QSO the World - Year 2000


Arthur 'Jock' Donnelly is back on deck and "would like to take the opportunity to thank all who have sent best wishes for my last sojourn into Monash Hospital. Rest assured all is well and they have located my heart next to my wallet.  This won't make the last edition of AIG2002, so I would like to thank all those unsung heroes on the Reunion committee, including Sam. Season's greetings to every member and their families and of course a special thanks to you John for the years delight of news. All the best everyone. Jock Donnelly."  And a happy and healthy 2001 to you Jock.  29/12/00.

Tim 'Timba' Mills passes the following information: "Curbs please accept my apologies for not having mentioned it before. Blue Tominson, who many of us remember, passed away 2 years ago. Blue and I had continued our ex pusser's friendship through his association with his Nudgee and Terrace school friends; it should be well noted that my only catholic association was that I played for Brothers rugby club, none of that little boy stuff. Many of my friends were past schoolmates of Blue's, and this help keep us in touch. Any way Blue died after a heart attack in circumstances we would all envy. But seriously Blue had an importing business from Honkers and we had regular reminiscent meetings and most enjoyable lunches in the 5 years before his death. I, for one, miss his friendly smile, and openness, as many that know him would do.  Tks Timba, I have posted the rest of your mail down the list next to your continuing discussion with Mr Tandy.  11/12/00.

Ron 'Nullarbor' Baker has advised that Jock Donnelly was admitted to Monash Hospital in Melbourne at 0900 this morning (Wednesday 6/12) for heart surgery.  If anyone is in the area I'm sure Jock would be more than happy to see or hear from you in the next day or so.  Nullarbor will keep us informed as soon as he receives an update from Barb or Jock himself.  I'm sure he will bounce back as exuberant as ever.  Thanks to Nullarbor for keeping us informed.  6/12/00.  Cancel the theatre booking, Jock has found a way out of it.  The doctors have decided to do another angiogram, so the op is off for now.  Stay tuned for more news.  07/12/00.


Rod Beckinsale passes the following information: "I received an e-mail the other day from the son of a former US Radio Operator who was one of 30 stationed at Harman from 1943 to December 1945. The father's name is John A Frazier and he is seeking information about any reunions of RAN personnel at Harman during that time and also, contact with anyone who may remember him or be able to provide him with information about Harman. He can be contacted by e-mail via his son at OVTRAVEL@aol.com, or snail mail at 2407 Westwood Avenue, Louisville, KY 40220.  I have responded with details of the 2002 reunion and undertaken to see if I can track down some Harman info for him. Could you post this in the communicator's Forum on the RANCBA website please. With a bit of luck there may be a reader out there who knew John or who may know someone who might.  Regards, Rod."  Thanks Rod, hope the search is successful.  29/1//00.


Phil Sharp (ex CPORS) "retired in Jan 1968 and I now reside in the western NSW town of Gulgong (wine country) and work in the control room of a Magnetite mine and processing plant. Further to the RANCBA, I have just been included in the list for the 2002 reunion and I thank you very much for that. I would like however, for you to include my wife Gwen in the list with me if that's not going to pose any problems.  I am new to the internet and am still feeling my way. It is a great site and I would have to say very nostalgic, for me anyway as I have been out of the loop for a very long time. Please forward my regards to all the guys and I look forward to catching up in 2002. Kind regards, Phil.  Many thanks Phil, have included Gwen and hope some old shipmates contact you.  13/11/00.


Ron 'Nullarbor' Baker has asked for the following to be posted:  "This Saturday (Remembrance Day), there will be a re-dedication of a memorial at Bundamba (Ipswich) commencing with a march at 0930.  In March this year, some hoons destroyed a sandstone statue of a digger which has sat on the memorial since 1919.  The people of Ipswich have raised enough money to have a new digger constructed, and the QLD Governor, some brass from the Naval Association in Canberra, the local Senior Naval Officer (CMDR McBride) and others will be in attendance.  Following that re-dedication, a brand new Naval Memorial will be unveiled by CMDR McBride.  The organising committee procured an anchor from HMAS Stuart (which now forms part of an artificial reef off Rottnest Island WA), and some anchor chain as the centre-piece.  I had the honour of providing the wording for the dedication plaque, and will be MC for the event.  If anyone is interested in attending, I can be contacted on 07-54613072 during business hours or at home on 07-33899325, or e-mail bakschae@aol.com.  Sorry about the short notice.  Tks Nullarbor, hope it all goes well on the day.  08/11/00.  Nullarbor provided the following photos after the event.

Wreaths laid Ipswich 11 Nov 2000   New Naval memorial, Ipswich 11 Nov 2000


Sandy McNab has forwarded some very interesting photos of the USS COLE aboard the Norwegian heavy lift ship BLUE MARLIN.  I have inserted a couple below to show you as they are amazing pictures, remembering that the COLE is a 550 foot, 8,000 ton warship.  Tks Sandy for passing them on.  08/11/00.

USS COLE/Blue Marlin - click to enlarge   USS COLE/Blue Marlin - click to enlarge   


Tex Sherriff believes the Buntings are now one up on the others: "Sue and I decided to add some colour to our front garden, and decided upon roses, as Adelaide is the rose capital of Australia, there are a number of nurseries to visit to purchase exactly what you want.  On Sunday 4/11/00 we happened to be walking around one particular place after purchasing a number of roses.  We were not interested in standard roses, but I just happened to look at some as we walked past, I stopped, called the wife over and said "stop looking any further we just have to buy this one", it was a David Austin rose called - THE YEOMAN.  I have scanned the lable from the rose and added it as an attachment for you to see.  You may like to post this info plus the picture on the web site, surely it is one up for the bunting tossers, as I doubt very much if they will ever call a rose 'THE SPARKER' or 'THE GOLLYWOG'.  Well done Tex, I got a lot of enjoyment out of that, but I can well imagine the comments you will receive from those you mention.  08/11/00.

The Yeoman - click to enlarge


Royce Tandy (ex PORS) was the first cab off the rank:  "I refer to Tex Sherriff's dit re the above flower and his claim to one upmanship.  My wife Mary is an avid horticulturist, not to be confused with rabid gardener, and she has successfully cultivated several David Austin varieties.  She has also successfully crossbred certain varieties. (I know you think you know where this is heading but you're wrong! I would never infer the breeding of my fellow communicator, albeit group pay level 13? was anything other than top class). However on discussing the pros and cons (most signalmen knew plenty) of this particular rose, she did draw some fairly startling comparisons which I think outlines the logic for naming this particular flower.

1. Roses are prone to thickness and do need cutting back.

2. Whilst generally they are fairly tough, they are subject to attack by small insects and rot.

3. Black spot is a fairly common (not much has changed really).

4. They thrive on fertiliser, especially Equine or Bovine i.e. Horse and Bull.

Finally, I guess I could speak for most Sparkers when I say that I am glad I don't have a flower named after me, and I don't know if there is any truth in the rumour that David Austin is branching into groundcovers with the likes of seaside daisies, petunias and pansies.  Will keep you posted."  Tks Royce, this particular rose looks like being well fertilised.  10/11/00. 


