QSO the World - Years 1999/1998

John Scarlett
& Greg Palmer would like to know the whereabouts of Neil Robinson (ex TO/LTO) who served in Derwent, Kuttabul, Vendetta and Cerberus, and also Dave Newham ex TO/Dockyard Copper. If anyone can assist please e-mail John & Greg.  30/11/99.

Trevor Mander was an LRO between 62 and 71 at the Tross, HMAS MELBOURNE, HMAS BRISBANE and Leeuwin. Can you let anyone who want's to know that "THE MONGREL" is on the net..the only thing that I can thank "FEFE" Pringle for is that I still know how to type (be it still one fingered). I would like to hear from any old ship mates, especially those from the Melbourne (re Voyager) or Brisbane who have or are currently applying TPI. I am living in W.A. and have just returned from our Dec comms reunion where Max Hasson drummed me up on this site. So if there is anyone out there in cyber tech land and can remember some of the runs that we went on (cause I can't) can you please refresh my memory..and to any WRANS that I may have dated I do apologise. I was only so young in those days.
Regards, Trevor MONGREL Mander.  30/11.

Pete ‘Harry’ Fumberger has asked if anyone knows the whereabouts of Michael ‘Jack’ Dempsey, ex-LSSIG HMAS MELBOURNE.  He was living in Sydney and may have owned a furniture store?.  Pete would appreciate any help in contacting him, please e-mail him direct.  Best of luck Harry11/11/99.

Gary Smollett “has recently discharged from the Navy after ten and a half years.  I left as a LSRO.  I am now living in Sydney and working at the Police Integrity commission, on the same shift as Graeme McIntyre, who actually got me onto this website. Please include me in the QSO the world page as well as AIG 2002.”  Have done Gary, thanks for the contact. 3/11/99.

Graeme J McIntyre (ex CPORS) has asked for AIG 2002 inclusion and passes the following message:
“For those who remember me, I left the Navy in 1994 as a CPORS and currently work for the Police Integrity commission in Sydney.  (Still feel uncomfortable about an office with windows and talking to people about my profession).” Many thanks Graeme 26/10/99.

Steve Power (ex CPORS) was playing golf with Wayne Roots last week and “Wayne mentioned AIG 2002, any chance you can add me to the list? I live up at IMBIL about 40 minutes north west of NOOSA.  Since I've been up here I have run into a few ex-pusser comms rates and they may be interested in AIG 2002 as well, are you happy for me to pass your address onto them? Am I ever! The more the merrier, thanks Steve. 26/10/99.

Deborah Bennetts, ex LWRROT says “I joined the Navy in 1984 and discharged in 1991, I joined as a Medic, and then changed branch to a communicator in 1985.  I was posted to HMAS Albatross, and then moved to Portland when I dishcharged.  I hope that I can get in contact with some of my friends that I have not heard of for ages, and maybe someone will see my name and pass it on to those that knew me. I live in Wollongong now, and have five children, so would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. Thank you and kind regards. Deborah W135655.”   Thanks Deb 27/9/99.

Barrie Thompson  has asked to be included in our mailing list: ‘My name is Barrie Thompson and I served as a sparker between 1959 and 1969. I served on the Queenbee, Harman, Coonawarra, Tarangau and Banks, Yarra and others.   I served with shipmates like Gary (GJAK) Bawden, Skeeter Stanton, Blue King, Pedro Pedersen, Darky Henwood, Woof Collie, Terry Button and others too many to name. I mention these names because I have never seen them in relation to RANCBA or anywhere else and I occasionally wonder where on earth they are and how they are going.  I am still with the Navy, employed now as a technical officer with the RAN Ranges and Assessing Unit (ex RANTAU) and have been since I left pussers in 1969. There are, of course, none of my vintage still serving amongst the comms community and it would be good to get in touch with some of them again. Please include me in your database at the following addresses:
barrie.thompson@navy.gov.au  or ranges@ozemail.com.au
Thanks Barrie, happy to oblige 21/7/99.

Geoff Bridger made contact to ask to be added to AIG 2002 “I’m an ex RO and left the Navy in 1976 after serving on numberous ships such as the Derwent, Vampire, Supply, and Torrens commissioning crew.  Also did 12 months at Tarangau.  I managed to catch up with a few of the "OLD" timers at the Perth reunion, and I'm glad to see they have slowed somewhat since the "Up Top Days". Many thanks Geoff, hope to see you at the next reunion. 7/6/99.

Russell Hutchison has passed the following: “Hi,  My name is Russell Hutchison ex T/O Joined navy in 64 Leeuwin was transferred to Anzac to Sydney and back to Anzac. Then to Cerberus for my T/Os course and after that to Harman and then to Sturt 67/68 then to Penguin and discharged BNPS in DEC 68.  I am looking to get in contact with any old mates that remember me, and would like to get in contact. Aquired the nick name of Mad Dog whilst serving up top in Stuart.  Also if there are any ex or current pussers out there that have any old aussie beer cans that they no longer reguire I would only be too happy to take off thier hands as my hobbie is collecting old and new aussie beer cans.  Regards  Russell  Hutchison, ex flag waver.” Thanks Russell - 4/6/99.

