QSO the WORLD  -  January to December 2003


Des Vizzard sends:  "Please be advised my new email address is vizz@bigpond.net.au and while I am here, I must tell you that Tex Daley is pretty crook with liver problems... If anyone would like to send him a message, they can email me and I will pass all messages on to him. I suppose you are aware that Von Klimpel now lives in the sunny North. I hope to drop thru Canberra on my way back from Geelong next March, so will look up as many as I can. All the best for the season... Des Vizzard."  Many thanks Des, please pass best wishes to Tex from all communicators.  20/12/03.
31/12/03:  I have had a lot of replies re Tex being crook and have passed them on. He wishes to let everyone know his address:
Vivian Daley
PO Box 531
North Cairns QLD 4870, or

3/50 Woodward St
Edge Hill QLD 4870
Phone: 07 4053 4301

Thanks again, Viz.


David Dixon shares with us the view from his part of the world.  I'm envious!  20/12/03.


LCDR Terry O'Connor sends:  "Attached is a speech given at the hauling down of the white ensign at what was once called HMAS COONAWARRA, The area now known as Defence Establishment Berrimah has a long history with communicators. HMAS COONAWARRA continues to exist but is now placed at Darwin Naval Base inside Larrakeyah. Given the amount of communications sailors who served in Darwin, You may want to use part of it for the RANCBA web site. Regards, Terry O'Connor, LCDR, RAN, CO HMAS BETANO." Many thanks Terry, please follow this link to read the speech. 11/12/03.

Nullarbor Baker advises: "If any of the members have been trying to send emails to Phil Trenaman (who is organising the 2004 Reunion in Adelaide for Melbourne/Frank E Evans) and have been having no success - like me - there is a hiccup with the email address that I posted. Phil rang to tell me that people who want to contact him regarding the reunion should use his personal email address, which is philncarol@iprimus.com.au IMI philncarol@iprimus.com.au Once again, the reunion is in the first week of June 2004. Hopefully, some of the more than 50 communicators who were on the Melbourne at the time of the collision may be able to make it. Cheers, Nullarbor. 11/12/03."

Sonja and Allan Hellier advise the following on Paul 'Frenchy' Le Grand as advised by Mel Prosser:  "Just an update on Paul. He is still very ill, but recovering slowly, he is back in Hervey Bay hospital. The last news was he would probably lose one of his legs and be confined to a wheelchair. He would not be able to live by himself so will probably have to go into a nursing home. When I spoke to him last he was very weak, after about a minute he had to hang up. I'm going to phone on the weekend, so will let you know of any change."  11/12/03.

Alan 'Buck Rodgers I hope you may be able to help out here. This gent is one of the older type (around 75), and his grandson purchased him a cap with flag-wavers logo there on and he is looking for a cap with the correct badge sparkers can you please put a note on the webpage for assistance, the poor ole bugger has cancer and emphysema.  I went and met with him last Thursday but his prognosis is not good. Trust you can help me out.  Don can be contacted at 21 Tropicana Way, SAFETY BAY WA 6061, 08 9592 6610. Many thanks, Kind regards: Don's email follows: 

G'day Alan,
I just had a thought about my sig/sparkers cap problem. As you know my grandson gave me a sigs cap when it should have been a sparkers cap. The problem being that there was not a sparkers cap available. Enquiries have been made through Glendennings to no avail, and it is down to the problem a scrounging. No one can deny that old sailors are pretty good scroungers so I thought I would give it a try for a sparkers cap. I am willing to purchase, either a new or a second hand one (in good nick)ar I will swap my new sigs cap for a sparkers cap new or used. Any arrangement so that I end up with a sparkers cap. Now I would appreciate it if you could broadcast this entreaty to as many members as you can and we will see what happens. I hope I am not imposing on you too much, but you are after all at the controls of our group here and there is nobody else that I can turn to. I hope you can help, Alan it would be a great lift to my morale. Keep up the good work, Best regards, Don Green.
Is anyone able to help out, we must have had Sparkers caps made for some reunion or other?  3/12/03.
Since sending the above, Alan found the following site http://www.hmassydney.com/speeds_marketing.html which caters for branch caps.  However, Sandy McNab advised that he has a Sparkers cap from the 1996 RANCBA Brisbane reunion which he will be delivering  personally to Don on one of his weekly return trips to visit family at Mandurah.  BZ for your kindness Sandy, I'm sure Don will greatly appreciate it.  13/12/03.


Brian Nichols sends:  "Just to let all ex-comms, especially those who served there, that HMAS COONAWARRA is being decommissioned this morning (1 December 2003) after sixty odd years of service. All staff are being moved to the Darwin Patrol Boat base at Larrakeyah. The government is going to sell off the land in the near future. Regards, Brian Nichols."  I suppose this is progress, but it is a sad day!  3/12/03. 

Noel 'Molly' Muller sends:  "Hi to all readers of this page and ex communicators. For those of you that do not know, Les Thurgood is retiring this month from the Bureau of Meteorology at Melbourne after tell all of us lies about the weather for too bloody long. I would just like to wish you a very long and happy retirement Les and try and stay out of trouble on that big trip round the big rubber ball. Do not forget to get off when you get back and keep in touch as much as possible while you are away, regards, Noel (Molly) Muller R57591 T/O Rankin 1961."  Tks Molly and all the best to Pete in his well-earned retirement.  3/12/03.

Les Thurgood sends:  "Have been talking to Tom (TJ) (Mozz) Morris ex RO, and his wife Rena nee Hill ex LWRRO over in WA, and he is wondering if anyone knows where Eric Tonks is these days. Tom can be contacted on tmorris@fish.wa.gov.au Regards, Les Thurgood."  If any one can help Les and Mozz please email them direct.  22/11/03.

