Photos Reception

Rancb 2nd national reunion-perth 1999

Reception Photos
(With thanks to Graham ‘Scoops’ Cooper and Anne Hamden (Kane) who kindly provided Sandy McNab with copies of their photo’s taken at the reunion.)
Civic 01
City of Fremantle Mayor and ex-Vietnam Vet Richard Utting welcoming all the Communicators to the Town Hall civic reception.
Civic 02
Sandy McNab on behalf of the Organising Committee thanking The Mayor for the City of Fremantle's generous hospitality, announces shortly afterwards 'let go forward, let go aft, we're underway'.
Civic 03
From the dais, a small section of the attendees at the Civic reception. A rewarding sight.
Civic 04
Joan Aiberti (Noyes), Norelle Trotter, Pat McNab (Hawkett).
Civic 05
Don't know what was in the bottom of her glass, however L to R with a bit of a glow up is Lesley Lalor (Masters ), Joyce Pearson (Lawson), Pam Canney and Ian 'Banjo' Paterson.
Civic 06
L to R: Brian 'Rocky' and Linda Freier with Robyn 'Bobbie' Bacon.
Civic 07
L to R: Bert 'Swanny' Davis, Rita Back (Pond), Brian 'Clacky' Claxton.
Civic 08
L to R: Michael Beasley, Trevor Dickinson, Bob Hawke, Barry 'Jacko' Jackson, Jim Benson, John Farrell.
Civic 09
L to R: Heather Walford (Brumby), Roley Foale, Rita Back (Pond).
Civic 10
L to R: Marj Heaney (Long), Glenys Woodhouse (McDonald), Norma Dix (Featch).
Civic 11
L to R: Wally Wathen, Doug Elliott, Harry Watson.
Civic 12
L and R: Elva Lambert and Nancy Anderson (Belbin).
Civic 13
L to R: Lou Newton, Gordon Bremner, Alan 'Shags' Hellier.
Civic 14
L and R : Don Frearson and Ray 'Padre' Thompson.
Civic 15
L to R: Brian 'Slim' Harley, Arthur 'Jock' Donnelly, Peter Launder