Kevin Ward has provided the following information regarding the recent comms reunion:  “Just a quick note to let you know I have had my home page updated with a heap of photo’s from the 1999 Fremantle reunion.  I am getting photos thick and fast from all over Australia.  They are coming in via email, snail mail (normal Aust Post) and some are just being handed to me. I have around 45 different ex communicators pics on there so far...which is about 15% of the reunion.  But if people dont have a pic there and  want to have their pics added or removed (some people may not like it I guess) just contact me by email at:
For instructions on what to do/where to send pics.  I will return all photos that are posted to the owners. Maybe it might even be easier to put a link to my reunion page from your page....anyway thats up to you.”  Kev’s Home Page is at http://www.octa4.net.au/killer/reunion99.htmlThanks for the info Kev.  19/5/99.

Annie Jones (ex WRRO(M)) sent a lovely e-mail to say she enjoyed the trip down memory lane.  I have only posted part of it here as it is a little long to produce in full, however I’m sure readers who remember Annie will contact her and get the full story - her e-mail address is: anni_j@telstra.easymail.com.au

 “My name is Anne/Annie JONES (sometimes known as FruitFly) (nee Evans) ex-WRANROM, married David (Spike - of course!) JONES, ABTO & we lived & worked at Harman during 1971-1973.  Also got to know a lot of the guys who David served with on the Parramatta, including John Scarlett, Ian Sturtevant.  I am still an active Reserve - the oldest 3-badge LSROS still in uniform and able to walk unaided - except on Anzac Day!  Still enjoying the association with the Navy - but have a significant birthday this year, so will have to give it away soon!
I have also given up the city lifestyle - after xx years, resigned fm the public service without a package, finished my studies & moved to the SA Riverland, Kingston-on Murray, surrounded by the river, vineyards & fruit orchards!  Employed as HR Coordinator with Kingston Estate Wines! Life's a bugger, isn't it?  There's a very strong ex-RAN contingent up here - including my next-door neighbour & about 5 others at the winery.  Must be the booze attracting us! Keep an eye out for Kingston Estate Wines advertising campaign from July 1, & try some - help keep me employed!
David now lives in Albury, not far from Gary (Snake-eyes) NUTTALL (ex-TO) who is in Tumut & still on my Chrissie Card list  - he's married with 3 kids.  Am also in constant touch with my best oppo - Margaret (UBRIHIEN) Smith exWRAN ROM who is living in Canberra & has 3 grandkids!  We usually manage to see each other at least once a year and the phone bills have been horrendous.   Also in contact with my cousin Heather (FruitFly too!) Parsons (also nee EVANS) & Dave McKENZIE who was a JR with David.  He & his wife Pat live in Perth!
Have sent my application for RANCBA(SA) to Tex Sherriff, so will no doubt be planning to join the crew for the next reunion.  Am also looking forward to catching up electronically with some of the old familiar names. Please put my details on the communicators Forum, and thanks to Tex for bringing it to our attention.”   Thanks for the kind words Annie, all the best.  18/5/99.

Jim Berridge touched base again with  “A note to let you know that the 1999 re-union was a real blast !!! The organisers are to be congratulated for the organisation that obviously went into putting on such an mammoth event.  There were dozens of former colleagues that I hadn't caught up for any number of years - all had nothing but praise for the organisation.  I see that Andy Cowley is now PC literate and has graduated to the net.  A big hello to him.  My e-mail address is berridge@northnet.com.au.” Thanks Jim, glad to hear it went well - we are looking forward to the next one in Canberra. 7/5/99.

Barry (Tex) Sherriff was also at the reunion “The Perth Reunion was really good, and now that it is out that the next one will be in Canberra in 2002, the word is getting around already. The organisation was done well, and all ran smoothly. Those that attended from South Australia were :- Barry (Tex) & Sue Sherriff, David (Blue) Kerr, Kev Rollins, Barry (Bloggs) Kane, Kym Parry, Dave Dixon, Dick & Maureen Bishop, Mick & Carmel Delaney,  Don & Carlene Spencer, are some that I know of, if I have missed any, Sorry!. All said that they had enjoyed all the functions, and that the best part was the renewing of old acquaintances from years past, and looking forward to Canberra to do it again. Jimmy Quick (who my wife thinks is a very gentle man) she obviously doesn't know Jim all that well) assures me the Canberra Reunion 2002 will be a good one.” 7/5/99.

Mick Lewis (ex LSSIG?) says “Gooday to you and all your readers. Just been having a look around your site on the net, paddling rather than surfing. Found out about it from Tex Sherriff in one of his Anzac day newsletters to the locals here in Adelaide.  Some of the names bring back memories of a terrific lifestyle often with terrible headaches. I currently work for the Submarine Corporation, in the Inspection, Test & Trials department, building the sleek, silent, black messengers of death. Been here about ten years, probably retire here as I would have to put in more effort if I went elsewhere. Sort of like being in pussers without the bullshit.  If anyone is interested I can be contacted at mlewis@senet.com.au .  Thanks mate, keep up the great work, I'll continue to visit your site for updates.” Good to hear from you Mick, all the best. 7/5/99.

Mark (Ma) Baker (currently serving LSSIG)  has found comms on the net! “Mick Lewis gave me your website address.  Not bad, been in for 18 years and never knew it existed.  I am currently the manager of ASNcomMCEN Adelaide.  I will be forwarding my membership form in due course.  Read through the last forum and was surprised to see a few old names in there.  Anyway, thanks, and I will be in touch.”  Thanks Ma, good to hear from you. 7/5/99.