Reg Fodin 1927-2003 - I have been informed that Reg Fodin (ex-WORS) passed away recently age 76.  No further details are to hand, so if anyone is able to pass on more information please let me know.  Lest we Forget.  17/11/03. More information regarding Reg is available on the Submariner's web site at http://submarinesaustralia.com

Bruce Potts advises:  "On 30th November 1965 HMAS Vendetta captured an Indonesian vessel called Mutiara. If any of your members were part of that boarding party and need assistance with a claim against DVA in relation to this incident I may  be able to assist.  Bruce Potts, beapea@optusnet.com.au" 17/11/03

Douglas Marsh is on the move again: "I'm happily living back in Perth and am driving over the sand pit (Nullarbor) to the East for Xmas for the first time since 1992. Incidentally Trevor Pike of Sydney is flying to Perth and then returning to Sydney with me as he has never made the crossing by road. The last time I drove over I picked up some bad fuel at Cocklebiddy and wonder if any members who have made a recent crossing have any ideas on Road Houses to avoid for any reasons. The bad fuel at Cocklebiddy caused my Falcon XF to wheeze rather badly about 40km east of Cocklebiddy as it tried to pass something through its injectors."  Tks Doug, I'm sure Kev Ruwoldt would be able to pass on some advice from his recent travels.  17/11/03.  After his recent trip, Sandy McNab passed very detailed advice on crossing the Nullarbor to Doug, many thanks Sandy.

Graham 'Barney' Barnett sends:  "I wonder if I could put a message on the QSO Forum please. I am about to order a Queenborough Cap, which Kevin Ruwoldt arranged a year or two ago. The new bloke who runs it now (Phil Kemp - lpkonya@optusnet.com.au ) sent me a .bmp file of the artwork and asked me to check it for any errors. On it he has F02/VLNF. In my dim memory recesses I seem to recall that QueenBee's call sign was VLNZ, or am I getting confused with Stuart. I was wondering if any of your old-timer RO's can remember. Is there a list of the callsigns any where? Many thanks, and kind regards, Graham "Barney" Barnett. PS. I read Ruwies "Harman Story". It was almost like a re-union with some of them. I got a mention as I was at Harman with him Aug 61 to Mar 62."  Tks Barney, I have passed the email on to Kev, but other readers may be able to help also.  8/11/03.
Kev replied with the following:
Re Queenborough, you're right mate - it was Queenborough FO2/VLNZ
Quiberon FO3/VLND
Quickmatch FO4/VLNF
Quadrant FO1/VKMJ

Slim & Ritva Harley send:  "Sandy & pat McNab called in a few weeks ago and gave me the web site info so thought I had better get into gear and drop a line. My email address is as follows: deempok@aol.com. Be most happy to hear from any old shipmates. We are both retired now and getting set to take the caravan for a long trip "somewhere" - naturally I haven't been told where yet!. Cheers to all, pse qso via email. Bye Slim."  8/11/03.

Kev Ruwoldt reports on another DVA trap for old players:  "Prior to departure last year on my 21 month journey around Australia, I rang DVA, Defence Housing (Insurance) and Redcliffe City Council (Rates) advising that I had house sitters looking after our house during our trip. They all advised me that there were no problems as long as the house sitters were not paying rent. Assured all of the above that there would be no rent money paid. During our trip I called into DVA offices in Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Toowoomba and Townsville (July) to update the paperwork on our allocated pensions and investments. Upon returning to Townsville in September I had new paperwork to be photocopied and forwarded to the Brisbane office. I was asked how long had we been on the road. As I had been up front with our trip details with everyone from the start, informed the lady 19 months. She then advised me that our house would have to be assessed as an asset after 12 months away, our caravan would now be our principle place of residence. I was flabbergasted and advised her that all the offices we had updated paperwork with, had all asked about our holiday and no one had mentioned anything about a regulation about being away from the house for more than 12 months. She said sorry, but the legislation is there, and I would have had a copy of it, with the first lot of correspondence when I originally qualified for a part pension. As the paper work was at home, I did not argue. A week later, I received paperwork advising me of the regulation and a letter explaining that I owed DVA over $3000 pension paid since February and I now had 28 days to work out repayment details with DVA. My pension has been reinstated from the 21st Oct, the date we returned to our residence. I hope that my experience can be of use to other members out there who may be planning a holiday longer than 12 months."  Tks Ruwie, I'm sure this will be of interest to others who probably won't be surprised to discover there is another DVA 'grey area'.  27/10/03.

And a follow up from Nullarbor Baker:  "Further to Ruwy's problems with DVA.....My wife, Jenne, and I, having paid off the dreaded mortgage thought it might be time to utilise the Defence Force loan of $25,000 to do some renovations/extensions. Got the form off the website and started filling it in, and came to a question regarding ownership of another home. Because Jenne and I had bought out the other family members when my in-laws passed away and became the proud owners of our own little holiday cottage on the Snowy River, I was told we did not qualify for the loan. I argued that it was an entitlement that I had earned in 1965 and had never used. "Too bad!" was the terse reply "It has always been that way. You can't own another house (whether in your name or in the name of your spouse) and qualify for the loan." Maybe I'm just stupid, but in case there is anyone out there who hasn't used the loan yet and has a holiday/investment home, put it in your kids' names before you apply for the loan. The good part of the story is that I have a mate who is a bank manager, and he reckons you can get a loan at not much more than Westpac is giving out anyway. So the government can place their bloody loan where the sun don't shine!! Ciao, Nullarbor."  28/10/03.

Kev Ruwoldt has, believe it or not, finally finished his round Australia trip: "Well the happy wanderer has finally arrived home after nearly 21 months on the road. Met a lot of people and managed to spread the word about the RANCBA web site and the forthcoming Sydney 2005 get together. Hope those people I spoke to have joined the association as promised. Had a couple of people ask me for the whereabouts of former WRAN Kim Wanstal. Last saw her at Coonawarra in 69. Maybe someone out there can help. Also had a cuppa prior to leaving Hervey Bay this morning with Barbara and Greg Simpson. Saw someone was looking for her in the QSO column. Barb has been in touch with her. Am now looking forward to a few convivials at the Bookies Club Friday night. Regards, Kev." Good to see you home safe and sound Ruwie, many thanks for the interesting updates during your travels.  22/10/03.

