WRANS Class Photos
WRANS Marching for Queen Elizabeth II – Parliament House, Canberra, 1953
WRANS Class 15 of 1953
WRANS Class 18 of 1954
WRANS Recruit Class 1956
WRANS Recruit Class of 1956
WRANS Class of October 1956
WRANS Recruit Class of October 1956
Coral Sea March – Melbourne 1957
WRANS Class of March 1958
WRANS Class of March 1958
WRANS Recruit Class 41 Nov 1958 (1)
WRANS Recruit Class 41 (with some Class 40) of 1958
WRANS Class 42 of 1958
WRANS Class 42 (or 43) of 1958
WRANS Class 47 of 1959
WRANS Class 47 of 1959
PO WRANS Class (early 60's)
WRANS Class 53 of 1960
WRANS Class 53 of 1960
Coral Sea March Melb 1960
Coral Sea March - Melbourne 1960 or 1961
Wrans RO(T ) Class 69 1963
WRANS RO(T) Class 69 of July 1963
WRANS Class of October 1963
WRANS Class 71 of October 1963
Coral Sea March Melb 1964
Coral Sea March - Melbourne 1964
WRANS Class 74 of March 1964
Some Members of WRANS Class 74 of March 1964
WRANS Class 74a of 1964
WRANS Class 74 of March 1964
WRANS Class March 1966
WRANS Class 86 of March 1966
WRANS Class 87 May 1966
WRANS Class 87 of May 1966
Sigschool WRANS from Class 87 of May 1966
WRROT 1/68 (From WRANS Class 97 of 1967)
WRANS Class 101 of 1968
WRANS Class 101 of April 1968
Passing Out Sig School 1968
WRANS Passing Out Sig School 1968
WRANS Class 113 October 1969
WRANS Class 113 of October 1969
WRANS Class 116 March 1970
WRANS Class 116 of March 1970
WRANS Class 118 of May 1970
WRANS Class 118 of May 1970
WRANS Class 129 of 1971
WRANS Class 129 of 1971
WRANS Class 136 of 1972
WRANS Class 136 of 1972
WRANS Class 144 of 1973
WRANS Class 144 of August 1973
WRANS Class 142 - May 1973 (1)
WRANS Class 142 of May 1973
WRROT Course Feb 75
WRROT Course Feb 1975
WRANS Class of Oct 1978
WRANS Class 179? of October 1978 (Names Required)
Wrans Class of Sep 1979
WRANS Class of September 1979
Coonawarra Cheer Squad - Mons Cup 1981
WRANS Class ? of January 1981

RWRWTR Amanda Taylor, RWRWTR Maree Corbett, RWR Kerri Allen, RWRROT Ann Bierwirth, RWR Tracy Bond, RWRETC? Danni Staunton, RWRROT Debbie Smith.


Middle Row:
RWR Jeannette Perkins, RWR Tanya Milojovich, RWR Shelly Gittings, RWR Sally Newport, RWR Raylene Campbell.


Front Row:
RWR Angela Shields, RWRWTR Chris Higgins, PO Noyes (Instructor), RWR Trudy Elder, RWR Annette Dale.


(Photo sent by Debbie Smith)

Follow this link for Photo 2 from this Class.

WRANS Class ? of January 1981

Back Row:
RWR Jo-anne Campbell, WRWETC Karen Taylor, RWRROT Wendy strong, RWR Denise Grob, RWRROT Moira Walsh, RWRROT Francine Salmeri.


Middle Row:
RWRMTD Maria Kot, RWR Kuran Ridig, RWR Debbie Medlen, RWR Denise Garland, RWR Robin Gordon, RWRROT Francina Voorpostel.


Front Row:
RWR Julie-anne Perks, RWRROT Sue Wrightson, PO Noyes (Instructor), RWRRP Denise Furnell, RWR Debbie Dowal.
(Photo sent by Debbie Smith)

WRANS Class 158 of May 1975

WRANS Class 158 of May 1975 —Back Row Left to right:


Liz Angrov RWROD, Kane Meldrum RWROD, Narelle Carr RWRETC, Marlene Walters RWRRP, Marie Wood RWRETC, Narelle Peters RWRETC, Pauline Keech RWRRP, Jenny Taylor RWRSTD,


Centre Row Left to right:

Soraya Johr RWRRP, Kim Davison RWRRP, Louise Marshallsea RWRSTD, Shirley Jones RWRWTR, Fiona Davidson RWRETC, Kerry Graham RWRSTD, Debra Elton RWRWTR,


Front Row Left to right:

Warrington RWRSTD, Jennie O’Brien RWRETC, Jane Rankin RWRWTR, Third Officer S.D. Heaver, Leading Wran SV Carroll, RWR? Jo Hopkins, RWRRP Sue Kemp, RWRRP Kim Yarrow.


