Bravo Zulus

Bravo Zulus

The RANCBA 2002 Reunion Organising Committee were proud to be associated with the 2002 Reunion in Canberra. We thank you for your kind remarks listed below:

John, Sorry I have not been in touch earlier but this travelling bit and using Internet Cafes doesn’t work too well at times. Anyhow mate, ref the reunion, it was truly a great show and a pat on the back to all the workers for a job executed magnificently. Tackers and I remarked at the Dinner Dance that in 96 we had no idea it would snow ball like the Canberra Bash. Hope it gets better in 2005 and all the years after. Regards, Kev Ruwoldt.

John, A little belated but some things never change. I wish to extend to you and the other organisers of the reunion my appreciation and acknowledgement of the amount of effort that went in to organising the reunion and the consequent excellent result. It was my first reunion and I touched base with many people I had not seen for many years e.g John Scanlon, my first RS out in the real world. (I did see some people hiding when they saw me coming as well but you get used to that?). Thanks for everything John. Regards, Bill Kilpatrick (Killer).

Dear John, A very belated personal thank you for giving us such a wonderful 5-day Reunion of Communicators in Canberra. I am enclosing the recent copy of the Ex WRANS Ditty Box, and if you turn to page 5 you will see my article about the Reunion which I wrote on behalf of the wartime WRANS who attended. I wish you and the Committee all the best and would like, once more, to extend thanks for all that was done for us. We felt very special. Sincerely yours, Joan Pugh (via normal mail).

Dear Sam, I am writing to say how much Sheila and I enjoyed the CBA Reunion. It was a series of first class events with first class organisation which was a credit to you and your team. Also the quality of the merchandise was the best I have seen at any event. Now that the Captains and Kings have departed I hope you are not suffering from a feeling of anti-climax after such a long period of being involved in the planning and organisation of such an event. Please accept hearty congratulations to you and your team – it was great. All I can say to you in a traditional communicators manner is Bravo Zulu. With best wishes, Yours sincerely, Dick Perryman. (via normal mail).

Please follow the link to read a lovely BZ letter from CMDR Julie Mitchell, CO of HMAS HARMAN.

I know this comes a bit late, but I just want to reiterate the sentiments of all those who have already praised the efforts of the committee during the 2002 reunion. It was especially poignant (as JJ & Norm Duscher have already said) for those of us who have lost their friends and loved ones since the last reunion. Kerry did a wonderful job with the organising of seating for sit down events and a wonderful time was had by all. I sincerely hope that Shirley Fenton-Huie and her ilk are there for the next reunion, I know I will be. Just tell me something? How come if we are all in our 40’s, 50’s or older do we still feel like we are 19 when we all get together!!!! Well done to all the committee and I look forward to 2005.Jenny Barrett.

A belated thank-you for all the hard work and long hours that you and the other Committee members have put in over a considerable time. It was just a tremendously enjoyable get-together over several days and nights. Congratulations. Norm and Pat Harrison.

John and Committee, Congratulations on a job well done with the pre-planning, coordination and overall organisation of what turned out to be a fabulous opportunity for those who attended to catch up with old mates and re-new old friendships. Of particular note was your wonderful gesture on behalf of the organising committe to publicly acknowledge those communicators who are no longer with us, a very touching moment indeed. Your attention to detail throughout the whole event was an absolute credit to you all, rest assured this is one communicators smokie that will be talked about for some time to come. Well done and thank you all for providing us both with the opportunity to attend and be a small part of such a wonderful event. Jenny (JJ) & Gary (Norm) Duscher, Port Hedland WA.

Hi John, I’m sorry I didn’t get to speak with you during the BBQ at the lake, but just wanted to say that as a one day “blow-in” I had a great time … and got to have a drink with about half of those I knew that were there. A fabulous organising job well-done! I would be pleased if you would add my name and contact details to AIG 2005, and I look forward to catching up in Sydney with those I missed in Canberra. Regards, Jeff Raymond NSW.

I am lost for words to express my feelings. (I know that’s not possible but I think I used them all at the smokey.) How could we have fitted so much into 1 week. Because we were so well organised is how. Thank you everyone so much, committee, old friends, people I have never met before, just everything and everyone was sooo good. Some of you can expect to hear from me again and long before 2005, just reorganising my life a little at the moment. On a very serious note I agree with every good word written by all the other BZ’ers, there really isn’t enough praise to cover the achievements of “The Committee” and any helpers that were involved. Many thanks, Spike (also known as Robyn Sullivan).