Sonja Hellier sends: "Hi John - have just had word from Ruwie the wanderer, that Paul "Frenchie" Le Grande fell and broke his hip, and has been transferred from Hervey Bay to Royal Brisbane Hospital - Ward 4A. He is also suffering from pneumonia. Perhaps you could include in your next QSO update. Many thanks, Sonja."  17/10/03.

G'day to all, Richard "Sugar" Cane (ex CPORSS) paid off in 93 and have been living in Palawan in the Philippines since. Do we have any other ex comms (or any ex Pussers for that matter) personnel up this way.???? Regards to all who may know me... rjcane@hotmail.com 17/10/03.

Gordon "Davo" Davison ex PORS, sends:  "I was told about this web page yesterday by Warren (Fred) Lloyd, have had a quick squiz and enjoyed it and seeing the old shipmates names in lights, brought back a lot of memories. Especially saddened to hear of Pieter Oetelmans passing, he was a good boss and nice man to go with it.  I got out in 1989 served on/at Leeuwin, Vampire, Cerberus, Duchess (twice), Melville (Coonawarra), Brisbane, Harman (3 times), Flinders, Yarra (3 times), Kuttabul (twice), Adelaide, Currently working at police radio Penrith with Dennis Thompson and Denis O'Sullivan & Ray Bennett (all ex CY or CCY). Regards Davo."  12/10/03.

Sonja & Alan Hellier advise that:  "RANCBA Qld AGM and Reunion will be conducted at the Bookmakers Club, Wharf Street on Friday 24th October 2003, commencing 7.30 p.m. Meals are available and those wishing to partake should roll up earlier. All welcome. Many thanks, Sonja Hellier."  29/9/03.

Peter Guy sends:  "G'day all....Just a reminder that our AGM will be held on Saturday 11th October 2003 at Royals Rugby Club at Weston, ACT, 1900 for 1930 start. If you have not already done so, please advise me, or any committee member, of your attendance, or apology (so we can advise the caterer). Hope to see you all there, all visitors to Canberra are welcome to attend.......Peter Guy, Secretary, RANCBA-ACT, 6288 0828."  29/9/03.

Ray Knights sends:  "Hi Y'All...As you can see am back on Deck and looking forward to hearing how life's been treating you. Rdgs and best wishes, Ray and Sandy Knights."  29/9/03.

Kevin & Kerrie Gregory send:  Found your site recently as we are "grey nomads' wandering in our caravan. Its great. Could you please put our details on the email list - Kevin & Kerrie Gregory kevkerrie@westnet.com.au Phone: 0419 045 962 (not sure whether the list actually has phone numbers). Many thanks. Kevin & Kerrie Gregory, "Wandering West Aussies".  26/9/03.

Mike Allen sends:  Hi, I am new to computers and have just recently found your site and I would like to ask you to include my address on your list. Ex Sig 1957-64...Mike Allen R53479....allenz1@bigpond.com. I have also just become a member, Thanks, Mike.  26/9/03.

Duncan Fairbairn sends:  "Hi there Guys, Just like to pass on congrats for an excellent site. I was directed to the site by ex-CPOSY Pete Cook, particularly due to this week's photo of ex-CV21 V/S crew. Sure enough, I am pictured there, bottom right, a "seasoned" ABSIG at that time. It was excellent to see a photo of the old guys and to see all the old names in the email contacts section. Great to hear the news about the upcoming reunion too. Could you please add my name and details to the email contacts. It is Duncan Fairbairn, living in WA, email is:dalken35@hotmail.com. I have been working in Australian Customs Service for 3 years, so if any of you come in to Perth International Airport, I might see you there. Watch out! Look forward to catching up with anyone, Regards, Duncan." 17/9/03.

Lois Redpath sends:  "Hi John, have just been downloading the email list from the site and would appreciate if my address could be included. I have discovered the addresses of many old friends on the list and will certainly catch up with them via email. My address is : Redpath.. Lois....VIC... merah@alphalink.com.au. Many thanks, Lois."  9/9/2003.

Ron 'Nullarbor' Baker sends: Arrived back safely from Frank E Evans reunion in Long Beach, CA. Spent the remainder of three weeks lowering the beer stocks in Texas and California. If anyone is considering attending the 2004 Melbourne/Evans 35th Anniversary Reunion in Adelaide (June 2-4 incl), they should contact Phil Trenaman, 78 Lennox Dr, Paralowie 5108 SA..phone 08 82813446..email address frankeevansmelb04@iprimus.com.au A few of the Americans are thinking about doing the trip, so it should be a good one. BCNU. Nullarbor."  9/9/2003.

Les Sheppard sends:  Could you please tell me who has the original photo of the recruit school 1957 that you have on your home page as I am one of those in the photo even tho they spelt my name wrong, it's (Leslie Errol Sheppard) I was known as Errol in NSW and as Les in WA. I have copied the photo off the net but it wasn't a very good copy, so if you or the owner can "please" send me a copy to me I and my partner would greatly appreciate it - I enjoyed looking over the site as I know a few of the names on the list, I was a PO(RS) 1957-67 I retired only because my ex missus wanted me to get out (so she could divorce me) and ruin the rest of my life as I would have gone on to complete many more enjoyable years in RAN. I served on HMAS Tobruk (# 1), kuttabul (several times), Coonawarra, Kranjinavradsta, Albatross, Cerberus (2) Diamantina, Cresswell (SAR's at marine section) Leeuwin(to pay off) suprisingly I was never drafted to Harman. I hope you can help, regards, Les Sheppard (Shep or Sluggo) email sluggo@myplace.net.auI have put Les in touch with Graham Bence and Hugh Brendish who are also in the photo, hopefully this will give him a lead to the original photo.  I am sure he would like to be contacted by any old shipmates also. 22/8/03.

LCDR Annette Nelson sends:  "The (Harman) book has been published, but I have been requested to create a list of the XOs of HARMAN. I have the details for the last 20 years but need the details of those that held the position prior to 1981.

