrations in September.

· This will coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Commissioning of Harold E Holt Communications Station.

· A rededication service and morning tea is planned for 0900 on 16 September 2017 hosted by CASG Joint Systems Division.

· In order to coordinate access for any staff who formerly served on the station who may be in location and interested in attending the service, they may provide an expression of interest to the group mailbox with their full name, date of birth and contact details prior to Friday 14 August 2017.

Thanks and regards,

Melanie Ryan
ILS Manager
High Frequency Systems
(02) 6265 5025
Russell Offices

50th anniversary NW Cape Exmouth September

Just received a call from ABC radio in Perth regarding this event, wanting to know if any of our members would be attending as they hope to arrange Radio/TV coverage.

If anyone interested could you please notify me.


Brian Nichols

HMAS Canberra - 75 Anniversary Memorial Address

The Memorial Service and Commemorative Address for the 75th Anniversary of the loss of HMAS Canberra at the Battle of Savo Island will be held at 1100 on 9 August at the Canberra Memorial Anzac Reach Lake Burley-Griffin next to the Carillion.

All are welcome. Rig is W2. Medals should be worn.

Kind regards
Desmond Woods
Lieutenant Commander, RANR
Research Officer
Sea Power Centre – Australia
Department of Defence


July 2017

VALE Stephen Robert JOLLY R67223 (ex LRO).

The funeral of the late Stephen Jolly, who served in Vietnamese waters in HMAS HOBART in 1970. The funeral was held at 12 noon on Mon 31 Jul 17 at Tobin Bros Chapel, 101 Nettlefold Street, Belconnen ACT.

If you know of any former shipmates who may wish to attend please advise them.

Sad news, may Steve rest in peace.  My apologies for the late posting of this Vale. I will add further information after checking the archives.

From the Archives:
Stephen Robert Jolly R67223, DOB 31/05/50, Joined RAN 9/03/68 for 9 years. ORDCO 09/06/68, RO2 14/03/69.  Postings, CERBERUS 68-69, HOBART 69-.  No further information available as records went to EDP in 1970.



The 4 ex Communicators plus partners (Sam & Judy Hughes, Len & Sue Hulme , Jack & Helen Hawkins, Helen and self (Shorty) are still suffering real hardships, but holding firm.

Since leaving Dover (UK) we have sailed to Norway in the Artic Circle and visited the following , GRAVDAL, TROMSO & HONNINGSVAG - All great - glad we came in summer.

Then headed over to Iceland and here our ports were AKUREYRI and REYKJAVIK - also great.

On slipping her lines we headed across the Atlantic to HALIFAX (Canada) - well worth the visit.

Then on a south westerly course headed to NEW YORK - when they it is the City that doesn't sleep - how right they were.

From there it was a southerly course to CHARLESTON in South Carolina - very nice - and definitely worth a visit.

At present we are on a course to KEY WEST.

All going well and today we are having a smallie dinner (ex Comms) and then there is a Veterans Get Together - all the warries will be told!!!

Allan "Shorty" Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Sailing out of New York - Sam Hughes, Shorty Moffatt, Len Hulme. Life is hard.

Travel on the NSW Opal Network for ACT Seniors Card Holders

Did you know that ACT Seniors Card holders are eligible for concession travel on the NSW Opal network if they apply to OPAL for the Gold Senior/ Pensioner Opal card? However, there are a few things you should check before applying:

1. Do you have a valid Seniors/MyWay card? MyWay cards remain valid for two years from the date of the last 'transaction' (a 'transaction' could be either travel, recharge or when the card has been originally activated). If your card has expired you will need to get a replacement card.

2. How many numbers does your Seniors Card have? If your card has only five numbers (the older cards) or does not have a MyWay card on the reverse side, you will need to get a replacement card

3. When did you apply for/receive your Seniors/MyWay card? It takes up to 7 business days for the Transport Canberra and NSW Opal Card databases to sync details.

If you have any questions about applying for a card, please contact COTA ACT on 6282 3777 or read more on our website:

To apply to OPAL, read more on their website at or call 136 725 

Seniors MyWay Card – Improvements

Transport Canberra, along with the Council on the Ageing (COTA) ACT; have created improvements to Seniors MyWay Cards, which now include a signature ID on the card, streamlining usage and access for card holders.

Previous blue and yellow Seniors MyWay Cards are still valid for travel on ACTION buses. If you would like to update your card to the new Seniors MyWay Card, with the new Transport Canberra brand, you will need to apply for a replacement card.

For further information on applying for a Seniors MyWay Card, registering your MyWay Card and anything else MyWay, please visit the COTA website or call ACTION on 13 17 10.


Around the World Cruise - Part II

Since the Liner - SEA PRINCESS sailed thru the Suez Canal, those ex RAN Communicators that are on board (Len Hulme & Jack Hawkins and self) have held the proud name of the RAN in the highest and today, we were joined by another Ex Communicator Sam Hughes and his wife Judy.

Our voyage since the Canal has been to Santorini, then a urgent medivac by helo at Corfu (Greek Islands) , to Venice and what a place. From there to Malta and here the visit to the ancient city of Medina is a joy , also to the Church where a bomb was launched by the German aircraft in WWII but fortunately failed to explode - it is still in the Church (defused) and mounted on a stand. From there we sailed to Barcelona, very nice and here also we had a Change of Command, and the arrival on board by the new Captain.

After leaving there we sailed down to Cadiz in Spain and had a great time touring. Then it was on to Lisbon (Portugal) and then to Cobb (Cork -Ireland) many and self included did a tour to Blarney Castle and with the view of kissing the Blarney Stone - unfortunately there were many others there, so had to give it a miss - Very pretty at Cork and after the dry places of Dubai, Aqaba, the Suez and some of the Med Ports, made a nice change. We then sailed to Le Havre (France) which is the stopping off port for Paris, Roen etc. Well worth it. Today, we are in Dover where several hundred left us after 6 1/2 weeks cruising and about the same came onboard for the next two legs.

When we sail from here, we head to Gravdal, Tromso, Honningavag, Abukeyri, Reykjavik all in the northern area, Norway, Iceland area, so planning on a few cold days!! Then we sail to Halifax (Canada).

As one former PM said "Life was not meant to be easy", so we 3 and now 4 will continue to suffer with these hardships, but will bear it with a grin!!!

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President , RANCBA NSW Chapter

Get together aboard Sea Princess - Happy Hour - take your pick at the name of the person.

VMT from Ruth Weaver

Kenneth John Weaver / Keghead


Leading Radio Operator RAN 

I would like to thank you all for your expressions of sympathy, the cards, emails, kind words and support during this sad time. Knowing how much Ken/Keghead was loved and will be missed is very comforting to me. 

Ruth Weaver and family.



Brisbane Grand Central Hotel 3rd July 2017

Back Row:
Trevor Percival, Glen Battye, George Graham

Middle Row: Baz Cleary, Kev Ruwoldt, John Leonard

Front Row:
Don Ruwoldt, Allan Hellier, Gary Dodds, Jim Eagles.

For info:
George Graham is an ex Bubblie who served at Coonawarra in 1965 and a cousin to the late LRO Bob Argent, John is also an ex Bubblie who was my Lawn Bowls Mentor at Scarborough.

Next meet will be August 7th.

Jim Anderson has request a meet 2nd Monday in December (11th) at the Grand Central Hotel to coincide with his intended Brisbane visit. Decision was unanimous in favour.

Cheers Ruwie

From Jim Anderson:
What an upstanding body of men. Hope there can be a good turn-out on the second Monday of December so I can catch up with you all again. I’m hoping this might be an annual event for me from here on in until you know when anyway ha ha. We’re wondering about driving down for a trip but we are both doubtful of our ability to drive in Brissy. Twice a year to Townsville has been my limit for the past several years. And then I only slink around from the RSL accommodation to the cancer clinic through all the back roads like a mongrel dog.

However, I don’t think Brissy would have as many dickheads on the road as there are in Cairns. The place is full of bloody red P Platers who seem to think they are bullet and fire proof.

Well that’s off my chest.

Jim A

From Greg Palmer:
Would have turned out better if everyone had turned their heads away from the light!

Vale Roger Leslie Harrod R63776 (ex CPOSY)

Have received advice from Cocky Roach (ex WOSY) that ex CPO Signals Yeoman Roger Harrod has passed away after losing a long battle with cancer. 

Roger's funeral will be held on Monday 17 July at Leppington Cemetery South Chapel (Camden Valley Way) at 1130am.  Roger never married, so we are not sure if any family will be in attendance.

Cocky sends his regards to all and reports that he is going well for a hard-working octogenarian.

From the Archives:
Roger Leslie Harrod, R63776, Joined RAN 17.10.1964, Discharged early 80's (not sure on whether he did his 20).  Postings: CERBERUS, SYDNEY, CERBERUS, SYDNEY, KUTTABUL, MORESBY.  Postings after 1970 not known.  Promotions:  RCT - 17.10.64, ORD (CO) - 17.01.65, TO2 - 26.05.66, TO- 02.06.66, A/LTO - 13.09.68., LTO - 13.09.69.

John Curbishley
Web Yeoman
(Roger and I were on the same TO's Course in 1965 and the same CYs course in 1970.  He was a quiet unassuming individual who was a good operator.  May he RIP.

From Dave Sutherland:
Along with my wife, I attended Roger’s funeral. Whilst apparently he never married, he did have two “stepsons”, who had taken the Harrod name, and, it was obvious he was their Dad in every sense of the word. Roger had 6 siblings, so there was a large number of the extended family present to bid him farewell.

During the military tribute, when poppies were laid, Roger’s Service record was read. Apparently he did 22 years and paid off as a CPOSY.

A lovely service.


June 2017


1. This is another cruise update to advise that there will be the last Cruise week for our cruise to FIJI starting Monday 3rd July. This special provides a further $100 onboard credit for anybody booking during this week. This is on top of the other credits we receive such as ex defence and group credits. Please call Helloworld travel Rowville - phone 03 9764 8487 and speak to Karen.

2. If anybody would like further information regarding what we will be doing onboard and when ashore, please call me on 0418 524 067 at anytime.

3. For those not aware, the cruise is 12 nights departing Sydney Monday 21st of August 2017, returning on Saturday 2nd September. Karen at Helloworld travel can provide all other booking details as well as onboard credits available apart from this booking credit, ex defence credit and other credits for our group.

4. I will put out a final update just prior to sailing as a refresher. Please track down the previous updates on whatever site you are on reading this on or call me as above.

Cheers All. - Nokka

Around the World Cruise

Kinnishiwa. On board SEA PRINCESS are 3 ex Communicators (Len Hulme, Jack Hawkins and self Shorty - also with our partners) It was not planned, and we just met onboard.

The ship slipped its lines on the 20th May at Overseas Terminal, Circular Quay and made course for Melbourne - nice run.  Arrived Melbourne and here we had to stay another 24 hours due to rough seas and gale force winds predicted in the Bight. It was a little lumpy but not any problem.

Arrived Fremantle and most had a day of touring etc. We met with friends from a previous cruise . On leaving Fremantle , as the ship would be transiting the area where HMAS SYDNEY II was sunk by the German Raider SMS KOROMORAN and the loss of all its crew of 645, a Memorial Service was held. I was contacted and would I do the Naval Pslam and the Naval Ode and Ode. Attended by the Captain, Staff Captain and others and very well attended by fellow passengers.

From there a course for Colombo (Sri Lanka) bit hot and sticky with ocnl rain showers - monsoon season on the way. Then on to Dubai - Here ALL had to attend anti piracy drills, darken ship, no one on upper decks between sunset and sunrise - (visions of Captain Philiphs movie - Tom Hanks).

Dubai nice but don't think I could afford to live there. my old Toyota Seca would be taken off the road - Loved the Rolls Royces driving around!!  Then back to the Red Sea, back in anti piracy mode.

We arrived at Aqba - Jordan - couple nasty neighbours there , Syria on one side and Iraq on the other . Many went to Petra but some of us went to Wadi Run - of Lawrence of Arabia fame - Coach for about  an hour then in old open 4 WD , then you could finish the long journey by camel !!!

From there into the beginning of the Suez Canal . We anchored over night and first light , the pick hauled up and we were the lead ship of 25 ships in convoy (big buggers) they kept Formation one very interesting.  Then we were due to head to Rijeka but unfortunately one of the passengers had to be helo medivaced off, so ship did a course to Corfu and here the Greek Coast Guard carry out a very successful helo transfer.

Then onto Venice - wow - what a place - don't worry about getting a car licence, a helmsman or cox'n tickets would be more appropriate.

Last night had to seat on the deck, beautiful weather, cold ale or wine in the hand and we had the most beautiful music by the Venice Symphony who came on board and played.  Life is hard, but we doing our duty and carrying the flag.  After today we head to Koper (Slovinia), then Malta, Barcelona, Cadiz etc.

Anyway that's the report from ex Communicators - We should be joined by Sam & Judy Hughes in Dover.

But for now
Allan "Shorty" Moffatt OAM


May 2017

Typhoon Wanda 1962

I was one of six Army Signallers who travelled Singapore to Hong Kong in YARRA & PARAMATTA September-October 1962, at the time of Typhoon Wanda.

Am trying to find any picture of us in army jungle greens when both ships ‘dressed ship’ for entering HK harbour... we stood out like dogs nuts alongside the ships’ crews in tropical whites.

Len Eaton
0400 242 077

If anyone can help please contact Len direct.

Vale Kenneth John 'Keghead' Weaver R49533 (ex LRO)

Good Afternoon Shipmates,

I have just received an email message from Ruth Weaver and I have also spoken to her.

She has asked that I advise fellow communicators that:

Keghead has just passed away, it was all very peaceful and she is currently at the hospital with his grandson and her best friend.

Ken (Taffy) Eynon
President RANCBA (ACT)
1300 Friday 26th May 2017

Thanks Ken, very sad news.  Lest We Forget.  Our thoughts are with Ruth at this difficult time.