Hi Sam, The reunion was an outstanding success. Clare and I had a fabulous time. You and your team are to be congratulated on your fine efforts. You all obviously put in a great deal of time and effort and it surely paid off. I am certainly proud to be a Communicator. Regards to you and yours, Jack Duffey.

Dear Sam, What a wonderful email I received from you today. I would like to turn round all the gracious sentiments you expressed and repeat them right back to you in spades. We all say it was the five most wonderful days we’ve had in years. You and the committee made it all possible for us to relive our wonderful past times in the navy and find out that you still all love us and keep us safe and remembered in the great fraternity was a bonus we never expected. God bless the Navy! What an honour it was to be part of it and to still be thought of as part of it. I hope there is an RANCB in heaven because that’s where we’ll be heading! Please give my special thanks to the Curbishleys and all the others who we did not get to know. Do you know that one of the great thrills for us was the dancing on the final night. Many of us have not danced for years but you couldn’t keep us off the floor! Please also give my thanks to the Commodore you gave me as a companion. I can’t remember his name but he was a doll. Tks again and over and out as we used to say. Shirley Fenton-Huie.

John, congratulations to you and your fantastic committee for a tremendous week of functions, culminating with the dinner dance at the Convention Centre. Not to forget the sea of white hats in Anzac Parade on ANZAC Day, a sight to see. The visit to Harman was an eye opener (even after only 22 years) – I know others who have been away for much longer had larger eyes. Sarah must be very happy that you can at least see her now and not spend so many hours making love to your computer. I know how long web pages take to coordinate. Once again thanks John and keep up the good work on the Web Site. Kind regards Alan and Elaine Rodgers.

John, to yourself and the rest of the committee a huge BZ. Had a fantastic time and enjoyed catching up with lots of old shipmates. There were a couple I wish my wife hadn’t met. Take a break, you guys deserve it. Thanks again.Royce and Mary Tandy.

To the President, Committee, Volunteers and all associated with the ‘Ultimate Smokey’. Well it certainly was! From where we stood (occasionally in wobbly boots), everything ran smoothly, venues were great, entertainment excellent and an outstanding time was had by all! Please accept this as our personal thanks and a congratulations on a job very well done. Regards, Deb Taylor & Phil Lenton (by mail).

John, It just gets better and better. Well done to you and your committee. Had a fantastic week. Good mates and good times, it doesn’t get any better than that. Tackers.

Hi John, I wish to add to the ever growing number of very happy little vegemites who attended the reunion in Canberra. an enormous BZ to you Sam, Dave , Lofty, Lance and everyone involved in the planning and implementation of the whole exercise. It was the best thing that I have attended since my final medical survey at hmas penguin in 1968, prior to puns discharge.Only one regret, and that is I did not get to Harman due to smashing a windscreen on the way there. Never mind, another opportunity may arise in the future. Can’t wait for 2005. Once again, a big thank you. Regards, Whizza Wheeler.

Hi John, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your team for a superb effort on the reunion, it was great to catch up with a lot of old friends. Mind you it was good to get back to the ‘normal’ life again, how did we ever get on the piss for such a long time in our navy days? Regards, Jeff Todd.

John & The Committee, How great it is to jump off the merry go around, go back in time and just enjoy the company of people that were a very important part of our lives so many years ago. It is impossible to think of any other occasion where so much was enjoyed by so many and the smiles were there for the entire 5 days. While it proved difficult to say all the things we wanted to say to so many of our old friends it was a revelation just to see their happy faces and the joy that was obvious at being together with their comrades once again. As we have all discovered the service family is a breed apart and on many occasions we long for the simplistic and secure lives we and led having total confidence in the person standing by your side. The organising committee has show that the confidence in our comrades was always justified because the job always gets done and done well. Bravo Zulu and see you all in Sydney. Tug & Iris Wilson.

We have arrived home from our trip to Canberra and have thoroughly enjoyed our first RANCBA reunion. Congratulation to everyone involved in a remarkable logistical achievement. I have renewed friendships after 39 years and I have marched again with them to the War Memorial on ANZAC Day and now I will have these memories forever. Thank you for a truly wonderful week. See you in Sydney in 2005. Regards Pat & Jim Ryan.