Greg Palmer ran into an old shipmate the other day: “Curbs I ran into ex LTO Bob Mildren at the Redland RSL (Cleveland Qld) on ANZAC day. Bob says hello to all that remember him. He is an entertainer now specialising in Country and Western dance music. If anyone should want to contact Bob his number is 07 3207 6485, sorry no email.”  Thanks Greg, Bob lived in Canberra until he moved North a couple of years ago - he has made quite a name for himself in C&W circles.  2/5/99.

Scoops & Lyn Cooper (ex CPORSS & LWRROM nee Mulready) have just returned from the 99 reunion: “Have just returned from a very successful and well organised 1999 reunion where a lot of the brains grey matter was bought into force trying to put names to faces and recall the whereabouts of those not in attendance, a very big "BZ" to the committee and organisers. We are already making plans for the 2002 reunion in Canberra. Would like to pass on our regards to one and all and would welcome hearing from anyone who would like to drop us a line.   All the best.”  Thanks Scoops, Lyn - great to hear from you.  2/5/99.

John (Knobby) Hall (ex CPOSY 1960-81) also attended the reunion in Perth and says “Have just surfaced after five days of spinning waries with 300 odd ex communicators some I have not seen for 35 years.  We all had a great run and I think just about everyone promised to meet again in Canberra in 2002 so you sure are going to have a job ahead of you.”  Thanks Knobby, sorry to have misplaced your last email contact.  All the best. 2/5/99.

John Rowe (Jnr, LSCIS) has advised “I have just returned from Cerberus where I completed the first amalgamation course from SIG to CIS, and I had a quick look through QSO to see who else has looked in.  I noticed that you still had my old Email address and was wondering if you could change it to the following: rowe@rock.upnaway.com.”  Thanks John - you have the honour of being the first of the new breed of communicators on this site.  All the best.  28/4/99.

Tony Vickers (ex SIG) says “Great site.  I was a signalman but left the navy in 1989.  Am now in the RAAF and am currently working on a RAAF communicators site...  hope to keep in touch and seek your help in web page development. Regards” No Problems, more than happy to help if I can.  28/4/99.

Andy Cowley (ex.LTO,1957-1964) says “I have just aquired a new computer plus ventured into the world of the WEB. Was rapt to come across your site and note so many names from the past, ie John Rowe, Jim Berridge, Jack Duffey(Instructor extrordinaire), Les Church, Hubert.G.Brendish, as well as quite a number on the list of attendees to the Re-union (I found out about this too late to be involved, but look forward to the next one). Just one query to anyone out there.. the whereabouts of Dewey Parnell, ex.T.O. (Last known in Toowoomba Qld). Best rgds and keep up the good work.”  Thanks Andy, hope we find Dewey for you. 28/4/99.

Barry (Jacko) Jackson (ex RO) made contact to say “just visited your website after being told about it by Dobbo Dobson.  Fantastic mate.. Great to see all those names like a blast from the Past.  I have been busy most of today E mailing quite a few people whose names I noted.  John cud u pse wack my e-mail address jackosjalopys@bigpond.com on your QSO page.  The jalopys part of the address relates to the fact I bought a Taxi a couple of years ago so am busy driving around Perth trying to make a quid like all of us I guess.  Am looking forward to the national re-union in Perth next weekend and catching up with a lot of old stepping oppos.  no doubt u will be informed of the results of the waries that happen at the re-union.. if not I shall drop u a note a dob everyone in...” Thanks Jacko, have a coldie for me at the reunion!  20/4/99.

Peter Saunders - Sandy McNab sends “Several months ago I included a brief on Peter Saunders, ex-RAN,ex-DCA etc, now living and working for ICAO in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.  Could you as convenient include Peter’s new internet email address as aussie@arab.net.sa (CFM aussie@arab.net.sa) on your communicator’s QSO Forum.  Thanks, Sandy Mc.”  No problems Sandy, hope the reunion goes well!  20/4/99.

Barry (Tex) Sherriff (ex POSY) has asked for the following to be published: “Anzac Day March - Adelaide. Sorry for the timing, but we only found out the other day. It was published in the Adelaide Advertiser, but they got it wrong. So us comMUNICATORS tracked it down and got the correct details.  The route for the ADELAIDE Anzac Day March has been changed this year. The change is to accommodate ageing veterans, who are finding the King William St route difficult, and to enable marchers to go past and acknowledge the National War Memorial in North Terrace. The start point is the corner of North Terrace and Kintore Avenue. The route is:- Pulteney Street, left into North Terrace past the War Memorial, right into King William Road then past Torrens Parade Ground as in previous years. Assembly from 0900.  commencement 0930. As I will be in Perth for the Reunion, for further info on assembly points for the march contact:- Glen Battye (Ex-LSRO) Home - (08) 8298 8796 Email - peej@camtech.net.au (until the end of April).  We are trying to increase the numbers for the RANCBA here in Adelaide, so anyone who is interested can contact me for info regarding RANCBA SA Chapter :-
Barry (Tex) Sherriff (Ex-POSY)
10 Karalee Grove
Reynella  SA  5161
Home - (08) 8322 3051
Mobile - 0413 601 612
Email - sherriff@senet.com.au”
Thanks Tex, hope it goes well. 13/4/99

Bob York (ex CPORSES) made contact again to say he runs a complimentary service for all pussers on his site, the Royal Australian Navy net at www.powerup.com.au/~theyorks/rannet.html.  Bob says “a possible note of interest to RANCBA members - the R.A.N. net hosts a contact page "Ahoy!" - if anyone is looking for oppos from outside the RANCBA, the page may be worth a gecko! Over 80 contacts listed at time of writing, including many comms.”  Bob and Tracey also run another couple of interesting web sites:
Tracey's bRat Pack - http://www.powerup.com.au/~theyorks/ratpack.htm
Mini Owners Club Qld - http://www.powerup.com.au/~theyorks/miniowners.htm
Thanks Bob 13/4/99

Paul "Normie" Rowe (ex PORS, LEUT GL C) says g’day to past associates if any want to drop a line and catch up on things.  13/4/99.