The format I would prefer is: Rank/Given Names/Surname/Date of holding position of XO HARMAN

Can you please post this to the communicator's Website and ask people to stretch their memories and send the results to me at Annette.Nelson@defence.gov.au

I am on leave from 12Jul-9Sep, so I will not be able to reply to any queries during that period. Many thanks for your assistance in providing such a wonderful forum for such requests.

When I get back from leave, I promise faithfully to scan the photos from HARMAN's 60th and send them to you for the website. I am sorry I haven't done it before, but I am not sure where the time went to.  If anyone is able to help with this request, please contact Annette direct.  14/8/03.

Janice Hoover sends: "Congratulations on a great site, just found it and have made it a favourite. I was in WRANS, August '63 intake, went to NOWRA in first intake of WRANS, and am looking for Rags Roger Garrett, Stroppy Gordon Prove, Pete Donald (like my brother!), RC Dick Bishop, and all my great friends from back then. Hope you can help me. Tksalot Janice <janice@hoover.&#110;&#101;&#116;> " If anyone knows the whereabouts of the above, could you please contact Janice direct (her maiden name was Paddick).  14/8/03.

David Graham sends:  "Just a line to let anyone who is interested that I am still alive and reasonably well, found out about this site from Pat Cashman at a &#99;&#111;&#109;ms Officers' Dinner so thought I would try to renew old acquaintances. It has been 13 years since I paid off. I would also appreciate you including my email address details in your contact page - it is David Graham - Vic - grahamd@alphalink.&#99;&#111;&#109;.au - tks in advance. David Graham, (0412) 120 359, 03 97833923."  14/8/03.


A former career officer in the Royal Australian Navy, Rear Admiral Simon Harrington (Ret'd), will be the new Services member of the Repatriation &#99;&#111;&#109;mission, the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Danna Vale, announced today. Mrs Vale said RADM Harrington would take up his three-year appointment as Repatriation &#99;&#111;&#109;missioner from 25 August 2003, succeeding Major General Paul Stevens.

"The Repatriation &#99;&#111;&#109;mission is the agency charged with meeting Australia's &#99;&#111;&#109;mitment to care for those who have served our nation in wars, conflicts and peace operations," Mrs Vale said.

"With the support of the Department of Veterans' Affairs, the &#99;&#111;&#109;mission delivers &#99;&#111;&#109;pensation and health benefits and discharges the nation's obligation to remember and honour our servicemen and women.

"The Services member of the &#99;&#111;&#109;mission is appointed from nominations received from the ex-service &#99;&#111;&#109;munity. RADM Harrington's appointment was proposed by the RSL, Legacy and the Naval Association of Australia, and I am confident he will be well-received by the Australian veteran &#99;&#111;&#109;munity," the Minister said.

RADM Harrington joined the RAN at the age of 15 and, after graduating from the Royal Australian Naval College, served in a number of ships including HMAS Vampire and HMAS Yarra during the Vietnam War.

His 39-year Navy career includes service in the Far East Strategic Reserve and in Papua New Guinea, before &#99;&#111;&#109;manding HMAS Canberra in 1987-88 and HMAS Adelaide in 1992-93. RADM Harrington also served in positions including &#99;&#111;&#109;manding Officer of the RAN College at Jervis Bay, Director General Recruiting and Support &#99;&#111;&#109;mander - Navy, and was Head of Australian Defence Staff and Defence Attache at the Australian Embassy in Washington for three years until retiring in 2002.

"RADM Harrington brings to his appointment a depth of operational and administrative experience that will be invaluable during what is likely to be a challenging period for the Repatriation &#99;&#111;&#109;mission," the Minister said.

"This includes the implementation of the proposed new Military Rehabilitation and &#99;&#111;&#109;pensation Scheme, which is planned to be administered by a &#99;&#111;&#109;mission including the three members of the Repatriation &#99;&#111;&#109;mission."  14/8/03

Regret to report LEN ASHFORD (Ex Sig Yeo) passed away Sunday 20th July 2003. Further details for funeral will be advised when known. Len, a member of RANCBA (WA) has not been well, and has been in the hands of a carer for some considerable time. Ron Tuckwell.  Lest we F&#111;&#114;&#103;et.  29/7/03.

Bob Marnham has : "stumbled onto the RANCBA page and congrats for all the great info there.. U might want to &#111;&#114;&#103;anise my email to be added to the email links page - Bob Marnham marnham1@bigpond.&#99;&#111;&#109; for me.. cheers to all.. I am sure there would be many &#99;&#111;&#109;municators who served at HARMAN in the 60's who would like to make contact with Bob and see how he is going.  Great to hear from you Bob.  29/7/03.

Ron 'Nullarbor' Baker sends:  "The 35th anniversary of the collision between HMAS Melbourne (Carrier) and USS Frank E Evans (Destroyer) occurs on 3rd June 2004. (For the younger members, 74 American sailors were lost at sea, with no loss to Australian sailors). The reunion is now being planned for Adelaide and will take place in the first week of June. I'm off to Long Beach, California, on 31 July this year for the Frank E Evans reunion and a bit of touring around for three weeks. If anyone requires any further info on either the reunion in Adelaide or the annual reunions in the States for the Frank E Evans, they can email me in the first instance. Ciao for now, Nullarbor.  20/7/03.

For anyone who may know Barbara Simpson (Ex-WRAN Petty Officer Radio Operator Telegraph (ROT)). Please contact Ros Bryan on the details mentioned below.  Regards, Ros Bryan - Bass Coast Veterans & Dependants Welfare Centre - 03 5672 4226 P.O. Box 22 Wonthaggi Vic 3995.  20/7/03.