Dear Curbs, Congratulations to you and your committee on what must have been a fantastic event and from what I read on the web site the BZ’s are deserved. My disappointment, at not making a more concerted effort to make the ‘Ultimate Smokey’, is now setting-in having browsed the photos of friends and shipmates obviously having a really great time. 2005 seems a long way off and none of us are getting any younger, God willing I will most definitely not miss the next one. Once again BZ, best regards. Geoff Hickling.

Dear John, We have just arrived home [Friday 10th May] from an extended trip following the reunion in Canberra . Had to send our warmest Congratulations to you and all the organising committee for a really fabulous week in Canberra. Lots of memories were activated and lots of friendships renewed and we look forward eagerly to Sydney 2005. Very well done to you all, Sue and Pete Hackett.

To both you and your RANCB ACT committee members, all I have to say is thank you with all my heart for a week that I and my shipmates will never forget. Regards, Blue McKenzie.

Dear John, A letter of appreciation for all your work in organising the Third National Reunion in Canberra. Everything went very well and a good time was had by all. A great deal of work by your team was involved and the planning must have been a headache. All the best, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Regards, Beth & Bill Jones (by mail).

I had a wonderful time and will have beautiful memories of the whole week. Regards, Marjorie O’Brien (WR 68) (by mail).

BT UNCLAS CURBS… Mate, just a short note to express my appreciation for the week that was! Who would have believed a bunch of ex communicators could organise something as big as that!! But really. Robyn and the kids had a ball and I had a fantastic time seeing all the old faces again. It was certainly worth the drive down from Cairns!! BRAVO ZULU. Des Vizzard. BT

Dear John, My husband and I thank you and your Committee for arranging such a great reunion in Canberra. We enjoyed every place we went (the BBQ at the Lake was great!) and going to Harman again was something I never expected to do. Of course the perfect weather was wonderful too. Yours sincerely, Meg & Joe Dobes (by mail). PS. The accommodation at the Statesman was very good.

G’day Oppo, I’m still awake a week later talking to all the lads and lassies in my dreams. Barb and I had a wonderful time wrapped in the memories of some of natures Ladies and Gentlemen was the greatest therapy a person could have. As Terry Feltham said, it was just impossible to see everyone to say hello and goodbye, maybe next time. Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to all on the Committee, a super job well done, you must be so proud of yourselves, it did you justice. All the best. Barb and Jock Donnelly.

To the organising committee – congratulations on a job well done. Bravo Zulu. Had a great time and ejoyed the atmosphere of camaraderie from all present. Hope to see you all in 2005. Cheers, Sonja & Alan Hellier.

Dear John, Congratulations and many thanks to you and all the committee for that wonderful reunion in Canberra. I can’t believe it is 60 years since I went to Harman as a Tel in June 1942 and what a change there has been. It is more like a satellite tracking station now with all that telemetry, radar dishes and computers, where we once had morse keys, teleprinters and high speed tapes. It was a great privilege to see it all now, just as it was to be allowed to work there during the war. You went to so much trouble to give us all such a wonderful week and it was greatly appreciated. The day at the sailing club was magic and the Gala dinner a fitting finale. Anzac day march was the best ever! I look forward to seeing you all again in three years time. Sincerely, Jean Nysen (WR87) (by mail).

John, I have read the BZ page with great interest. It is obvious that everybody had a great time over our five days smokey! I have said many words before & during the reunion, and now – the last few. As President of the RANCBA (ACT) I was very proud to be associated with such a great team. Never at any time over the 18 months that I was involved was there any acrimony or testiness that could have affected any decision making processes. With such an atmosphere of mateship and positive thinking, we could not have failed. The accolades that poured forth over the final couple of days, as people realised what a great time they were having, are too many to individually recognise. The one that I will reiterate came from the ACT RSL. I was told that I should be justifiably proud of our appearance & performance at the ANZAC Day march. Canberra may never see something like that again. Of course, we expected nothing less, but it’s very nice to be supported by the organisers. Those words were repeated by Defence Force officers and other VIPs watching. To Sam & ALL the team BRAVO ZULU, and we will Splice the Mainbrace at a suitable time

Dave Jeffrey President RANCBA (ACT)