Sent in by Narelle Peters (nee Jones)

WRANS Class 15 of 1953

WRAN Recruit Class 15 of 1953 —WRAN Recruit Squad No.15 – 1953


Back Row: Win Strong; Ruth Hetherington: Barbara Bean: June West; Kathleen Mahoney; Julia Haseldine: Janice Cumpston


Front Row: Joan Spilsbury; Eleanor Smith; Lt. Cynthia Lennon: Valma O’Halloran; Helen Smith.


Absent: Marie James.


Julia Kleinhanss

WRANS Class 164 of February 1976

WRANS Class 164 of February 1976 —Back Row L to R:


Diane Minns, Trish Law, Diane Garvie, Jenny Reynolds, XX, Wendy Loveridge, Jenni Sculthorpe, Jenny Retford, Joanne Hancock, ?Chris Parker?, ?Merle ?


Middle Row L to R:
Dianne Head, Judi Anderson, Leanne Brock, Christine Beacroft, XX, ?Vonnie Prince?, XX, Elizabeth Wells, ?Margaret Butt?, Louise Collins, XX, Janet Bellis


Front Row L to R:
Rose Hilder, Carolyn van Arkel, Vicki Yeo, XX, LWRREG Gayle Clerke, 3RDO Elliot, XX, XX, XX, XX


Lea Francis (nee Brock)

(Photo sent by Lea Francis (Leanne Brock))

WRANS Class 165 of May 1976

WRANS CLASS 165 of May 1976 — Back Row L to R:

Kay Wales, Vic (STD); Lee-Ann Harrison, SA (ROT); Margaret Bevan, NSW (WTR); Sue House, WA (STD); Mara Leisavnieks, SA (ROS); Joan Carter, WA (STD); Maxine Pattern, Vic (CK ?); Glenda Graham, NSW (MTD); Marinda Pitman, Vic (ROS); Ina Smith, QLD (STD)


Middle Row L to R:

Sandy Fry, QLD (ROT); Jannene White, ACT (ROT); Lindy Mason, QLD (CK); Debbie Lumsden, NSW (CK?); Robyn Clift, QLD (ROS); Carol Hocking, SA (CK); Jill Chisholm, TAS (MTD); Ros (Jo) Draper, Qld (STD); Karen Steven, Qld (WTR); Sheree Robinson, ACT (ROS);


Front Row L to R:

Joy Fenton, SA (SV); Helen McBain, SA (MTD); Tracy Hines, NSW (ROS); WRAN Moften (Class 164): Third Officer (3RDO) Elliott; Maree Gerrard, NSW (STD?); Carmel Tom, QLD (ROS); Wendy Thompson, QLD (ROS); Meg Haensel, SA (ROT).


Absent: Jan Coulthard, NSW (MTD)


Note: When this photo was taken all Comms rates were ROS, Lee-Ann, Sandy, Jannene & Meg only changed to ROT ¾ way thru Comm. School.

WRANS Class 166 of June 1976

WRANS CLASS 166 of June 1976

Back row L to R:

Lynette Powell, Fran Carlow, Pauline McCormick, Julie Andrews, Chris King, Jenny Le Vailiant, Chris Baggot, Diane Atkins, Noleen Costello, Jill Rogers, Shirley Woodman, Glenda Rose, Cathy White.


Middle Row L to R:

Julie Warner, Dianne Wotley, Bobbie Mckee, Joanne Cottell, Cheryl Kelly, Cathy Sheridan, Colleen Barnes, Cathy Burgess, Jeanette Wilson, Maggie Snell, Pauline Short, Maureen Johnstone, Lyn McTaggart.


Front Row L to R:

Debbie Taylor, Julie Baker, Kerry Barnes, Theresa Christenson, WRAN Mofflin, 3rd Officer Elliot, LWR Withers, Jenny Norrish, Jenny Spicer, Julie Fretter, Lyn Talbot.


Out of the intake there were 3 Radar Plotters (Pauline McCormick, Glenda Rose and Lyn Talbot) not certain what the others were.