Funeral Details:
Ruth has advised that Ken's funeral service will be on Tuesday 6 June 2017 at 1.30 pm at the Norwood Park Crematorium, Sanford Street, Mitchell.  More information will be passed on as it comes to hand.  Medals should be worn.

The response from his shipmates, along with their kind thoughts, is overwhelming.

Greatly missed by Ruth and fondly remembered by his shipmates (see below).

The following advice on the wake has been provided by Keghead's daughter Dearne.

"Please come and celebrate the life of Ken Weaver aka Keghead 30/12/35 – 26/05/17. The funeral is being held Tuesday 6th June 2017, 1.30pm to 2.15pm at the Norwood Park Crematorium, 65 Sandford Street, Mitchell ACT 2911.

You are also invited to join his beloved wife, Ruth, family, and friends for a wake afterwards at Gungahlin Lakes Club, 110 Gundaroo Dr, Nicholls ACT 2913."

The Gungahlin Lakes Club is one of the easiest clubs to get to from the crematorium.

Ken (Taffy) Eynon
President RANCBA (ACT)

From the Archives:
Kenneth John 'Keghead' Weaver R49533 ex LRO.  DOB 30.12.1935, Joined RAN 30.12.1953, Postings:  CERBERUS (Ord Tel) 53-54, QUADRANT 54-57, HARMAN 57, ALBATROSS 57-58, CRESWELL 58, PALUMA 58, CERBERUS 58-59, MELVILLE 59, KUTTABUL 59-60, VAMPIRE 61, QUICKMATCH 61, KUTTABUL 61, TARANGAU 61-62, GASCOYNE 62.  DEE 29.12.62. 

From Graham Bence:
When I was made an A/LRO I was posted to some ship in W.A. and I was lucky that I met Keghead having a few quite beers.  After I explained that I did not want to go to WA he offered to swap. Which we did. He went to W.A. and I went to the Quickmatch. I have always been very grateful for Keghead's offer to swap and will miss him.
RIP and smooth sailing old shipmate.

From Tackers Miles:
Was very saddened to hear of the passing of Keghead. I know that he has been unwell for some time, however he was a great bloke and I considered it a privilege to be called his friend. Nobody ever read morse better than he. Sleep well my friend and you will be welcomed into the wireless office in heaven.

From Trevor 'Percy' Percival:
Sad to hear of Keghead's passing. First time I met him was at the 1996 Brisbane Reunion where he entertained us all at the Woolshed one night.  He will be missed by all that knew him. Condolences to his family

From Ken Swain:
It was with great sadness when I received news from Ruth of the passing of "Keghead". I first met him in 1958 at Albatross. I was in another room within the CRR and heard this purest of morse emanating from whe wireless office. I really thought it was being sent via an Automatic Morse Machine. I strolled in to have a look only to find Ken sending this great "drop" on his beloved "side wanker". In my mind, without a doubt the BEST morse sender and reader in the RAN. Closely followed by his student, Allan Murgatroyd.

Ken Weaver loved the Navy and spent most of his entire life either IN the Navy or working hard for Navy Veterans via the RANCBA Branches at either Canberra (mostly) or Sydney. Indeed all over Australia.

Ken...You are a very sad loss to us remaining Communicators still on earth, BUT your mates in the BIG BWO in the Sky will be waiting to welcome you with open arms.....God Bless.

From Bob Simpson:
I didn't know Keghead all that well at first, despite serving at Harman for some time while he was there in the early sixties (1961/62?). Being a TO/LTO, I worked at 1RS and he, being a sparker, served at Bonshaw. I bunked with Murgy (Alan Murgatroyd), on whom Keghead had a huge influence.

Served later with Murgy on the Supply when we collected it in UK and brought it back. In 1964(?) we visited Brisbane on Supply and when we had the 'phones connected, a call came in to the MSO, which I answered. The caller identified himself as Ken Weaver, who was working with Flight Service in DCA at Archerfield Ad. It didn't ring a bell until he was frustrated sufficiently to identify himself as 'Keghead' – how embarrassing – I could have sat on the proverbial Threepence and dangled my legs over the side.

We had a good chat for a while and reminisced a bit about the 'smokies' at the Molonglo etc., and I told him which sparkers and sundry 'others' (Bunting Tossers) were aboard. I don't know what happened in the days that followed as I am a Brisbane native and took my natives' leave along with other Brisbaneites.

Rest in Peace Ken, and smooth sailing. My sincere condolences to Ruth and the family.

From Nipper Napier:
So sorry to hear of the passing of two of our stalwarts in the Communications branch, Bill Aylott and Keghead.  They will be sadly missed, however that great MSO up there will be greatly enhanced.

From Ken Eynon:
Great to see so many nice messages for Ken (Keghead) Weaver. He loved the name Keghead and wore it as a badge of honour.

Keghead was a RANCBA (ACT) life member, president and committee member over the years. In mid 2016 Keghead's health prevented him from continuing in the president's role, a role he so loved and savoured.

His passion and love for all things Navy never wavered. As the vice president all I really wanted to do was help him set-up the 2016 National Reunion.  I was totally gutted and emotional for him, when he was unable to attend any of the National Reunion Functions. He had done so much planning and work in the years leading up, it was his baby. He just was not healthy enough to journey out.

Ruth has been his rock and his greatest supporter and I know the past twelve months have been a very tough time for her as she cared for his every need. Ruth does deserve a medal and a lot of credit, for a long period during Keg's illness she herself had a major wrist problem and could not drive.

One positive in the last twelve months was that Keghead was able to make this year's after march function at the Canberra Bowling Club on Anzac Day.

Farewell Keg old mate RIP.

Ken (Taffy) Eynon
President RANCBA (ACT)

From Allan Moffatt:
Having known Keghead since the mid 50s I believe he was the best sparker of that era when morse was king, unfortunately Helen & I will not be able to attend his funeral as our ship will be between Sri Lanka & Dubai. I will have a beer on that day in memory. To Ruth & family my condolences. RIP SPARKS, KEEP A GOOD LISTENING WATCH.

The funeral service for Keghead Weaver was held at the Norwood Park Crematorium in Canberra on Tuesday 6th June.

There was an excellent contingent of ex communicators in attendance with many travelling from interstate to show their respects. Ruth was well supported with a large contingent of friends from her Canberra Gardening Club.

The eldest grand children of Keghead's daughter Dearne, Daniel and Hannah provided a wonderful Eulogy and it was obvious that they had spoken to Keghead over the years about his life.

Tributes were provided by Alan Murgatroyd, who had travelled from Cairns, Ken Eynon and Dave Jeffrey (both RANCBA ACT) with Dave also conducting the 'Poppy Ceremony'.

A wake at the Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club was also well attended.

Keghead's enthusiasm and drive for the RANCBA and all things Navy will be sorely missed.

I am sure Ruth and Keghead's extended family appreciated all the messages they have received through the RANCBA website and facebook.

Kind Regards,
Ken (Taffy) Eynon
President RANCBA (ACT)

Vale William Phillip 'Bill' Aylott R39170 (ex LTO)

I received a phone call from Bill's daughter this morning (23 May) to advise that long time member Bill passed away on Saturday.

He will be sadly missed as will all the funnies he use to circulate at regular intervals.

Funeral arrangements will be forwarded when available.

Sonja Hellier
Sad news, Lest We Forget

Sorry for not being able to advise funeral arrangements for Bill as have just been advised this am that the family had a private funeral yesterday (29 May).

Condolences can be sent to Bill's widow Val, 25 Sandwell Cres, KIPPA RING 4021


From the Archives:

William Phillip Aylott R39170, Born 2.04.1933, Joined RAN 05.10.50.  Postings:  CERBERUS 50-51, BATAAN 52, KUTTABUL 53-54, SYDNEY 54, BARCOO 54-56, KUTTABUL 56-57, PENGUIN 57 (Discharge).  Re-entered April 59, VOYAGER 59-60, ALBATROSS 61-62, QUEENBOROUGH 62-63, HAWK 63-64, QUIBERON 64, PENGUIN 64-65, KUTTABUL 66-67.  Entered Naval Dockyard Police (NDP) 1966.  P/Const 4.7.66, CONST 4.1.67.  (No further details available).

From Bruce Spender:
Sorry to hear of the passing of Bill Aylott. He was my LTO at HMAS Penguin in 1965 and a top hand he was. As the 4th Submarine Squadron was based at HMAS Penguin (domestically) he drummed into me the importance of 'Submiss & Subsunk' procedures. Fortunately, I only had to initiate Submiss once and that was due to Irrangi (NZ) not forwarding a Surfacing signal . These procedures stayed with me for the rest of my naval career. I remember when he purchased his new EH 175 Holden – it was his pride and joy and I'm sure he polished it every day. Rest In Peace Bill and may you catch up with all your old ship mates who have crossed the bar before you.

From Rod Althofer:
Bloody Hell, Salty was the guiding light on Queenborough for myself and a few other newbys (Dave Churches, Harry Button, Gary O'keefe and maybe another name that is lost in the mists of time) who stumbled to sea for our first real posting, joining Q'Bee in Hobart for a short trip up top with Melbourne and Voyager, 'Nutty' Osborne as our CCY and TO's Ambrose Palmer, Terry Button and John Preston, we doubled the sig complement in one hit. He was a good friend and we exchanged emails for years and he called in on one of his many trips around the country. Very sad news and my condolences to all his family. As most of you would know, Salty lost his father in the 'Sydney' tragedy during WW2
Rest well, good sailor.

From Nipper Napier:
So sorry to hear of the passing of two of our stalwarts in the Communications branch, Bill Aylott and Keghead.  They will be sadly missed, however that great MSO up there will be greatly enhanced.


RANCBAVIC & Southern region - Weekend Getaway OCT 12th to 14th.

1. After another successful Regional reunion in Port Fairy recently, some of the troops suggested we have another get away due to the next Regional Reunion in August 2018 being so far away. After some discussions, we have decided to head to the Bellarine for a weekend get together. For those that are not aware, the Bellarine is south of Geelong and encompasses such places as Queenscliff, St Leonard's, Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. It is a really beautiful area with some outstanding views of Port Phillip bay and the heads. It has become a very popular getaway for Melbourne residents and has some outstanding wineries. More information of the area will be in future updates.

2. We will stay at the other Big4 holiday park that I do a bit of work at (same owners). It's the Big4 Bellarine Holiday park - phone 03 5251 5744 - cabins & sites will have a 10% discount for us and we will all be located in the one area - cabins & sites. This can be done as it is a very large park. Don't forget to advise that you are with the RANCBA group. The park has a magnificent indoor heated pool, Gym, tennis court, Two sets of kitchens and toilet and bathroom facilities. Anybody that would like to bring the Grand children or any other children will be very popular as this park has the most amazing facilities imaginable for children of all ages.

3. This getaway will be a lot more casual than the Regional reunions. Things like BYO Meet & greet food and breakfast both mornings will be required and I will advise if The boss is providing dinner on Saturday evening. The owner will provide either a bus or Saturday nights dinner. A lot of you will remember the dinner he provided at the Anglesea Regional reunion. I will be providing further information on the dinner.

4. Anybody wishing to can go ahead and book from now. Don't forget to advise that you are with RANCBA to receive the discount. Any further enquiries please call me on 0418 524 067. Further information will be posted on our sites as we progress. Looking forward to another great weekend with great company.

Cheers Nokka



CQ CQ CQ de Shorty.

I shall Be Off The Air from 19th May and Back On The Air on 3rd September as I will be on Around the World Cruise;

For all queries pertaining to the NSW Chapter, contact either Vice President Mr. Ken Swain AM , Secretary Mr. Ray Mundy or Treasurer Mrs Sharon Mundy.

I will take my old morse key and also listen out on 500 kc/s during the silent periods !!!!

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Vale Clement Charles Peterson R62682 (ex-CPORS)

Following has been received from the Secretary of the Vietnam Veterans' Association, Melbourne West Sub-branch:

It is with extremely deep sorrow that I have to inform you that our President, Charlie Peterson, passed away this evening (Monday 15 May 2017). 

As you are all aware, he has been very ill for a while now.

No further information available, but I will keep you updated when advised of anything.

I take this opportunity on behalf of our membership to pass on to his family our deepest sympathy.

We have lost a man who really cared for our Association and the welfare of our membership.


Glen Smith
VVAA Melbourne West
Very sudden and sad news, our condolences go to Aaron & Kristy &Marie & Ray. May Charlie rest in peace.

               Charlie with his Life Membership award - VVAA Melbourne West Sub-branch.
                                          Awarded at the AGM in February 2017.


From Aaron Peterson:

Thank you Glen for those kind words about my father Clement (Chas) Peterson.

He was a great man, and loved being the President of the Association. Something he enjoyed right up until his passing. When he was told he wouldn't be able to go to the office anymore it made him so sad as all he ever wanted to do was help others.

Thank you to the Association for giving him so much over the time he was involved in the Association.

Aaron & Kristy Peterson

From the Archives:

Clement Charles Peterson, DOB 10.04.46, Joined RAN 25.11.63, DEE as a CPORS mid eighties.  Postings: CERBERUS 63-64, VENDETTA 64, CERBERUS 65-66, HARMAN 66, CURLEW 66, ANZAC 67-68, CERBERUS 68-70, Commissioned SWAN January 1970.  Promoted ORD(CO) 25.2.64, RO 25.10.65, A/LRO 8.12.67, LRO 8.12.68 (no further details due to transfer of records to EDP in early 1970).

From Ken Eynon:

I am very saddened to hear of the passing of Charlie Peterson.

My condolences go out to Charlie's Family.

Charlie joined the month after me and was in Moran Division November 1963.

After Recruit Training we were both posted to HMAS Vendetta as ORDCO's. We then returned to HMAS Cerberus to undertake our Communications Training starting in early 1965. I can always remember learning to type on the old Imperial 1956 typewriter with the keyboard covered. Charlie was certainly one of the first in our class able to touch type and at speed.