Dave Sutherland  reports " For those who served in HMAS HOBART during the commissioning period 1965 to 1970, you may be interested to know that Jeff "Lambs" Fry (ex-kellick stoker) is undertaking an archive research project.  He has reached the stage of producing a Nominal List of all who served on D39 during the above period.  The list is quite detailed, and long, (1,000 plus names), accordingly you may wish to drop him a line (wurzel@idl.com.au) to obtain a copy and get the latest on his project."  Thanks Dave, looks like the DDG's are getting the recognition they deserve.  5/11/00.


Barry 'Bones' Lehmann has passed the following update on warship PERTH:  "Just for the information of all the ex comms who served in HMAS PERTH.  We travelled to Albany a couple of weeks ago and Perth was alongside being stripped of just about everything.  We were given permission to inspect the interior and took the opportunity to check out the Wireless Office.  Anything of value has been removed and it is really a shell except for the engine-room where the biggest job is to get rid of all the oil before she is sunk.  The sinking is being planned (so I'm told) sometime after next Anzac Day which will give those that wish the opportunity to attend a special Anzac Day ceremony in Albany.  After speaking with the engineers etc who are preparing the ship for it's watery grave in King Sound, it would have been an exceptionally expensive and Herculean task to convert it to a floating museum.  At least this outcome will provide some entertainment and tourist dollar for the area.  Better than being cut up for razor-blades.  Cheers to all and a fantastic site you have invented Curbs."  Thanks for the info Bones, I'm sure it will be of interest to those who served in her.  25/10/00.


Russell Hutchison is hoping someone can assist him with an AAT appeal:  "Help.  I am after any information from anyone who served in HMAS SYDNEY on the second trip to Vietnam in 1965, or in HMAS STUART on the trip to Vietnam in 67/68. I am after information about any events that happened on the way to and from Vung Tau and whilst anchored there.  Anything about hearing bombs and small weapon fire, seeing explosions, aircraft firing weapons or dropping bombs and any other information that might be of assistance in an appeal to the AAT.  If anyone has anything to offer could you please send a detailed email to any of the following addresses:  rnh@integritynet.com.au or rnh69@hotmail.com  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to anyone who can help.  Regards, Russell Hutchison ex Flag Waver.  Best of luck with your appeal Russell.  18/10/00.


Ron 'Nullarbor' Baker sends: "Just been checking out the latest list of possible attendees and was pleased to see a lot of the old crowd intending to go.  Could you pass on for those who may be interested that I have now shifted my family into our "house on the hill".  It's an ex-hospital (private) with a two acre backyard in North Ipswich.  Jenne and I have three daughters (14, 13 and 10 years) and a 7 year old boy.  If anyone is travelling through Ipswich, feel free to give me a call, and I will direct them to the nearest motel.  You don't think I'd let ex-sailors stay at my place with all those womenfolk around, do you?  My son Jeremy (from my first marriage) is a sparker (naturally) over in the West and is changing over to submarines. Training commences next month, I believe.  My eldest (Samantha) is living in Toowoomba with her husband and daughter.  I'm planning on marching in Sydney next Anzac Day, and hope to catch up with those who still enjoy a beer and a dit.  Congratulations on the web-site, mate, it's a credit to you.  I forgot to mention that my son Jeremy's wife is a Sig.  Keeping it in the comms family.  Thanks Nullarbor, good to see the tradition continues.  16/10/00.


Kev Ruwoldt has advised that "John Rosewarne - former CRS (may have been a WO later) is having a "Quintuple By-Pass" operation tomorrow in Hobart.  John's sister Brenda on 07-55303353 will answer any queries on completion of op. Anyone wishing to send a "get well" card the address is:- PO Box 73, WOODBRIDGE. TAS. 7162.  PH 03-62674131(H).  Believe he is a bit down at the moment and a couple of well wishes may give him a lift". Thanks Ruwie, our thoughts are with Rosie and we wish him a speedy recovery.  16/10/00.  Kev reports that the operation took 4 hours and the results are good at this stage.  Ended up a quadruple by-pass.  Rosie's home address is:  John Rosewarne, 3610 Channell Highway, Birches Bay, TAS, 7162, if anyone would like to drop in or send a card.  Ruwie reckons he may even by good for a 'stubbie or two', knowing Rosie I don't doubt it.... 18/10/00.

Jim Anderson also reports that he has "had a couple of good yarns with Rosie since he got home last week and he is in good spirits. Still has a bit of pain but starting to get around a bit more now. With the aid of an ex-pussers mate he was bottling some beer when I spoke to him just after lunch today. Having been through the process myself a couple of years ago we were able to swap notes on different aspects of the recovery process. Certainly pulls you up with a round turn and two half hitches and gives you a new appreciation of life."  Jim also passes thanks to Ruwie for alerting him (and the rest of us) to Rosie's condition. 5/11/00.

Bob Adamson (ex CPORS) has made contact to say "Rod McLauren put me onto the RANCBA site.  Great site, John.  Good work.  Rod is living in Noosa with Sue and they both look great.  I paid off as a CPORS from Kuttabul in '88.  Currently working and living in Penrith, NSW as the Strategic Planning and Amalgamations Manager for Panthers World of Entertainment.  Married, two kids, great life.  Not a lot of hair, more gut and still ugly.  Anyone passing this way should get in touch and I'll show them around this place.  Am interested in the Reunion but can't commit till a little closer to the event.  Need to see what the work situation is like.  Again, great site.  BZ."  Thanks for the kind words Bob, Rod if you read this how about coming down in 2002?  15/10/00.


Andrew Cowley has provided the following update: "In my first e-mail to you I asked if anyone knew of whereabouts of Dewey Parnell (ex SIG) well, in the meantime I tracked Dewey down in Caloundra, and, for the info of anyone who knew him he hasn't had a great last few years - he suffered a stroke some years ago and has a disability on his right side plus he lost his wife to cancer a couple of years ago, so life could have been better in his case, but he still has a wonderful "life goes on " attitude, and a very caring family . I'm sure he'd love to hear from anyone who knew him from the old days. He hasn't got a computer yet, but I have convinced him its the way to go and he has a member of the family going to get him one. A reminder to those from the era Dewey was ex Quiberon, Harman, Kuttabul, Holsworthy(!!), Parramatta, Harman. His home address is: L.C. Parnell, 96 Caloundra Rd, Caloundra 4551. Phone 07 54372659.  John, Dewey has asked to be put into the AIG 2002. I have sent him a form which he will post off by snail-mail. He can be contacted on his daughters e-mail  Carmel P- markcarmel65@hotmail.com . When he gets his own e-mail he will update."  Thanks Andy, have added Dewey to AIG 2002 as requested. 15/10/00.


Roy Tandy qualifies for right of reply: "John, I see that cranehead Mills has already jumped the queue and spreading lies about our week in Mooloolaba, as always I was studying for career advancement.  I had an email from Killa Kilpatrick this week and am looking forward to catching up with him in the near future, but in the meantime I was hoping that someone may be able to tell me the whereabouts of Brian "JONNO " Johnstone.  I did my RS's course with him and I think that between us we doubled the wets profits for the financial year.  Hope someone can help and congrats on the site, it's a ripper. Roy Tandy." Thanks Roy, Jonno shouldn't be that hard to track down, if anyone can help please contact Roy direct.  15/10/00.

