We pay homage to the following RAN & WRAN
Communicators who have
"Crossed the Bar"

They have no grave but the cruel sea
No flowers lay at their head
A rusting hulk is their tombstone
Afast on the ocean bed.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Lest we Forget

Crossing the Bar
by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,

But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;

For though from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crost the bar.

Lost Harbor
by Leslie Nelson Jennings

There is a port of no return, where ships
May ride at anchor for a little space
And then, some starless night, the cable slips,
Leaving an eddy at the mooring place...
Gulls, veer no longer.  Sailor, rest your oar.
No tangled wreckage will be washed ashore.


Arthur Wyatt (ex CCY/LCDR)
Ronald Arthur Robinson R50191 (ex CY)
Roger Andrew Garrett R50822 (ex RO)
LCDR Richard 'Harry' Kime OAM



Neil 'Lofty' Husk R94657 (ex PORS)
John Lloyd 'Dinny' Reeves R35430 (ex CPORS)
Frederick John Harper R54251 (ex LRO)
Robert Ernest Scales R35692 (ex Ldg Sig)
Maurie Schoer R49757 (ex WORS)
Captain Doyne Hunt RAN GLEX C Rtd

Robert Rowan Drury S9246 (ex V/S)
Brian 'Slim' Harley R58321 (ex PORS(S)
Colin Harold Dicker R59872 (ex LRO)
Jack William Shave R93124 (ex-ABRO)
Donald Ray 'Titch' Parsons R59929 (ex CPORSSM)
Eric John Buist R96132 (ex ROS)
Roger Andrew Garrett R50822 (ex TEL)
Desmond Edward McKee R93067 (ex WORS)
Nathaniel 'Jack' Dempsey R50200 (ex LRO)
John Alfred 'Pincher' Martyn R39481 (ex LRO)
Frederick Maxwell 'Lofty' Burgin R49954 (ex CY/Const)


Robert John France R65114 (ex RO)
Stanley Charles Webster PM4627 (ex WW II SIG)
Edward William 'Ted' Bastow R39176 ex TEL
Harry Edward Telford R49840 (ex TEL)
Gary Francis Mettam R64949 (ex CPORSS)
Gregory Eric Gene Rouse R58342 (ex LRO)
Peter James Baggott R49927 (ex LRO)
Lance Frederick 'Suds' Sutherland R55145 (ex TO)
John Charles McNally R50265 (ex LRO)
Ronald Terence  Gannon R93406 (ex CPORSSM)
Donald Robert Muller R94077 (ex POSY)



Clive Henry 'Duke' Norfolk R52222 (ex LRO)
Noel Patrick 'Molly' Muller R57591 (ex TO)
Alan Edward Langton R51068 (ex TEL)
Peter (Rip) Kirby (ex TO)
Trevor Sleep (ex ABRO)
Peter James Figg R41806 (ex WORSS)
Terry John 'Ben' Hall R59791 (ex DO)
Bruce Ernest Spender R59234 (ex WOSY)
Keith Paul Goodwin R95557 (ex CPOSY)
Malcolm McKenzie R93237 (ex LTO)
Ian Frederick Hobbins R52693 (ex RO)
Mark George Toft (ex LSSIG) died 29 June 2018, age 60.
John Walker 'Bloo' MacAskill R58394 (ex LRO)
Gregory John Mole R96073 (ex TO)
Howard Halsted (ex SIG)
Ray Norton R29679 (ex LROS)
Maxwell George Hayles F5217 (ex Sig RANR)
Garry 'Tiny' Kopp R55707 (ex WORS(S))
Jacqueline Rhonnda Cooper (ex WRAN TEL)
Ben Simons R29397 (ex PO TEL)
Graeme 'Goldie' Barton (ex LSRO)
Neville Walter 'Dixie' Lee R35878 (ex POTEL (S))
Malcom Donald McKenzie R93237 (EX LTO)
Graham Thomas Bence R53073 (ex CPORS)
Peter Kingsley Bonser R29034 (ex POTEL)
Margaret Ann Scanlon (nee Thorpe) W86620 (ex WRROM)
Keith Frederick Bebbington R52368 (ex RO)