After Comms School and a short posting (me to HMAS Stuart) Charlie and I were both reunited when posted to HMAS Curlew. Billeted at HMAS Penguin all five of us communicators (RO's Greg Rouse, Bruce Lovett and Charlie Peterson along with TO's Ray Cross and myself) under took some special small ships communications training with both the Navy and Army. The HMAS Snipe communicators being RO'S Ted Murray, Terry Giddings and one other who I forget along with TO's Ian Schubert and Jimmy (Dinga) Bell, did the training with us. The two Sweeper crews minus a few early departees and some crew who stayed on both ships flew to Singapore to join our respective Sweeper, which were berthed together alongside HMS Mull of Kintyre.

Charlie and I on return of HMAS Curlew to Australia December 1966 were both posted to HMAS Anzac joining that ship in early 1967. At the end of 1967 I went to HMAS Harman and I am not sure where Charlie was posted.

I have some fond memories of Charlie, I can remember him as an ORD on the Vendetta, Charlie seemed to always get more paint on his shirt and shorts than most of us. On the Curlew, and when there was a movie on the Upper Deck and Charlie was on watch. He would be there with the 'Cans' on his ears reading the BL. And on the Anzac where we slept and ate in the mess-deck Charlie would sit at the table and ask for bits and pieces off mess members plates. He did not like the idea of having to go up to the galley and get a Dixie full of hot water to clean our plates and fighting irons. I can only assume that if you did not use fighting irons and a plate you did not need to wash it and hence should not be expected to go to the galley and collect the hot water.

Ken (Taffy) Eynon
President RANCBA (ACT)

Funeral and Wake Tuesday 23 May 2017: 

A large group of family, friends, Vietnam Vets and shipmates attended St Mary's Catholic Church in Cecil Street Williamstown at 1030 on Tuesday 23 May to farewell Charlie.  Ex- Communicators (RAN) who made the trip were Graham Bence, John Rowe, Trog Keenan, Peter Archibald and self (John Curbishley).  There may have been others I missed in the 150 plus crowd, if so I apologise for not listing you.  It was good to see that WOWTR Marty Grogan also attended - he joined up with Charlie in late 1963. 

The service was very well conducted by Father Greg Trythall, himself a National Serviceman.  He dwelled on the connection between St Mary's Church and those who go to the sea in ships.  It was a fitting sermon to remember Charlie by.  On completion of the opening hymm, the Introductory Rites were performed.  The 'Lighting of the Candle' was conducted by Kristy Peterson (daughter-in-law), the 'Sprinkling of the Water' by the priest and the 'Placing of the Pall' by Marie Matthews & Maureen Brown (Sisters).  Courtney Martin (Granddaughter) gave the First Reading and Taylah Martin (Granddaughter) led the Responsorial Psalm, then Father Trythall read from the Gospel. 

Very emotional and heartfelt eulogies were then delivered by Aaron Peterson (Son) and Debbie Hemmett (Daughter). Charlie would have been extremely proud to be reminded of the love and esteem in which he is held by his family.  On completion of the eulogies Bailey Martin (Grandson) led the 'Prayers for the Faithful', which was followed by the Lord's Prayer. The RSL 'poppy' service was then conducted by Bob Elsworthy, the State President of the VVAA Victoria.  Bob paid a glowing tribute to Charlie and the work he had done for the Western Sub-branch.  Bob's speech was followed by the last post and reveille, veterans and friends were then invited to lay poppies on the casket.  Father Trythall ended the service with the 'Final Commendation and Farewell'. 

The Pall Bearers then manoeuvred Charlie's coffin through the church and down the steps to the waiting hearse.  Vietnam veterans, shipmates and associates formed a solemn guard of honour from the church to the hearse.  Family and friends followed the hearse to Northern Memorial Park Glenroy for burial.  Those who couldn't make it to Glenroy proceeded to the Hoppers Crossing Club to await the family and attend the wake. 

On completion of the burial the wake was very well attended by family, friends and members from the Vietnam Veterans' Sub-branch.  Heartfelt speeches were given by James Coghlan (Acting President), Glen Smith (Secretary), Ray Matthews (Brother-in-Law), Bogey Knight (Pensions Officer) and Alan Curtis (Office Manager), all listing Charlie's dedicated service as a Pensions Officer.  The club also excelled in providing food and drink and a video display which showed Charlie at all stages of his life. This was directed to several screens around the room.  A fitting end to a lifetime of hard work and achievement. 

He is gone but will not be forgotten. 

John Curbishley

P.S.  Charlie had the last say.  His memorial booklet contained a 5 page summary of his childhood and later life called 'Geelong to Point Cook'.  It is a very good read and leaves us with the message that life can be fragile at times and we should all be prepared for the unexpected.  RIP Charlie.


RANCBAVIC Cruise No 3 - OperationF1J1 August 2017 Update No 4

1. This is another Cruise update to bring everybody up to date with further information on our cruise. There will now be two more cruise week specials prior to sailing for anybody thinking of joining us. The first one is from the 8th May and the second from the 5th of June. Both run for 1 week only. Anybody that books during these weeks receives an extra $100 onboard credit. If interested you need to call Helloworld travel Rowville on 03 9764 8487 to learn exactly what the special entails for each of these cruise weeks.

2. On this cruise I will be organising a 1 hour bus tour of Noumea. On completion we will be dropped at Lemon Bay which is a beautiful seaside village and a great place for lunch (As long as 140 don't arrive together). It is a great place to have a swim also. This then allows plenty of time to explore downtown Noumea on completion. if you are interested there is no need to do anything at this stage, I will organise it whilst onboard. It will not be through the ship, but I shall organise this on the wharf on arrival in Noumea. I expect the price to be around $25 unlike the ship as least $60 PP.

3. Remember to take a jacket and your medals on the cruise as there will be a number of formal nights when the girls and boys can dress up. We will be wearing minitures on these nights but you may as well take the big ones with you also just in case.

4. That's about it for now. I will have at least 1 more update prior to sailing. If anybody has any queries or suggestions, please ring me on 0418 524 067.

John & Margaret Barwood. Roy & Lynn Barber
John & Rachel White. Stan & Bev Bee
Rick & Jan Easom. Michael Palmer & Karen Howard
Ray & Sharon Mundy. Peter & Michel Mundy
John & Kath Williams. Frank & Lorainne Lawton
Bruce & Margaret Maher. David & Violet Kelleher
Andrew & Violet Mills. Don Parsons & Geoff Hickling
Rodger & Lysbeth Stuart. Thomas & Ann Eastcott
Owen & Marilyn Perkins. John & Caroline Finlay
Robin & Colwynn Tapp. John Falk & Susan Stephen
Ray Lastelle & Pauline Schafer Michael & Robin Kenny
Gareth & Angela Evans

Time to hop onboard.

Regards John White


The weather for the day was some what overcast and with the prediction of rain in the afternoon, but still we made it with out any problem

Wreath Laying

The NSW Chapter as in all previous years, held a Wreath Laying Service at the Cenotaph, Martin Place and our allocated time was 07.40am Unfortunately the numbers were down on previous year, but those that attended, we did our self right proud. Here WO Tony Froome was our Leader and called the cadence with the two Wreath Layers being PO CIS Spencer and LS CIS Casserly , who carried out this duty in front of many of the public with great pride and also to the RANCBA
Attendees.Brian 'Dolly' Gray OAM, Ms Liz Watts, Andy Mills, Ray & Sharon Mundy CSM, Tony Froome , Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM, POCIS Spencer, LSCIS Casserly, Jan & Ric Easom.

On completion most made there way to some of the many Coffee shops for a quick breakkie and the cup of tea or coffee
I was during this time, I had the chance to meet after many years to speak with a friend way back, Kim Durbin who is now a POCIS (Submarines) and also now married.


By now the weather was warming up and it was to become quite humid.

Our allocated place for the RANCBA was number 11 in the Post WW II Navy, and our Banner was unfolded and set up for all to know where we were to form up and a rough count, we had 70-75 Serving and ex Serving Communicators in our contingent. This is where it becomes a bit of stand around and wait for our order to March . I was the March Leader with Ex Communicators Andy Mills and Dave Turner as our Banner Bearers and LSCIS Casserly as one of the ANF bearers and I do apologise to the very young CIS who was our other. Somewhere along the day, I lost my list. It was good to see Frank Lawton, Peter Barton, Jackie May, Max Miller and lo and behold Peter Davey who had not so long ago arrived from Canada. He is into signing on ,crewing and sailing on barques. sloops around the World Good to see CPO CIS Andy Stuht who is now back from his posting to WA and serving on HMAS ADELAIDE !!! Lieutenant Paul Cohen another.

Also Committee Ray and Sharon Mundy, Ric and Jan Easom, John Short with WO Tony Froome again carrying out the duty of calling the cadence . Vice President Ken Swain came along but here was doing the duty as Leader of Navy Marshalls, making sure all went to plan. We also got a good coverage on the ABC TV of the ANZAC Day March. After some delay and a few starts we got underway and made our way into Hunter Street and then turned into Elizabeth Street, where the general public were and clapped us on and thanking us for having served this Nation.

Act of Remembrance

At Hyde Park we all had to Eyes Left and our Banner and ANF's dipped , passing the big Wreath mounted on a pedestal and then Eyes front and continued the march , around the Museum Rail Station and into Liverpool and then the order Halt - Dismiss.


Some made their way out to the Green Square Hotel , Zetland and here the host was ex L/Sig Nigel 'Swampie' Marsh who had also been in the March. Here I met and spoke with Paul Dodderridge, Max Miller, Peter Davey, Jack May ,Rod Rush, Mick Millson & Lori, John Campion, Pete Smith, Owen 'Polly' Perkins , Frank Lawton Tony & Lis Froome, Helen Moffatt and Reg 'Swannie' Swanborough, his son, granddaughter & grandson (Swannie is 95 plus) but you wouldn't believe it , he had served in the RN in WWII and on Artic Convoys etc., He marched with the WW II Veterans led by RADM Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN Rtd. Also in attendance WO CIS Andy Dennis, but I didn't get a chance to say hullo to. There were others, but as stated somewhere along the way I lost my slip of paper which I had jotted names down on, so doing this from memory which ain't too good nowadays!!! – so my sincere apologies.

All in all -a good day - but to put it mildly a long day . Most of us had all attended the Dawn Services and our local RSL prior to coming into the CBD for the March.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Brian Gray, Andy Mills Tony Froome, POCIS Spencer & LSCIS Casserly (Wreath Layers) Ric Easom, Shorty, Liz Watts Jan Easom, Sharon Mundy

Dave Turner & Andy Mills Banner Bearers, LS Casserly , Shorty Moffatt - March Leader

April 2017

Vale Stanley Michael KEAN R50007 (ex SIG)

Long time RANCBA and Naval Association member Stan Kean passed away on Anzac Day.

His wife, Mary informed me as I have been a friend since meeting him on the Melbourne in 1960.

His funeral service will be held on Wednesday 3rd May at 1300 hrs at the Little Flower Church in First Avenue, Bongaree, Bribie Island.

Stan was a long time friend and an all round top bloke.

RIP Stanley Kean.

Fred Harper
Bribie Island

Lest We Forget

From the Archives:
Stanley Michael Kean, R50007, DOB 14.07.34, Joined RAN 12.02.54, DEE 11.02.60.  Postings: CERBERUS, SHOALHAVEN, SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, CERBERUS, MELBOURNE.  Rated O/SIG 21.09.54, SIG 28.09.56.



Please put this out on both sites urgently - I shall endeavour to call all those booked urgently They need to make their own decision re this email, but please everybody ring the agency.
Cheers Nokka

On Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 15:02, Karen Vella wrote:

Hi John

Kath is in Bali and not back until Friday so I am back looking after the group in her absence.

Carnival Cruises has released a 72 hour sale starting today and expires close of business this Friday.

Based on guaranteed cabins only which means you do not know your cabin number until you check in but will be guaranteed a cabin in the category passenger has paid for.

With regards to Ocean view and Balcony this can also mean they are obstructed or partially obstructed cabins. We cannot request any particular deck or side – it is purely at the discretion of Carnival.

We cannot just do an automatic reprice , you will need to cancel your original booking and forfeit your original deposit. A new booking is made and it is instant purchase and nonrefundable. Of course I would not cancel the original booking unless
I knew I had a cabin confirmed on the special.

No on board credits are included except for Military ($100 pp) and the on board credits which are attached to our group ($100 per cabin) so if passengers have on board credits other than these they will also lose them.

Limited number of cabins allocated to this sale so it is subject to availability.

Cost of cabins;

Interior - category IS4 $949.00 per person
Outside – category OV4 $1099..00 per person
Balcony – category BL4 $1299.00 per person

Can I suggest you put a message on the Facebook page with all the above details and also state that anyone who is interested in changing their booking to contact me immediately on or 0397648487 . I am not going to make any changes to anyone's bookings unless I hear directly from them because even though the prices are crazy cheap there are clients who are very specific with the location of their cabin and this may not suit them.

I will send a list shortly of who is currently booked.


Anzac Day – Canberra 2017

Sunburnt in 2016 and soaked to the skin in 2017.

Light rain fell during the Dawn Service and kept the numbers down with the AWM estimating a crowd of 38,000 in attendance. I think many more would have attended if they had known the weather was not really a factor at this ceremony and it was quite warm at the time.

I arrived on Anzac Parade at around 0900 in pouring rain and set up the Chapters Banner with Frog McCoy and Schubes. Between this time and when we finally stepped off at 1030 approximate it did not stop raining and kept raining for the rest of the day.

Despite the bad weather it was very pleasing to see a large turn-out of serving members who just about out-numbered those of us from the local chapter.  WOCISC Shane O’Gradey had done well in getting the message around. I also know that many serving members were advised that they should march in Queanbeyan and Shane himself had been assigned to undertake duties in Harden. From what I saw on local television it looks like many serving members did march in Queanbeyan.

We stepped off with LCDR Dave Jeffrey (Rtd) in charge and our serving members in the first half dozen rows and holding up our banner proudly. Amongst the serving members were eight who had just posted into HMAS Harman after the completion of their CISC Training which including the two who were assigned to look after the banner.