(Names sent by Pauline Gribble nee McCormick).



WRANS Class 167 of July 1976

WRANS Class 167 of July 1976 — Back L to R:

1 Belinda Spencer; 2 ? Bottrell STD; 3 ?; 4 Gina Sproule ROT; 5 Elaine Crump ETC; 6 Marilyn Stewart STO; 7 Debbie Foster CK; 8 ?; 9 Rhonda Lehman STD


Middle L to R:

1 Bev Balnaves ROT; 2 ? MTD; 3 Helen Pye MTD; 4 Leigh ?; 5 Joanne Fisher ROS; 6 ? Cavendish; 7 Natalie Reid RO; 8 Sue Prince MTD


Front L to R:

1 Lindy McGreggor CK; 2 ?; 3 Liz Davey STD; 4 CWR Lennie Maiden; 5 LWR Sue Withers REG; 6 ?; 7 ?


(Photo sent by Elaine Crump)

WRANS Class 168 of 1976

WRANS Class 168 of 1976

Back Row L to R:

Deb Derwent, ?, ?, ?, ?, Julie Coles, ?, Mandy Darling, ?, Kerrie Constable, ?, ?, Karen Larken, Jeanett Holland, Sue Larten.


Middle Row L to R:

?, Glenda Suggut, J.J. Smith, Leanne Tingey, ?, ?, ?, Kathie Loguc, ?, Barb Suggut, ?, ?, ?.


Front Row L to R:

Mandy Haris, ?, ?, ?, ?, Loretta Walsh, LWR Sue Withers, ?, ?, ?, Pauline Smith, Donna Kingman, ?, Debbie Smith.


(Photo sent by Leanne Tingey)

WRANS Class 169 of October 1976

WRANS Class 169 of October 1976 — Back Row L to R:


Christine Weir, Angela Rosenburg, Claire Skeet, Diana Redpath, Bronte Rowett, Jan Fox, Karen Joyce, Kate Donald, Trish Price.


Middle Row L to R:

Christine Heuston, Tiani O’Toole, Karen Cousins, Joanne Kilpatrick, Kim Muir, Barbara Gould, Sue Cox, Tracey Pridmore.


Front Row L to R:

Ree Colgate, Vicky Hodder, Leading Wran Sue Withers, WO Lenny Maiden, Julie Gibson, Margaret Croser, Sandra Penny.


Photo sent by Christine Weir.


WRANS Class 16 of 1953

WRANS Class 16 of 1953 —Back Row L to R:

Joy Duncan, Pat Moran, Gloria Thompson, Margaret Glover, Barbara McLeod, Lorna Chapman, Anne Casey, Gloria Arthur, June Herbert, Gay Pettifer, Bobby Shannon, Betty Morris.


Seated L to R:

Mary Franklin, Jill Johnston, Wendy Wiley, 3RD Officer Mary Lennon, Pat O’Sullivan, Val Murphy, Gwen Lynch.


Front Row L to R:

Margie Oldfield, Peta Emmett, Val Hess, Betty Osterberg, Peggy Main, Gerry Wilson, Marge Stott.


(Photo provided by Ken Thomson, husband of Betty Osterberg)

First WRANS Coding Class , HMAS CERBERUS, March/April 1943

WRANS Coding Class – HMAS CERBERUS, March/April 1943


Back Row L to R:

Joan Browning, Barbara Baillieu, Sylvia Newman, Mac Gillies, Cynthia Letts, Joan Parry-Okeden, Margaret Sanderson.


Front Row L to R:

Pat Fuller, June Shelton, CPO Stafford, Thelma Walker, Marie Bird.


Sent by Marie Stubbs (nee Bird) who says:


I’m not sure why we had a sailor with us. It was suggested that he might have been there to carry the Chief’s books. Perhaps he was for moral support for our instructor, as we were the first WRANS to go through it was probably a very new experience.


When we completed our six week course we were thrown into watch-keeping at the CRS at Flinders. It took a while to adjust to lack of sleep but it is amazing what you can get used to and we were soon seasoned watch-keepers.