And the last word from Timba:  "
A couple of points, which I wish to mention in reply to the criticism of Mr. Royce P Tandy in reference to his invasion of my property. Whilst I understand why a Victorian requires the thrill of Queensland sunshine, the following points are valid
1. He is usually asleep by 7 p.m. due to his inability to completely consume 3 six packs of Carlton Crown Lager, as a starter, this is weak. In his defence, there was an involvement where we shared of 3 bottles of white and on opening the 3rd red I was told to stop. 
2. His memory of the lunch at bridge seafood and the period between the BBQ evening meal was to say at least poor. I have kept the left over crown lagers in the fridge for the next time he uses 'Chez Closet'. This is but one example of old age setting in. 
3. I find that his ability to walk the 150 yards to Mooloolaba beach each morning at 4:30 am was at least poor, let alone a swim in the ocean. This is a local ritual, which is enjoyed by many, but not the incapable Mr. Royce P Tandy. He had consumed at least 9 hours sleep. Another example of old age. I believe all who know Mary pig would understand, if she buggered off.  I will admit that playing grade Rugby on the wrong side of 50 may be an ego trip, but I can still swim at 4:30 am, even if it is in the canal.
In venturing south next April all I can hope is that he can make amends, and not the clothing type. I should point out that as a Qlder I would not be expected to swim in the cold waters of Victoria in April. That would be ludicrous, but it would be nice if he could handle his drink."  I think I would be accompanying Royce if Timba poured that much into me! 10/12/00.


Tim Mills (former LTO), now in Queensland, had his attention drawn to the site and the reunion "by Royce P Tandy after a week of indulgence in old time at my home in Mooloolaba.  Bugger he drinks.  Names I haven't seen or heard of for a time except for the silly old bastards still paying Rugby, Millar, Baker, Palmer etc I even read the name of Charles A Rigg, Bugger me I had hoped he was dead. Still Carlton didn't make the finals, nearly as good a reward.  I paid off at Moreton and went to the RAAF, with a host of others until 1987, now with Queensland Housing commission as the ear for complaints, available on millst@housing.qld.gov.au or timba@sun.big.net.au. Has anyone seen or heard of a former LTO Chip RAFF, was on Torrens when it was commissioned?." Thanks Timba, if anyone know where Chips is please contact Timba direct.  11/10/00.


John 'Jace' Craig, ex LSETC, says "Please excuse an old greenie for lurking on your site.

I was saddened to see Greg Burford listed on the valedictions. As a one-time LSETC who had postings to HARMAN, TERROR and COONAWARRA I had more than a little to do with sparkers. The attached pic is a perhapser for the MSO or your bottom drawer. It shows some of the troops from 'B' watch taking a pause for refreshments while making a gradual return to Darwin after a day well spent down the Track (Berry Springs?). I took it most probably during the Dry of 1977 but it could have been the next year. From left to right: the shy and retiring Graeme "Gash" Cann, every WRANS' friend Ron "Robbie" Robinson, soon-to-be meteorologist Greg "Burfs" Burford and the legendary Owen "The Godfather" Steggles (actually I made that last one up but Owie was definitely the Godfather type).  Thanks Jace, the photo has been posted to the gallery in the MSO on this site.  11/10/00.


Len Bodimeade is seeking information: "I have been asked to follow up on the death of Ian Nicholson (not sure of the spelling).  I believe he died up on the Gold Coast about two weeks ago.  He was a commodore (or commander) and was a communications officer.  I am after his address for an old friend to contact the family.  Would be grateful for any help on this one.  Regards."  Thanks Len, if anyone can help please contact Len direct.  07/10/00.


Mal Hughes sends the following: "I joined in Jan 1958 as a Recruit LB and paid off in Jan 1970 as a POEC.  I served in Queenborough (Jan 1960 to Aug 1961), Melbourne ( July 1963 to July 1965) and Stalwart (Nov 1967 to Jan 1970)...I was part of the standby and commissioning crew for Stalwart.  Along the way I also did two stints at Harman. The first at Bells and the second at Bonshaw.  I met my wife at Harman, Jenny Kitching, she was the Captains Writer.  I am now an Accountant and operate a practice in the City of Rockingham WA.  I am also Senior VP of the Rockingham Subsection of the Naval Association.  I would really appreciate it if somebody could put me in touch with a couple of old mates of mine....Lofty Lane was the RS aboard Stalwart and he and I got to know each other quite well...another is Ken Swain, he and I were in Recruit School together.  It would be good to hear from anyone who recalls Jenny or I.  Many thanks.......Mal Hughes".  Thanks Mal, I have passed on contact details for Lofty Lane, anyone know where Ken Swain is??  07/10/00.


'Terry 'Shiner' Wright  has passed the following:  "I paid off in 1975 after serving out most of my time in training establishments and comm Centres such as Navy Office, Harman and Coonawarra. Started out as a Data Operator (if anyone remembers them) and ended up in the signals branch. Did manage a bit of sea time on the Stuart and the Melbourne, but once again in comm Centres. Did see the odd piece of bunting, but not much. Left the Navy and dived into DCA (nee Dept of Aviation and about a dozen other names) for 17 years in Darwin. Got retrenched and now doing my own thing - still in Darwin. Married and one kid, who is also married and got a kid. That makes me a Grandad or something like that. Am on the net most days and can be contacted on shiner@austarnet.com.au . Looking through the 'lists' on the site, bought back lots of memories. Cheers, Shiner Wright ex LSSIG.  Thanks Shiner, good to see the Data Operators represented.  4/10/00.

Mark Gentry, ex Leading Signalman, RN is looking for an aussie ex-sparker by the name of Jim Hawkins: "The reason for this is that I joined HMS Norfolk, a County Class destroyer,in Sydney after flying out from the UK, in about July/August 1979. I met Jim, who was kind enough to show me around Sydney, on my first night ashore. He was stationed at HMAS Kuttabul, which if I remember correctly is the shore base just outside Garden Island Naval Base, and thanks to him my two visits that year to  Sydney were very enjoyable. I next saw him at Portsmouth in the UK at the end of 1980, unfortunately it was a very quick reunion as I was still on the Norfolk at the time and she was in Rosyth and I was on short weekend leave and I didn't bump into him until the end of the weekend.I understand from my parents that he visited them after I had gone back to Rosyth, but he didn't leave a forwarding address and I lost contact. He may have transferred to the Submarine Service in the RAN as he was actually at HMS dolphin on a course, and I believe may have returned to HMAS Platypus afterwards, but I'm not too sure. I was not able to return the hospitality he showed me in Sydney, and if anybody knows him or is in contact with him, could they please ask him to get in touch with me. I'm not sure if the official number is correct, but hopefully if he reads this it will jog his memory.  I left the RN in 1989 after 14 years service as a Leading Hand, am am currently working for a company called Flagship Training and I work in the comms School in HMS Collingwood near Fareham in Hampshire.  I expect this search of mine is a bit of a long shot, but I hope somebody out there will know who I'm talking about.  Please ask your members if they know this cahp, to get in touch with me via my e-mail address: Markgen37@hotmail.com."  I have been able to ascertain that ABROSM P.J. (Jim) Hawkins R125321 paid off in Sydney in 1984.  If anyone has any further information pse contact Mark direct.  2/09/00.