Gordon Wadsworth - now there’s a name anyone who had a posting to HARMAN in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s should remember.  Ollie Lewis has been running into Gordon quite a bit lately at the Queanbeyan Tigers aussie rules club (where they both are regulars).  Ollie says “  Gordon used to supply and maintain the pinball machines, pool-tables etc at Harman.  He also used to throw a pretty good christmas party at his company Micro-automats on the hill just behind Harman, and from time to time put on some grog just for the sake of having a get together with the troops.  I'm sure many RANCB'ers remember him.  He used to attend a lot of our smokies also.  At our last meeting we went down memory lane and tossed around a few of the old names and I told him about the ACT RANCBA site (I've passed the address onto him today.)  Gordon is of course retired these days, is still fairly active, still knocks back a mean schooner.  He is interested in hearing from any of the communicators that remember him, his email address is gordon@cyberone.com.au”. Thanks Ollie, and good to hear he is still knocking them back. Gordon would have to be near the top of the list of ‘Honorary communicators’. 6/4/99.

Jim Muldoon asked for the following to be posted: “Is it possible to put a notice on the communications Forum of RANCBA to let any ex-communicators who joined Marks Division at Leeuwin that there is a Marks Division reunion in Southport (Gold Coast) this coming Easter (dinner at Southport RSL to begin with).  Realise it is short notice and we have managed to catch up with most of the Division, this notice would be just in case we missed anyone. Contact for further info is myself (mob. 041 3311138) jim.muldoon@ea.gov.au or Bodge Hannant on 07 - 55298418.”  Thanks for the contact Jim, hope the reunion goes well!  Regards to Selwyn Clyde! 7/3/99.

Barry Bennetts (ex RS (S) 1950-1967)  Inaugural Class of (S) 1955, now resides in Canberra. Phone 6284 9449.  Barry has asked for information on joining the ACT Branch (which I have passed).  He is hoping old names may still be here - Derick Kenyon, Ted Pretty, George Bell, and “is looking forward to marching with you all this Anzac Day”.  Thanks for the contact Barry - welcome aboard!

Bill Waldock (ex WOQMG) was in contact with Jim Anderson and he put Waldo onto this site.  I must agree with Bill that he qualifies as an honorary communicator having had three postings to Harman!!  Bill saw quite a few familiar names when reading this forum and intends to drop in from time to time to see what’s going on.  Good to hear from you Waldo!

Brian (Dobbo) Dobson & Lynne Dobson (nee McRae) would like to publish their new email address.  Brian and Lynne enjoy looking in on the site and hope to meet up with a few people at the Frank E. Evans/Melbourne reunion.  Email now at alamar@alphalink.com.au

Bill Robinson sent in the following interesting hyperlink -  www3.sympatico.ca/hrc/haida/home.htm
which RANCBA members might be interested in visiting.  Do the Radio Room tour (particularly the ‘coded’ and ‘uncoded’ links. Brought back some memories for Bill and should do the same for others if they have a look around the site.  Thanks Bill.

Eddie Pearson (ex LRO) says “I am looking for a sparker by the name of Neil Smith, was on watch with me and Buster Crabb, Abe Harris at Bonshaw  in the 1960's.  Can you put this on your net, Regards, Eddie Pearson Ex LRO - 08 94553665 or W 08 92221531  email pearson@ upnaway.com.”  Eddie’s wife Joyce is also trying “to locate a couple of ex WRANS, their maiden names were Judy Krole and Estelle Schroder, There were in Darwin and Harman between 1964/68. Joyce Pearson (nee Lawson) 3 burtonia Pl, CanningVale, 6155, H 08 94553665 W 08 92758355.”

Dave Bowditch (ex RSS from Jan48 to Jan63) says “I have only recently become aware of the association and have had contact with Sandy Mcnab with a view to coming to the communicators reunion in Perth in April 99. For those who may be interested I hibernated to the west in 88 and have been living a busy retirement mainly in the golf world and the world of genealogy since then. My email address is bowditch@iinet.net.au for any who may wish to contact me”.

Jim Anderson (ex WORS) sent a complimentary email and also said “I have had early retirement forced on me following a heart attack last Easter and six coronary bypasses in August.  DVA have been very good and have really looked after me.  Having stopped smoking 20 years ago and given the piss away thirteen years ago, I thought (other than a weight problem) I was in fairly good shape!  There must be a moral there somewhere. Please pass on my regards to any members of the branch who may remember me. Many thanks.”
Jim Anderson, PO Box 1511, Innisfail  Q  4860.

Ron (Nullarbor) Baker (ex CPORS) has asked if I could inform readers of the following - “Curbs, could you please put a dit out on your website to let people know that the 30th Anniversary reunion of the Melbourne/Frank E Evans collision will be held in Sydney in June this year.  I don't have all the final figures for the reunion as yet, except that it will begin in the first week of June and go for a few days.  There are quite a few Americans coming out for it. If anyone is interested they can get in touch with me on this e-mail address or at: 58 Hawthorne St,  Sadliers Crossing  4305, QLD.   Ph/fax - 07 32813553 (H), 07 54613179 (W).” Nullarbor also says he was recently in Darwin for his son's wedding and had a few drinks with Bill Bacon, Jim Berridge and Wacka (John) Payne.  Thanks Nullarbor, regards to all.