Leslie Joseph Nelson Bartlett R29026 (ex CCY)
Clive Thomas Voss R49697 (ex TEL)
Alison Armstrong (Nee Francis) WR/505 (ex WRAN TEL)
Lester 'Dewey' Parnell R53029 (ex TO)
Tom Mallaghan R96066 (ex RO)
Godfrey Errol 'Checkers' Aldridge R93958 (ex LRO)
Kevin Geoffrey Coomber R52533(ex LRO)
Francis Terence 'Terry' Morris R52221 (ex WORS)
Roger Leslie Harrod R63776 (ex CPOSY)
Stephen Robert Jolly R67223 (ex LRO)
Kenneth John 'Keghead' Weaver R49533 (ex LRO)
William Phillip 'Bill' Aylott R39170 (ex LTO)
Clement Charles Peterson R62682 (ex CPORS)
Stanley Michael Kean R50007 (ex SIG)
Lindsay Robert Laming R35141 (ex A/PO TEL)
Edmund Vincent Jordan Davern R50325 (ex LRO)
Lawrie Baker R29025 (ex TEL)
Sonny James Fay R57384 (ex LRO)
Trevor James Harriss R62115 (ex LRO)
Ronald Alan Foale R50610 R50110 (ex TEL)
Frederick Thomas Kluth R52485 (ex SIG)
Robyn Lynette 'Spike' Sullivan (nee Jones) W86003 (ex LWRROM)



Vivian Wayne 'Tex' Daley R93187(ex LRO)
Gary Jon 'Norm' Duscher R96346 (ex CPOSY)
Glyn William Tomlinson R95477 (ex ABRO)
Kevin Patrick Mongan R52629 (ex LRO(S))
Keith Henry Conway P29549 OAM (ex PO/TEL & SGT NDP)
Barry Charles Jackson R95432 (ex PORS)
Colin Robert Ware R93154 (ex CPORS SM)
Cranston Robert 'Bob' Doyle (ex CPORS)
Ronald James 'Nullabor' Baker R58946 (ex CPORS)
David Claud Wheeler (ex WWII Tel)
Michael Darby R62069 (ex ROS(S))
Kevin Robert 'Wizza' Wise R54196 (ex LTO)
Jim 'Blue' Pickering (ex LSRO)
Warren Francis 'Fred' Lloyd O111964 (LCDR) CSM
Shirley Fenton Huie WR1955 (ex TEL)
Barry John 'Spin' Hayward R54250 (ex LRO)
Graham Ross 'Sandy' McNab R54574 (ex RO)
Lawrence John Passmore F5155 / R35125 (ex TEL)
Steve Aiberti R53246 (ex RO)
Yasmin Hardman (ex CIS)
Ian James Timson R95175 (ex LSSIG)
Louis Clifford Jakeman B3870 (ex TEL)
Clement Maxwell Altmann R50155 (ex SIG)
CMDR Rodney John Withers RAN Rtd (ex POSY)
Robert Desmond Bergin R29521 (ex Teleg)
Norman Albert Old R52563 (ex RO)
Donald Roderick Fraser 23843 (ex WWII SIG)
Frederick John Henry Goddard R62262 (ex CPORS)
Patrick Moonie R50507 (ex RS)

Leonard John 'Buck' Rodgers R55958 (ex LTO)
Roma Lynette Phillips (Nee Heap) W85525 (ex LWRROM)
Kenneth William Primmer S7578 (WWII Tel)