Andrew Cowley has passed information on his daughter Mandy, " Am putting my daughter's name forward for AIG 2002. Following are the details:

Mandy Thomas (nee Cowley) joined Feb 86 as a Sparker, served Albatross , JBRF(Creswell), Stalwart (paying off trip) then to Cerberus (comm School), back to Albatross then paid off, doing Rocky time there for a while.  In amongst all that she married Sean Thomas (a birdie!!) has two boys and is now domiciled at Lara in Victoria while Sean does his officer's(?) course. She would like to hear from anyone of that era and also would you enter her name as an interested party for the 2002 re-union, plus put her address in the AIG."  Not a problem Andy, look forward to seeing you both in 2002.  28/8/00.

Les Church has advised that Ray Owens, LTO (Leading SIG), served late 1940's to early 1960's, passed away this morning from an asbestos related illness.  The funeral will probably be next week, Les will keep us informed.  Lest We Forget.  22/8/00.

Wayne 'Benny' Goodman says "Hi John, just thought I would drop you a line after coming across the comms Web site.. I am a ex ROEW joined in 74 and paid off in 97... I have been in recently with one of the comMS boys - ex- CPO TONY PINCOTT.. he is currently doing reserve work in Sydney..  He has built his around the world catamaran.  Anyway your site was a bundle of information for one of us old enemies of the comms world..  Have taken a few names from my past so I can email them and will pass on to some members of the past to check it out... regards Wayne "BENNY" Goodman (ex PEABODY - my nickname when I went through comms school). Thanks Benny, all the best. 20/8/00.

Di Lawrence was looking at photos from the ANZUK reunion. "Is Lorrie Miller (Nolan) the same Lorrie Nolan (WRROT) from class 105 in 1968 at Cerberus? I was in class 104 and we shared a cabin - I think we were both about 17 - I was a WRROM and went to Harman and then Melville, and never saw her again - often think of people I joined up with and haven't seen for over thirty years - will be good to catch up at reunion - can e-mail me at di_lawrence@yahoo.com. Cheers."  Thanks Di, is anyone in contact with Lorrie? 9/8/00.  Doug Kissick passed Lorrie's address to Di, and Lorrie is now listed in AIG 2002, tks Doug.  28/8/00.
Peter Gapp has an unusual request: "Probably a fairly cheeky request!  I am a member of the executive committee of the Scuba Divers Federation of SA which is a peak body representing recreational divers in this State.  One of our long term projects has been to secure a ship to sink as an artificial reef, we have succeeded in being granted the HMAS Hobart.  One of the major conditions of the project is that the ship will be used as a recreational dive site and fishing will be excluded.  The reason for this is a perception by the South Australian Research and Development Institute that artificial reefs tend to aggregate fish (the old fish in a barrel ), this perception is based on discredited Japanese research. We had a bit of a win on this one as we were able to demonstrate that with the degree of habitat loss that our commercial species have suffered it would be kind of nice to give some fish somewhere to live. Anyway, politics aside, the Hobart will remain as something more than razor blades and with photos and video will remain in many more peoples memory.  One of the saddest things I ever saw was the 60 Minutes report that showed the ex HMAS Yarra being run up onto an Indian beach where slave labour turned it into God knows what. Back to the cheeky request, John I was wondering if you knew anyone that may have a deck plan of  Hobart even an NBCD plan would do, just basic deck layouts.  We need these to map routes for divers and more importantly to create an atmosphere where divers know the significance of the area they are in.  Any file format would do, or if it's not possible to send a graphic image then a fax of an old NBCD plan would do.  I don't know what you do at this moment but you are the only contact I have and I'm sure someone out there has a good deck plan.  My fax number is 08 83463396 looking forward to a reply and BZ for your work on the AIG."   In a later e-mail, Peter also wanted to "say gooday to Annie Jones from Dad's army, and always watch out for wide mouth frogs.  Also if he ever gets to read this hi to Dave Pluck in the SA Police communications Division.I have advised Peter to check with the official RAN site at www.navy.gov.au where I am sure there is a link to the Naval Historical Section.  If anyone else has any ideas please contact Peter direct. 9/8/00.
Helen Yench (Swanwick) Had a wonderful couple of hours going through the web site. "Thanks for bringing back all the great memories. I'd love to hear from anyone who had contact with me during 1968 - 1979. I served in Cerberus, Harman, Melville, Singapore, Coonawarra and JIO in Canberra. Finally paid off in Darwin in 1979 as CWRRSS. Since then I have raised two daughters (now 21 and 18) and now teach Year 7 at a primary school in Brisbane. Hope to see many ex-Wrans at the Brisbane reunion next year. Cheers. Anyone wishing to contact me can do so at hyench@bigpond.com Thanks Helen, all the best. 9/8/00.
Geoff Barcham asks "Has anyone any info/email address in regards to Mick Moore ex-LSRO & ROS.  Palmerston Rugby Union Club in Darwin are having a 25 year reunion next year (2001) and I'd like to contact Mick in regards to it." Anyone know Mick's whereabouts?  Pse contact Geoff direct.  31/7/00.

Terry O'Connor
  (LCDR RAN, OIC NCSD) has kindly passed the following information to keep us in touch with recent events.  "I thought I would drop a few lines on a couple of subjects you may wish to put on the QSO the world. 
Firstly East Timor,  The role of the RAN was not that well published during Operation Stabilize which included the INTERFET phase of operations in East Timor.  Even less so, the role of Navy communications.   NAVcomMSTA Darwin (NCSD) was recently presented with a CDF commendation for its role in supporting operations during Operation Stabilize.  Only a handful of CDF commendations were awarded as result of operations in Timor and the award to NCSD was a well deserved recognition for the outstanding service NCSD provided during a period of extremely demanding operations.  NCSD provided support to all allied ships operating in the area as well as some of the ground forces.


A number of other communicators that people may know  were recognised in the Governor Generals awards for their part in Operation Stabilize.    CPORS Peter Hancock received a commendation for Distinguished Service for his service to communications at INTERFET HQ.  commander Vaughn Rixon (PWO C) was awarded a Conspicuous Service Cross for his role as one of the COs of HMAS JERVIS BAY. Lieutenant commander Terry O'Connor (EX POSY) was awarded a commendation for Distinguished Service for his role as the Port Control Officer and Deputy Harbour Master in Dili.  (If you are keen on knowing what these decorations look like, www.itsanhonour.gov.au, provides pictures).


NCSD is continuing to serve Fleet units as it always has.  However the end is in sight.  With the introduction of new HF technology NCSD will cease HF operations from its present location towards the end of 2001. It is envisaged that other services provided by NCSD will also be relocated.  So after being established in 1939, the communications facility in which so many of the RAN communicators of the past have served, will close.
Many of the old names and faces that your site provides brings back some great memories.  I hope to meet them and more in Canberra. Many thanks for keeping us informed Terry.  24/7/00. 

Glenn Stanley says hello to all. "I have made the break after 30 years plus, leaving Darwin as a LCDR and OIC of the best Naval comms Station and am now working for Boeing Australia in Brisbane, on the 'other side' with the HF Modernisation Project.  This project unfortunately civilianises some of the best postings communicators ever had, but I guess that is progress and it does pay the bills.  AIG 2002 has some old and bold names included and I would like to say hello to all and sundry.  Interesting to see note that a couple of others of my era -  George Wall and  Tony Froome have also just made the break.   All the best to all and see you at the reunion."  Thanks Glenn, all the best in civvy street. 22/7/00.

