RANCBA TIE (New issue, incorporating CIS Rate)

RANCBAtie (1)

Allan ‘Shorty’ Moffatt has designed a new RANCBA tie, which now incorporates the CIS Rate and has the RANCBA acronym. Anyone who desires one of the new ties, please contact Shorty at the address below.

The cost is $22.50 (which includes GST and postage). If collecting personally, the cost is $20.00 (including GST). Shorty also has tie pins at $3.50 (including postage), but if ordered with the tie, the total is $25.50.

Cheques/money orders should be made out to the RANCBA and forwarded to the address below:

Allan ‘Shorty’ Moffatt 88 Bogalara Road TOONGABBIE NSW 2146

Phone: 02 9631 8068

Email: shortym@mpx.com.au