WRANS Class 3, Signal School, 5 August 1951

WRANS Class 3, Signal School, of 5 August 1951 — BALL, Joy Lilian, VIC, REG


  1. BRIGGS, Patricia, WA, WTR
  2. DAVIDSON, Elizabeth. WA, STWD
  3. GEISLER, Ella May, SA, SA(S)
  4. GRANT , Violet Sylvia, QLD, STWD
  6. MILLS, Mary Carmel, VIC, CK
  7. REA, Maureen Dawn, SA, STWD
  8. SAGGERS, Joanna, QLD, SA
  9. SMEATON, June Muriel, WA, STD
  10. SMITH, Eileen Mary, WA, STD
  11. STAINFIELD, Muriel Florence, VIC, WTR
  12. WATERSON, Shirley Marjorie Joyce, VIC, WTR
  13. WATSON, Lenore Edith, QLD, STD
  14. WESTON, Audrey Norma, WA, CK


(The above listing was provided by Joan Henstock who advises that Ella Geisler is 2nd from left rear row. The listing is alphabetical and does not reflect placings in the photo).

WRANS Class 6 of March 1952

WRANS Class 6 of March 1952 — Back row left to right:


Fay Rainsbury, Shirley Murphy, Barbara Yuill, Gloria Ryans, Margaret Ritchie, Betty Lloyd, “Penny” Martin, Dorothy Deighton-Reed, Mary Sheldon, Sally Craig


Front row:

Doreen Rice, Pat Hall, Meg Greening, Val Clark, Joan Gibson, Kathy Barker, Joan Bauer, Pam Burns and Elspeth James


Bronwyn Thompson (nee Kurth) is missing from the photo.


(Photo sent by Valerie Sanford nee Valma Clark)

WRANS Class 8 of March 1952

WRANS Class 8 of March 1952

I was a member of WRANS 8 (1952) and although there was NO class photograph taken, I have two photos of the South Australian contingent being sworn in and being issued with their uniforms. These are attached.


In Photo 1, those being sworn in are (L to R) Mavis Samuels, Christine Foote, Marie Manders, Robina Granger, Val Toft, Margaret Hastings, Shirley Willis and Miriam Davis.


In Photo 2, those receiving their caps from L/WRAN Val Ware are (clockwise) Christine Foote, Shirley Willis, Val Toft, Mavis Samuels, Marie Manders, Margaret Hastings and Miriam Davis.



Christine Barnes (nee Foote – WR 4218)

WRANS Class 9 of 1952

WRANS Class 9 of 1952 –Photo sent by:


Margaret AmeliaGreen, Maiden Name Isdale, Brisbane, Queensland.


Email address: rgreen13@optusnet.com.au


When I found your website of Ex Wrans classes of the Communications branch I noticed there was no Class 9 of 1952.
That was my class that I have a photo of so I have attached it to this email. I have made a list of those names that I can
remember if you would like me to send it on let me know.


I hope this will be able to be included in the website in the future.

Yours Faithfully
Margaret Green


WRANS Class 48 of 1960

Back Row.

Elizabeth Knott: Heather Cook: Roma Gorman: Estelle McCarthy: Dorothy O’Keefe: Kay Glanford: Allison hall: Betty Ross.


Front Row.

Judy King: Fern Sunderland: Kaye Allen: Elva Seller: P.O. Taylor: 3rd Officer Bows: Barbara Andrews: Ronder Pullar: Margaret Fuller: Sylvia Brannigan.
Photo sent by Barbara Coker (nee Andrews)

WRANS Class 55 of 1961

Back Row L to R:

Finn, Provist, Gilbert, Lord, Stewart, Millar, Higgison, Williams, Cooke, Heilig, Johnston.

Front Row L to R:

Kelly, Stinson, Christie, Page, Risely, Lyshoel, 3RDO Freeland, Eton, Waugh, Russell, Dawe, Dickhart, Dunne.
(Photo sent by Dale Jones (nee Williams)).

WRANS Class 56 of May 1961

BACK ROW left to right:
Valerie Gooch (RO), Doreen Allen (SBA), Margaret Thomson (SA), Judith Shaw (CK), Vivianne Robinson (WTR), Delle Sutter (RO),
Patricia Cummings (STD), Sylvia Goodridge (MTD), Jeanne-Anne Ramsay (SA), Helen Erwin (WTR), Ronnie Gelston (MTD).


Maxine Moyle (STD), Patricia Epton (RO), Dorothy Robins (MTD), Marion Wichmann (STD), Patricia Doherty (RO), Janice Davies (MTD),
Rosalie Ward (RO), Glenis Winter (STD), Helen Lee (STD), Rhelma Farrer (MTD).


