RAN Ships - Names & Callsigns
(Last updated 12 December 2015)

Many thanks to Sandy McNab for forwarding a comprehensive list of RAN ships and their callsigns.  This is a project Sandy has been working on for some time.  It continues to be a work in progress, so if anyone has any additions or suggestions, please contact Sandy direct and he will forward me an updated copy for publication after changes have been made.

Follow this link for the workbook of RAN Ships and their Callsigns

Sandy has also provided a colour-coded workbook of RAN ships names, along with their dates of service.  The colour code is at top of the worksheet and is as follows:

1911-1918 - Red
1918-1939 - Green
1939-1945 - Blue
1945-1960 - Plum
1960-1980 - Purple
1980-2011 - Black

Follow this link for the workbook of RAN Ships Names

To complete the listing, Sandy has also attached a new file "Shore Establishment Address Indicators" as a new page alongside the Ships Callsign and Ships Names pages listed above.  Sandy says "I guess they will bring back a few memories for many, they did me."

Follow this link for a list of RAN Shore Establishment Address Indicators