John Scarlett has advised that “Derek McDonald (ex RS) has recently had his cancerous voice box removed.  Derek is in a private hospital in Sydney and in good spirits.  Derek being Derek had another fag two hours before the operation.  He once, during a game of poker in the Melbourne Bar, dealt me a royal routine flush in spades, but everyone folded at the first bid.  We hope Derek makes a speedy recovery.”  Many thanks for keeping us informed John.

Sandy McNab has kindly passed the following VALE:  I regret to advise that Reg Heaney died last week aged 51. A crematorium funeral service was held Thursday 14th January at Karrakatta, Perth W.A. Reg was an ex-communicator and his years of service were 1964 - 1973, and included HMAS Harman in 1969 and HMAS Brisbane in Vietnam. Reg joined the W.A. Police Force in 1975 retiring in 1990, and thence as an owner/operator of a inter/intra State tourist coach business, trading as Solitaire Tours and Charters. Mrs Marj Heaney, herself an ex-communicator (nee Long) and family, wish to sincerely thank all those that have conveyed their deep sympathy and condolences. communicators at the service included Barry Lehmann (euology), Ron Tuckwell, Yockey Shaw, 'Chips' Rafferty, Vic Ford, Max Hasson, John Farrell, Sandy McNab. A wake was held by management at the Breakwater Tavern at the Hillarys Boat Harbour. This was Reg's favourite watering hole whilst 'ashore' or not at the helm on the road as 'Coach Captain'.  Sail on Reg, 'slow ahead both' and we will see you anon.  Lest We Forget.

Von Klimpel (ex CPOSY) sent a short advisory to let everyone know that he now has a decent machine and therefore has email access - email address is vonndi@newsagency1.com.  Von sends all the best to everyone for the New Year.

Jack Duffey (Leut SDEX C RAN (Rtd)) sends “Greetings John from Jack Duffey (ex everything from Recruit CB to Leut SDEX C) between Jan ‘48 and end ‘73. Really enjoyed your website and will certainly return in the future.  As Treasurer of Vic Branch I ask you to please remind your fine body of communicators that they are always welcome to join  us at our annual reunion .. always the Friday of Melbourne Cup week, at the 39’ers Club at 109 Flinders Street, Melbourne, from 1200 to whenever.  Regards to you and all in ACT.”  Thanks Jack, it is great to hear from you.

Jock Donnelly (ex WORSS) says it is a pleasure to browse and see some of the old familiar names.  Jock is  trying to contact Peter Launder - “he returned from a sojourn in the States and I see he will be attending the re-union. I lost contact when he returned to Canberra,  where he disappeared in the concrete jungle and I hoped to have seen him before he died of boredom.  My best regards to all the lads and lassies.”   Many thanks Jock - if anyone knows Peter’s contact details please pass it on. (Info was provided by Sandy McNab).

Ross (Rosco) Gibb (ex LSSIG) Just found this web site and says he would like to hear from old friends. Ross says “I left the navy in 1984 after serving 12 years as a LSSIG. Spent 4 years in AMSA  before travelling south to the warm climes of sunny Victoria, now working as a Marine Controller at the Port Of Geelong. Would love to hear from the likes of Frank Hicks, Joan Alden, Sonny O'Hara , Glenn and Leonie Gilford and any others that I have enjoyed their friendship over the years.

Dave Dixon  has advised he has changed his email address to dixon@intertech.net.au.

Sandy McNab has forwarded  the following informative email along with a request to find an old shipmate.

“Visiting Perth for some annual leave was Peter Saunders, ex-CAA several years ago, and now employed by ICAO in Saudia Arabia as an ATS communications/Operations and Procedures expert.  His current contract exprires in March 1999 and if it is not renewed he will be back for the National ‘99 Reunion.  His goal is to spend about another 4 years with ICAO if he can.  Peter was at Signal School 1962, HMAS Melbourne 63-65, HMAS Harman 1/66 - 12/67, HMAS Tarangau 68, and finished his Navy time at Signal School 69-70 paying off in July 1971.  He wishes us well in 1999 and says ‘hullo again’ to his fellow ex-communicators.  Peter does have an 3-mail address aussie@zajil.net (cfm aussie@zajil.net) via the Jeddah Chamber of commerce, KSA.

Also surprise Christmas visiting her mother in Australia was Pam Hughes (nee Booth). Pam was a LWRRO(M) at Coonawarra in 1966, and married Bob Hughes USN and now live in Texas, USA. Pam and Bob also have an e-mail address peliknguru@aol.com (peliknguru@aol.com). With this recent visit to Australia, a daughters wedding in a few months, their sons first child due also, thus another visit in April for the National '99 Reunion has been put on hold. Pam and Bob visited Australia in 1993 for the ex-Wrans bi-annual in Brisbane, and Darwin in 1995.They also convey best wishes in 1999 to all fellow ex-communicators and will be thinking of them in April.

At the November Leeuwin communicators 'get together' Pat McNab (nee Hawkett) met up with Joyce Pearson (Lawson), Norma Dix (Featch) and Carol Hall (Teather), Harman/Coonawarra '1965/1966 vintage' and yes all registered to attend the National '99 Reunion. A surprise call was recently received from Pamela Canney, alongside here in Fremantle till May doing a refit on their fishing boat ‘Rachel’. She has joined the Association, and registered to attend the Reunion also. Some tales to be retold when that ‘quintet’ get together after all these years, and isn't that what the reunion is all about. Pam says hi to all and looking forward to April.