Taking the salute on the parade ground was VCDF Admiral Ray Griggs. As most know his father was long serving Sparker, so naturally the VCDF has a lot of time for communicators. From my position near the back of our squad it was great to see the smile on his face as we marched past. His de facto uncle Dave Jeffrey leading us, some very smart communications officers and sailors making us look very professional and somewhere at the back near me his brother within our ranks. It was pouring rain but we could all still smile.

The set-up at the AWM had changed this year and the large open type stands removed and replaced by plastic seating. As we were ushered off the road area and dismissed at the top of Anzac Parade not many were willing to sit on the wet seating. The best positions around the barricades were already taken by the watching crowds. Due to recent threats, security had been step-up and arrangements on Anzac Parade changed to improve the safety of all.

Unfortunately our after march function at the Canberra Bowling Club was not as well attended as in past years. This was understandable as those of us who when directly to the club turned up like drown rats. Many of those who lived closer were able go home and change.

It was very pleasing to see past president and life member Keghead Weaver at the function. Keg’s grandson Daniel and wife Ruth had managed to get him along and he is looking a lot better each time I see him. He did not like it that he was limited to two beers, but accepted the fact. I did notice that he ate well and enjoyed himself.

On behalf of the RANCBA (ACT) Chapter, I would like to thank all the serving members who marched with us and all those RANCBA members including a few from interstate and overseas (Kev Luke), who attended. It was also great to have a large group from the WRANS Association in attendance at the after march function. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us in 2018. I would like to make a few suggestions at our next meeting on possible ways to increase our numbers at what is a very special day for serving and ex serving members.

Ken (Taffy) Eynon
Thanks Ken, good to see Keghead on the road to recovery.

From Ruth Weaver:
It is remiss of me for not putting this on the website sooner, but have been a little busy looking after the ‘old sparker’ !!

He continues to improve but a long way from being ‘an hundred percent’, we can only hope.

He DID make it to the Club for the post-Anzac Day ‘drinks’ and as Taffy said, was a little pis---’ed off that he could only have two drinks, but two is better than none!!

Will endeavor to keep you all ‘in the loop' should there be any dramatic change.

Ruth Weaver


ANZAC Day Service

Good afternoon – I received an invite to attend this Service held at the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway and this is how I saw it.

ANZAC Day Service – Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

This Service was held on Friday, 21st April 2017 and it was fully attended by varying groups . The weather was perfect and this made it more of a beaut service. The MC was Mr. John Gatfield, very well known and for those that a recipients of the RSL Magazine REVEILLE , you will find his photo in all editions, he then asked Mr Dale Baikie, Anglican Chaplain and Father Graeme Malone, Catholic Chaplain to Concord Repatriation Hospital to deliver the Prayers.  This was a ANZAC Requiem carried out by both.

On completion, the Official Welcome was given by Mr John Haines AM, Chairman of the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway and State President of RSL NSW. All were then asked to stand for Mounting of the Catafalque Party by the 4th/3rd Battalion Royal NSW Regiment.

A Prayer for ANZAC Day was given and also A Prayer for Armed Forces. Then a Scripture Reading (John 15 Verses 9 –17) by Dr. Steevie Chan, A/General Manager , Concord Repat Hospital.

The ANZAC Address was then given by COL. Professor Robert Lusby AM , who is Chairman of the ANZAC Research Institute and he certainly gave a very interesting talk . Following was Reflection and here a item on War Memorials was shown on a big screen and also very well done and greatly appreciated.

Wreath Laying Service was then held and here the names of those Laying a Wreath was called by the MC – normally in groups of 3, and were escorted by the RSL Corp to the Memorial, but shown on the screen.  On completion, all were asked to stand for The Last Post, 1 Minutes Silence and the Ode (here is was Recited by Mr Bill Harrigan, RSL State Councillor) and then Rouse.  The Bugler was played by a Member of the NSW Corrective Services Band , who also provided all the music.

A Prayer of Commemoration followed , The Lord's Prayer and the Hymn Amazing Grace (sung by all).

Brigadier Phillip McNamara OAM CSC ESM came forward and gave a Thank You to all.

Benediction and all to stand for the National Anthem – and the Dismounting of the Catafalque Party.

On conclusion for all to join in very nice refreshments.

The only annoying and in the end a good outcome. Some nutter for want of a better word had parked their car across the access to Lovedale Park which was the parking for all those who attended and drove vehicles . About 6- 8 men managed to jump /move it so, cars to drive safely past, BUT when Brigadier McNamara was giving his Thank You, he advised that the owner (m/f) will be very surprised when they return to their vehicle – it aint where they left it and I also believe they have been issued a Parking Infringement Notice One of the cars trying to get in, was the Official Police car of a Police lady representing the Police Commissioner. The joys of driving!!!

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM


Bas Cleary - Reaching a Milestone

Bas Cleary was surprised with an 80th Birthday at the Caboolture RSL organised by his son Thomas and his 2 sisters and families.

A few ex Comm mates helped with the celebration.

L to R..,Cliff "Squizzy" Taylor, Jim "Big Bird" Eagles, Thomas "Tom" Cleary, Basil "Baz" Cleary, Trevor "Percie" Percival, Kev "Ruwie" Ruwoldt, Tony "Tackers" Miles and David "Doc" Watson.

Easter Saturday 15th April.

From Alan Rodgers:

“Who let the dogs out”?
 When one sees all these gentle, gentlemen, one has to say what the heck and where the heck has the time gone. I can kindly remember when we were together there were no “stretch marks” or flabby skin. What went wrong during the time since we were last together?

From Allan Moffatt:
BAZ Well done – you have been granted your OBE !!! I will go down to my local Club and have a drink in your HONOUR!! – you can pay me later.

Hard to pick whose 80th it is !!! all look the same
Shorty Moffatt


Vale Lindsay Robert Laming R35141 - A/PO Tel

Following received by Shorty Moffatt.
Vale Acting PO Telegraphist Lindsay Laming.

Good afternoon Allan

My name is David Laming and I currently reside in Sydney NSW. I am a retired Naval Officer having served 22 years from 1975 to 1997. The purpose of this email is to notify you that my father Lindsay Laming (91 years) of 21 Counter Road, Elizabeth Downs, South Australia passed away on Saturday 8th April and his funeral is to be held on Friday 21st April at Fulham Funerals, 50 Midway Road, Elizabeth East at 1030. Lindsay was a subscriber to the RANCBA News as he was an ex-telegraphist onboard HMAS Hobart.

Dad enlisted in the Navy in June 1943 and after training as a telegraphist was posted to HMAS Hobart serving with British Pacific Fleet in the Pacific Ocean north of Australia. Hobart comprised part of the covering and support group for the Allied landings at Cebu, Tarakan, Wewak, Brunei and Balikpapan. She was also among the Australia ships present in Tokyo Bay for the Japanese surrender. Although discharged after World War II ended he again re-enlisted in 1947 for a further 8 years paying off as an Acting PO Tel.

I would like to thank you on his behalf for the memories and joy from your news gave him each month. He was keen to stay informed and aware of the comings and goings of his fellow communicator brethren.

David W Laming
Thanks David, our thoughts are with you.  May your father Rest in Peace.


Yachtsmen Scheme Volunteers

Following received and for your information
Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt
President RANCBA NSW

Hello All,

There are few WW2 veterans who are more 'forgotten' than the 'Yachties', Australians who volunteered to serve with the RN. The attached brief tells their story in general terms.

Historian Jan Billett has been on their case since the turn of the century and is writing a book about their exploits. She has also engaged in mortal combat with the AWM, who at first refused to believe these people existed, and then denied they had any right to have their service commemorated at the Memorial. Jan won, but it was not easy. They're still going to make her pay for the tea and bikkies.

I'd be grateful if you could circulate the story and the invitation to attend to your contacts. Dave, this would make a great story for Navy News, and I can put you in contact with Jan if you or another reporter want to follow it up.

Needless to say, the Yachtie H&A recipients and their stories are all in Bravo Zulu Vol 1.

All the best,
Ian Pfennigwerth


On behalf of the Yachtsmen Scheme volunteers, you are invited to attend the Dominion Yachtsmen Scheme Plaque Dedication Ceremony. The ceremony will be held at 11.00 am on Thursday 4 May 2017 in the Captain Reg Saunders Courtyard of the Australian War Memorial.

Please have your office contact Ms Allanah Bannister, Events and Ceremonies Coordinator, on 02 6243 4227 or via by Wednesday 26 April 2017 to advise your availability. Should you be able to accept this invitation, a brief regarding your attendance will be sent closer to the date.

Yours sincerely,

Janet Roberts Billett MA


RAN, RANR and RANVR, including the Dominion Yachtsmen Scheme,

 who served in the Royal Navy 1939-45.

About five hundred Australian volunteers (the Yachtsmen Scheme) were sent for officer training to the United Kingdom from 1940-42, prior to the outbreak of war with Japan.  On commissioning the men were posted throughout the Royal Navy, mostly serving in smaller ships.  They served in the Atlantic and Arctic seas, on convoy duty, the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, in Special Operations and Rendering Mines Safe (bomb disposal).  Towards the end of the war many were involved in the landings for D-Day while many also served in the South-East Asian theatre.  After four or more years away they returned to an Australia in the throes of the final stages of the Pacific war and a much smaller navy.

While most of the men were posted back to the Royal Australian Navy, many found themselves serving in more junior positions of responsibility than they had in the Royal Navy.  Nor on their return, were they accorded any acknowledgement by the Australian public for their contribution to the final Allied victory.  Over the next sixty years the men made real efforts to build a collective identity and without this continuity of contact the material for this research would not have been accessible.  Only the men could tell their story about their service and only, over a number of interviews, were the threads of the Yachtsmen Scheme story brought together.   Their feelings of disillusionment and melancholy about the lack of public recognition for their war service were voiced and by the early twenty-first century the men sought similar recognition to their Australian compatriots.  

The men are proud of their service in the Royal Navy as Australians and believe that as a group they are the most highly decorated servicemen of World War II.  The Australian Government paid for their contribution in World War II and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs readily accepted the responsibility for their care.  Yet there is no official nominal roll of this group in Australia or the United Kingdom. It is time that their story was told for future generations to understand and acknowledge their endurance and sacrifice in the terrible years of service in the war at sea on the other side of the world, far from their homeland.

Over 1100 Australians served in the Royal Navy during World War II.  Most served as volunteers, RANVR, although a handful of RAN personnel were included.  Approximately five hundred served through the Yachtsmen Scheme and there were also a number of Anti-Submarine officers who trained at HMAS Rushcutter in Sydney.  The Yachtsmen Scheme and the Anti-Submarine Scheme ran concurrently.

The group of Yachtsmen Scheme volunteers were awarded 4 George Crosses (GM), 10 George Medals (GM), 31 Distinguished Service Crosses (DSC), I Distinguished Service Medal (DSM), 34 Mentioned-in -Dispatches (MiD), 3 Orders of the British Empire (OBE), 3 Members of the British Empire (MBE) and a Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (CGM), the only one ever awarded to an Australian. 

Janet Roberts Billett MA (Melb)

April 2017.

ANZAC Day 25th April 2017

Herewith the details for the RANCBA NSW Chapter.

Wreath Laying

As in previous years, the RANCBA shall be Laying a Wreath at the Cenotaph, Martin Place at our allotted time 07.40am Fall in at the corner of Pitt Street & Martin Place at 07.30am.  A Serving CIS Communicator in the Dress of the Day will be our dedicated Wreath Layer. I have had a email regarding the March and it is hoped that the two CIS Sailors will be also at the Wreath Laying and they can both place the Wreath on the Cenotaph.


The route for the March is the same as last year, and no longer down past the Cenotaph and into George Street. With all the construction going on for the new light rail project, it would be a disaster.  The RANCBA falling in for Post WW II Navy and Merchant Navy with the March Leader for Navy being Vice Admiral Ian Knox AC RAN Rtd . Here in this section we are listed as number 11, directly behind the YARRA Assn . Our Banner will be displayed, but should you have any problems locating us, there will March Marshals in the area who will advise you. This is the top end of Castlereagh Street and Hunter Street corner.

Approximate time for Groups to form-up WW II Veterans 0845-0930 , Post WWII Navy 0930-1015 . These times are an estimate when to form up, BUT be ready to move up to the start line.  Now WW II Navy Veterans 0845-0930 and here the March Leader will be Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN Rtd.

Act of Remembrance

After Marching into Hunter Street, we will then swing into Elizabeth Street and follow all the way down to the dispersal point , past Museum Station in Liverpool Street. There will be a larger Wreath than last year, and also signs more predominate to Eyes Left and Bands to commence a Drum Beat and then Eyes Front.

Dispersal point.

Keep marching in Liverpool Street, till advised by one of the March Marshals to stop, break ranks and clear the roadway for more following.  Last year. approximate 5.000 Serving and ex Serving Navy took part.


The Reunion will again be held at the GREEN SQUARE Hotel, Bourke Street , Zetland . It is just 2 stops from Museum Station , just follow the crowd. Here Mine Host is Ex L/Sig Nigel 'Swampy'Marsh.  NOW, Here all family, friends, girl friends, boy friends etc are more than welcome to join with us – call it stumps when ever you wish

Hoping to see you there, and if you play your cards right, you can buy me a beer!!

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter


Navy Leads the Parade in Brisbane, form up William Street before 9.30 am.

Following the Parade join us at the Victory Hotel Cnr Charlotte and Edward Sts commencing 11 am to circumvent the state liquor laws we have booked in for a private function. $20 pp includes drinks and platters.

HMAS Parramatta, HMAS Success and Spanish DDG Christobel Colon expected to be in Brisbane to lead the Navy contingent in the Parade.

Look forward to seeing you all on the day.