Robin Wilfred Clifford R50340 (ex RO)
Robert Verne 'Shorty' Goeldner R51923 (ex POSY)
William Lawrence 'Bill' Lowe R29727 (ex CRS)
Wayne 'Sprockett' Hedges R53619 (ex LRO)
Owen Willliam Steggles R94732 (ex ROS)
John Waldron B5141 (ex WWII Sig - Corvettes)
Norah Tuckwell (nee Walmsley) WR4353 (ex WRAN TEL)
John Gilbert 'Jack' Kleinhanss R44923 (ex Tel)
Audrey Cassidy (ex WRAN Tel)
Neil Beattie (ex CPORS)
Arthur Edward 'Tugboat' Shiplee 22727 (ex Warrant Officer)
Anthony Edward 'Squatter' Thompson R52344 (ex SIG)
Alan Henry Rupert Brecht R52845/O2393 CDRE RAN Rtd
Bryan Joseph Lynch R52104 (ex CPORS)
Allan Baxter Dick B3388 (ex Tel)
Graham 'Tiny' Linning R50356 (ex CRS)
Kirwan Kerry Rorison R52637 (ex LRO)
Geoffrey Allan McConnell R106979 (ex LSSIG)
Arthur Charles Penward MBE B3418 (ex TEL)
Robin Craig 'Bob' Bartlett R63077 (ex ORDCO)
Colin Thomas 'Thelma' Thornton R63344 (ex TO)
Merv Bartlett S6359 (ex Convoy SIG)
Leslie Birrell 22063 (ex Ldg SIG)
Douglas Walter Guest 26261 (ex Coder)
William Alexander Higgie PM4346 (ex SIG)
William Jackson S4489 (ex SIG)
John Cornell Whittle S8846 (ex SIG)
Olive Mary Herd (nee Stone) WR347 (ex WR TEL)
Raymond Lewis Adamson R39426
Peter Neale Puxty R63314 (ex ABRO(S))
Jack Ronald Mahney R21305 (ex PO TEL)
Robert Athol 'Timber' Mills R94824 (ex PORS)
Alan 'Zeke' Mollar R50228 (ex RS)
Kevin William Ireland R52770 (ex RO)
Rowan William Paine R50230 (ex TEL)



Ray Elseback R66839 (ex LSRO)
Raymond John Pennell R94289 (ex CPORS)
Reginald G Withers R25989 (ex Coder, Senator & Lord Mayor of Perth)
Dawn Annette Clemson (nee Warman) W84541 (ex WRAN RO(S))
Beth Joyce (ex WRRO)
Earl Thomas 'Tom' Lane R53524 (ex LRO)
Peter William  Dobson R27470 (ex CPO TEL)
Rodney James Clover R65208 (ex POSY)
David John McCann R63997 (ex LRO(S))
LCDR David Barnes RAN Rtd
Ronald Charles Tuckwell R30279 (ex CRS)
Wayne Bernard Hill R65303 (ex ROS)
Peter John Donald R51200 (ex LRO).
LCDR Frank Densten RAN Rtd
Graham Hedley Twist R96298 (ex TO)
Robert Graham 'Nifty' Nevell R46527 (ex WOSY)
LCDR Bev Murphy (ex CPOEWL)
William Walter 'Bill' Joyce R34722 (ex CRS)
Wilfred Robert Kennealy R36139 (ex CCY)
Douglas Tyrone Manners R54566 (ex CPORSSM)
Leslie Church R52375 (ex LTO)
John Stephen Saywell OAM R31203 (ex TEL)
Garry Raymond Rickwood R95027 (ex LSROS)
Donald James Searle R62696 (ex LSROS)
Norman Graham Hutchings R93380 (ex LTO)



Bruce Rogerson PM6596 (ex O/Sig)  (via RSL Reveille)
Campbell Rhodes PA4732 (ex Sig)  (via RSL Reveille)
Michael Earl Phillips R66803 (ex RO)   (via RSL Reveille)
Ronald James Hardy 26280 (ex Coder)  (via RSL Reveille)
Francis James Burrow S8600 (ex O/Sig)  (via RSL Reveille)

John William Balcomb OAM R94368 (ex WORS/CMDR)
Robert Owen Gibbs R50387 (ex Tel/RO(S)
Douglas Quentin 'Jungles' Ryan R57608 (ex CY)
Raymond John Hartam R34447 (ex CCY)
Neville Philp F2923 (ex Tel)
Ernest John Etherton (ex Tel) (via RSL Reveille)
E.S. White N185638 (ex Sig) (via RSL Reveille)
Alastair John McColl R34486 (ex CCY)
Coralie Anne McKinnon (nee Stephens) W85206 (ex WRRO (S))
Robert William 'Bill' McGeorge R53999 (ex LRO)