To Sam, Curbs, Suds and Chris, Dave and ALL the ‘smokey team’. Having been there, done that, it was a pleasure this time to sit back, and appreciate the fruits of someone else’s labour. A magical week, well planned, well executed and obviously enjoyed by ALL attendee’s. We do not have to invent the wheel (five day tri-annual reunions) anymore. Brisbane conceived the winning formula, Fremantle expanded on it, Canberra has refined it, and Sydney now have the opportunity to consolidate and maintain the resultant standard with a programme of events and venues unique to their City. We both look forward to another ‘grand gathering’ in 2005. For me, the Wednesday a.m. visit to HARMAN was a real time warp of operational memories, names and events circa 1965. I think I was the last reunion visitor out of the CTRC door, holding back at the displayed memorabilia equipment, perusing the many photo’s and identifying long forgotten names and faces. To you Sam and your winning team, to Curbs for your formidable informative website, to Mike and all the HARMAN staff, many many thanks for a wonderful ‘ultimate smokey’. Have a well earned rest guy’s, you have done yourselves proud. May the year 2002 remain etched in your minds for ever more. Best wishes from the West. Sandy and Pat McNab

Sam, Would you please pass on to the committee that you all need a BZ for the reunion. I had a great time meeting old friends that I had not seen for over twenty or thirty years. I wish I had known about them before so I could have gone to Brisbane and Fremantle. Look forward to seeing you all again in Sydney in 2005. Regards, Graham Bence.

Dear John, Thanks for a fabulous time in Canberra, it was truely an enjoyable re-union. I am part of the organising committee for a ships re-union and I would like to know the name of the soft ware you used for the AIG. It was probably the most effective I have come across. Regards. Doug Ryan.

We have just arrived home after an extra week in the big island and our thoughts are still with the re union and all the past shipmates that we met up with while in Canberra, some that I had not seen in 35 years or more, it was a real buzz to be reunited with them and partners once again. Congrats to you and the rest of the team that made the re union possible and we are hoping that in 2005 we may be able to once again make the trip north to renew these friendships. Barry and Gaylene Appleby.

I would like to say many thanks and congratulations to you and the committee for the wonderful week and the fantastic organisation that went to make the 2002 Comms Reunion, such a tremendous event. It was so great to catch up with so many friends and remember the good times from those great days gone by. Lesley and I look forward to 2005. Again congratulations. Pat Cashman.

I just wanted to say on behalf of Simon & my house guests, we thought the organization of the reunion was outstanding. Take a bow and well deserved rest. Thanks for the effort it did not go unnoticed. Regards, Kathy Harrington.

I would like to say a huge thanks to you for all the work that you put into the reunion. It is sad that it is over because it was a fantastic week and one that I will not forget in a hurry. Your emails and the web site were fantastic and Sydney now have a huge bar to jump. Best Wishes, Mick Doncaster.

The Committee, RANCBA Third National Reunion. Dear Shipmates, A note to say thanks for all your hard work in making our reunion a wonderful success. We feel spoilt being looked after so well. Thank you to all, and hope to see you in Sydney 2005. All the best to you and your families. Regards, Col & Dawdie Dicker (by mail).

Dear John , Sarah and 2002 reunion Committee, we wish to congratulate you all on the tremendous effort you all must have put into organising the reunion last week. We could not fault any of the programme you all put into place, the venues, meals, service etc were all excellent. To catch up with so many old friends from 30 odd years ago really was a special treat for us both. Many, many thanks. Chris & Glenn Birch.

Hi John and Sarah, I suppose you have been inundated with these, but I must tell you that the dedication of you and your committee in arranging the reunion has been splendiferous, and, as a wartime Wran, I just loved it. Many thanks from Nan Self.

Rod, to yourself and the rest of the committee. It is hard to find the words to describe how much Anne and I enjoyed the week in Canberra. Every day of the reunion was absolutely fantastic. You all have to be congratulated and thanked sincerely for all the obviously very hard work and long hours you put in to make it so successful. I wish it could have gone on for longer as I never spent as much time with people as I would have liked. Thanks again mate, it is something that I will remember for a long time. Cheers Neil Unwin.

Our week in Canberra was fantastic, meeting old friends was great. The whole arrangement was a credit to everyone involved. We are sorry now we missed the previous reunions, and look forward to the next ones. Thank you very much, Cheers, Claire & George McRobb.