Marion Thornton (RO), Phylis Ebbels (RO), Barbara Mitchell (STD), Carol Jarry (RO), 3rd Officer Freeland, Mary Reynolds (STD),
Minna Brown (RO), Diane Hokin (RO), Pamela Trott (STD).

WRANS Class 57 of 1961

Back Row L to R:

Val Pannell, Judy Morrow, Glenice Chatfield, Polly Teichmann, Coleen Rogers, Julie Warne, Carol Porteous, Moya Cook.

Middle Row L to R:

Lyn Good, Michele Warner, Vanja Sloan, Laura Harding, Nancy Burkinshaw, Margaret Kalman, Margaret Benzie, Rose Gesslein, Mary Chambers, Christine Button, Joan Edwards.

Front Row L to R:

Julie Hall, Kaye Stanley, Iris Roediger, Sally Robertson, Carol Reith, Geraldine Hand, 3RDO Agnes Freeland, Denise Pownall, Gerry Bartsch, Pat Walsh, Rhowena Millard, Rae Ashmead, Roslyn Waite.

WRANS Class 60 of 1962

Top Row L to R:

Carol Finch, Carol Dunkley, Margaret Hickey, Pam Worth, Annette McKee, Irene Higgison, Linda O’neil, Carol Kelly, Meryl White.

Middle Row L to R:

Jean Jackson, Carol Ball, Gleyns Kazmaroski, Madeline Hopkins, Ann Barrance, Kay Barnet, Gaynor Morrow, Liz Edmunds, Val Condon, Gail Wilson, Gwen Hodge.

Bottom Row L to R:

Lynn Gadd, Janet Fair, Sue Parfrey, Ronnie Puice?, Helen Davis, Third Officer Freeland, Iris Robinson, Marie Pointer, Mary Smith, Jan Tucker, Roslie Ingram.
Photo kindly sent by Carol Castles (nee Kelly SBA)

WRANS Class 61 of 1962

Back Row L – R:

Margaret Morris; Norma Erskine; Anne Green; Pat Mulligan; Roslyn Lewis; Elaine Cornelius; Helen Lock (WA); Linda Hughes; Sue Applin; Ena Shaw; George Lovell (WA);

Centre Row L – R:

Sue John; Pauline Griffiths; Penny Protheroe; Joy Lazarus; Jan Johns; Jan Buttler; Carmel Shannon; Carol Porter; Val Wooler; Lorraine Pope; Margaret Bunworth (WA); Jan Barrett; Diane Evans; Kerry Rush;


Front Row L – R:

Carolyn Graves; Glenda Everton; Beryl Woods; Desda Taylor; Clauwadia Senj; Irene Muller; 3rd. Officer Ryan; Maxine Marshall (WA); Peg Halpin; Gaye Baker; Robyn Baker; Meg Yeow; Dennise Haywood.
Photo and names supplied by
Maxine Steegstra (nee Marshall).

WRANS Class 63 of 1962

Back row L to R:

Pat le Strange (Q), Kay Champney (Q), Betty Pearson (NSW), Lesley Baker (V), Helen Lewin (V), Ann Ayers (WA), Maxine Gillam (TAS), Val Stevenson (WA), Rena Hill (NSW) and Diane Freeman (Q).


Middle row L to R:

Vicky Sullivan (V), Sue Randall (NSW), Merrilyn Cranston (Q), Amber Jordan (Q), Merrilyn Woods (V), Barbara Williamson (V), Coral Rohan (V), Ellen Morley (Q), Roslyn Hinton (NSW), Lesley Mc Donald (NSW)


Front row L to R:

Peggy Smith (SA), Cecily Schwilk (Q), Ann Frazer (WA), 3rd Officer Pauline Ryan, June Roberts (WA), Joanie Taylor (Q), Lyn Whelan (SA), and Pat Duggan (V).
(Above names provided by Rena Morris (nee Hill ex LWRO(T)) and Coral Donnelly (nee Rohan))

WRANS Class 64 of 1962

Back L to R:

Betty Banks (RO), Margaret Brown (RO), Meril Potts (RO), Julie-Anne Williams (C), Helga Milkie (C), Julie-en Miles (RO), Esther Williamson (Wr), Sally Ralph (MTD), Sandra Hamilton (C), Roma Heap (RO).