Pete Withers, RAN 1971 - 1979 - Signalman. Postings were Sydney, Derwent, Stuart, Melbourne, Tarangau and Coonawarra.  Lots of good trips and good memories although it really does seem a life time ago now. Writing this from island of Cyprus, where I am a Police Sergeant on United Nations peace keeping duty for half of 2003. Return to normal Police duties in Canberra in November 2003. Plenty of names and photos that are familiar on this site. Email is pecan1999@hotmail.&#99;&#111;&#109; if anyone should wish to make contact. 10/7/03.

Edward (Ted) Pretty BEM, ex-WORSS, (30.12.1923 - 5.6.2003) passed away peacefully in Canberra on Thursday 5 June 2003, surrounded by his loving wife Pamela and family.  The funeral service for Ted will be held in the Chapel of the Norwood Park Crematorium, Sandford Street, Mitchell tomorrow Saturday June 7, 2003, &#99;&#111;&#109;mencing at 1400.  6/6/03.  Lest we f&#111;&#114;&#103;et.
TedPretty.jpg (50554 bytes)

Alan 'Buck' Rodgers has passed on the following email from Don Green:  "G'day Alan, I got home from Hollywood Hospital this morning after a two week stay and my first two sessions of chemotherapy. I went to my GP about a month ago with sore legs, etc.. he diagnosed fluid retention and sent me for chest x-rays to see if there was any fluid in my lungs. No fluid, but a suspicious lump. Into Hollywood, bioscopy proved to be a cancerous growth about 2.5cm diameter. Not good, but they got me straight onto the chemotherapy and we have started to fight it. The oncologist says I have about 12 months, but I am a stubborn old bugger and I told her I would settle for 3 years. She said that that was the right attitude. Anyway we will see what happens. Just because I have lung cancer does not mean I am going to buy a rocking chair and be&#99;&#111;&#109;e a bloody invalid...I will watch my diet, cut down on the booze (a little bit) and get some fresh air and exercise. I just thought I would let you know...I get all your e-mails, but sometimes I do not recognize the names ....most of them are way after my time. Keep up the good work mate, Best regards. Don Green."

And a later email:  "Hi Alan, Thanks for the msg...I hope to get a few e-mails from the blokes, if there are any who still remember me. I would like to hear from Max Tully...he always gave me his tobacco ration cards way back, so I smoked too bloody much. Anyway it has taken 75 years to catch up with me, so I reckon I have had a pretty good innings, and am not &#99;&#111;&#109;plaining about things. My family are very supporting, and the nurses at Hollywood were superb in the support they gave me....they strengthened my resolve to fight this thing, and I feel that I can squeeze a bit more time than the Doc told me I have. Even if it is only out of pure bloody pig headedness. Thank you for your concern, mate....when the weather gets a bit warmer we may have to &#111;&#114;&#103;anise a couple of beers or two. Best regards. Don."  I have put Don in touch with Max Tully, but I am sure there are other &#99;&#111;&#109;municators who would like to wish Don well, please respond to his email address above.  We will be thinking of him as he fights and wins the battle.  3/6/03. 

Update on 21 June 2003: 
G'day Alan, Back home again after round two with the chemo, and feeling pretty good, almost. The side effects of this stuff is different for almost everyone, and can &#99;&#111;&#109;e up worth some interesting things. I have had skin cancers on my bald head and around my temples for years, used to get them treated every six months. Two seperate sessions of this chemotherapy and all but about four of the skinnies have gone. I can only hope that with a bit more attention that the big bugger on my lung may take the hint and disappear too! Well one should be allowed to hope, I hope!  Things are not too bad, my Doc says I have the right attitude and has hopes that we may prolong the original prognosis....I hope so... have to get to August 21 2004 at the very least....that will be my 50th wedding anniversary, and I have told the family I expect a pretty good party on the day. From their response I am sure it will be a beaut. Anyway mate I am going pretty well so far, and have good backing from the whole mob involved in my case and hope to have a couple more years than originally forecast. Will keep you informed, Best regards Don.


ROS SCHUPPNER nee ROBERTS - The following was received from Sonja Hellier:

Sadly I have to advise the sudden passing of one of our members.  Ros Schuppner, nee Roberts (formerly married to ex sparker Max Stokoe), suffered a massive heart attack Friday 23rd May 2003, and went into a &#99;&#111;&#109;a and passed away soon after.

Ros joined the Wrans in 1956, as a Tel and served, after &#99;&#111;&#109;pleting her training in Cerberus and Harman, at Coonawarra and again at Harman. She discharged in 1958.

After she retired to the Glass House Mountains area, she continued with her Naval involvement in various &#111;&#114;&#103;anisations, including at one stage Lt. Naval Reserve Cadets; Secretary for Mission to Seaman, Naval Association (Q) of which she was a Life Member; she was also a long time member of the WRANS and also Probus.

Funeral arrangements have been made with Traditional Funerals Burpengary for 2pm Wednesday 28th May 2003.

Condolences may be forwarded to husband Deiter and family 11 Woodford Beerburrum Road, BEERBURRUM 4517.

Sonja Hellier
Hon. Secretary
Lest we f&#111;&#114;&#103;et.  25/5/2003

LYNDON JOHN MILCREEST HACKWOOD - HACKY (R50825) passed away peacefully at the Holy Spirit Hospital Chermside on 17th May 2003.

"Relatives and friends are invited to attend Hacky's funeral service to be held at the Pinaroo Crematorium, Graham Road, Bridgeman Downs on Thursday 22nd May 2003 at 11 am. No Flowers by request. Donations to Childrens Charity of your choice would be appreciated"

Condolences may be directed to his wife Ly&#110;&#101;&#116;te and family at 12 Kambala Street Everton Park 4053.

Sonja Hellier
Hon Sec. RANCBA Qld. Chapter
Lest we f&#111;&#114;&#103;et.  19/5/2003.

I have been reliably informed that Mick Bleathman (ex-ABSIG) passed away from a cancer-related illness in Hervey Bay recently, age 46.  Mick would be well known to those &#99;&#111;&#109;municators who were at HARMAN in the late 70's/early 80's.  Lest we f&#111;&#114;&#103;et, 14/5/03.