Please ring Sonja (Secretary) on 0412 750 372 the week before the event so that we can confirm numbers with the Victory

or Alan Hellier President RANCBA Q 07 3397 2663

Many thanks

Brisbane Comms Contingent 2017 - Photo taken by Joan Cross



The RANCBA-ACT will be marching in Canberra on Anzac Day.

Your march leader will be Dave Jeffrey.

Members usually meet at the Navy Memorial – form up between 1000-1030 – march commences at 1040 – not sure as yet of our march position, look for our banner, please wear your name badge and don’t forget to turn your mobile off.

We are holding an after-march function at the Canberra Bowling Club, Hobart Ave, Forrest. Kick off at 1230 approx.

Please pass this email onto other communicators/ex-communicators, they will be very welcome at the after-march function.

Peter Guy


Today, on what could only be described as a perfect day, this Service for the loss of HMAS VAMPIRE I was held at Garden Island at the end of the Island near the CORVETTE'S Memorial and the bow section of HMAS PARRAMATTA I, with seating arranged , looking towards the harbour and Bradleys Head.

The Service was Officiated by Chaplain Kees Bosch RAN and with music by the RAN Band – Sydney Detachment and singing by L/SEA Tracey Kennedy.

Commander Andrew Fraser RAN, Commanding Officer HMAS KUTTABUL was the Master of Ceremonies , and after his Welcome to all, we were asked to Stand for the March On and Mounting of the Catafalque Party. This was followed by the Hymn Now Thank We All God , led by the RAN Band but sung by all.

On completion, the Commemorative Prayer was given by WO Matthew Hurley.Ship's Warrant Officer HMAS KUTTABUL and then the Address by Captain Paul Martin OAM, RAN Rtd, former Commanding Officer HMAS VAMPIRE II.

The Wreath Laying was then by Official Guests as directed the MC . The first by the Australian Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer OA, CSC & Bar RAN , some included Ken Sherwell President VAMPIRE Association, and Ken Swain AM (VAMPIRE Commissioning crew and myself were called up, I was wearing my other cap as President of the Federation of Naval Ships Assn).

When this was completed, all were requested to stand for the ODE , recited by WO Matthew Hurley, HMAS KUTTABUL, the LAST POST, ONE MINUTES SILENCE and REVEILLE.

Chaplain Bosch RAN invited all for the saying of the Naval Prayer and then the Naval Hymn – led by L/Seaman Tracey Kennedy and on completion to remain standing for the National Anthem and Benediction.

The March Off of the Catafalque Party was given and all were then invited for Morning Tea in the RAN Heritage Centre.

Along with Ken Swain , Ken Sherwell and his wife Sandra, here I had the pleasure of talking to Digby 'Blue' Ingram from the Chaplains Office, plus some others.

To the Navy, BZ for a very good Service in memory of those that went before and Paid the Supreme Sacrifice in WW II.

Lest We Forget
Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW

Monthly Photo taken at the Grand Central Hotel Monday 3rd April.

L to R Bob Simpson, Bas Cleary, Don Ruwoldt, Shags Hellier, Roger Garrett Esq, John Horton, Doc Watson, Kev Ruwoldt.

Next gathering at the GCH will be on the 8th May due to May Day falling on the 1st Monday.

Kev Ruwoldt



This combined Service was held at the Cenotaph, Martin Place on Friday 31st March, commencing at the end of the ringing of the Bells on the Tower Clock at 11.00am, with the Guest of Honour, His Excellency General David Hurley AC DSC (Rtd) and accompanied by his wife Linda.

The Service commenced with the MC, Allan Moffatt OAM , saying The Acknowledgment of Country , and then for all to stand for the arrival of the Official Party and remain standing for the March On from contingents from HMAS CANBERRA ARMIDALE and NUSHIP HOBART, and then remain standing for the Mounting of the Catafalque Party from HMAS WATERHEN with music supplied by the RAN Band under the Baton of Lieutenant Brian O'Kane RAN.

Here the MC then Welcomed the following . HE, The Governor of NSW, General David Hurley and Mrs Hurley, The Hon. David Elliot MP Representing the Premier of NSW, Her Excellency, Mrs Erica Schouten, Ambassador of the Netherlands, Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer Australian Fleet Commander, Major-General Gus MacLachlan AM Forces Commander Australia, Wing Commander James Svede Representing the Commander Air, Patron of the Java & Coral Sea Association, Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN Rtd, The Hon. Robert 'Bob' Lee Hawke AC , former Prime Minister of Australia, Distinguished Guests, Naval Veterans and all in attendance.

I also tended an apology from the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett AO DSC RAN who was now required to remain in Canberra and attend a Meeting.

The MC then acknowledged the presence of current serving personnel from HMAS CANBERRA, ARMIDALE and NUSHIP HOBART, and the loss of the former CANBERRA, the torpedoing of HOBART and the loss of ARMIDALE (the Teddy Sheehan fame) , then some of the survivors that are with us today – this included Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths who was serving on the Battle cruiser HMS REPULSE and was sunk in 1941, Mr Frank McGovern survivor from HMAS PERTH I who was sunk , captured by the Japanese, sent to the infamous Changi prison and to the infamous Burma rail way. There others and it was hoped that those in attendance had a chance to talk to some of these Veterans.  Also in attendance was Members of the HOBART Association with Mr John Withers OAM and Mr Michael Kay proudly displaying their Associations Banner.

On completion, I then asked Senior Chaplain Duncan Besci RAN to come forward and give God's Blessing on this Service and on completion he asked all join in the singing of the Hymn – O God Our Help in Ages Past and then The Lord's Prayer and followed by the Navy Psalm 107.

I then asked if our two Guest Speakers could come forward – the first being the Consul General of the Netherlands Mr Willem Cosijn and also a Commander of the Netherlands NAVY and if he would talk to all about the Java Sea aspects of the Battle
I then invited if Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer AO CSC & Bar RAN if he would talk to all about the aspects of the Battle of the Coral Sea.

After thanking both our Guests all were asked to stand for the Wreath Laying Service . There was many, but some of these included:  HE The Governor of NSW, General David Hurley – Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer Fleet Commander – The Hon David Elliot MP, Her Excellency Mrs Erica Schouten Ambassador the Netherlands, Mrs Lynda Voltz MLC Representing the Leader of the NSW Opposition- Maj-General Gus Maclachlan & Wing Commander James Svede – Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths Patron of the Java & Coral Sea Assn & Commodore Arian Minderhoud Royal Netherlands Navy Representing Chief of the Netherlands Navy – Professor Kerryn Phelps Representing the Lord Mayor of Sydney – Acting Asst Commissioner Michael Fitzgerald Representing the Commissioner NSW Police – Mrs Valerie Fowler US Consul General & Brigadier Andrew Harrison UK Defence Advisor Canberra – Mr Hayden White DVA, Mr David Cohen OAM RSL & Mr Keith Grimley President NAA (NSW) please be seated.

The Hon Michael Baume Representing CEO American/Australian Assn, Mr Neils Marquardt CEO USA Chamber of Commerce & LCDR Adam McLeod USN Representing the USN Naval Attache – Captain Ashley Papp RAN Commanding Officer HMAS CANBERRA, LCDR Ben Welfare RAN Representing the CO NUSHIP HOBART & LCDR Barton Harrington RAN Commanding Officer HMAS ARMIDALE – Mr Raymond & Mrs Sonja Raymond President of the American Legion – Mr Tony Van Grieken President Netherlands Ex Service men and women Association, Ms Christine Roberts HMAS AUSTRALIAN Assn & Mr Bill Ross President HMAS HOBART Assn – Mrs Rosemary Stockley OAM President Ex WRANS & Naval Womens Assn of NSW , Mrs Di Vogt Representing the President of the War Widows Guild & Ms Angela Valentine Flint Secretary Combined Services Club – Mr Tony Mills President HMAS PERTH Assn, Mr Ron Glew President RAAF Assn & Mrs Mary Bell Secretary Federation of Naval Ships Assn – Mr John Lees & Mrs Pat Shield Royal Marines Assn – Mr Don Kennedy President Merchant Navy Sub Branch – Maj-General Paul Irving President Royal United Services Institute , Mr Paul Lane President Sydney Legacy & Mr Roger Selby President Jewish Ex Service men & women Assn - Cmdr Ken Swain AM RAN Secretary of the Java & Coral Sea Committee for 20 years, Mrs Jan Cunningham Coral Sea Committee for 32 years and Mr David Wallker Grandson of the Captain Hec Waller – lost on HMAS PERTH in 1942

I then asked if any Relative – friend or others wish to Lay a Wreath , Floral Tribute or a single Flower to now come forward and do so

All were then asked to Stand for the Naval Ode – Recited by Cmdr Ken Swain – The Last Post – A Minutes Silence – The The Sailors Ode Recited by Mrs Jan Cunningham and then Reveille.

Then Senior Chaplain Duncan Besci RAN was invited to come forward where all were asked to join in the Naval Hymn, and the Naval Prayer and Benediction was given.

I then invited all to stand for the National Anthems of AUSTRALIA – GREAT BRITAIN – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and THE NETHERLANDS.  Here L/Seaman Tracey Kennedy of the RAN Band was brilliant and it was so pleasing to see, some of the public stop and listen to all the National Anthems

On completion all were asked to remain standing for the March Off on the Catafalque Party and the Naval Contingents and the departure of the Official Party.

All those invited, were then asked to make their way to the Anthenium Restaurant in Barrack Street.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to the very small Committee who made this Service happen – In no particular order Mr Ken Swain, Ms Jan Cunningham, Mrs Rosemary Stockley, Ms Christine Roberts and I suppose myself Allan Moffatt.

Also we had help from others, placing of the Order of Services etc and escorting the Official Party – Mr Dick Thompson OAM, (RANCBA) Ms Liz Watts (RANCBA & Sec Ex WRANS & Womens Naval Service) Ray & Sharon Mundy (RANCBA) and it is with all these peoples help – it all ran smoothly - BZ.

Also noted other Communicators with partners , Andy & Jan Mills, Max Miller and Cheryl Murphy, June Swain and Helen Moffatt. I do apologise for those that I have missed.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
Chairman Battle of the Java & Coral Sea Committee,
& President RANCBA NSW Chapter

March 2017

Vale Edmund Davern R50325 (ex LRO)

Shorty Moffatt passes on the following information:

I have received the following email advising the Passing of one Eddie Davern on 28th March aged 79 years.  He was a ex Telegraphist in the 50's early 60's era and also one of those when they took their DEE and served down in the Antarctica .

I also had a phone call from Peter Baggott.  On the 29th Sue Davern advised that her husband Eddie W63 W67 had gone ahead. The Funeral is in the hands of Gregson & Weight at Nambour 07 5476 2866 or email for Funeral details.

Funeral service to be held at the Gregson and Weight Chapel, 34 National Park Road, NAMBOUR, on Monday 3rd April commencing 1.00 pm.

Address for Sue is PO Box 217 Mapleton Qld 4560. If you would like to send a Floral Tribute, the Funeral Director advises to call 07 5446 3052.

Lest we Forget
Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt
(I think that W67 is for the one of the Stations in the Antarctica called WILKES and the 67 is the year based there -

From the Archives:
Edmund Vincent Jordan DAVERN R50325, DOB 26.04.37, Joined RAN 26.04.55, DEE 25.04.61.  Postings: CERBERUS 54-55, LEEUWIN 55-56, QUEENBOROUGH 56, WARRAMUNGA 56, SWAN 56, WARRAMUNGA 56-57, HARMAN 57, LONDSALE 57-58, CERBERUS 58-59, MELBOURNE 59-61, HARMAN 61 - DEE.  ORDTEL '54, TEL '56, A/LRO '58, LRO '59.


Vale Lawrie Baker R29025 (ex TEL)

Lawrie, one of the stalwarts of RANCBA Vic slipped his anchor for the final time, peacefully.

He served as a Telegraphist in HMAS Cerberus, Harman, Tarrangau, Albatross, Gladstone, Melville, Lonsdale, Vengeance, and Melbourne and of course finally at DSD.

Some might remember being at odds with him though this wasn’t unusual given his part time occupation as a SP Bookmaker within the fleet though I’m not sure if he kept this up after swallowing the anchor.

Lawrie’s funeral service will be held at the Wilson Chapel in Springvale Botanical Cemetery on Monday 3rd 2017 at 11.15


There’s a wondrous Golden Harbour, far beyond the setting sun,
Where a gallant ship may anchor when her fighting days are done,
Free from tempest, rock and battle, toil and tumult, safely o’er
Where the breezes murmur softly and there’s peace for evermore.
They have climbed the last horizon, they are standing in from sea
And the Pilot makes the Haven where a ship is glad to be:

RA Hopewood.. Part of the Old way!

Ian Hogarth
Hon Sec RANCBA Vic
Lest We Forget



1. Another fantastic Regional reunion has been done and dusted. It was a great event as usual and the washup comments have been very positive. the staff at the Big4 holiday park in Port Fairy were very  welcoming with anything we requested being no trouble at all. So much so that they have asked me to advise all RANCBA members that wish to stay with them will receive a discount. That is all members.

2. The BAMSTONE visit was a real eye opener and was very encouraging to see a home grown firm in a country location employing 50 people and doing so well. A very unique business indeed. Refer to Gary's photos for info on this business. All activities went off very well with the dinner on Saturday night a big hit. This was helped along by our 93 year old guest and reunion attendee, Barry Downs an ex world 2 veteran sparker enlightening us all with events at HMAS Harman and the Pacific region during the war. It was very touching to witness the standing ovation Barry received. His wife Stella was just as inspiring, she is a spritely 92 year old.

3. Next year 2018 we will be holding our Regional reunion in Phillip Island over the Vietnam Veterans weekend in August. The RSL will be involved, as will the Vietnam museum and of course the Fairy Penguins. We would love to see a huge turn up to this event as we will be under our banner on Vietnam Veterans day (Saturday) with a large contingent of other Vets. There will be plenty of information re this Regional Reunion so stay posted.

4. We may however throw in a catch up weekend in the Queenscliff, Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads area during the lengthy period between the reunions. We will discuss it at our next committee meeting. Stay posted again as we will make sure it is interesting with a varied format.