Centre L to R:

Glen Rudgley (C), Diane Lorking (RO), Bev Fairman (Wr), Del Coutts-Smith (RO), Joyce Moretti (C), Faye Hankin (Wr), Inez Eggins (SA), Jenny Armstrong (Returned Home), Fran Porter (RP), Gillian Morris (RO), Mary Jones (S), Joy Moore (MTD).


Front Row L to R:

Rae Broughton (Wr), Jan Dawson (RO), Rae Hyslop (RO), 3rd Officer Pauline Ryan, Vi MacIntosh (MTD), Sandra Owen (RO), Pat Starrett (RP), Christine Reichelt (C).

WRANS Class 65 of 1962

Back Row L to R:

Judy Kilpatrick, Judy Guy, Wendy Cowan, Gill Catt, Lorraine Beattie, Jan Chippindall, Lee Cruickshank, Barbara Cassidy, Gwen Althofer.

Centre Row L to R:

Pam Campbell, Bev Trueman, Jan Gordon, Marilyn Vercoe, Marg O’Grady, Pam Brown, Jean Alpen, Jenny Adamson, Joy Walsh, Marg Sherman, Kaye Thomas, Maylene Quinton, Bernadette Ryan.


Front Row L to R:

Cheryl Addison, Jennifer Collins, Margaret Keeffe, Irene Auger, 3RDO Pauline Ryan, 3RDO Marjorie Reid, Sue Baly, Pat Tarrant, Bell Douglas, Judy Hirst.
(Sent by Kay Page (nee Thomas).

WRANS Class 67 of 1963

Back Row L to R:

Heather Paget, Leslie Lane, Leah Haajas, Anne Kane, Anne Wetherell, Heather Brumby, Jan Slosar, Fran Ward, Chris McNicol, Pauline Standon.

Middle Row L to R:

Dell Wallace (Yogi), Nolene Kidd, Val Campbell, Anette Taylor, Diana Ford, Carol Wilkie, Bev Smith, Pat Gilbert, Myrle Sharpe, Pam Hocking, Marion O’Shea, Patricia O’sullivan, Sue Mutch, Rita Pond, Leslie Ladbrook, Anne Sheehan.

Front Row L to R:

Lorraine Wright, Gail Kilcullen, Yvonne Cornelieus, Pam Vawdrey, 2nd Off Marjorie Reid, Carol Gunn, Marion Singleton, Gloria Scott, Carol Elliott.
Photo sent by Carolyn Davey (Wilkie)

WRANS Class 68 of May 1963

Back Row:

Bev Campbell, Sue Porter, Maureen Carll (Dec), Pam Hannell, Sandra Finucan, Rae Watson, Gail Campbell, Judy Peck, Jenny Hill, Lyn Welsh.

Centre Row:

Carole Gent, Shirley Cook (Dec) Tony Van Der Spek, Pat James, Jenny Royes, Erica (Ricky) Coombs, Ann Shean, Barbar O’Brien, Pat Flello, Fay Airne, Val Bonham, Denice Goodchild, Bette Stanley, Iren West.

Front Row:

Jean Fannell, Wilma Evers, Anne Tennant, Maureen Daniels, 3/O Robinson, Bev (Jackie) Bryceson, Rosemary Ferlazzo, Dawn Kim, Ronnie Loane.
(Photo sent by Bev Bryceson)

WRANS Class 69 of July 1963

Back Row from left:

Jan Prout CK: Denise Henry CK: Suzanne Swancott RP: Carole Devene RO(T): Chris Roddan RP: Margaret Whedon RO(T): Linda Curtis CK: Edith Shields WTR: Prue McCrann RO(M): Collene Clark STD.


Middle Row from left:

Janice Paddick RO(T): Audrey Matheson STD: Delma Duke RO(T): Judy Gitcham RP: Annette Monkley RO(M): Margaret Wooltorten STD: Lynette Gabel CK: Lyn Francis WTR: Helen Lynn STD: Dawn Bryen RO(M): Shirley Smith CK: Judy Jarrett CK: Maureen Bolton CK.