Graham Alexander 'Bear' Linton R95596 (ex LSSIG)
Anne Lorraine Briggs AM - W85182 (ex POWR Linguist/CHFO)
Raymond Arthur Norton R57688 (ex CPO Linguist)
Neil Edwards R53171 (ex Signalman)
Eric Sydney Moore PM 4345 (ex Convoy Sig)
CDRE I.W. Broben RAN Rtd
Ronald William 'Gunner' King R51321 (ex L/Tel)
Ronald Noel Baguley R47353 (ex WORS)
Garry George Pyke R94102 (ex LTO)
William 'Bill' McKenzie R27627 (ex PO Tel)
Marie Nitschke (ex WRAN Tel)
J.H. 'Tassie' Hanson R37467 (ex RS)
A.J. McClymont R38301 (ex L/Tel)
A.G. 'Abbie' Kyd S3365 (ex L/Tel)
Peter Davy R47396 (ex Tel)
Kevin John McFarlane R65796 (ex LRO)
John Thomas 'Jack' Monks R28880 (ex Chief Yeoman of Signals)
Robert Selwyn 'Bill' Huggins F24477 (ex CCY)
Burkhard 'Von' Klimpel R95586 (ex CPOSY)
William Denis Collins R29532 (ex PO Tel)



Dave Ring R59723 (ex RS)
Clement Gordon Reedy R38239 (ex Tel)
David Osmond Keyser R46614 (ex Tel)
Mike 'Shorty' Connor R52170 (ex RO)
CDRE John Alan 'Rocker' Robertson RAN Rtd
CMDR Stuart Stokes Wilson RAN Rtd
CMDR Roz Rose RAN Rtd (ex POWRRST Roz Keysell)
Kerry 'Kel' Mesecke R66667 (ex LSRO)
Lionel Frederick Barr R36898 (ex PO/Tel)
Les Errol Sheppard R53221 (ex RS)
LCDR Rick Patten RAN Rtd
Warren Francis 'Curley' Knapp R58501 (ex RO)
Ivy Elizabeth 'Strawbs' Lamb (nee McCormick) W84693 (ex WRROS)
Keith Charles Best R23676 (ex L/Tel)
Raymond John 'Buck' Buchanan R57292 (ex RO)
Donald John Brindley R44404 (ex CRS)
Barry Alfred Dun R52381 (ex TO)
Graham Gardner (ex WWII Tel)
Anthony Meehan R93711 (ex WORSEW)
Syd Gellatly R36119 (ex CCY)
Jim Carey R58033 (ex LRO)
Brenda Joy Pratt W109426 (ex WRROS)



Keith Young MID (ex CCY)
Paul 'Frenchie' Le Grand R53308 (ex RO)
Peter Burdett (ex TO)
Raymond Edwin Richards R51972 (ex LRO)
Reginald Carlyle Gardner R20847 (ex CCY)
Danny Bowden MID (ex CPO TAG)
Ronald Ross 'Pinky' Pinkstone R52633 (ex CCY)
Trevor Sidney Haymes R104431 (ex LTO)
Ian David Mitchell (ex Convoy SIG)
Bryant Attwood R39260 (ex CCY)
Jim 'Dutchy' Holland (ex Tel)
Ian Pringle (ex CRS)
Gordon Roy 'Stroppy' Prove R55954 (ex TO)
Greg Percival (ex WWII Tel)
Ean McDonald (ex Sig/LCDR RANVR)
Ray Galpin R30809 (ex L/Tel)
Doug Kissick (ex CPOSY)
Horace Stewart Young (ex L/Tel)
Jack Thorpe Langford (ex Tel)
LEUT Harry Watson RANR (ex CY)
Ken James (ex PO/Tel)
Robert Bruce 'Woof' Collie R55311 (ex CY)
Norm Atwell (ex L/Sig)
Marjorie Taylor (ex WW II WRAN)
Richard McTaggart
Ray Parker (ex POSY)
CMDR Geoff Harle MBE RAN Rtd
CMDR John Moorcroft RAN Rtd (ex LTO)
CMDR Dick Perryman AM RAN Rtd
Margaret Bloffwitch (nee English) (ex WRRO(M) W85967)
Ed "Pricky" Reid (ex Tel)
John Rosewarne ( ex CRS)