Sam Old Mate, it was a fantastic week and one I shan’t forget for many a long day. The Harman of today simply blew me away… and the old faces I had not seen for 30 40 and even 50 odd years was magic. The march turnout (only my 2nd ever) was great although I was buggered at the end of it… old legs. May I take this opportunity of congratulating you and all of your committee for the success that this re-union was and for the dedication and hard work you all put into it…. it is not easy to organise such an event to the 100% perfection (I saw) that it was. As for David and Colleen our guests for the week… they never stopped talking about it and had a ball also. Cheers and again a very hearty Bravo Zulu. Ron Reavley

Hi John & Sarah, Once again congratulations on a job well done, we had a ball! Just one thing, we think we may have left our camera at the NCC, we’ve got to open our van to check if it’s in there. Did anyone mention finding it, a Riccoh. I’ll ring the NCC today to check.Looking forward to 2005. Thanks Jan & Rick Easom.

John, Arrived home today from a great holiday. BZ and many thanks to THE TEAM for a job well done. That will take some beating. Shorty Turner.

Dear John and Sarah, Margaret and myself have just arrived home and I would like to pass on to you and the rest of the team in the organizing committee our thanks for a great time. We look forward to the next one. BZ Regards Bruce Willoughby.

Dear John, What an incredible week!!! I can’t thank you enough for the great organisation and huge effort that went into making one of the best times I have ever had. Roll on 2005. Lynn Carroll.

Hi John, An extraordinary five days, made possible by a well organised committee. This was our first reunion and one that will be remembered for years to come. You have set the bar for other States. Please accept our congratulations. Harry & Sandra James.

Curbs. Tess and I had a great time at the Reunion. Everything seemed to go off like clockwork. Unfortunately I didn’t make it Friday night because I had to go to the Brumbies game with my Nephew. Many thanks to you and to everyone who was involved with the organisation. It was particularly pleasing for me to see Peter Figg and Yockie Shaw. If not for those two, I would have spent my Navy career as an ABROS. It was also good to see big Hoss Jeffries who is somewhat of a legend in Comms circles. Many of us also spared a thought for Steve McQueen, another Comms legend who was so sadly taken from us off Ashmore Reef a few years ago. You can relax now. Cheers Dallas Graetz.

Curbs, just a short message thanking you and the rest of the 2002 organising committee for the fantastic job they did. Annemarie and myself had a great time throughout the reunion (although I had a fuzzy morning or two). It was well worth the trip from WA and look forward to catching up with you all again in 2005. Bones Lehmann

Thank you for the wonderful time we had in Canberra. It was simply great. Fred Harper and Jan Wright.

Hi John, Well done by all of the Canberra Reunion Committee, they did a fantastic job. I had a great time, and now 3 days later am still getting over it. See you in 2005. BZ. Geoff Barcham.

Dear John and Sarah, I bet the accolades have been flowing in – rightly so. Please also accept mine. A fantastic job. Although you were keeping a weather eye out – I assure you it went like clock work – no glitches. Time for you both to rest on ‘arms reversed’ (so to speak). Already looking forward to 2005 where you and Sarah simply let your hair down and enjoy. Thank you again – BZ is one expression but it does not say it all. Kind regards, Terry Feltham.

(I assume everyone had difficulty catching up with friends. In my case, I met – it seems – a couple of hundred old mates and their partners but only had a moment or two with each. We promised each other that we’d not lose touch and that we’d use the email and other sources to keep that contact going. Can I assume that the Web Site and its list of contacts will remain for a while? I want to download etc.) Yes it will.

Dear John and Sarah, Lynne and I would like you to pass on to all concerned in putting such a wonderful event together a big thank you and BZ. This was our first reunion we could attend and we assure you it will not be the last. Roll on Sydney. Go the DEES. Lynne and Brian (Dobbo) Dobson.

Hullo John, Suppose you’ll get plenty of these type of emails but thought would add my voice (or words) but would like to pass on to you and the organising committee what a magnificient job was done by you all to make this reunion such a memorable occasion. The Sydney boys will have a hell of an act to follow, but am sure they will get some good advice from you guys and make it just as memorable . Once again great job guys and all the best. Andy Cowley

Had a shit time, didn’t know anyone, beer was warm and weather was crap.. (Only joking .. well done you lot). BCNU Bullant – Mal Bullivant.