Sandy McNab would like to know the whereabouts of Ken Smith, an RO at Coonawarra in 1966. Ken suffered a bad 'motor scooter' accident in Darwin, paid off and joined HMAS MASCOT, the depot 'nickname' accorded for all the ex-RAN communicators who worked at the DCA/CAA communications Centre at Sydney Airport.  He applied to the ANARE group and did a stint down the Antarctic, joined Foreign Affairs in communications after that, was posted to India in the very late seventies, and Ken whilst he was posted to London, met Sandy Pat and the girls at Heathrow in March 1980. And there the trail ends, although I believe he has been through the West since. Would be great to QSO direct, so lets see how good this 'contact grapevine is' ?  Thanks.”

Sandy had the whereabouts of Ken within 24 hours courtesy of Norm ‘Ollie’ Lewis, thus proving the grapevine is as good as ever.  Thanks to all concerned!

Sandy & Pat McNab are now connected as linked.  For those who are not aware Sandy & Pat are doing an excellent job organising the second RANCB National reunion which is being held in the West in April this year.  Sandy reports:

“Best wishes to all the ACT members that I have known over the years. My service years were 1958-67 and I was on D watch at Harman March 65 and Ron Reavely was the CRS Regulator, Harry Josephs the DO and LT Keith Williams the OIC. Jack Shave and I use to relieve one another (C and D watch) on BL/BLR/Manus. Tassie Hanson was the CRS, Zeek Moller the L/hand, Trog Keenan in the MSO and we had Shags Hellier, Jim Carey and Fred Harper out at Bonshaw. I did my last 17 months at Coonawarra, driving south and paying off July 1967.   There are 358 registered attendees for the National '99 reunion so far. The boat trip is booked out at 180 seated. We are closing the finale/dinner dance off at 310 and this leaves us room for up to 20 guests/VIP and also the 20 person RAN Band, all up 350 on the premises. Should be a ripper of a night! We can still accommodate late starters for the Civic reception, the committee "Sundowner", the Anzac day luncheon, the Stirling luncheon, and the social dinner/live show.”

For more information on the National 99 reunion go to www.dashmark.com.au/rancb99/

Norm (Ollie) Lewis is trying to get in contact with "Sid" James, Laurie Scutts, Dave Edwards and Laurie Williamson, all were brackets "S" and served with Ollie in Singapore with the R.A.N. communications Detachment in the late 60's.  He has not seen nor heard of them since that time and has made several inquiries around the traps, but everything has come up negative.  Any email to louie_de_fly@hotmail.com. Best of luck Ollie!

Brian (Dobbo) Dobson + Lynne Dobson (nee McRae) (ex LRO and CWRRST) found this web site and names from the past came popping out everywhere.  Brian & Lynne keep in touch with old friends from the navy but mainly thru Xmas cards.  Brian says “I will put an ad in for Phil And Marianne Bates (ex LRO and LWROM) who now own the "Shady Lane Tourist Park", Gorge Rd, Katherine NT, I am sure they would welcome anyone dropping in. Lynne and I own and run a 70,000 bird meat chicken farm and a few cattle in Hastings, Victoria,  just a drop kick from Cerberus.  We have 2 children (girl 15 boy 11) and would welcome corresponding with friends from the past. Our email address is alamar@alphalink.com.au

Have just received advice from Bill Bacon that Greg (Billy) Burford passed away during the afternoon of 26th November 1998 in Adelaide.  His funeral will be held on Tuesday 1 December 1998 in Adelaide - the NT ex-communicators will be forwarding a wreath.  As Bill says, a true and honest shipmate gone.  Our deepest sympathies are extended to Billy’s family.  Lest We Forget.

I have been informed through the communicator’s grapevine that Speed Engler (RANCBA QLD) passed away during the week from cancer.  I served at HARMAN with Speed in the early 70s and a nicer bloke you wouldn’t meet anywhere.  Our deepest sympathies are extended to Speed’s family.  Lest We Forget.  Also, Steve Drake has informed me that Billy Burford is seriously ill - we wish him well and hope for a speedy recovery. John Curbishley - Webmaster 15/11/98

Joan Alden (ex WOWRRST nee Colvin formerly Meaker & Edwards) now lives in sunny Queensland and works as the Callide Electorate Officer for the Member for Callide. Joan remarried on the 12th of September - third time lucky!  Her email address at work is Callide@parliament.qld.gov.au at home it is lalden@tpgi.com.au.  Joan would love to hear from old friends.

Larry Steenkamer (ex LSSIG) now lives in Queanbeyan and works in Canberra. Leisure Suit Larry can be contacted  at leisure_suit@start.com.au or larrys@defcen.gov.au

Bill Bacon  advises that he has just found out that Bob Coops (ex Yeoman) has just passed away today (20 October 1998) in Brisbane - informant was Bob’s mate Chris Frape who is flying down for the funeral, date unknown at this time. Lest we Forget.

