Anzacs – A Poem by Wayne Larry Pickering


We have all heard of them, some of us have even met them those that are left from that bygone time for they are few and far between these soldiers

They left as mere boys and when they returned they were men, men before their time, they were our young boys sent to fight honour and sacrifice their lives, their loves for this great country

Even with the passing of time those wounds still hurt we bled a river of blood some lost fathers, sons, brothers and uncles the blood of our youth, the future of our country it was a heavy price to pay for this young nation

They fought for our freedom our way of life they fired their rifles their pistols, mortars and hurled their grenades but to no avail, the battle raged and raged. We the living now pay the cost of their sacrifice their loss we now lament our fallen, our brave young men who will never see this great country that they forged with their lives, honour dignity and courage

The battle fields have now been turned into shrines the blood and spirit of our fallen at one with the dirt the dust and trenches in that foreign land, and yet their deeds will never leave us their medals and memories will never fade, some call them Warriors Heroes Soldiers, Aussie Diggers but we know them as Anzacs

A poem by Wayne Larry Pickering dedicated to all the Anzacs