Curbs, Please pass on a well deserved BRAVO ZULU to all concerned. The organisation of the Smokey was top class (on my last Canberra Smokey to Pine Island 30 years plus ago – we forgot the ice). Highlights – CTRC & HMAS HARMAN Tour – Technology in use was very impressive – several us number crunched just how many were on a watch in the torn/tape days. HARMAN looked immaculate – hopefully we can revisit for the 40th anniversary next year (have sent a VMT separately to Pedro and CMDR Mitchell). Arvo by the lake – Good company, cold beer and an excellent speech by CMDR Julie Mitchell. ANZAC Day – The sea of white hats bought home the comradeship built over the years on flag decks and night watches too numerous to mention. The reading of those communicators who have crossed the bar bought back memories of those young “work hard, play hard” shipmates of yesteryear. Lest we forget. Dinner Dance – Excellent setup – loved the table decorations – still was catching up to the “never get old, but always bold” till the final bell. The keynote speeches were just the right content and length. The night overall capping a perfect reunion. In closing, a personal BZ to yourself for the website – a benchmark that others will find hard to meet. Best Wishes, Dave & Serena (nee Just) Sutherland SIG ROT,1965 – 1987,1966-1969.

John, BZ to you and the organizing committee for one of the greatest bashes we have had in a while. Had a blast. Only problem is it will probably take me 3 years to get over it now. Thanks mate, Geoff Broomhall.

Dear John, I much regret that I was unable to attend the reunion despite good intentions to do so. I did follow the progress of your organising the event and have since heard what a wonderful few days it was. I would like to add my congratulations to you and Sarah, and to the organising committee for the successful completion of a long and very well planned and executed reunion. I will definitely make it to the 05 event. Kindest regards, Wally Rothwell.

Dear John & Sarah, Many thanks for your care of the RANCBA site. As a comparative latecomer to the site I was impressed by the care and atention you paid to updating and keeping all informed. It enabled me (even though I was unable to attend the reunion) the opportunity to see some great names from the past. Once again thanks to you both. Brian Lynch (ex RS Nickname admiral).

I would just like to add both my wife and my thanks and congratulations to the organising committee for a superb effort. The only thing we didn’t enjoy was leaving. BZ on a great job, Peter and Marion Archibald.

We would like to congratulate all of you once again. The whole organisation was a credit to all of you and if I had a hat (I was the one without a hat on Anzac day) I would certainly be happy to take if off for you and the whole team. The story about the hat is not a happy one and I am still feeling the effects of sunburn from that absolutely brilliant Canberra day. Once again thank you. Liz and Ben Engeman.

BRAVO ZULU.Artie Wyatt.

Dear John and Sarah, I know I thanked you for your superb organisation and particularly the Web Site organisation and arrangements. Just wanted to add a cyber thank you for a VERY good job, VERY well done. I don’t think we in NSW Branch will better the ACT Reunion however if we can JUST emulate what you have all achieved I am sure we will be more than satisfied and ALL would be happy. Best Wishes, Ken Swain

John & Sarah, May we add to the multitude of congratulations that you have already deservedly received, and express our personal thanks to yourselves and those who assisted to make this ‘the best ever’ reunion (of any sort) that we have ever attended. Renewed friendships, great memories, and a sense of belonging. Remembering the 20 years in the Service, and this week 20 years since ‘retiring’ from Pussers, who knows what the next 20 will bring! Many thanks again, Roger & Cora O’Donnell

Hi John, Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I will make more of a commitment in the future and at least become a financial member of the Canberra Branch. Those of us who did not participate in the major functions certainly missed out. It was great just to pop in on Wednesday during the BBQ, and attend the march on Anzac Day. Congratulations to all concerned on a job well done. Cheers, Ken (Taffy) Eynon.

Curbs et al, thanks for your wonderful effort and my congrats to the various Committee’s and helpers to make the Canberra show so great. I’m looking forward to Sydney in 2005. Regards, Dixie Barron.

Sarah & John. First of I would to say on behalf of my wife Helen and self, very many thanks, we had a great time though at one stage I thought she may have divorced me. I still tend to over act. Just read your “final” e-mail re 3rd National Reunion, so I shall include in next edition of the newsletter. Was about to send you a msg asking if you wanted to say anything, but think you have said it all. Shall get onto Dave Jeffrey to see if he wishes to say anything. So once again BRAVO ZULU. You can both rest now. Regards Shorty Moffatt.