Paul Boase (ex WORS) has changed his email address.  Home is boase@bigpond.com and work is pboase@fish.wa.gov.au

Phil & Marion Butler (ex LTO & WRROT nee Glass) were informed about this web site by ex CRS John Thorpe. Phil says that seeing names such as Schubes, Bear, Norm Harrison, etc, brought back some really vivid memories.  Phil & Marion now live in Queensland (beautiful one day ...).  Phil is employed as a project manager by Unisys Australia Ltd. and Marion does some some part time work for a doctor.  They have a dog, a 25 year old son (he is an ET in the navy, currently serving in BRISBANE) a mortgage, a great golf handicap and an even better tan.  Phil & Marion say they are keen to communicate with anyone crazy enough to email them.

Glenn & Leonie Gilford (ex POSY & POWRRST) heard about the site from Brian & Chris Willey.  They live in Newcastle on the shores of beautiful Lake MacQuarie, having been there for about 3 years. Glenn & Leonie would like to pass on their regards to all through this forum. Glenn currently works for the NSW Police on the radio and Leonie works for a disability group.  The kids are at Lake MacQuarie High School which is only an 8 iron shot from where they live.  They can be contacted at gilfords@smartchat.net.au as linked.  Great to hear from you Glenny!

Brian & Chris Willey (ex PORSS/LEUT SDEX(C) & WRROS) would like to say hello to everyone and let them know that they have been in Canberra now for a few years.  They also advise that the Navy tradition has carried on in to the next generation with their son Travis who is currently an ABSIG on board the Success enroute back from his first RIMPAC exercise and is posting to DISCON ACT in early October.  Brian works at the Australian Search and Rescue Centre (AusSAR) in Canberra and his email address is brian.willey@amsa.gov.au  for anyone wishing to make contact.  Many thanks Brian.

Jim Berridge (ex CPORS) says the names in this forum bring back many memories, particularly John & Kathy Rowe, Stricko and Dave & Margie Dixon who all led him down the path to rack and ruin at some point in his time with the RAN.  Jim is looking forward to the re-union next year and he hopes to catch up with all the old and bold then.  Jim says he will certainly be spreading the message that this web site is a great way for former members to retain contact with each other.  Many thanks for your kind words Jim, and great to hear from you!

Kevin (Killer) Ward (ex Killick Sig) did 12 years and paid off from TOBRUK in '82.  He has sent a quick note to let everyone know his email address and home page have changed; they are now
Killer works at a gold mine out in the Tanami desert, and in his spare time plays on the internet.  He occasionally meets up with Rasher Bacon in Alice Springs for a cold one.  Killer would like to know if anyone has seen or knows where Kevin Barry is (Beagles Barry).  He was at HARMAN for many years, but Killer has lost contact with him.....if anyone knows could they pass it on please.

Ian Schubert (Schubes) has passed on advice from Norm Harrison that Keith (Fred, Bogey) Knight. ex Killick Bunting, died suddenly of a massive heart attack in Canberra on Thursday 9 July, age 51.  Keith joined the RAN as a JR in January 1963 and served for 12 years.  After paying off he worked for several years at Navy Office MSO and then went into the building game.  His funeral will be held at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Wisdom Street, Garran, ACT on Wednesday 15 July, commencing at 10:00 AM.  We extend our deepest sympathies to Keith’s wife and family.  Lest We Forget.

John & Katie Rowe (ex WOSY & LWRROS nee Brammall)  now reside in Brisbane where they run a small business helping small businesses.   This advice was passed by their son, LSSIG John Rowe, who is presently serving in HMAS CANBERRA.  Good to see the tradition continuing.  Thanks for the info John.

Charlie Rigg (ex ABSIG, 3 Badges gold!) is back in town!  Charlie says “ Great to see some of the old names that I had long forgotten.  Just like to let everyone know that I’m still a Carlton supporter, even though they look like getting the wooden spoon, and back in DFAT Canberra after a few overseas postings”.

Peter Guy (ex Killick Bunting) sent an email to ask if I had heard that Paul (Woofer) Wootton (ex LSSIG) had lost his battle with cancer in early May 1998.  I did run a Vale for Paul for a month on this site, which many of you would have seen, but Peter’s email made me think I should also post it here just in case other communicators had not heard.  Woof was a good mate to many of us and our thoughts at this time are with his wife Chris.  Life goes on but all who knew Paul are saddened by the tragic loss.  Lest We Forget.

Bill (Rasher) & Bobbie Bacon called in again to say their email address has changed to rasher@octa4.net.au.  Rasher says he doesn’t even mind putting down his beer for a while to log in and check out what his old shipmates have been doing.   Have a coldie for me Rash, it was -7 down here the other day!

Ian (Schubes) & Marian Schubert (ex CPOSY & LWRROT nee Irvine) say they are in contact with many ex-communicators here in Canberra and would welcome contact from fellow ex-comms rates.  Schubes is also an active member of the RANCBA ACT.

Hubert (Dusty) Millar (ex POSY) regularly communicates with Sonny O’Hara (and others) so I thought it only fair that I include him in this forum.  I have no doubt there are many communicators out there who remember Dusty.  Those who don’t have missed a worldly experience!

Rob Dix (Linguist extrordinaire) has asked for the following to be posted in this forum, which I am more than happy to do.
 “Just wanted to say g'day and let people know that a market survey is currently being conducted to determine the scope and level of interest among  serving and former communicators and linguists for contract employment (in those trades) in the ACT.  Anyone interested in obtaining more details should contact me as soon as possible - ideally before 1 July.”  Rob’s contact details are:
Rob Dix
6299 0050 (home)
6251 4988 Ext 208 (work) or email can be sent via Bob Ward bobw@interact.net.au

Alan (Frapper) Lehman (ex ROS, ROEW, ROES) is now working at DSD here in  sunny Canberra.  Alan is married to Elaine (Curls/Curly Woodyatt) ex LWRROS.  They have settled in Canberra and Curls is working at Customs as a temp, looking for a permanent job.  Alan & Elaine would be happy to hear from anyone who remembers them.

