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 6th September 2001.

 Q Class ASW Frigate Baseball Cap. 

As a new Malayan Emergency Veteran, I was most disappointed at not being able to purchase a naval cap embroided with the ASW Frigate “HMAS QUICKMATCH” anywhere.  Visited a local embroidery shop and made some enquiries into the possibility of having a Quickmatch cap produced. 

The owner asked for an outline and picture of the ship which I supplied immediately.  He forwarded the information to his Digitisation Expert and said the ship outline could be done for $60.00.  Consequently one cap was going to cost me a further $13.00 plus GST.  This was going to cost me all up $74.30.  

Mentioned my idea to another ex Queenborough mate, and told me he wanted a cap if it was possible to produce.   Another mate also indicated he would like a Quiberon .  Upon further discussion with my local embroidery man, the following details were considered: 

The four Frigates, HMAS QUADRANT F01, HMAS QUEENBOROUGH F02, HMAS QUIBERON F03 and HMAS QUICKMATCH F04 could be produced by just simply altering the embroidery machine computer, prepared as follows:-. 

The ship’s name above, outline of the Q Class ship and the Pennant number underneath.
Cap would be black in colour with gold embroidery. 

Now comes the hard part.  If a minimum order for 100 caps can be secured, the cost could be reduced to $8.00 per cap, this will also include the GST and Bulk Freight costs.  The advantage to the various Ship Associations, NAA Sub-Sections, FESR Association and the RANCB Associations, is to enable each organization to provide their members, with a ship memorabilia item, at a low cost, whereby a small amount could be added to assist in fund raising.   

To allow fellow ex-matelots to consider my proposal, the embroidery people require orders to be lodged at this stage through me before 31/01/02, with production getting underway in February.  This will also allow the company, to complete current orders between now and Christmas.  If the demand for 100 caps is indicated early, consideration to go ahead with my scheme, would then allow each organization or individuals, to order direct from the company. 

They have also indicated that if any other Ship caps were desired, proposals would be considered by any other organization wishing to make a submission.  The orders of course would need to stipulate the ships name and number required.  At this stage it is a suggestion and I really need an initial indication early, for this project to be carried out. 

Thanking you all in anticipation of  favourable replies, yours sincerely,