Warren Lloyd has happily joined the band "I'm not a card carrying member of the RANCB however Frank Aldred recommended I have a look at your website.  As someone who subscribes to the adage that "Nostalgia ain't what it used to be", I have spent the last 2 hours browsing through your site stirring up the memories. I am a 25 year communicator who made it to PORS then changed over before paying off in 1997 as LCDR PWO C.  I served in Stalwart, Hobart (twice), Melbourne, Kimbla, Brisbane, Yarra, Parramatta (twice) and Darwin not to mention a number of shore establishments.  Unfortunately I will probably be most remembered for my last 4 years in the Directorate of C3EW (ex DNC) where I helped staff the demise of morse code and the change in branch structure. Happy to hear from anyone as long as I dont carry too much of the blame for change. Keep up the good work on your terrific site. Warm Regards, Warren 'Fred' Lloyd.  Tks Fred, don't forget about the reunion in 2002.  11/7/00.

Les Figg  is looking for an old shipmate: "Just came across your site, which is a great forum for sailors (past & present) to keep in touch. I was a 'greenie' from 7/63 - 11/69. I am hoping some of your members might be able to help me locate Lionel Minchin. The last time I saw him was 11/69 when he was an LTO on HMAS Hobart. He was originally from WA. Perhaps you can post this message for me. Thanks & Regards to All. Les Figg - ex-LEMWR, R62259.  I recall a Phil Minchin who paid off as a POSY in the early 70's, wonder if this is the same bloke.  If anyone can help pse contact Les. 11/7/00.

Pete McCarthy caught up with the web site: "G'day John and Sarah, congratulations on a great web site!  You have done an excellent job. Quite by accident, I found you compliments of Bundaberg Rum!!  I have only just finished quite a hectic work period and was enjoying some rare 'downtime' when I located your page.  BZ.  It is now bookmarked and I have sent the required info re the 2002 reunion.  I, like many others no doubt, look forward to the 'ultimate smokey' and the resultant reminiscening that only the comms Branch could organise. Like so many others,  I am also looking  forward to catching up with those that I have lost QSO with over  the years. Warmest regards to you both and all, Pete McCarthy."  Tks Pete, don't quite know what Bundaberg Rum had to do with it, but am pleased you found the site. All the best. 7/7/00.

Frank Aldred sends "Great to see the web site and other things you have organised.  I have returned to Brisbane (in 1997) and am currently working for Optus Outsourcing Services.  After 5 years as a project management consultant and trainer I decided it was time to get back into telecommunications.  The web site brought back some memories - I think I knew at least half the people on there - Daffy Doyle, Billy Bacon, Geoff Bridger, Neil Unwin - to name a few.  Wouldn't mind hearing from some of my RS course mates, including Mal Bullivant, Bob O'Donnell, Ray and Gary Johnson, as well as Neil Unwin.  For those who don't remember, I was a PORS who took the plunge and commissioned as an SDEX C, doing the last course by RAN Officer Candidate course at BRNC Dartmouth in 1985 (with Doug Conn).  Paid off in 1994 as a Leut. Will look you up when I am next in Canberra Curbs.  Until then all the best. Regards, Frank."  Many thanks Frank, all the best.  3/7/00.

Annie Jones has moved again! "Just a quick note to let you know that if you wanted some cheap wine - you're too late!! I have now moved back to the big smoke (Adelaide).  16 months of wine, horrendous phone bills, insects, floods, sleepy lizards and lack of  department store shopping was enough for me!  Well, maybe not the wine. I am currently working as an HR Consultant with The Mortgage Centre at Lockleys and loving it!  I ran into Keith and Colleen COOTS (ex-RAN TO/ ROT) in a local pub (where else?) just a few weeks ago and it has been great to catch up with them after some 20-odd years.  Colleen still harbours a grudge because Spike and I had new lino put in our pussers house at Harman patch in 1971, while they had no refurbishments at all!!!!  Lino too, do you mind?  How DID she remember that?? I won't go into what else she remembered. I passed on this web address to them and Colleen has already registered their interest in the 2002 Smokey, and will probably join the RANCBA (SA Branch) with a bit of gentle persuasion. It's great to see the interest growing & keep up the good work. Annie Jones."  Thanks Annie, have noted your change of email address".  3/7/00.

Neil Nunn (formerly Unwin) ex PORS would like to send a warm hello to all his old ship mates etc. " I am extremely interested in locating Phil White, last seen in 1980 at Coonawarra when he was a CPORSS.  I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to contact him.  Looking forward to seeing faces that I haven't seen for a long time in 2002.  Just for interest, Anne and I are doing fine.  One son in the RAAF as a Clerk Supply and one in the process of joining the RAN as a CIS.  Would like to hear from anyone who would like to chat."  Thanks Neil, if anyone knows the whereabout of Phil pse let us know. 29/6/00.  Bill Bacon & Ollie Lewis passed on the info to Neil - Phil is in Darwin.  Tks fellas.

Dave Turner, ex PORSS, 61-72 (Yarra, Derwent, Harman, Coonawarra and all that stuff). With the exception of Banjo and Di, I have really been out of touch with everyone for some time now while playing in the corporate world. Somehow I stumbled on this site today and what a wonderful walk down memory lane it has been. It's so great to see all those familiar names again and read their stories. I hope to make it to Canberra for the reunion to meet up again with you and the others after all these years. Keep up the good work. Best Regards.  Dave.  Many thanks Dave 27/6/00.

Bruce Willoughby (ex CPOSY) has made contact: "Great to visit your site.  I was down at Cerberus recently (2-5 Jun ) to see my daughter pass out from Recruit School SMN STAR STD Willoughby.  While I was down there I stayed with ex WOQMG Col Dowd and ran into a lot of old faces.  Laurie Pegler and Doug Kissick gave me your address and I have had a great time visiting the site.  I see John Neilson, Rod Maclaurin, Greg Mc Laughlin quite often and I will pass this info onto them. I am an ex CPOSY 1971 - 1991.  Margaret and I live in Lismore and have done since retirement.  We have a Real Estate Sign Business at the moment which keeps us out of trouble. If any one is passing through they are welcome to a game of golf and a few beers.  It would be great to catch up with any old faces. Regards Bruce Willoughby".  Thanks Bruce, hope the golf is as good as ever. It would be great to make contact with those communicators you mention.  18/6/00.

Des Vizzard sends "Hi curbs... this is to advise that Des Vizzard is alive and well and still living the life of an Honest Used Car Salesman  (cos thats the only job I could get when I paid off) in Cairns and after looking at the names of all those people I don't remember, I thought of the last reunion in Brisbane, and will definitely be in Canberra in 2002.  I spoke to Chokie McLaughlin today.  He is in Gympie with Johnnie Nielsen, and I did speak to Terry Franklan from WA a few months ago,  which reminds me, has anyone heard from Vic Ford the RO, or Geoff Wasley ??  Tex Daley, Skid Marks?  Pete Malley and a few others are up here (you know that Bob Way and Woofa Wootten's lady are here)  any how, good to see so many (well, I suppose Bear Linton had to be there as well !!)  Stay in Touch".  Thanks Viz, they tell me the Cairns Yacht Club is a good place for a cold beer!  If anyone knows the whereabouts of those Viz mentions please let us all know.  18/6/00.
Sandy McNab passed the following info:  "Vic is still alive and well, and I worked with him here at Perth Airport CAA comm Centre (till I retired in '95) Vic was at the '99 National Reunion, but missed him at the last two WA RANCB 'get-togethers'. Try him at 08 9401 1020. Vic was still at the Airport Flight Service Centre when I last spoke to him. As for Tex Daley, I was with him at Coonawarra in '66/67, and yes caught up with him at BN in '96.   He lives (lived ?) at your back door 1/159 Grafton Street Cairns  07 4051 3368 but did not get a response from him to attend the '99 reunion. He may not now be at that address."  Many tks Sandy.  25/6/00.