Denis George Wilkinson R52252 (ex-TEL)
Robert Clayton (ex Tel)
CMDR Ted Lesh RAN Rtd
LEUT Jack Duffey RAN Rtd
Brian Coultas (ex WORSSM)
Ronald "Wally" Watham (ex Tel)
Albert "Mike" Mitchell (ex L/Sig)
POCIS Mark Baker
Jan Barrett (ex WRROT)
Brian Paul 'Red' Ryder (ex Tel/RO)
Daryl Archibald (ex LTO)
Wayne 'Knocka' White (ex PORSS)
Sean Nicholls (ex ABROSM)
Colin Mervin Davis (ex L/Sig)
Gordon 'Shorty' Pritchard R63563 (ex TO)
Royce Tandy
Rodney 'Monty' Lamont (ex RO(S))

John Howe R53109 (ex LRO (S))
Brian John 'Fez' Parker (ex POSY)
Roger Gaydon (ex WOSY)
John Lehmann
Phil Skimmings (ex ROEW)
Graeme 'Chips' Rafferty (ex LRO)
George Bell (ex CRSS)
Jim Griggs (ex CRSS & LCDR SDEX C)
Cecil Audley Black OAM (ex Sig)


Doug Bain R55508 (ex CCY)
Ron Elkington (ex RO(S))
Ted Beare (ex WORS)
Ray Sylvester (ex CPORSSM)
Peter Fredrick 'Speed' Cox R36423 (ex LRO(S))
James Gilford 'Guy' Faulks R30082 (ex Tel)
CMDR SDEX (C) Bruce McRae RAN Rtd
Jack Hayes (ex WW II Convoy SIG)
Dennis G Bradford R30398 (ex Tel)
Ernest 'Blue' Sumner R29359 (ex CPO Tel)
David 'Mulga' Hansen (ex LTO)
Martin McGurgan R54688 (ex Tel/RO)
Keith Brown R50091 (ex Tel/RO)
Jeff Berridge (ex LSRO)
Colin J 'Benzo' Watson (ex PO Tel)
Eric Clyde Moran (ex CPO Tel)
Barry Lambert (ex RO)
John Horton (ex L/Sig)
Jess Horton (ex WR nee Chisholm)
John 'Bones' O'Connor (ex-TO)
Harold Booth
Maurie Sherley (ex Convoy SIG)
George Rokahr (ex SIG)
Marie Dwyer (ex WR Tel nee Anderson formerly Minns)
Melody Boustead (ex WR Tel nee Melody)
Bill Bacon (ex POSY)
Betty Briggs (ex WR Coder nee Blackmore)
Dick Adams (ex PO Tel)
John Trott
Ken Hanley (ex WORSS)
Laurine Drew (ex WR Tel nee Gardner)
Kate Boyle (ex WR Tel nee Pigden)
Patricia 'Patsy' Hooper (ex WR Tel nee Brynes)




Joy Osborn (ex WR Tel)
Phil Carmichael (ex LRO)
Mark Clearihan (ex PORS)
Nancy Sargison (ex WR Coder nee Turner)
Barbara Pace (ex WR Tel nee Lang)
George Bracken (ex WORS)
Raymond John 'Toby' Milner R94254 (ex RO)
Albert Percy 'Bert' Adaway R51503 (ex RO)
Harry 'Spike' Jones (ex RO)
Raymond John Wells (ex CRS)
Bob Argent (ex RS)
Noel Bowe (ex PORS)
Lorna Dorman (ex WR Tel nee Emms)
Marjorie O'Brien (ex WR Tel nee Howe - WR68)
Robert Leslie Richards (ex A/LTO)
Edward James 'Ted' Ingram (ex LRO)
Bryan McInnes (ex TO)
Ken Appleby (ex Yeoman of Signals)
Len Cox
John Grieve (ex Chief Tel)
Ronald Alexander Bruse (ex Yeoman of Signals)
Jenne Howlett (nee Washington, formerly Paul) (ex PORST)
Dennis Money (ex CPORSSM)