5. So that's it until our Pacific Islands and FIJI cruise in August . There is still room for those that would like to join us. Any other queries please contact me on 0418 524 067.

Nokka White
President RANCBA VIC


Looking for Patrick Nolan, RAN, HMAS Sydney 1969

I have received the following and if anyone could assist.
Shorty Moffatt

Assistance please - PLEASE CIRCULATE

If you are able to assist please contact Mike direct at email address -

or phone - 07 3869 1236

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I and a group of ex students from Padua College at Kedron Brisbane are attempting to contact one of our old students who was apparently on HMAS Sydney in 1969.

The aim is to commemorate the Vietnam Area service by all our students by way of a plaque laid at our school.

We are attempting to contact one person and ask that if your association might have any contact details, and pass on a message to the veteran or his family, to please contact us.

We are looking for Patrick James Nolan

Born 1952 Brisbane

Served RAN number R96571

Ordinary Seaman (Electrical Mechanic)

Vietnam Service HMAS Sydney, 08/02/1969 to 25/02/1969 and 08/05/1969 to30/05/1969.

Please contact
Mike Willett
07 3869 1236

Thanks very much
If anyone can assist please contact Mike as above.

From Ken Eynon,
I just copied Shorty Moffatt's post on subject matter to facebook and have been advised by a Wayne Roots that he joined up with Pat and has put him in contact with the Kedron School.


Frank Hicks - Life Membership RANCBA ACT

The following was recently sent to Frank Hicks from the President of the RANCBA ACT.


The RANCBA (ACT) is proud and privileged to present you with life membership for your role as foundation president and for your work in establishing the RANCBA (ACT) Chapter.

Whilst discussing the history of the RANCBA (ACT) Chapter at our last committee meeting it was obvious that without your vision and energy in the early 1990’s in setting up the RANCBA (ACT), this chapter would not be in existence today.

For this we are truly grateful and thank you for all your hard work.

It would have been nice for us to present your life membership certificate and badge in person and certainly many years earlier. That not being possible please find both enclosed.

On behalf of the current committee congratulations, thank you and best wishes.

Ken Eynon


BZ Frank, a well deserved award!

Vale Sonny James Fay R57384 (ex LRO)

Judy, Sonny Fay's wife, rang me this morning with the sad news that Sonny crossed the bar on Friday 17 March. Sonny was an RO who was a very good friend of mine and I am sure many others would remember him.

Judy's address is 97 Lagoon Drive, Yanchep WA. 6035. I hope you have Smooth seas old mate.

John Beachball Thorp
Sad news, may he RIP
Lest We Forget

From the Archives:
Sonny James Fay, DOB 05.04.1941.  Joined RAN 23.09.1960.  DEE 22.09.1969. Postings: CERBERUS 60-61, PARRAMATTA 61-63, HARMAN 63-64, PALUMA 64-66, MORETON 67-68, VAMPIRE 68-89. DEE 22.09.69.
RCTCO - 23.09.60, ORD RO 23.05.61, RO 23.07.62, A/LRO 05.03.65, LRO 05.03.66.

From Tackers Miles:
I have been remiss in following the RANCB website, so you can imagine my shock when I found that Tex Daley had crossed the bar. I considered Tex to be a friend and always enjoyed his company . A good bloke.

Have also just been informed that Sonny Fay has also crossed the bar. Another friend that I had totally lost contact with. Sonny was a great bloke, good Sparker and a pleasure to have a beer with.

Hopefully they have smooth seas until they find safe harbour.

RIP my friends.
Tony (Tackers) Miles

From Kev 'Ruwie' Ruwoldt:
Once again another good bloke, Sonny Fay has crossed the bar too early. I did my RS’Q’ Course with Sonny Fay along with Brian Nicholls, Wes Turnbull, Stomp Forward and Buck Rodgers in 66/67. Many a nights studying was done at the “Wets”.

I wish you smooth seas mate.
Kev ‘Ruwie’ Ruwoldt

From Allan Moffatt:
It is with very sad feelings when I read the Passing of Sonny Fay. As John 'Beachball' Thorp said many in our era would have known him.

It was indeed a pleasure to have known and served with him, he was a great person and a very good sparker.

He was the late LRO Jim Carey's mate and so they shall now be re united and spin some great yarns.

Farewell old mate – it was indeed a pleasure to have known you.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM



1. Just a brief update to remind everybody of a few minor points, plus to wish you all a safe trip to Port Fairy.

A. Please don't forget to bring name tags, those that have them. We will have stick ons for those that don't have one.

B. We have two buses for Saturday - a 57 seater and a 25 seater. Please don't be late as we need to depart right on 1 pm. Please share yourselves onto both buses so that The large one is not too crowded.

C. Laurie Jones who works at the Vietnam Vets Museum has belt buckles for sale at $5 each. These normally retail for $28.50 at the museum.

D. We have some very interesting items for both raffles, the meet and greet and Saturday evenings dinner.

2. That's about enough from me, but if anybody has any queries please call me on0418 524 067.

See you all next weekend.


Vale Trevor Harriss R62115 (ex LRO)

Heard about this yesterday from Bill Allen.

"I know that Trevor Harriss was a Tasmanian from Ross or around that way. Think he joined the RAN in early 1963. Not sure what rank he was on discharge.

He was not a member of the RANCBA (ACT) but was involved with the Vietnam Vets at Page here in Belconnen.

My youngest was in the same year as Trevor's son Richard at Ginninderra High School. Trevor after leaving the RAN went into the Washing Machine repairs business.

I would see him around Belconnen from time to time and at school functions. For the golfers he and son Richard were at one time big into golf.

Our condolences are with Penny and the greater Harriss family. Pretty sure that Penny was a WRAN."

Ken (Taffy )Eynon

Another good man down.  Go Pies!

From the Archives:
Trevor James Harriss R62115, Born 14.09.45, Joined RAN 1.5.63.  Discharge date not known but appears to be early 1972 after 9 years service.  ORO 29.10.63, RO 19.02.65, A/LRO 6.12.68.  Postings - CERBERUS 63-64, ANZAC 64-66. HARMAN 66-67, BRISBANE 67-69, HARMAN 69..


List of Indigenous or Torres Strait Islanders

An ex Dibby here in Brisbane (Ray Sandford - ex POTAS rate) is trying to make a list (for NAA Q) of all ex and current RAN personnel who qualify as Indigenous or Torres Strait Islanders. He is happy to just have names, but if persons want to volunteer their contact details he would be very happy.

Marion Dingo, Harry Mosman, Dinga Bell, and John Pummell I can think of, plus Graham Kong's wife, I think.

If you could slip his request onto the RANCBA web site it would handy.

Thanks John, cheers and Beers,

Greg Palmer

If anyone would like to know more, please contact Ray direct on the link above.



I was an army Signalman aboard Parramatta mid 1962 from Singapore-Hong Kong and return, station was EWO. There were six of us, 3 with Parramatta and 3 with Yarra....

Am looking for any background on this trip, itself being quite unusual. Skipper at the time for Parramatta was Captain Guy Griffiths.

At the time was 6/1195 Signalman L J Eaton of 201 Signals Squadron (Overseas) based at RAF Seletar in Singapore and working at CK2.

Len Eaton
If anyone can help please reply to Len direct.

From Bill Aylott:
Surely Len should be directing his query to Shorty San, when you mention Guy Griffiths & HMAS Parramatta in one breath, Shorty would go ballistic with TMI.


Vale Fred Kluth & Ron Foale

Sorry to have to relay the following.

Frederick Thomas Kluth R52485 (former Signalman) died in Darwin on Sunday 5th March.  Fred served from 1956-62.

Ronald Alan Foale R50610 (former Telegraphist) died in Adelaide on Tuesday 7th March. Ron served from 1955-61.

My informants are reliable and I will vouch for the authenticity. Regrettably I have no other information. Both men were employed in the aviation industry post RAN.

Max Miller
Thanks Max, may they both RIP.
Lest We Forget

From Brian Nichols:
Sad to hear of Ron’s passing- Served with him on the “Quickmatch” 1960-61- ran into him a few times while doing Reserve time- great guy.
RIP Horse.

From Danni Snow:
Was just on your site to see if I could add details about Ron Foale’s passing when I noticed it had already been posted. Ron was my neighbour for a few years in Edithburgh SA before moving to Adelaide. Ron and I enjoyed many chats about his time in the Navy and his many other adventures including his time in Antarctica. Ron would have turned 80 next month.
Danise (Danni) Snow
(ex CPOET )

From Kev 'Ruwie' Ruwoldt:
Sorry to hear of Ron’s passing. Served with him on the Quickie-Maru also. He was in DCA for years at Moorabin Vic and ended up the Boss of Flight Service/Comms in Adelaide. Great bloke who loved a coldie….

From Peter Baggott:
'Horse' foal was at Davis Station in Antarctica in 1963. Only twelve chaps wintered.  Horse was the only Radio Op, with a tech backup. However , he broke his leg and had to be placed next to his radio gear, where, for three months he slept, ate and socialised,  Wonderful happy chap.


Vale LWRROM Robyn Lynette Sullivan (nee Jones) W86003

To whom it may concern,

My name is Bradley Sullivan and It is my sad duty to inform you that my mother, former communicator LWRROM Robyn Lynette Sullivan nee Jones W86003 passed away this morning at 0420 10th March 2017.

Funeral is set for 1030 24th March 2017 at Parkview Funeral home, 43 Holland Street Goonellabah NSW 2480.

There is a RSL component as part of the service, and former shipmates are welcome to attend.

The photos are of mum when she joined and the 2005 reunion in Sydney.

Bradley Sullivan


Sad news, I had many a cold one with Spike at the Tourist Hotel Queanbeyan during 1968.
May she Rest In Peace.  Thank you Bradley for letting us know, our thoughts are with you.

From Robyn & Greg Rouse:
Just reading about Spike Jones passing away, so sad to hear that news we were good friends during our service, Robyn was in the class before me, after she left Canberra we sadly lost contact, but then again when you serve together you never lose contact..  Could you please put our thoughts and prayers up on your web site.
Robyn and Greg Rouse


UPDATE No 3 - Big4 Holiday Park Port Fairy

1. All activities for the weekend have now been locked in place. The weekend will commence at 4pm on Friday the 24th with a Mini golf tournament for those interested. It will be conducted by the park, who will also be supplying prizes and we thank them for their kindness.

2. The meet and greet kicks off between 5.30 and 6 pm in the function room. BYO drinks and please a small platter. Any queries please ring me on 0418 525 067. We will also be providing some Pizzas and once again we will be having a raffle with very exciting prizes.

3A. Saturday commences with the park providing a pancake breakfast at 8.30 am at the camp kitchen. We will open the function room for those that would like a little more comfort.

3B. There is a market in town on Saturday morning which is next to the tourist info centre at the lower end of the main street. Also for information, the RSL is on the other side of the Tourist centre.

3C The information centre could not handle our large group due to other bookings. however they have provided me with self conducted tour maps of the Historical areas for those that would like to for groups and do this tour - duration approx. 1 hour.

3D Lunch is independent as there are lots of lovely cafes in Port Fairy. Two that we recommend are Rebeccas café and Rock Salt both to the right at the main intersection coming from the park

4A The buses will be picking us up at the park for departure at 1 pm. Please don't be late as we have a tight schedule. Firstly we will be heading to an extremely interesting venue for a 1 hour tour. Especially interesting for those interested in gardens and monuments etc.

4B Next we will be heading inside a very large and old Volcano at Tower Hill on our way to Warrnambool. Its a scenic drive through with some short walks plus an information centre. But primarily a big hole.

4C Next we head off to do a scenic tour of Warrnambool city and surrounds - unfortunately its not wale berthing time of the year. We then return to the park for a freshen up for dinner. The buses will be transiting us to dinner and back to the park so that everybody can be completely relaxed and not have to drive.

5. Sunday - We will be providing breakfast at around 9 AM. This will be in the function room again. It will be our regular full and tasty breakfast and will include Reggie Robbins very tasty and traditional Pussers train smash for all to enjoy.

6. Don't forget payment can be made online on RANCBAVIC website for everything except Saturday night dinner which is paid direct to the RSL. If you have any queries re this payment please ring Gary Swanton on 0430 339 921 and he will be pleased to assist you.



Hi all just a quick minor change to the programme

The park has requested that we start breakfast Saturday morning at 9 am - Cheers

Names so far of those attending

John & Rachel White Ian & Marion Schubert Roy & Lyn Barber
John & Sue Falk Clive & Yvonne Voss Frank & Lorraine Lawton
Barry & Stella Downs Rob & Lucy Dix Jan & Rick Easom
Ray & Sharon Mundy Gary & Debbie Swanton Leslie & Kym Hutton
Kym & Heather Parry Howden & Julie Jennings Keith & Geraldine Crew
Simon Wolfe - Les Thurgood Jan Withers - Ern Power Barry Kane - Ann Drohan
Tina Norton - Karryn White Rebecca Wolfe Wendy Hanson
Brian & Ritva Harley Hugh & Pat Green Ted & Lyn Murray
Frank & Evelyn Hoy Andrew & Jan Mills Tex & Sue Sherriff
Ken & Robyn Dusting Ray & Sandra Knights Bill & Glenys Begbie
Laurie & Jan Jones David & Lyn Priebbinow Reg & Gayle Robbins
Graham Wilsdon


Brisbane Get Together March 2017

Another one for the QSO page at your leisure please mate.

L to R … Bas Cleary, Bob Simpson, Noel Chidgey, Jim Eagles, Doc Watson, Tackers Miles, Gus Dodds, Roger Garrett Esq, Kev Ruwoldt.

Next gathering is on the 3rd April at the Grand Central.


February 2017


On Sunday 26th February 2017, this combined Service was held at the Chapel, Garden Island and attended in the vicinity of 150 plus, and Officiated by Chaplain Colin Tett RAN, with music by a group from the RAN Band Sydney Detachment.