I have had a request seeking the whereabouts of Terry Vickers. He was at Cerberus in 1963, but I don't know if he was a &#99;&#111;&#109;municator.  If anyone is able to help, please contact me direct.  14/5/03.

Bob York passes on the following:  "Just had a great day with the Qld chapter on Anzac Day. Many people have lost track of the Ahoy.! contact website since it moved to Bigpond. Ahoy.! is a free contact forum for all current and ex RAN personnel. Archives go back over three years - somebody may be looking for you! www.users.bigpond.&#110;&#101;&#116;.au/theyorks/ You may also want to add this URL to the links page. Ahoy.! is not in &#99;&#111;&#109;petition to QSO, it &#99;&#111;&#109;plements the &#99;&#111;&#109;munications Branch forum with all other branches and allied services to give more chance of success to those looking for old shipmates. Regards, Bob York ex CPORSES."  Tks Bob, it's a pleasure to pass it on.  4/5/03.

Sonja Hellier & Des and Win Kennedy provide the following sad news about Lyn 'Hackie' Hackwood: " Arrived home from the Anzac Day bash and received a phone call from Hackies daughter (round 5 pm) to say that he is in a &#99;&#111;&#109;a in hospital, having previously suffered two strokes . Alan took the call, and the details are a bit sketchy. He is in the Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital 627 Rode Road Chermside Brisbane. Will try to follow up with his wife Lyn and family tomorrow and pass on anything further.  Sonja."

"Spoke to Lyn last night she rang after she came back from the hospital. Apparently he is in a induced &#99;&#111;&#109;a and has had about three turns and has had a op to relieve the pressure I asked her how she thought things were she said iffy. Have just had a text message from Karen she said there has been no change to his condition overnight. So guess it is a matter of wait and see she said he was paralysed down one side which is not good. Regards, Des & Win."

Update 4/5:  Alan spoke with Hackey's daughter Karen this morning, and reports the following:  He had a bad night, but no change. Still in &#99;&#111;&#109;a and doctor says he is just hanging on. He has been placed in a normal ward (out of icu, as there is nothing more they can do for him) and it is just a matter of time. Alan and Sonja.

My apologies for the delay in posting the above - I have been away attending the FESR Reunion in Adelaide.  I will post further details on Hackie as they &#99;&#111;&#109;e to hand. 4/5/03.

Sandy & Pat McNab are on the move again:  "Greetings OM. We're planning to move off with the Cruiser and Caravan about the 7th May. In the north the locals refer to them as terrorists but I know they really mean tourists, i.e. grey haired old farts tonkering along the highways on their annual northern pilgrimage to warmer climes. Our route is up to Pt Hedland (where we left off 20 months ago) and then onto BR, DB, KU, KN, Darwin, Kakadu, KN, TC, AS, Coober Pedy and onto Adelaide. Then the lower Murray River and its environs, the Grampians, Bendigo, Ballarat, Melbourne thence via the NE Victorian highlands and eventually CB via Cooma. Unfortunately not in time for HARMAN's 60th anniversary celebration. Lance and Chris have extended an invitation to have a break in the journey with them. A visit to relatives at Sydney, thence it's back to CB and hook on the van. Across to Bateman Bay and it's coastal all the way back to ML, then via the Great Ocean Road to Mt Gambier, Adelaide and back across the Nullarbor. If Murphy has not tapped us on the shoulder beforehand our anticipated ETA home is about mid November. Have not suspended our sandypat@ii&#110;&#101;&#116;.&#110;&#101;&#116;.au e-mail address account as I wish to access ii&#110;&#101;&#116;'s web-mail from time to time. We have contact details of several ex-&#99;&#111;&#109;municators along the way, so hope to say hi when possible. Our new Telstra mobile number for the trip is 0400 240 643. We're looking forward to many roadside 'happy hours', some magnificent sunsets, not too many early starts, like sunrises, safe motoring and a healthy journey. Best wishes for now, and our sincere regards to all. Sandy and Pat."  4/5/03.

Keith (Tug) Wilson sends: True to form, after including my email address in the White Pages for 2003 I have changed my ISP. Anyone that would like to contact me or Iris (Nee Eade) please email to emarket@webone.&#99;&#111;&#109;.au I am catching up with Keith Gorsuch for a drink this Thursday night and a chat about the Tarangau days (1970) so if anyone in Canberrra would like to join us for a drink we will be at O'Neils Irish Pub, Dickson about 1915. Love to hear from some of those ghosts from the past who led me astray. Regards To All. Tug Wilson.  17/4/03.

Neil Nunn sends: "For starters, I was sad to learn the news of the passing of Pieter Oetelmans. We served together at Albatross in 1972 and I am sincerely glad that I had the opportunity to see and talk with him at the reunion last year. With the above in mind I am now even more determined in my endeavours of trying to find what became of Al Paskins. I would be grateful if you could put this request on QSO the World. We joined together as part of the Leeuwin 23rd Intake. Thanks John. Regards, Neil."  Does anyone know where Al Paskins is, or what happened to him.  Please contact Neil direct.  7/4/03.

Alan 'Buck' Rodgers sends the terrible news we have been expecting:  "It is with regret I advise you that PIETER OETELMANS (ex-WORS) passed away Monday morning (24 March 2003) WA time, age 57.  I will advise funeral arrangements when known. Alan 'Buck' Rodgers. Lest we F&#111;&#114;&#103;et.  24/3/03.

Pieter Oetelmans 1946 to 2003. (ex WORS 1962 TO 1990) ex JR of 1962 intake.

The following arrangements have been made for Pieter's funeral.

Thursday 27th March 2003.
evening 7.00pm at Bowra and Odea facilities
312 South Street Hilton WA.
ROSARY service will be held.

Friday 28th March 2003
MASS will be held at ST Patricks 
47 Adelaide Street Fremantle
&#99;&#111;&#109;mencing at 2.00pm.
Followed by burial at the Catholic Section
Railway Road KARRAKATTA.
This funeral is due to &#99;&#111;&#109;mence at 3.30pm.
Those who wish to attend each ceremony are most wel&#99;&#111;&#109;e
Those who wish to attend the funeral should meet at the main entrance.