Ross Morris (ex RO)
Shorty 'Terry' Ward (ex LTO)
Veronica 'Ronnie' Glover (ex WRRO(M))
Kevin Phillips (ex L/Sig)
John Pennicuik (ex PO Tel)
Peter James 'Bull' May (ex LSSIG)
William Peter 'Pete' Western (ex POSY)
Grahame Thompson (ex L/Sig)
Gail Chilman (nee Kilcullan) (ex WRRO(T))
Mal Clegg (R50176 ex RO)
Max Stokoe (ex WORSS)
Merv May (ex Tel)
Ernest Daniel Hurtig (ex L/Tel)
Bud Simpson (nee Davis) (ex LWRRO(T))
Gary Hastings (ex LRO(S))
Anne Kelly (ex CWRS (M))
James 'Jim' Ware (ex RO)
Francis Grant Shearer (ex Sig)
Ronald Reavley BEM (ex CRS)
CDRE H.J.P. 'Harry' Adams AM RAN Rtd
John Hinsley (ex LRO)
Don Kahler (ex TEL)
Bryce Diggle (ex WORS)
Alison Williams (nee Dobie) (ex LWR Tel)
Dean Maskell (ex ABSIG)
Ken Cassidy



Dudley James Ryan (ex Yeoman of Signals)
Ron Slattery (ex LRO)
Laurie Myers (ex CRS(S))
Paul 'Lucky' Behrendt (ex LRO)
Ken Wiltshire (ex WWII Tel)
John Donnelly (ex SIG)
William Edward George 'Molly' Malouf (ex CPORS)
Lindsay Curtis (ex LSSIG & WOFF RAAF)
Stephen John Summers (ex CPOSY)
Peter Mason (CPORS RANR)
Ken Craig (ex SIG)
Dave Lawton (ex SIG)
Reg 'Civvy' Smallwood (ex SIG)
John Oliver (ex Convoy SIG)
Alf Wilkinson (ex SIG)
Henry Baker (ex SIG)
Wayne 'Spud' Murphy (ex LSRO)
Bill Avery (ex-RS)



Julie Booth (nee Loney) (ex WRROS)
Shiner Wright (ex Data Operator)
Patrice Moya Dow (nee Byrne) WRAN/500
Albert Victor Lees (ex L/Sig)
David 'Spike' Jones (ex CPORS)
John 'Jack' Gorman (ex Convoy Sig)
Leonard Boylson (ex Tel)
Noel Barker (ex LSSIG)
Tom 'Mozza' John Morris
Trevor Robb (ex PORS)
Jillian 'Jill' Haidon (nee Barrett) ex CWRRSS
Bruce Buffett (ex LSSIG)
Len Schenk (ex PO Tel)
Leslie Thomas 'Tom' McGrath (ex WW2 Convoy Sig)
Bob Trout (ex RO)
Russell 'Snoopy' Hooper (ex CPORS)
John Tuke (ex PORS(S))
Edward 'Yockey' Shaw OAM (ex WORSEW)
Jack Herbert Rose (ex CPO Tel)
Joan Forrest (nee Liddington - ex WRRO)
Joyce Williamson (nee Burvill ex WRRO)



CMDR James Armstrong AM MBE RAN Rtd
Steve Singleton (ex RO)
Dorothy Anderson (nee Young) (WR1847, Wireless Telegraphist)
Norman Francis Window (ex PO Tel)
John Sydney Dodds R49338 (ex Tel)
Charles Cole (ex PO Tel)
John 'Shiner' Wright (ex POSY)
Gerald Hammond
George Dastlik
Gilbert 'Jock' Fraser
Keith Forrest (ex PO Tel)
Sid Bartlett (ex Chief Tel)
Tom Silverthorne LEUT RAN Rtd, age 89
Bob Asimus (ex RS)
Don Green (ex Tel)
Trevor Leutton (ex RO)
Ken 'Pascoe' Faulkener (ex Tel)
Leonard Tucker (ex Tel)
Peter Collins (ex Sig)