Dave Rickard has advised that although he was a Scribe, he posted communicators in the 70's (all hate mail to Dave please), but more importantly he has written a book titled "In the Navy".  If you enjoy a good read or a bit of a nostalgic reminisce
visit "In the Navy" at http://users.senet.com.au/~pmmail/default.html . As the blurb says: "Author, Dave Rickard, missed his chance to become a sparker through defective vision, but later went on to post the comms branch sailors in 1976.  His dit will take you back, and Dave guarantees you'll enjoy the 'voyage'."  Thanks Dave, I have my order in and look forward to reading it and posting a review.  18/6/00

Graham Bence (ex CPORS) sends "Just stumbled across your wonderful site.  My name is Graham Bence ex CPORS who left the navy in 1977. I served at Cerberus, Quickmatch (2), Harman, Melivlle, Watson, Yarra, Melbourne,Hobart and  JDSPC in Woomera. After leaving the Navy I joined ASIS but was thrown out after I married a Polish Woman.  Worked for Electrolytic Zinc Co of Australasia which was taken over by North Ltd and then broken up to for PASMINCO which I finally left on American Independence day 1997. I am now retired but do a bit of volunteer work with the Corps of commissionaires and Public Records Department of Victoria.  I also have a part time job supervising steel shipments for a company called SANWA. It keeps the wine bill paid.  Just before I left work at PASMINCO I had a by-pass operation (not as bad as Jim's, only five but it made me think that work was not all that important) so I retired and am much happier.  I also have a daughter that has just turned sixteen and she is keeping me poor with cost of her schooling.  If anybody wants to get in touch my address is benceg@labyrinth.net.au  Can you please enter me on you list of addresses."  A pleasure Graham, thanks for the e-mail 5/6/00.

Graham 'Daffy' Doyle (ex CPOSY) sends "Keep up the good work, the site is a great idea, and is catching on all the time. Just a note to let you know how I have been going since leaving the Puss in 1987 after 20 yrs. I transferred into the Port of Melbourne Authority at the signal station at Westernport - effectively taking Bronte (Donkey) Daniels (WOSY) place as a watchkeeper when he went north to manage a caravan park. Only problem with Westernport is that after 12 months, the ships were getting less and less, and that doesn't sit too well with a Port Authority! I saw the writing on the wall, and transferred to the Control Tower in Melbourne, joining a myriad of ex communicators - Shane Freeman, Leo Featherstone, John Cull, Scott Manson, Steve Skinner, Keith McWade (now deceased) and Mike Walker, to name just a few.  If you didn't talk "Jack-speak" you just couldn't communicate! Times have changed, and I am still doing the same job, but now with the Victorian Channels Authority in a new high tech Tower at the junction of the Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers, Melbourne. - Could you please promulgate my work e-mail along with my home e-mail in the 2002 directory. I remarried in 1986 to wife No. 2 with the intention of keeping up the wedding cake stakes with Joan Alden, but the old CPOWRST moves too quickly, even for the Duck!!   I now live in Frankston, just a stones throw away from my previous address in Langwarrin, Vic. Over the road from my work, at Patrick Stevedores, is the new personnel manager Col Bambrook (ex sparker/Leut SD) and his side kick in the field ex CPORS Greg Goodwin, both recently ex Cerberus.  Please publish Gregs e-mail, which is quote  frog_on@bigpond.com  unquote (note the underscore between frog and on). Greg is also a probable starter for the 2002 smokey.  I will probably have to carry him around (but I'm used to carrying him!!). As a last request, I would appreciate your assistance in contacting the following.... Kevin "Sharky" Ward (ABSIG) and Dave "combat" Conlin (ABRO), both of War Canoe Derwent circa 1974/75 vintage, and if anyone knows the whereabouts of Donna "Tonka" Beaumont (now married) - ex WRROT.  Kindest regards, Daffy.  Thanks for that Daffy, if anyone is able to assist with the search pse email the Duck direct.  2/6/00.

Ron Brown sends "I was absolutely delighted to have been alerted to this wonderful website by Peter 'Henry' Cook.  I am an ex POSY prior to going SD and have only recently resigned (2 years) from the outfit.  I am now a Policy and communications Consultant with Ansett in the Safety and Security Department.  I have already passed on the AIG to a few ex and some currently serving members for info. On viewing the AIG, I was surprised to see names that didn't have .Pentridge or  .LongBay after their addresses.  I am very keen to have my name added to the AIG and look forward to attending "The Ultimate Smokey" with my wife Margaret. Is there any further requirements of me?  I am already catching up with Ian and Marion Schubert this weekend when I ref rugby union in Canberra." That's all you need do for the moment Ron, you are now on the mailing list.  Next year we will be calling for a firm commitment to the 2002 Reunion, along with the payment of a registration fee. 2/6/00.

Jon Thiele (POSY at DISCON) would like to advise that the Harman Australian Football Club (the Mighty Hogs) are celebrating their Silver Jubilee (25 years) over the weekend of 23-25 June 2000.  The program is as follows:

Friday 23rd June
Meet at the HMAS HARMAN Function Centre for light refreshments and a chance to reacquaint yourself with some faces from the past and the present.

Saturday 24th June
Match Day, all three grades will play against ADFA on the Morgan Dunbar Oval starting with the Women at 0945, Reserves at 1200 and the First's at 1415.
That night celebrate the win and the last 25 years at our Reunion Dinner to be held at the Airport Premier Inn. This will be a collar and tie affair with a 2 course sit down meal, drinks and entertainment included in the ticket price.

Sunday 25th June
Recover from all the festivities at the Function Centre from 1000 with a sound breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages and tomatoes, juice, hot tea & coffee and a last chance to reminisce about ‘the good old days’.

Many communicators have played for or been associated with the 'Hogs' over the years, if you are able to make it to what looks like being a memorable weekend please contact:
Shari Jensen: (02) 6297 6269
Jon Thiele:    (02) 6266 6819
Mark Pepper:  0414  813 936
Carn the Hogs 28/5/00

Paul Mooi is searching for communicators who served in HMAS QUIBERON between 1962-64 to advise them of an Anzac Day reunion next year.  He has been able to locate some of the crew, but the following have eluded him; Bennie Frank A/LRO (possibly deceased?), Bushell Les, 'Blue' (RO), Drew RI (ORO), Gardiner BR (OTO), Harley Brian (RO), Hastings CW (LRO), Hill WA (OTO), Hobbs Mick (TO), Horton John (LTO), Jobson Dave (ORO),Kakoschke Denis (RO), Oxborrow RM 'Bob' (OTO), Paris Gordon (ORO), Paterson Stanley (RO), Slarke DO (TO), Strawhan GA (TO), Tacey GF (A/RS), Taylor 'Squizzy' (CRS) (possibly deceased?), Wade RA (ORO). If anyone is able to assist please contact Paul direct, 2/5/00.