Dear John & Sarah, Thanks for the washup note. The reunion was an outstanding success and one that NSW will find hard to equal, let alone excel. Thank you both very much for all of your hard work in preparing and sending the information to everyone. Bravo Zulu ! Regards, Alan Brecht.

From one who was originally hesitant to attend I thought it was a fantastic reunion. Agree with your comments but what about yourself John? I think the efforts of you and others in promulgating information to communicators with the AIG, website and other means was nothing short of excellent!! All the best, Greg Beck.

The dinner was indeed a splendid hoot, much enjoyed by spouse & self. BZ. Cheers, Bill Ruse.

Well, it is behind us now and what a great week of the reunion. This is a special thank you to you and all the committee for a job well done. It was great catching up with everyone as it was as if we had not been away from each other. I had forgotten how much Navy people can have a good time. The venues were great and the friendships priceless. Back home now and back to work. Still I might say that I am back home for a holiday. Anyway, nice catching up with you and look forward to Sydney. Love, Joan Alden.

John, I am heading off tomorrow on some leave and your email address is the only one I have for the Reunion committee to express my thanks. I thought the the week went exceptionally well and thank you and the rest of the committee very much for all the hard work and excellent organisation. You all deserve a well earned rest after a great week. Talk to you again, Best wishes, Peter & Wendy Launder

John and team, Bravo Zulu. Psalm 4 verse 7. Von and Di Klimpel. (“You have put gladness in my heart, more than in the season that their grain and wine increased”)

John, Regretfully, whilst returning to Sydney from holidays in Queensland, I have become ill and am unable to travel to Canberra for the Re-union. I was looking forward to being amongst all our friends and comrades over this period and am saddened by my inability to be there. May all the events go as planned and that the final night be one to remember always. With fond regards, Terry ‘Nugget’ Nugent.

G’day Curbs, Well by now you’re probably in the midst of the reunion and having a great time. I’d originally planned to be there, but unfortunately some things have happened that prevented me from coming. I do hope you have a great time and all your planning goes smoothly. Say hello to everyone for me. Good luck, Laurie Pegler.

John, just a quick one to wish all the best for the week and hope any big probs have well long gone and its all smooth sailing from now on. Congrats to you and all the crew for putting together a massive show and although I will be absent I’ll be there in my own way. Thanks for putting news about me about , it sure surfaced some names from way back and me only being a “Johnny one-finger” now days took some time in getting all the replies out. Did I dream it but I thought I read or heard something about a video of all the main do’s ? If correct and names are needed please list my-self. As said this is a quick one so will QRX and enjoy your week. Regards to all at dit time. CU Tiny Kopp.

Hope that all have a great time and spin a great number of “dits”. If apologies are noted please do so for me. Give my best wishes to all especially to the 1950″s members who may remember me. May the wind be at your back and the sun on your heads. Regards, Brian Lynch (nickname Admiral) Class CB28 of 1952.

Hi John, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you personally for your role in the RANCBA Reunion. Unfortunately, I cannot attend, due to personal and business commitments. However, I look forward to hearing all the war stories that I am sure will follow. On a personal note, I would ask that communicators be made aware that one of our colleagues, Commander Norm Banks, Commanding Officer HMAS Adelaide, is being put through the wringer at the moment. To my mind, Norm is upholding the communicators standards, by telling the story exactly as it happened, without fear nor favour. I know that our association, and the military for that matter, should always remain politically neutral, but there are occasions when words of support are required. Best wishes for the Reunion, and have a coldie for me. Regards, Frank Aldred.

Curbs, Just a short dit to wish you, your committee and all fellow communicators a successful reunion in Canberra. I will be flying the flag, as President of the Bundamba sub-section of the NAA, in Ipswich, but will certainly be thinking of you guys. When it comes to dit-spinning time (as it always does), ask Jack Bawden if he remembers the day that he, Pete Goodchild and I were down at the 40-mile-peg and discovered a new way to advertise buffalo-poo! He may even still have a photo (mine was ripped in half by someone – female, I seem to recall..) Anyway, mate, have a great few days and, hopefully, I will be able to make the next one. Cheers to all, Nullarbor Baker.