Rodney Beckinsale (ex WORS) or ‘Rodney RANCOs’ as he is more colloquially remembered, is the President of the RANCBA ACT and is now online at home as linked.  I’m sure there are many communicators out there in cyberspace who would like to hear what Rod has been up to in the last few years!

CMDR Peter Mole (Staff Officer Resources and Plans, HQ Defence communications Group) sent congratulations on getting RAN communications on the internet and into the information age. Peter & CAPT Mike Webster are together at HQ Defence communications Group managing systems that traditional naval communicators never thought about! Both Mike & Peter would welcome an organised visit to DCG  by a select group for a brief on what they do.  If anyone is interested please contact me & I will coordinate.  Peter has other email addresses at home; pmole@tpgi.com.au and mobile; pmole@hotmail.com.

CPORS Mark Bryant  (Serving CPORS at HMAS CAIRNS).  Mark had a look at the RANCBA ACT web page and says he found it extremely interesting.

Ray (Beatles) Neilson (ex RO 1963-72) saw a few familiar names in this forum and asked for his details to be published. Beatles is living in West Coburg, Melbourne these days - after leaving Pusser's in 72 he worked at DSD Albert Park Barracks for a couple of years then moved on to the Ford Motor company and is still here after 24 years.  All the best Beatles!

Martin Kivlighon (ex Killick Sparker) has been a frequent visitor to these pages in the past and has sent  his email details for publication.

Barry (Tex) Sherriff (ex POSY) heard about this web site from David (Blue) Kerr and sent a greeting.  Tex advises that a group of ex-communicators will be marching in Adelaide on ANZAC Day behind the RANCBA Banner (follow the link to read all about it).  Some of those attending are David Kerr & Kev Rollins (who have already passed contact details below), Ted Beare (ex WORS), Mick Burton (ex CPOSY), Glen Battye & Scott Thiele (both ex Killick Sparkers), Mick Delaney, John (Bronco) Lane & Mick Lewis (all ex Killick Buntings?), Kym Barry (ex LSROEW?) and Chris Oates (ex ABSIG).  If any others turn up Tex will let me know and I will post details.  Tex will also pass a message to any of the above not already featured in this forum. Sounds like the start of  another RANCB chapter.  Keep up the good work!

David Dixon & wife Margaret (ex Killick Sparker 1963-72, & WRRO(G) nee Towns) contacted Rod Beckinsale to say they were delighted to discover this web site.  David says the last time he was at HARMAN Charlie Rigg was jumping out of 3rd floor windows, the Button brothers thought the oval was the Aussie Grand Prix circuit and you could catch a good feed of yabbies, or trap a rabbit for breakfast out at Bonshaw during the doggo!!   Great to hear from you both!   In a later email David also says that he and Brian McNamara (ex LTO)  are busy organising their trip to WA for the second communications Branch reunion (Anzac Weekend 1999).

Bill Batt (ex Killick Bunting) sent an email from Marine and Safety Tasmania, where he is now employed as a ‘bean counter’.  Bill says this forum brought back lots of memories, mostly good (only the good ones are worth remembering Bill!).

David (Blue) Kerr (ex CPOSY) says he stumbled across the page by sheer luck, but was pleased he did.  ‘Blue’ is working in Adelaide in the oil and gas drilling industry.  Kev Rollins (ex CPORS) works in the same industry as the T&D coordinator.  Great to hear they are going well.

Peter Guy (ex Killick Bunting) called in to say he has been connected for a couple of weeks and enjoyed seeing some old names on this page.  Like me he can’t imagine Bill (Rasher) Bacon sitting in front of a terminal - must have found one with a stubby holder - not the CDROM drive surely!

Sonny O'Hara (ex WORS) advises he and his family are back in Oz after their travels overseas. He was a regular visitor to this site when out of the country and has just reconnected to the Internet here.  Sonny should be good for a few tales about his travels.

Norm (Ollie) & Julie Lewis (ex ABRO(S) and LWRROT nee Simpson) made contact to advise I was being too kind to Peter Durran and should show him aka “Mumbles” - the alias Norm & Julie (and many others I am sure) know him by.  Ollie and Julie also have the best email address I have seen for a while - louie_de_fly@hotmail.com.

Richard (Harry) Kime (LCDR RAN Rtd - former OIC comms School) made contact from Victoria where he is enjoying a life of comparative leisure doing odd jobs here and there.  Harry is the Chairman of the Victoria Branch of the Ganges Association and is also mixed up with the Royal Naval Association and the Frankston Naval Memorial Club (Naval Association of Australia).

Greg & Sue Palmer (ex POSY & LWRROT nee Stark) say hello from Brisbane.  They discovered this site after talking to Phil Roy (WOSY) at Recruiting Brisbane.  Hi to Phil if you see this.  Greg & Sue appreciate the opportunity to catch up with some old friends via this forum and send their regards to Rod Beckinsale and all in Canberra.

Peter (Mumbles) Durran (ex Killick Bunting) advises that he is on-line just about everywhere:
home email:  durranp@mozcom.com
work email:  chnav@echo.vessel.geco-prakla.slb.com
anytime:       durranp@hotmail.com