Funeral notice will be placed in the West Australia newspaper Tuesday morning 25th March

It is my intension to insert a notice on behalf of the RANCBA WA for Wednesday in the same paper.

WA also forwarded flowers to Judy and Pieter last week.

As a mark of respect for Pieter a White Ensign has been arranged. It is requested that those who attend please wear their medals. Rest in peace Pieter.  
Alan 'Buck' Rodgers

ANZAC Day 2003:  If anyone is visiting Adelaide for Anzac Day (I'm thinking particularly about those who will be attending the FESR Reunion), please follow this link for information provided by Tex Sherriff about the march and where to meet up afterwards.  Many thanks Tex, see you there.  23/3/03.

Bob Lindberg has found the web site:  "Don't know if anyone will remember me. I joined as a JR in Jan 1968. Did my TO course with Rod Mclaurin. Von Klimpel. Blue Holgrave, Kim Kearney and John Champion. I married Jackie Miller (LWRWTR) in 1977 & then discharged in June 1978. Those who know me, said it wouldn't last. You were right. After 15 years we divorced. Moved West in 1984 & am currently employed by the Weather Bureau in Perth. I just discovered this Website through two other ex-&#99;&#111;&#109;municators I work with. John Burdett and Jerry Farrington.(both ex TO's). Wish I found it years ago. Gidday to all who know me and others who wish they didn't. Looking at this Website brings back a lot of memories (some vivid) & some a bit foggy. Does anyone recall a Wran Greenie called Lorelle Evans? Last saw her under unusual circumstances. If anyone wants a chat, go for it. Thanks for trubs. Regards Bob Lindberg (ex ABSIG) from HMAS Leeuwin, Cerberus, Harman, Vendetta, Penguin, Platypus, Sydney, Brisbane and finally Harman again."  Tks Bob, good to hear from you, I'm sure others will make contact and keep you up to date - don't f&#111;&#114;&#103;et the next reunion in Sydney in April 2005.  22/3/03.

John Tuke sends:  "Could you add my name and address to the AIG 2005 list, please. Have been out of e-mail range for some 6 months, working in the depths of darkest suburban Dublin. Am returning to Perth in time for the Anzac Day march at which time my address will change to johntuke224@hotmail.&#99;&#111;&#109;  Good to catch up with the QSO's after some 6 months. Keep up the good work. Regards, John Tuke."  Have done John, good to hear from you,  22/3/03.

Alan 'Buck' Rodgers sends the following sickbay report:  "Good day to you all. It is my sad duty to inform you that one of our fellow &#99;&#111;&#109;municators is very ill. PIETER OETELMANS - He has terminal cancer. He has spent the last 3 months in Hollywood Hospital and is now at home being looked after by his wife JUDY (EX WRAN) and nursing people from the Silver Chain.

Pieter is typical of the male species and did not want any of his mates to know he was crook. Judy told me that when he was in Canberra participating in the reunion last April he knew then he was not a well boy.  If any one would like to visit him, please do the courtesy of telephoning Judy first to ascertain if Pieter will receive visitors. Or cards etc is ok.

Pieter and Judy Oetelmans
Unit 9, 100 SOUTH Street
Telephone (08) 9335 8416

It took a letter from Col Dicker in Queensland to notify us in the West of this problem.. It should not take this, us mere males should pull our finger out and let others know if we or someone else is ill. We could at least visit them and or provide some assistance."  Thanks Buck, I can only echo your sentiments.  It must be a very tough time for Pieter and his family, but knowing he has support from his many friends may provide some ray of sunshine during this difficult period. 15/3/03.

19/3/03:  Update from Barry 'Bones' Lehmann "I visited Peiter this morning and as you are well aware he is extremely ill. I was able to speak to him briefly and he smiled and acknowledged me when I passed on to him all the good wishes from all the ex naval &#99;&#111;&#109;municators. You may wish to pass this message on to the website.

24/3/03:  Alan Rodgers regretfully advised that Pieter passed away on Monday 24 March 2003.  Lest we F&#111;&#114;&#103;et.

Wally Leijen sends: "I walked into a pub in Port MacDonnell mid February and started talking to the publican, as one tends to do. Introduced himself as Alan Johnstone. We started talking as the beer was flowing and it appears that Alan was a sparker (which I didn't hold against him as he was in charge of the beer taps) on Submarines. It appears that him and I went through &#99;&#111;&#109;ms school aprrox the same time and we mentioned a few people that we both knew. Now it seems that Alan was a good mate of Lofty Baird and would like to get in contact with him. If anybody knows Lofty's address could they forward it to vicptmac@bigpond.&#99;&#111;&#109; for Alan. Apart from that, I am sure that any ex &#99;&#111;&#109;municators driving through that part of South Australia will be well looked after if they drop into the Victoria Hotel. Its not hard to find, its the only one in town. The meals are good, bar staff friendly and he has poker machines to keep the wives occupied. Alan arranged a trip out one of the many cray boats in the area for myself and a mate. We had a great time and the crays for breakfast were great. Anyway looking forward to Sydney. Regards Wally Leijen."  Many tks Wal, I have passed Lofty's contact details to Alan.  10/3/03.

Doug Marsh is on the move again: "After living in Espa˝a since April 2001, I'm heading back to the Land of Oz, nothing I've since leaving in December 2000 has convinced me there is a better place to live, we really don't know how lucky we are. However, before leaving Europe, I'm going up to Scandinavia for 4 weeks or so and getting some sea time up by cruising down the Norwegian coast from Troms°, above the Arctic Circle to Bergen, hopefully I'll get to see the Northern lights. I hope the Sydney guys are getting their heads together re the Sydney 2005 reunion, the Canberra one was a blast, I had a great time, none of which would have happened without great planning by the &#99;&#111;&#109;mittee. Regards..Doug Marsh".  28/2/03.

