Welcoming Reception

Chief Minister's Welcoming Reception


Tuesday Evening 23rd April 2002 – 1700 to 1830

After discussion with the Chief Minister’s Department, the ACT Government has agreed to host a Welcoming Reception at the ACT Legislative Assembly for 120 communicators from 1700 to 1830 on Tuesday 23rd April 2002.

As much as we would like to have invited more than 120 delegates, it just was not possible. Similar restrictions applied at both the Brisbane and Fremantle welcoming receptions.

The guest list of delegates will be compiled by the 2002 Reunion Committee Executive in consultation with the States & Territory Chapters, to ensure that all chapters are represented and those who have worked tirelessly for the Association in years gone by are rewarded. We are sure that delegates will recognise the predicament we are in and will accept the final list with good grace.

A list of those delegates selected to attend the reception will be advised in due course.