The Service commenced with all to stand by the Parade of the Australian White Ensign paraded into the Chapel, and it was very well executed, and the AWE was presented to the Chaplain and it was Laid to Rest on the Altar. He then made a Welcome to all and then the Hymn Amazing Grace was sung – here a Sailor from the RAN Band came forward to lead the singing, but unfortunately I did not take down his name, so for this I do apologise.

This was followed by The Lord's Prayer and then the Naval Psalm and this was given by Mr. Tony Mills , President of the HMAS PERTH Assn. All were then invited to stand for the Hymn May the Mind of Christ My Saviour and then the Bible Reading, by Chaplain Tett (1 Corinthians 12 4-11)

This was then followed by Reflections of those whose Plaque will be Dedicated.

The following had served this Nation in the RAN

Writer John Edward Knox
AB William Charles Horswell
Lieut Fredrick Sydney Sharpe
Lieut Gavin Roy Campbell
Lieut Commander Warren Francis Lloyd
Cmdr James Gordon Somerville

Here the reflections that are given, my only regret that no recording is taken as most I believe should be kept as a full record of this Nation's commitment to helping the Peace in the World.

Then the Commemoration to remember those who Paid the Supreme Sacrifice whilst serving aboard HMAS PERTH in the waters of the Sunda Strait, and also HMAS YARRA who died in the waters of the Mediterranean, and for those of other ships for whom the sea is their final resting place.

Then Mr Frank McGovern, HMAS PERTH Assn came forward to Recite a POEM called HMAS PERTH , and should you have the opportunity to read, please do so, as it has such meaning for those that fought and lost their life.

This was followed by the Naval Hymn ( sung by all ) , and then the ODE's , Recited by Allan Moffatt – The Last Post – A Minutes Silence – then Reveille

Followed by the Australian National Anthem (sung by all and with great pride) – then the AWE was then Paraded by Slow March down the Aisle of the Chapel.

A Prayer for the Navy and the Blessing.

All were then Invited to join in Morning Tea at the Historical Bldg, a very short walk from the Chapel, and by this time, the sky had started to clear as heavy rain had been predicted, but someone looked after us, so a quick decision was made to set up outside . The food, sandwiches/cakes/quiches/party pies) were made, supplied by Members of the FNSA & RANCBA Members. Also cool drink, tea & coffee.

Here the feed back that I was given by many that had attended both the Service at the Chapel and then with the Morning Tea, was very positive, and for many, this was their first encounter with the Navy and they had nothing but praise, but more so for the volunteers who had provided the refreshments.

This included, Mary & Philip Bell (FNSA), Jan & Ric Easom, June & Ken Swain, Jan & Andy Mills, Helen & Allan Moffatt – all RANCBA Members, and John Byrnes HMAS SYDNEY Assn. So to all, I cannot thank you enough for making this day, that most of the NOK and friends of deceased something they will remember.

Unfortunately a couple of our very stalwart RANCBA Members were not available , this included Ms Liz Watts who had a bad accident 2 days prior, and Sharon & Ray Mundy a prior engagement and their expertise and help was greatly missed.

Lest We Forget

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Mr. Tony Mills (PERTH II Gulf War) President of the PERTH Assn, Mr Frank McGovern PERTH I survivor of Battle of Sunda Strait in WW II, Mike Kay (PERTH II -Vietnam) Secretary PERTH Assn. In the background Chaplain Colin Tett RAN.


Some of the guests.

Vale Denis George Wilkinson R52252 (ex-TEL)


I work with this lady as Volunteers for the Redcliffe Vision Impaired Group at Redcliffe.  She surprised me at the previous meeting with a picture of me in my R2/59 class and also a copy of my Cyclone Tracy story.  When I asked where she got that from she then informed me that she had been on the RANCB site looking for any information at all on her brother Dennis.

Can you put on QSO please John.  Paulette would love to know if anyone remembers him and can tell her a ditty or two!!!
Kev Ruwoldt

Hi Kev

Details for one of my three brothers who were quite some years older than me. I still have one brother living and he is 10 years my senior. 

Denis circa 1956

Denis home on leave c1957. On the Gold Coast beach

Denis & June married Northgate Naval Chaplain Fr. V.J. Rowan 27 December 1958

Name: Denis George Wilkinson

Born Victoria 6 April 1935

Died Townsville 29 Dec 2010

Married in uniform Northgate, Brisbane 27 Dec 1958. He died 2 days after their 52nd wedding anniversary.

Enlisted - Navy Cerberus 27 July 1956. “Signals” R52252
DEE - Navy 26 July 1962

Served on the Frigate “Q” ships for a time Quickmatch, Quiberon, Queenborough.  I remember when I was about 7 he took Mum and Dad and myself on board one ship, so that we could cross over to the other ship when they were berthed side by side at the old docks on the Brisbane River. We also visited the aircraft carrier Melbourne on another of his shore leaves. You can imagine my memories of such a huge ship at that young age, and the fact that Aeroplanes were lifted up and down on the vast decks. It was quite windy that day and my eyes would have been like saucers.

Den also did some other Navy work overseas that apparently was not listed against his name for future reference (!!!) He was dirty about that little lot. Then he was on the survey ship Paluma for a while. I remember he was a very fast typist and was able to take Morse straight onto the big machines that produced a paper tape with holes in it. Once he brought a Morse code key home with him and put it on the floor under our brother’s bed - Mum went into vacuum under the bed the next morning and nearly had a fit when she hit the key with the wand and it went berserk - it was supposed to have frightened the brother not the mother > Oh Ooh!

Personal: He loved his time in the navy but didn’t sign on again after his 6 year stint because he had 2 young boys. He played the trumpet and sang, and while overseas he used to take the mouthpiece with him into town and busk to make money for a beer. He had his uniform tailored for him and then wasn’t allowed to wear it. Non Regulation! He had an EAGLE tattooed on one forearm with R.A.N under it but then had Jiminy Cricket tattooed on the other forearm. His motto was “let your conscience be your guide” Now his adult daughter has a colourful Jiminy on her ankle in memory of her “Daddy”. He ended his days telling Irish jokes of a morning on a radio station in Townsville - always the scallywag with a fine wit.

You probably have no knowledge of him, but your mannerisms often remind me of him. His wife still misses his company very much.


RANCBA National Reunion 2019

The President and the Committee of RANCBA Vic extend an invitation to all members to attend the next RANCBA National Reunion, to be held in Geelong, Victoria in 2019. Whilst the reunion is still over 2 years away, we all know how fast time flies and it is vitally important to the success of the reunion that early planning gets underway.

Your Expression of Interest (EOI) to attend the reunion is now being sought.

To register your EOI , please follow this link:

To view names from EOI , please follow this link:

Contact details obtained through your online registration will be utilised to keep members updated as planning for the reunion continues. Updates will be provided via email to all those registered and via information posted to our media platforms, ie National Website, RANCBA Vic website and via our FaceBook page where in excess of 1200 people are now registered.

Please note that this is an Expression of Interest only - Once the reunion schedule has been finalised, further online registrations will be required so that attendees will be able to register / pay for their attendance at specific reunion events along with purchasing of reunion merchandise.

The organising committee look forward to seeing you all at the reunion in 2019.

John (Nokka) White

The Brisbane Mob 13th February.

We were blessed today with the attendance of our State Pres Allan "Shags" Hellier and Roger Garrett Esq.

L to R... Kev Ruwoldt, Don Ruwoldt, Doc Watson, Rachelle Larven (Don's Future Daughter-in-law), "Shags" Hellier, Jim Eagles, Roger Garrett Esq, Gus Dodds.

The next gathering will be on the 6th March at the Grand Central.

Cheers and beers,



Vale LSRO Tex Daley R93187

Following was published on on 15 February:

Sadly Tex passed away in Cairns 1400 yesterday 14 February. He was a real character & did a lot of his seatime in FLINDERS where his great mate the late Vic Wilmot was the Coxswain. They will now be reunited in that great Messdeck in the sky. I used to see him infrequently when he was the Lollypop man at Cairns West State School.

Rod Ellis is handling arrangements but there's no funeral just a memorial TBA. Tex had no family I understand.

Advised by Ian Potter ex-CPOETP

Sad news.  May Tex RIP.
Lest We Forget

From the Archives:

I have found a Vivian Wayne Daley R93187, who joined as a JR on 4 January 1961 - promoted to LRO on 1 September 1968.  As I can't access records after 1970 I presume this is Tex and that he continued to serve until at least 1973.  He may have then discharged or signed on to complete 20 years service.  Can anyone confirm this is Tex?

(Now confirmed and advice received that Tex served from 4th January 1961 to 16th April 1984)

From Scoops Cooper:

You have the right Tex Daley, he went on to complete his 20. Had postings to Coonawarra and the Duchess in the 70's. Have attached a photo of Tex and Max Prewett at the Brisbane 96 reunion. Many thanks to you John for the time and effort you put in to keep this site up and running.

All the best.

From Shorty Moffatt:

When I saw the sad passing of my old mate Tex, I could not believe as I always thought he was indestructible. What a great person and when at the COMCEN at HMAS KUTTABUL, the then BCO, LCDR 'Spider' Currie would always check on him, just to make sure he was still with us as they were great friends

Tex, may you Rest in Peace
Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt

From Tackers Miles:
I have been remiss in following the RANCB website, so you can imagine my shock when I found that Tex Daley had crossed the bar. I considered Tex to be a friend and always enjoyed his company . A good bloke.

Have also just been informed that Sonny Fay has also crossed the bar. Another friend that I had totally lost contact with. Sonny was a great bloke good Sparker and a pleasure to have a beer with.

Hopefully they have smooth seas until they find safe harbour.

RIP my friends

Tony (Tackers) Miles


On the 10th February 2017, it was the 53rd Anniversary of the fatal collision of HMAS VOYAGER and HMAS MELBOURNE in 1964.

I never served on VOYAGER, but had become involved in different Services regarding the tragic loss and I was invited to be the MC again at the Reunion Dinner, having previously done same at the the big 50th Anniversary.

The first part of the Reunion was held at Huskinson, the Meet & Greet at the Jervis Bay Club, previously called the Huskinson RSL, but all the traditions of the RSL are kept and this was very evident at the time of the Last Post and a special mention was made of the loss of VOYAGER and the 81 serving personnel of the RAN and 1 civilian employee who were lost that night. Here I caught up with many that I had previously served with or had met on different occasions. A few of the survivors were not in attendance, and on enquiring was advised they had been invited to the Mess at HMAS CRESWELL and here Vice Admiral Ray Griggs would be in attendance.

At 2030 hrs on Friday 10th, we made out way out to the breakwater wall and here is located the VOYAGER Memorial , issued with Order of Service and nice battery operated candles . The Service was Officiated by Chaplain Andrew Watters RAN from HMAS CRESWELL, and on completion and before the Naval Ode, Wreaths were Laid by Survivors, NOK of deceased personnel and those who also wished to Lay a Floral Tribute. This was followed by the Last Post and before the Minutes Silence, the Chaplain asked all to reflect back and remember those who were lost that night.

My thoughts went back to those I had known – mainly Communicators
RO Bob Denham , we had joined up together, Rct School & Comms School. It was Bob'S 2nd posting to VOYAGER and sadly to be his final posting in life . Yeoman Kev Cullen who I had known quite well. Sub Lieut Errol 'Sandy' Beavis who had been my Regulating CRS in Coonawarra in 1960 and had just returned from the UK after doing a SD Course. LRO Don McPharlin , we had a over the years had many a drink together. LS John Sparrowhawk, who was a QM at HMAS HARMAN, great hand, TO Peter Harris and LTO Arthur Teape . These were just some that I reflected back, but there were others also.

On the 11th there was a Reunion Dinner held at the Jervis Bay Club, and I would have to say , the Club did the Reunion right proud. At a given time , the Guest Speaker arrived, Commodore Chris Smallhorn, RAN. When I was Reading his BIO prior to inviting him to address all in attendance, his career was outstanding in such a short time and he was so young, but I would have to say, if any Associations was in need of a Speaker, he would be my first choice , and also when seated beside him for the Dinner, a delightful person, and as of the 20th January 2016, Commander Fleet Air Arm.

Unfortunately his wife could not attend as she was in Newcastle with their two young daughters for trials in a State Hockey Team, but also and it was hard to believe, he had just flown in from Europe that morning after attending a Conference. Here I was to meet up with some that had been at the Mess Dinner the previous night, TO Garry Evans, the only person to get off the bridge, President Alex Hegarty, the only person to escape from the wheel house and I served with on HMAS MORESBY, Duncan Fletcher, badly injured but survived and we served on Patrol Boats and became very good friends

The next day, 12th February a Church Service was held at the Holy Trinity Chapel, RANC, HMAS CRESWELL and again Officiated by Chaplain Andrew Watters RAN, and attended by Commodore Chris Smallhorn RAN, and the Commanding Officer HMAS CRESWELL. The Reading was Revelation 21 Verses 1- 7 by Brian Hopkins, a Survivor and well attended by all. When you stand near the Parade Ground and in the distance you can see the entrance to Jervis Bay and out there is the final resting place of VOYAGER and those that lost their life.

On completion of the Church Service , should you wish, there was to be a BBQ at the Secretary's Place – John & Brenda Hannay at Sanctuary Point .

It was an outstanding success and to President Alex Hegerty, John & Brenda Hannay - BZ and it was indeed a privilege and a honour to have been Invited and participate in this Remembrance and Commemoration for those that lost their lives on that fatal night.

Lest We Forget
Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW

                                  Some of the VOYAGER Survivors after the Church Service at HMAS CRESWELL

Navy Week Victoria 2017 - Ball

Dear Colleagues,

we are very pleased to share the attached invitation to join the NCCV Organising Committee at what will be a significant Defence related function at the Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday, 21st October 2017.