Sam Hughes has provided this ‘end of an era ‘ advice for all you old Sparkers out there:
Following is the final broadcast made by Portishead Radio at 1200z on RT/Telex/cw
"CQ de GKB2/4/5/6
This is the last broadcast from Portishead Radio. For 81 years we have served the maritime community. We say thank you to all those who have supported and used our station. We pay tribute to Marconi who made it all possible. His first transmissions across water were made from nearby here and so started the radio era. We are proud to have been part of that era. As this historic time in the commercial messaging world comes to a close the Manager and Radio Officers wish you farewell from Portishead Radio/GKB ar va"
R.I.P Old Girl
As Land's End Radio (GLD) said in their last broadcast about 2 years ago:
"Marconi, if you can hear this, we salute you"  2/5/00

Barry ‘Tex’ Sherriff has advised that Ted Beare has a  large cancerous tumour on the right kidney and will be undergoing an operation at  Daw Park Repatriation Hospital on 2nd May.  Our thoughts are with Ted at this time and we wish him a speedy recovery.  30/04/00.  Ted has advised he is recovering and will shortly be carrying out some drinking trials, to 'see how well I steam on one boiler'.

Sheree Lawrie is hoping we can locate a non-communicator shipmate for a friend “His name is Grant Quinn he is/was a cook in the Navy he was born in 1965 and originates from Stanthorpe. Mandy Davis is organizing the re-union. If this is possible and someone can help can you please get them to contact me at slawrie@powerup.com.au”, also

Russ Graystone, who runs a very good web site “The Gun Plot” at www.corplink.com.au/~matelot/ has advised that two good blokes passed away last week in the Frankston Hospital; ex-CPO Stoker Laurie Horby & ex-CPOQMG Graham Sheean, some RANCB members may remember them.  Lest We Forget.  09/04/00.

Arthur ‘Jock’ Donnelly has left for the UK, to work for 3 months; “Just a quickie to let you know that I will have a position at the pub, "The Castle" 30 West Street, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex,(Picadilly Line-on the tube) next to the Harrow School.  Any of the Lads and Lassies passing through would love to see them sip a pint of Fullers.
Best regards to all. Jock Donnelly.”
Sounds like a good place for a wet! 06/04/00

Blue & Patricia Higgins (CPORS & WRROT) 61-81 have retired to Adelaide after past 19 years trying to grow grapes for all you wine drinkers out there. Max Hasson gave me all the dirt on the QSO and its a great place. Seeing all the names sure brings back lots of memories. So we are now back in the 20th century and on line so if anyone wants to contact feel free. Max and I are trying to organise a 40th Anniversary for 3rd intake Leeuwin for 2001 so get the word around and contact me at details below. With all this leisure time will try and catch up with everyone after so long out of it. Kids have all grown up (now a bloody grandfather). Regards to everyone and see you at RANCB reunion in Canberra in 2002:
M & P Higgins
15 Tudor St
Dulwich SA 5065
email - murhig@senet.com.au
tf - 08 8332 1222
fax - 08 8332 1444
Many tks Blue, great to hear from you!  06/04/00

Heather Hyde (nee Hancock) writes “I have enjoyed flicking through the pages of the QSO and thought that I would drop a line and see if I could chase up any old shipmates from my time in Pussers. I joined in Feb 74 and served Cerberus, Harman and Coonawarra until I left Darwin in 1978. Since then I have been involved with the communications branch within the Army and served in the reserves until 1996 in various capacities until I gave it the flick as a Captain with the Cadet Corp. Have had a great life and would love to catch up with any old friends, acquaintances from that period. I remember "Keggie" but not the surname. maybe he will pop up here???  Spent many a great smokey at pine river ??? in Canberra and also in Darwin at Berry Springs etc.Thanks for the great net site and hopefully will stay in touch from now on and find new mates. I do anticipate coming to canberra in 2002 and meet a whole bunch of new friends.
Heather Hyde (nee Hancock) SWRROS 1974 - 1978.
That would be Pine Island Heather, and best of luck with old shipmates.  2/4/00.

Lynddon Poore has asked to local an old shipmate: “Do you know the whereabouts of Phil Grenville Lawson? Signalman. Strange thing. I haven't thought of him for years, but last night I had a dream. Bit spooky. Lynddon Poore.”  Bit of a worry, but does anyone know what happened to Phil?  2/4/00. Doug Kissick supplied Phil’s whereabouts and Phil is now a member of AIG 2002. Tks Doug, carn the pies!

Tony Rees has passed the following request: “Captain Peter Mervyn Rees (Dec'd) was my father and I am compiling a detailed history of his service in the RAN (1942-1976). I am looking for contributions, comments etc. anything is most welcome and appreciated. Stories, humorous, favourable (or not) photos and other information is what I am searching for.   Some of the ships my father he served in: HMAS Shoalhaven, HMAS Culgoa, HMAS Murchison, HMAS Tobruk, HMAS Melbourne, HMAS Quiberon CO 1963~64, HMAS Parramatta CO 1968~70, HMAS Brisbane CO 1973.  Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading through this!”
Tony Rees
Fax 07-3216-8327
Thanks Tony.  If anyone is able to assist please contact Tony direct.  25/3/00.

Les Church has asked that communicators be advised that “Mel Prosser LRO 1957-1966 is in the Flinders Private Hospital Adelaide phone 08 82753333.  He is due to have a second bypass operation (very serious as the problem is very close to the heart itself) next Tuesday and will then be in intensive care for two days and will be in Adelaide for a week or so before he can travel home to Darwin.”  Many thanks Les for keeping us informed.  25/3/00.

Dave Heeley from WA is looking for an old school mate, Tina Norton “I don't know what Tina did in the RAN.  All I know is that she married Ray Norton who was also in the RAN.  Tina was at Slim School Cameron Highlands, Malaya in 1958 to 1960.  We ex students are scattered all over the world but we have a web page ( just type in ‘Slim School’ on any search engine and you will see what its all about).   I live in Wanneroo Western Australia but I work away from home most of the year so I don't have access to the electoral rolls.  I have located many of the ex students just by accessing white pages and e-mail lists but Tina is proving to be difficult to find. Tina joined the RAN in the late 60's I think.  She has a brother Neil somewhere.   Telstra and Australia Post weren't much help.  I have asked the local paper for Lara district to assist and have also emailed the Victorian RSL for help.  Tina's Father was involved with the PNG Police and also the Malayan Security Services.  In fact I believe Tina was born in PNG.  I would appreciate any help you can give me through your contacts.”   We caught up with Tina courtesy of Sandy McNab, thanks Sandy.  29/3/00.

CDRE Bob Trotter via Sandy McNab in WA has passed the following request: “I'm not sure whether you saw the item which appeared the other day in the West Australian's page for those seeking reunions and advertising get-togethers.  It concerns a Bob Jackson (HMS VERYAN BAY 55-57) who is visiting WA later this month and wishes to track down an old shipmate, another ex-RNer, CPO TEL Elwyn Jones.  At a Naval Association meeting today one of the guys thought Elwyn used to be a member here but had moved to NSW.  I wonder if you might have him on the RANCBA books?  Could you do a check please?  If you have any info, the contact number is a friend of Jackson's in Bunbury, 08 9725 0156.”  If anyone knows the wherabouts of Elwyn Jones could they please contact Bob & Sandy.  Many Tks.  26/02/00.