Tony 'Tackers" Miles advises that:  "Bill Joyce (ex CRS) and his wife Beth are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Feb the 22nd .There is a open house invitation for any ex navy personnel who have served with Bill to attend at 79 Cothill Rd Silkstone Ipswich &#99;&#111;&#109;mencing 2pm with the cutting of the cake at 4pm .Those who cannot attend may like to email their best wishes to "woods7@optus&#110;&#101;&#116;.&#99;&#111;&#109;.au". This is a surprise so please do not contact Bill or Beth direct. Cards and letters can be sent to 14 Haswell Crt Raceview Q 4305. Those who can attend it is BYO alcohol. 50 years is a wonderful achievement and Bill and Beth are to be congratulated. There are a lot of &#99;&#111;&#109;municators who served with Bill and I am sure that he would be pleased to hear from you.  Tackers."  Tks Tackers, I agree, it is a great occasion and one which should be well remembered by family and friends.  6/2/03.

Gary Robinson has advised that: "LCDR (ex CPORS) Mick Pearce died of prostrate cancer on 02DEC02 in Gosford, NSW. He was 55 years of age. Mick retired in 1997 after 20 years RAN service primarily in the submarine arm. Mick served in the Royal Navy prior to transferring. He served as PORS/CPORS at NCS Harold E Holt 82-85 prior to being &#99;&#111;&#109;missioned. He ended his career at RANTAU in North Sydney.  Mick is survived by wife Elizabeth and sons Jaimie (ex RAN 1996-2001) and Edward and daughter Angela."  Sad news, he will be remembered by his many &#99;&#111;&#109;municator friends.  Lest We F&#111;&#114;&#103;et. 6/2/03.

Tribal Class Destroyers Crews Reunion - Canada.

Re-posted with permission of the originator:
I would like to use your website to try and get in touch with any naval veterans who served in your Tribal Class Destroyers. I am the Vice/Pres. (West) of the Canadian Tribal Destroyer Assoc. and my territory includes western Canada, West coast of the USA and Australia. Our assoc. is going to have a reunion in Hamilton, Ontario (about and hours drive south of Toronto) this &#99;&#111;&#109;ing August 27th to Sept. lst. We are hoping to have Tribal Destroyer veterans from Britain and Australia join us at that time as the highlight will be wel&#99;&#111;&#109;ing HMCS Haida, the last WW II Tribal destroyer to Hamilton where it will be&#99;&#111;&#109;e a floating museum. At present it is undergoing a refit so she will be in spick and span condition when we wel&#99;&#111;&#109;e her to her new home port. If there are any Tribal Class veterans reading this I would appreciate hearing from you whether or not you will be &#99;&#111;&#109;ing to Canada. Yours aye, Pete Fane P.S. My home address is 1894 Seaboard Cres., Saanichton, B.C. Canada V8M 1K6 and my e-mail address is: pfane@island&#110;&#101;&#116;.&#99;&#111;&#109;  Thursday, 16 January 2003.  29/1/03.

Stephen 'Porky' O'Rourke sends:  "Hi John enjoy the RANCBA web site, now that I have a good ISP would like to give you my email address for AIG 2002 : s_jorourke@hotmail.&#99;&#111;&#109;. Left the Navy November 1996, moved to Brisbane and currently work for Brisbane City Council as an Administration Officer in the City. Regards Porky.  29/1/03.

Rod Beckinsale is once again in Canberra Hospital after suffering another mild heart attack on Saturday 18 January 2003.  He will undergo an angiogram today (Wednesday 22 Jan) to determine the extent of the problem.  Rod had previously been told that he still had a blockage after his initial operation, and had been booked in by his cardiologist for treatment in late February.  This will probably bring that date forward, but Rod will know more after the angiogram.  22/01/03.

The follow-up is best left to Rod: 
The coronary bypass I had in October didn't fix me. I had two blocked arteries and they only fixed one; believing the other wouldn't cause any problems. They were wrong. I was scheduled to go back to hospital next month, but last Saturday's events had me running around like everyone else trying to make the house as fire resistant as possible. When the fire came I was out hosing down spot fires as they flared up and breathing lots of smoke in the process (which is not good for people with heart disease). Anyway, I had chest pain through a fair bit of this and as soon as I felt the worst was over I attempted to get to hospital. Unfortunately we were pretty well surrounded by fire and it took the ambos around forty minutes to get to me. Subsequent blood tests showed that I had had another heart attack - but only a little one this time, thank God. I was kept in hospital until yesterday and had another angiogram while I was there. The cardiologists are fairly sure the artery that wasn't fixed last time is causing the problem, but have some doubt as to whether it is possible to operate on it because it is so small. Anyway, one of the specialists is prepared to have a go at fixing it and I'm to rest at home until they can make the necessary arrangements for it to be done."  Thanks for that Rod, we wish you well and hope the planned procedure is successful.  Your many friends in the &#99;&#111;&#109;ms fraternity are thinking of you and have no doubt you will make a full recovery.  25/1/03.

Update 6/2/03:  Rod had balloon/stent angioplasty treatment in Canberra Hospital on Wednesday 5 Feb and the surgeon is confident he has cleared the blockage which has been troubling Rod since his major surgery in October.  Rod is now back home recovering and hopes to go back to work next week.  Hopefully this will be the end of the process and we will see him back to his old self in the very near future.  Not his old physical self of course, as we now have a much slimmer Rod, but he looks well for it.  I'm sure there are many of you that would like to wish him well so I remind you that his e-mail address is rodbeckinsale@bigpond.&#99;&#111;&#109; 

EXAMINATION OF THE POTENTIAL EXPOSURE OF ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY (RAN) PERSONNEL TO POLYCHLORINATED DIBENZODIOXINS AND POLYCHLORINATED DIBENZOFURANS VIA DRINKING WATER.    This report and the ac&#99;&#111;&#109;panying media release are attached for the interest of those who have not seen them in other forums.  The report makes for very interesting reading (it may take some time to load!).  22/01/03.