There are very few formal events arranged for the purpose of Service and Ex-Service men and women, Mariners and others with a keen interest in Defence to gather together socially. This is such an event, the second in the last decade or more organised by the NCCV with specific support from the Royal Australian Navy. With you suport, the 2017 Ball will match the 2015 experience which was a wonderful experience for all that attended.

If you have a noticeboard at your disposal, please print off a copy or ten and place them where others may learn of this opportunity.

Yours aye,

NCCV Executive and the Organising Committee

Follow this link for the Navy Ball flyer.



1. We are very pleased to advise all those booked and others planning to attend that all activities we have been planning have now been put into place including Bus quotes. We feel sure that this will be another very enjoyable regional reunion.

2. The list of those currently booked appears below and I am aware of quite a few more that intend to book. We have a 57 seater booked (same as Wodonga) and a 20 seater.

3. At the moment the only time we can fit in the holiday park mini golf that they have offered to run and provide prizes is 4 pm on Friday prior to the meet and greet. I will confirm this in the next update.

4. Catering: In the last update I requested that people bring a plate. Some plate options being - Fruit platter, Sliced meats, Vegan and Gluten free, Biscuits, Cheese and dips, Party pies, Dips, sausage rolls. Feel free to use your imagination on whatever else. Unless you are bringing your own speciality could you please text or email me your choices, so we don't get too much of the same. We will also be providing cocktail frankfurts as well as Pizzas. Note: BYO drinks for the meet and greet.

5. The costings will be similar to Wodonga - All bus trips $20 per person which includes saturday tours, plus transfers to and from dinner. Meet and greet plus sunday breakfast $12 per person. Dinner is $25 per person and is similar to Wodonga - two course with two options of each course. Breakfast will be Bacon and Eggs, Hash browns, toast etc plus hopefully Reg Robbins famous train smash.

6. In the next update I shall have a detailed list of the activities on the Saturday. all very interesting options. If anybody has any queries so far please give me a call on 0418 524 067 for clarification.



John & Rachel White plus Simon Wolfe - Ian & Marion Schubert - Roy & Lyn Barber, John & Sue Falk
Clive & Yvonne Voss - Frank & Lorroine Lawton - Barry & Stella Downs - Rob & Lucy Dix - Barry Kane
Jan & Rick Easom - Sharon & Ray Mundy - Ann Drohan - Jan Withers - Gary & Deb Swanton
Leslie & Kim Hutton - Kim & Heather Parry - Ern Power - Howden & Julie Jennings - Les Thurgood
Keith & Geraldine Crew - Brian & Ritva Harley - Hugh & Pat Green - Tina Norton - Ted & Lyn Murray
Frank & Evlyn Hoy - Ray & Sandra Knights - David & Vi Kelleher - Andrew & Jan Mills



Progress Report Keghead Weaver

Paid a short visit to Keghead at his home this afternoon.

Pleased to report that he is looking a lot better than he did at our Australia Day BBQ His leg wound has healed and it is just a backside bed sore that is the problem now. Particularly for sleeping and sitting.

He is eating and drinking much better than a few weeks back and I think with the cooler weather in March and April he should be able to join us for Anzac Day. The march might be too much, but I am sure in a good wheelchair I will be able to push him up Anzac Parade and tempt him back to the Canberra Bowling Club for short while after.

There is a long way to go, but a lot of credit must go to Ruth who has been dedicated 24/7 in a very tiring Summer.

Ken Eynon
President RANCBA (ACT)

Follow this link for past updates on Keghead.


HMAS VOYAGER - 53rd Anniversary

The 53rd anniversary of the loss of HMAS Voyager will be marked by a memorial service to be held at the Voyager Chair, Kings Park, Perth, at 10.00am Friday 10th February.

The service will be led by Chaplain Franco Sinai RAN and the occasional address delivered by the Officer Commanding, HMAS Stirling, Captain Brian Delamont.

Dress smart/casual, medals may be worn. There is no seating at the venue.

Wet Weather Routine, in the event of rain (forecast) the service will be held in the Variety Pavilion off Saw Avenue, Kings Park.

Contact David MacLean 0418 917 982.

Yours Aye
David MacLean

Due to forecast inclement weather, the Voyager memorial service will be held in the Variety Pavilion, off Saw Avenue, Kings Park at 10.00am tomorrow, Friday 10th February.
Yours Aye
David MacLean



I sought and have been given permission from Emily Peace to place this on the RANCBA Website , so just maybe some one will be able to assist.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Hello Allan & Ray,

My name is Emily Peace, I am the granddaughter of Vicki Taplin, who was in Class 103 of 1968. She gave my mother up for adoption in 1967 in Sydney, and I am currently trying to find my biological grandfather as he is not listed on the pre adoption records, or on Mum's pre adoption birth certificate. I am wondering if Vicki had any close friends during her service, and was wondering if there was any way you could share a blog post I have published regarding my search with ex-members? The post can be found here:

I can see your site has a list of contacts, however considering the nature of this request I thought it best to enquire with you first.

Any assistance you could provide would be much appreciated.

Emily Peace

Emily Cathryn Photography


Hobart Fires 1967

It was 50 years ago today that Ben Franklin, Noel Chidgey and myself were onboard HMAS Derwent sent to Hobart to help set up Communications with the mainland. The ships company provided help to fight fires and clean up properties. Some crewman wore gas masks to bury dead sheep, the smell being very high. We were there for a week and worked pretty solid for that period, sending/receiving traffic from the Navy, Army, RAAF and Police to all parts of the world. There were some horrific stories at that time, one that I have never forgotten was the poor woman who drowned her children in a bucket of water and then herself. The authorities found the family after the fire had passed only to find that the property was not touched. Very sad.

After leaving Hobart we were given 3 days Rest and Recreation in Devonport for a job well done. Had a ball, one of my favourite ports.


Seeking Old Branch Badges

I was wondering if you could put a request on your website for me.

I have just completed 38 years in the Navy (yes, that would be continuously and permanent RAN :).

12 months ago I had a devastating house fire and all my uniforms were destroyed. I still had my junior sailors winter and summer ceremonial jackets with my ROs badges. I was more upset over the loss of my uniforms than some of my other stuff.

I desperately would like to replace both of my junior sailors jackets as I was always going to get them framed. The problem is that Glendennings no longer sell the "squashed moths" badges, and there are few ROs left in the Navy.

If any ex RO's or ROTs have a spare gold and a spare summer rig RO badge I would be so grateful. I was, and am, always so proud of being an ROT. I have gone through 2 amalgamations within the comms branch and the badges were very precious to me.

Thank you for your consideration

Anastasia Hope

Assistant Visits Liaison Officer
HMAS Stirling
(08) 9553 5043

Hi Anastasia,
Ref your email / request posted on the RANCBA website on 5th February:

It just so happens that I've been cleaning out my Garage this week and found a "new" RO Badge. It was a spare badge that I had kept and I'm more than happy to send it to you.

I've attached a photo of the badge and note that it could possibly do with a gentle wash, but other than that, it is in very good nick after 47 years.

Please let me know if you would like this badge and if so, I will post it to the address as shown on your message posted to the RANCBA website.

Kind regards
Ron Rigney
(ex ABRO)

I have a gold ABRO badge to which Anastasia would be welcome. Also a red one for the old foul-weather jacjet.

Jim Anderson


January 2017

RANCBAVIC & SOUTHERN REGION Cruise No3 - Operation F1J1 - August

Our travel agents Cruise week

1. This is a quick update again to advise those thinking of booking that from the 6th of Feb Carnival cruises have
another cruise special via our travel agent, Helloworld Travel Rowville, contact Kath Williams on 03 9764 8487.
This special is for our group and only runs for 1 week for bookings with our group. It is for an extra $100 per cabin
for bookings made in this week for our group.

2. This onboard special credit is in addition to the other group specials we receive plus our ex defence credit.

3. Please note that this special lasts for 1 week only and bookings must be made during this week. There will be
at least 1 more cruise week offering the same special prior to our sailing. This will offer this same special should
anybody miss this one. We will also notify everybody when this special is about to commence.

4. For any further queries please contact me on 0418 524 067.

John White
President RANCBA VIC
31 January 17


On the 26th of January , along with my wife Helen and Ms Liz Watts (FNSA/RANCBA) we were invited by the Premier of New South Wales to be part of the Australia Day festivities on Sydney Harbour aboard HMAS CANBERRA.

The organisation by all concerned was very done and executed – our time to be at the HMAS KUTTABUL – Main Gate of Garden Island was 0830am, and here we had to show photo ID and our names taken off a list, and we all had a pink band fixed onto our wrist – this was to be very important. From there, we were escorted by a serving sailor from HMAS CANBERRA to a coach, and here the driver was an Army personnel (I think also aboard the ship). Driven through the Island to the Oil Wharf, and on alighting from the coach, a CPO then met us, (all pink group) and spoke a few house keeping rules – his first being – if you are a smoker it aint your day – there is no smoking onboard. Advised about the ramps to go on the ship, as they are made for heavy vehicles so be wary.

Inside the ship , and Officer met and welcomed us aboard, and gave us a brief outline of the ship and its capabilities and personnel carried. A look see into the Medical Centre as we passed (certainly very hi tech nowadays) and then prepared us to climb 6 flights of steps to the flight deck. At all stages, there was a sailor to assist or answer any questions but also to stop you wandering in off in the wrong direction.

On arrival at the flight deck, it was amazing how it had been prepared. There was a huge screen so all could see, and along the flight deck, small marquees had been erected with table/chairs for the BBQ and morning tea. Also the Navy section of the Band were now setting up to play Rockin Roll , and other music. All were invited to make there way to the end of the area where marquees were set up and here, coffee/tea/cold water and beautiful pastries where readily available.

The Still was given by the Bosun's pipe over the PA system and the Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer RAN , and his Flags came onboard., also the Senior Officers of the Army and RAAF with their Aide de Comps The 'Carry on' was then piped, and a few minutes later, the Bosun's pipe rang out again, and the Governor of New South Wales, General David Hurley AC DSC Rtd and his wife Linda came aboard. Then the ship moved away from the Oil Wharf out into the harbour to be the major focus of the activities on the harbour.

After a few minutes it was time for all to make there way forward of the flight deck, for the Official party of the Celebrations. The Armed Contingent of the Ship's Company of HMAS CANBERRA marched, to the music of the full Band of the RAN , a group of about 50 young children all wearing black pants, white T shirts with Sydney, Australia on the front and wearing with great pride HMAS CANBERRA jockey caps , and a group of Indigenous Aboriginals from the Ship's Company with their own tribal markings on their bodies. They were to preform a part of the day later on with tribal dancing etc..

All were asked to Stand and Governor of NSW, followed by RADM Stuart Mayer RAN, and the Senior Officer of the Army and the RAAF as they mounted the dias and here the Governor of NSW acknowledged and recognised the former people of Australia and I would have to say his speech was very well received by all, this was then followed by the General Salute and this was in coordination of a 21 gun Salute by the ARA and simultaneously shown on the screen, and then the fly past by 2 Hornet jet fighters from RAAF Williamtown.

The young children's choir sang and then it was by 4 very well known singers, Tina Arena etc who sang ' I AM AUSTRALIAN' and on completion the RAN Band played the Australian National Anthem and all were invited to join in and here all sang with great pride.

From here, it was time for the BBQ which the Navy cooks on board had prepared –brilliant – only thing, they never had it in in my time in the Navy. It was so well organised and most was of your own choice and you were asked if you wished for a soft drink/water etc – no alcohol.  After the BBQ Luncheon, dessert was then available, and once again you could not have asked for any better.

Once the Luncheon was completed, other festivities began. On the flight deck, they had laid down a artificial lawn cricket pitch, and this was very popular, so for those that watch the Big Bash – you aint seen nothing !!! Actually the Governor was quick to take it up, and believe me, he is no slouch with the ball or the bat – I would say some where down the track he has played a fair bit. There was 2 young boys and they thought this was marvellous, and the Army person wicket keeping was good also as there was a few wides!!

During this time the Rockin Roll part of the RAN Band kept playing and now they had many up shaking the hips.

But sadly at 2pm, the ship went back alongside and it was time to depart, and here it was once again well conducted and coordinated by using the colour code on the wrist band so there was no great rush or jam to get down the ladders, and also it was timed for the coaches to take that colour group to the Main Gate of Garden Island.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Christine Bullivant FNSA and Ms Claire Williams from the Protocol, Premiers Department who both made this day happen, but also to the Navy – Bravo Zulu.

Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW
30 January 2017

RANCBA ACT Australia Day BBQ


The Association will be holding a BBQ on Australia day again this year – details as follows:

Where : Weston Park Yarralumla – the second parking area on the right – next to BBQ’s and toilets – Map 18 H8 – look for our banner...

When : Australia Day, Thursday 26th January 2017 – from 0900 onwards.

The Association will provide eggs, bacon, sausages, bread etc. – BYO drinks.

The area is a ‘Dogs on Leash’ designated area – we share it with a mob of kangaroos....

For catering purposes, please advise me if you are joining us.


Peter Guy
02 6288 0828
0499 991 421
17 January 2017

Brisbane Mob 09 January 2017

Left to Right, Kev Ruwoldt, Don Ruwoldt, Bob Simpson, Jim Eagles, Greg Palmer, Tony Miles, Gus Dodds, Doc Watson.

10 January 2017

From Fred Harper:
Have the “Brisbane Mob” hit on hard times? Only Ruwie and Jim Eagles can afford a drink.
They certainly don’t spend it at Stefan’s.

Update from Ruwie 19 Jan:

Ahoy Shipmates,
The next get together will be held on Monday the 13th February due to Renovations being carried out at the Grand Central. The Grand will reopen on the 6th February, means we will also miss the Yank Footie .... Yee aaahhhh!!!!

Fred…Your comments on Jim’s and my Barber were not appreciated Fred, you have upset my little Japanese barber suggesting I go to “STEFAN’S”.

CYA all on the 13th,


Happy New Year to all in the Forum, hoping you have a happy, prosperous and most importantly, a healthful 2017.

Best regards

Jim Anderson
Innisfail FNQ
09 January 2017