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Rancba 2nd national reunion - perth 1999

Registration Photos
(With thanks to Graham ‘Scoops’ Cooper and Anne Hamden (Kane) who kindly provided Sandy McNab with copies of their photo’s taken at the reunion.)

Regn 01
Hats and more hats, boxes of them. The calm before the storm. L to R Pat McNab, Karen McNab, (Joan Aiberti adrift) and Steve Aiberti.
Regn 02
Poolside deck area and surrounds.
Regn 01
Regn 04
Regn 05
A very convivial 'meet and greet' afternoon had by all.
Regn 06
L to R: Peter Launder and 'Yockey' Shaw
Regn 07
L to R: Brian 'Slim' Harley, Brian Northrope, Ken Hanley
Regn 08
L to R: Bert 'Swanny' Davis and Lance Sutherland
Regn 09
L to R: Jim Watson, Gayle Brady (Walker) and Fran Watson (Lawsen)
Regn 10
L to R Olwen Lipscombe (Smith), Ritva and 'Slim' Harley, Lyn Cooper (Mulready)