Back Row:
LWRROT Lyn Graham?, LSSIG Rod Howard, ABSIG Michael de`Marillac, ABSIG Peter Retallick, LSSIG Ian McKeon, LSROEW Col Bambrook, LSSIG Ian ‘Slim’ Astill, ABRO Greg Irving, LSSIG Rick Comfort, LSRO Pete DeMaskens.

Third Row:
POSY George Podmore, PORS Charlie Wheeler, POWRRSS Rae Leachman, PORS Paul Kay, PORS Jacko Jackson, PORS Steve Dik, PORS Neil Unwin, PORS Pete Graham.

Second Row:
NK, PORSSM Andy Fraser, CPORS Phil Sharp, PORS Bob McGregor, CPOSY Bob Smith, CWRROT Coral Miller, CPORS Glen Stanley, CPOSY Ian Sturtevant, POSY Reg Robbins, Mr Russ ‘Snoopy’ Hooper, POSY Ron Brown, Mr Tony Brine

Front Row:
WORS Ted Beare, LEUT Steve Hislop, LEUT Rod Shaw, LCDR Peter Breeze OIC, LEUT Dave Barnes, LEUT Drew Hardy, SBLT ?, CPOSY Frank Lawton.

(Many thanks to Frank Lawton and others for providing the names listed, if you are able to assist further 
please send an email).