Reg Foden (ex WORS)
George Dean (ex Chief Yeoman of Signals)
Ken 'Casey' Hannam (ex Tel WW2)
Len Ashford (ex Signals Yeoman)
McAllister 'Cowboy' Ryan (ex CY)
Edward 'Ted' Pretty BEM (ex WORSS)
Ros Schuppner, nee Roberts (ex WRRO(M))
Lyndon 'Hacky' Hackwood (ex LRO)
Mick Bleathman (ex-ABSIG)
Pieter Oetelmans (ex-WORS)
Albert Flint (ex RN & RAN Signals Yeoman, age 102)
Ron 'Snow' Edens (L/Sig)
Robert 'Bubbles' Butler (ex-CCY)
John Austin (LCDR DSC RAN Rtd)
Geoff Maddox (Tel)
Ross Potter (WW II Convoy SIG)




Mick Pearce (LCDR, ex-CPORS)
Stephen 'Bungy' Williams (ex-PORS)
John Dickinson
Paul Rattray (ex-LSSIG)
Alf Bottrill (ex-CPO Tel)
Harry Terry
Jack 'Blue' Teahan
John Snow (CDRE RAN Rtd)
'Blue' Toohey
Albyn 'Arab' Miller
Trish Berwick (ex-LWWRO)
Patricia Morris (ex-WRRS(M))
Eric Mabury (ex-RO(S))
Pete Thurgood (ex-LRO)
Bob Pearce
Michael Gallagher (ex-LSSIG)



Alan 'Blue' Downie (ex-Tel)
Alan ‘Pony’ Moore (ex Convoy Sig)
Carl Hughes (ex-LTel)
Ted Watling (ex-WORS)
Dave Turnbull (ex-RO)
Frank Seymour
Gary O'Keefe (ex-CPORS(SM))
Kolyn 'Kool' Barrett (ex LSSIG)
Brian John 'Spike' Marlin (ex PO/Tel)
Geoff Lewis (ex L/Tel)
Geoff Gardiner (ex LRO)
Davies, R.J. (ex-ABSIG, R62983)
CPORS Peter (Jack) Jewlachow
John Scarlett (ex POSY/LCDR SDEX C) age 53
Ted 'Tiddely' Watson (ex CPO Tel)
Reuben Israel Markovitch (ex L/Tel)
Gunther (Gunner) Glaessner (ex CPOSY)
Bruce Dopper (ex L/Tel)
George Davey (ex WOSY) at age 72
Robert Ellison
Graeme Brooksby (ex RO)
Roly Kimber
 Charlie Matson (ex Tel)
William Campbell (ex Sig)
Merv Johnston (ex Sig)
Boots Callaghan (ex LRO)




Wayne 'Bomber' Wells (ex WORSES(SM)
Neil (Nellie) Humphries (ex PORS)
Brian Hatch (ex CPO Tel)
Sandy Timms (R54308, ex LRO)
Ray Owen (ex-L/Sig)
Kenneth Peeler (ex Yeoman of Sigs)
Irene Oates
Tom Doddridge (ex PO/Tel)
Alan Burge (ex Tel)
Des Barrett (ex Signalman)
Blue Mackay
Jack O’Callaghan
Thomas Atkinson (ex Tel)
Alan McCrae (ex LRO)
Kevin Julius (ex CCY)
Jack Burnett (ex L/Sig)
Harold Kitchens (Lieut SD C)
Ted Buck (ex L/Sig)
Ron Porter (ex Convoy Sig)




Lou LeBoydre (ex RO 1957- 63)
Derek McDonald (ex RS)
Laurie Thompson (ex Signalman)
Bert Nicholls (ex L/Tel)
John Church (ex Signalman)
Clare Best (WR38)




Ron Morris (ex-LRO)
Greg "Billy" Burford (ex RO)

Reg Heaney (ex RO(S))
Speed Engler (ex LSSIG)
Bob Coops (ex POSY)
Paul "Woofer" Wootton (ex LSSIG)