VALE Brain Hatch. It is with sadness I convey the news that Brian Claude Hatch, a member of the RANCBA ACT and a stalwart of the Naval Association of Australia, ACT Section, passed away at John James Memorial Hospital on Saturday 19th February 2000 after a long illness. Brian will be long remembered here in the ACT for his support to the communications Branch Association.  He gave freely of his time and effort and was always present at Association functions.  He will be sadly missed. The funeral service for Brian will be held in the chapel of the Norwood Park Crematorium, Sandford Street, Mitchell, ACT on Tuesday 22 Feb, commencing at 3PM. No flowers by request, donation to The ACT Cancer Society.
Lest We Forget  21/02/00

Paul Doddridge has asked for the following to be included in this forum: “I browse regularly to the Web Site of the RANCBA and send the following for inclusion in "QSO The World".  It is with great sadness that I advise of the passing of my father "Tom" Doddridge on the 7th February at Mary Potter Hospice in Adelaide.  Tom, an ex-PO TEL (or whatever they were called back in those days) served between 1948 and 1960 on ships such as Bataan, Kangaroo and the Melbourne and ashore in depots Harman, Flinders and Coonawarra.  He had been battling cancer for some time.  I will include a full bio in the next RANCBA newsletter.  Thanks for the opportunity to post this notice on such a great forum.
Best Wishes,
Paul Doddridge”
Lest We Forget

Bob Toy (ex LSSIG) sends “I have just been browsing through your site.  Congratulations, it is something that will be put to very good use as more of us become aware of it.  There are a lot of familiar names there but as you say there must be still a very large number yet to make contact.  If anyone is interested in contacting me I work in Brisbane with Cleanaway as Health, Safety and Training Manager. I live in Victoria Point which is a bayside suburb on the Southern side of Brissie, if anyone is in Brisbane either living or passing through and would like to have a cold ale or two give me a call, I am always open to offers, my phone is:
W) 07) 3865 3188
M) 0418 885860
H) 07 3207 8899.
My email address is bob_toy@cleanaway.com.au
Sounds like an offer too good to refuse, thanks Bob.  14/02/00.

Terry Gleeson (ex WORSS '67 - 87) & Christine (ex LWRROM '71 -75) send “What a great website for ex shipmates to keep in touch.  Reading through all the QSO notes and seeing the familiar names make it all seem as though it happened only yesterday!  I have been out of touch the last few years, having been an 'expat' for six years, with four spent in Vietnam (Saigon) and the last two here in Jakarta. It is a small world though, as I bumped into Brian 'Johnno' Johnson (ex CPORS) at a local watering hole here, and we now regularly catch up to swap yarns.  Christine and I are planning to make the 2002 reunion in Canberra.Would look forward to hearing from  any not-so-old shipmates.  Best Regards.”  Thanks Terry, look forward  to seeing you.  14/02/00.

Sandy McNab has advised the following: “It is with sadness I convey that ex-LRO 'Sandy' Timms R54308, 59 passed away Friday 21st January. Sandy was one of the early 'nine year' intakes, joining in April 1958. I recall him along with his 'buddy' Bill Hosking and the likes of Fred Harper, Barry Hayward, Ian 'Blue' Harrison, John Apps, Terry 'Blue' Ireland, George Featherston Wilson, Blue Rogers, Buck Moore and many others of that era. A crematorium memorial service was conducted by the WA Police Service Padre at the Karrakatta Cemetary, to a capacity attendance of family, WA Police comm Centre (VKI) communicators, Vietnam Logistic Support Vets Assoc, Vietnam Vets Assoc, Yokine Bowling Club and other RSL members, all there to say farewell Sandy. Bill Hosking conducted the eulogy recalling many of their Navy and civilian family experiences together. 'China' Hammal read The Ode and the Last Post sounded. A memorial notice read "Our shipmate has drafted into the Golden BWO, where the B40, 603 and spirit copiers never fail"  Farewell Sandy, we will see you anon.”  Lest We Forget.  28/01/00.

Robert Palmer (ex RN SM PO) is seeking an old mate “I am calling on the off chance that someone may know the where abouts of Blue Sykes.  I meet Blue when as an RN SM PO Rel. I was sent to Cerberus for the leadership course this was about 1963/4.  At that time Blue was a PO Tel the next time we crossed paths was when he was in UK  doing the officers training after taken a commission. If you are able to locate him please let me know.
or PhylPdysel@AOL.com”
Sandy McNab was able to inform Robert that Blue had sadly passed away some time ago.  Lest we forget.  28/1/00.

Jock Donnelly has passed the following information “Capt Stevenson has just been operated on regarding a full knee construction. He will be on his back some time before he returns to the States.  (for those who do not know, Capt was C.O. HMAS Melbourne when we hit the USS Frank. E Evans). If you would be kind enough to post on your QSO for any of our members who served with him, if they would like to drop him a card and say hello, it would really cheer him up no end. Many thanks.   Address:  CDRE J.P. Stevenson,  PO Box 530,  Edgecliffe, NSW 2027.”  Thanks again Jock, I’ve just finished “In the Wake” which is the rewrite of “No Case to Answer” by Jo Stevenson.  I highly recommend it for those wanting to know more about the Melbourne/Evans collision and the subsequent ‘conspiracy and cover-up’.  28/01/00.

Geoff Barcham advises “I was in pussers between 1972-97, ex (RO/ROS/EWP/EWO).  After paying off  (CPOEWO), moved to Port Fairy, Vic, and now have joined forces with another ex-ROS Bill Ratcliffe working for an I.T. company.  Great site and have spent half the day just checking out all the other ex-pussers on the site.  Hope to see you in 2002.  "Splice the MainBrace" Geoff Barcham.”  Tks Geoff, all the best 24/1/00.

Jock Donnelly has asked me to post the following information “The USS Frank E. EVANS Association has invited members of the HMAS Melbourne (especially those who were on it in 1969) to their re-union in Denver Colorado 21-23 September 2000. You don't have to belong to any association to go.  Outside of those dates they are trying to arrange a tour of NORAD in the Cheyenne Mountains, and a visit to the Air Force Academy. They have blocked a 100 rooms at the Holiday Inn but they will ask for more if the indications are that they need it. Any ex "Melbourne" jolly jack tar, who is interested, if they would like to contact me for further information, can e-mail me on arthurd@cavva.com.au - That is C A V V A or Ph: (03) 9584-5707 ASAP. For all those who have contemplated a trip to the U.S. this would be a good start.”
Thanks Jock, hope you get a few starters. 14/01/00.

Barrie Thompson  would like to locate ex-yeoman and later CMDR Gary Barrows.   Served with him in HMAS Yarra in the sixties and he was godfather to my first child.   Last Barrie heard of him, he had paid off in WA and 'we don't know where he are'.   Any clues would be appreciated.  Please contact Barrie direct. (Sandy McNab advised Barrie of Gary’s whereabouts in WA, thanks Sandy) 14/01/00.