Attendance List

RANCB National ’99 Reunion - Registered Attendees

  • Sandy and Pat McNab (nee Hawkett),
  • Barry and Anne-Marie Lehmann,
  • Bryce and Betty Diggle,
  • Bob and Jill Hawke,
  • Gary and Jenny Duscher (Morrow),
  • Jennie and Neil Glen (Sundbye),
  • Gavin and Wendy Ryan,
  • Alison Williams (Dobie),
  • Trevor and Robyn Malby (Campbell) with Ronnie Valberg and Gary Street,
  • Ron King,
  • Lance and Chris Sutherland (Fairman),
  • Doug and Fran Elliott,
  • Don Kahler,
  • Gordon Parker,
  • Bert and Mrs Davis,
  • Dick and Jean Cantwell,
  • Lou and Joan Newton,
  • Les Church,
  • Les Bartlett,
  • Rowan and Pat Paine,
  • Peter and Margaret Hartwell,
  • Marj Heaney (Long) and Bruce White,
  • Tony Meehan,
  • Peter Davey,
  • Ted and Hazel Hunt (Mether),
  • Bob and Joan Bergin (Rinaldi),
  • Brian and Linda Freier,
  • Dinny Reeves,
  • Jack and Clare Duffey,
  • Kev and Anne Ruwoldt,
  • Tom Lane,
  • David Dixon,
  • Brian McNamara,
  • Marie Nitschke (Allen),
  • Ron and Norah Tuckwell (Walmsley),
  • Pat and Michael Berwick (Whyte),
  • Peter and Marianne Shields,
  • Rena Blackett (Raymond),
  • Brian Claxton, Sandy Meeres,
  • Dallas and Tess Graetz,
  • Jim Berridge,
  • Jim Carey and Gayle Brady (Walker),
  • John and Laura Thorp,
  • Anne Hamden (Kane),
  • Graham and Lyn Cooper (Mulready),
  • Jenni Betts (Royes),
  • Dave and Jean MacLean,
  • Norma Dix (Featch),
  • Keith and Evon Speirs (Ferguson),
  • Jim and Margaret Benson,
  • Des and Win Kennedy,
  • Bruce and Sheila Brew,
  • Kevin and Lyn Eastley,
  • Mick and Carmel Delaney (Nolan),
  • Ailsa Brooke (Ellis),
  • Len Hulme and Suzanne Sheppard,
  • Doriel Wailes (Eade),
  • Peter Hilton,
  • Ted and Pam Pretty with Dennis and Barbara Kugler,
  • Les Thurgood,
  • Rod Arnold with Tina Arnold and Phillip Gill,
  • Ken and Jan Hankinson (Seekamp),
  • Ken and Jan Hankinson (Seekamp),
  • Duke Norfolk,
  • Ken and Jan Hankinson (Seekamp),
  • Barry Jackson,
  • Bronte and Glenys Daniel,
  • Alan and Sonja Hellier (Dutton),

Of the 385 registered to attend, 307 are Communicators, 364 are attending the Anzac day luncheon, 265 the HMAS STIRLING visit and luncheon (270 maximum), 250 the social dinner and live show, 177 the river cruise (180 maximum) and 309 for the finale dinner/dance (310 is the cut-off number and a ‘finale wait list’ has opened).

Cancellations include Derek McDonald, Don and Jeanette Ferguson, Pam and Bob Hughes, Gary and Maureen Kopp, Tony and Shirley Sullivan, Jackie Jackson, Fay Pollock, Alf and Joan Watts, Ian Timson, Wayne Ferguson, Brian and Noni Shoobert, Graeme and Dianne Whelan, Mick and Robyn Reid, Blair Webber, Norm Old and Elaine Marlin, Peggy Baggott, Joan Newton, John Pennicuik, Terry and Christine Gleeson, Dave and Jan Bowditch, John and Maureen McLaughlin.


A further REMINDER for all registered attendees.

Reunion registrations are Friday the 23rd from 1400 onwards at the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle. An outdoor resort area in the East wing has been set aside by hotel management, for Committee use registering, meeting and greeting. A very relaxing area with refreshment sales, tea and coffee stations, and comfortable resort decor.

The Civic reception for Communicators only, is that evening from 1800 at the Fremantle Town Hall. The City of Fremantle RSVP invitations were posted out early March, and are to be tendered for your admission at the venue. Non Communicator attendees are invited to remain (if they wish) at the Esplanade Hotel East wing area, to rejoin their partners at the conclusion of the Civic reception approximately 2000.

The Committee ‘Sundowner’ is Saturday the 24th from 1400 at the Fremantle Art Centre, for all registered attendees. Your RANCB reunion ‘name card’ being issued at registrations, are to be worn for admission and recognition by the catering staff. Fremantle tourist trambus shuttle return transport from the Esplanade Hotel is planned before and after the event, concluding at 1800. So remember, if you have no ‘name card’ you go hungry, thirsty and walk !

A full resume of the final three days activities will be included in the ‘registration package’, with latest updates.

On behalf of the organising committee, we wish you all a safe and happy journey to Western Australia, for what is planned to be a memorable National ’99 Reunion.

G. R. (Sandy) McNab