Front Row from left:

Kathy Brammall RO(M): Jan Pidgeon WTR: Michelle Lumsden RP: Kathy Swann CK: 3rd Off Robinson: Phyllis Sims WTR: Robyn Bernard-Haig WTR: Jennifer Sargison STD: Jenny Reedman RO(M).
Missing: Heather Jones – Sickbay. Photo provided by Jan Ellis (Pidgeon). Names provided by Carole Fullerton (Devene)

WRANS Class 73 of February 1964


Back Row L to R:

Laurie Silcock, Judy Buckle, Estelle Schroder, Pat Hawkett


Centre Row L to R:

Judy Krole, Jacquie Dale, Bev Smith, Barbara Shemilt, Anne Dupen, Pam Canney, Jill Gordon


Front Row L to R:

Lyn Morrison, Kay Hobden, Pam Gould, 3rd Officer Heather Paget, Lorrelle Martin, Joyce Lawson and Bev Pickering

WRANS Class 75 of May 1964.

Back Row L to R:

Andrea Howie, Lyn Martz, Pam Henry, Sue Parry, Dianne Collins, Gayle Brady, Jean Smith, Elizabeth Lankester.

Centre Row L to R:

Val Close, Erin Fysh, Meave Myles, Doris Van Nispen, Pam Booth, Carmel Jordan, Margarete Crawford, Karen Barnes, L/Wr. Thompson.


Front Row L to R:

Freda Leuna, Fran Isselman, Adele Cook, Marion Hodgkinson, 3/O Marcia Chalmers, Ursula Kulpa, Dianne Ault, Desleigh Kane, Marie Morris.
Photo sent by Pam Hughes (nee Booth).

WRANS Class 77 of 31 August 1964.
Photo sent by Terri Lane (nee Kelly) who says: I was a member of class 74 of March 1964 and for some unknown reason we didn’t have a class photo. I was wondering if I could include this photo of a group of us taken outside the WRANS quarters at Cerberus in your WRANS class photos. Pictured L to R: Chris Muller, Terri Kelly, Doriel Eade, Carol Hobbs, Bernadette Brady and Judy Clarke.
WRANS Class 78 of 1964

Back Row:

Jan Knaggs, Denise Byrne, Sue Alsop, Robin McGuire, Jan Oliver, Jackie Sharples, Merle Stokes, Margaret English, Rosemary Addison, Gail Smith, Vivienne Brown, Elizabeth Wright.


Centre Row:
Sandra Collins, Kay Worth, Helen Holland, Jean Shelswell, Peta Stockden, Gloria Newell, Christine Burns, Christine Pospisil, Pat Heatley, Terry Czesnowski, Wendy McAuliffe, Sue Stark, Fran Pennicott.


Front Row:
Mel Hill, Barbara Powell, Sandra Sheather, Kylie Trunkfield, Leading WRAN Bev Caroll, 3RDO Heather Paget (RTO), Chief Lenore (Lenny) Maiden, Merri Furze, Loraine McLennan, Tina Davey, Elaine Barbary.
(Many thanks to Tina Russell (Davey) for providing the above photo and names).

WRANS Class 79 of January 1965.

Top L-R
Faye Paynter, Robin Jones, Robin Elkington, Irene Marsh, Heather Hibbitt, Lianne Jacobi, Kaye Powlesland, Carol Miller, Carol Russell, Carol Murphy, Elizabeth Beecroft.


Centre L-R
Lorna Jones, Beth Dowdeswell, Gweneth McCallum, Joy Robinson, Penny Wardle, Sandra Edwards, Marlene Walker, Wendy Darling, Lee Enders, Pam Gilfoyle, Nina Day.


Front L-R
Anne Wienen, Joan Murray, Claire Lowien, Chief Lenore (Lenny) Maiden, 3rd Officer Judy Guy, Jan Toole, Helen Raffen, Pat Daley
Provided by Carol Farr (Murphy) with help from Pat Higgins (Daley), Marlene Walker and Joan Murray.

WRANS Class 80 of 1965

Rear L to R:
Fay Moritz, Lyn Grantham, Robyn Brown, Deirdre O’Connor, Robyn Stopford, Helen Cooper, Robyn Rankin, Lyn Ellis, Lesley Nicholson, Pat McDonald, Miriam Ward, Robyn Bowker.


Centre L to R:
Barbara Worledge, Noela Bissett, Merry McIntosh, Joan Dougherty, Bev Willox, Barbara Sadler, Sue Skinner, Ruth Mould, Bronwyn Cooke, Penny Clegg, Cynthia Crisp, Sandy Buttfield, Di Waddington.


Front L to R:
Ann Tink, Sue Cooper, Carole McCarthy, Yvonne Le Breton, Lesley Gray, CPO Lenny Maiden, 3/0 Guy, Carmel Connelly, Colleen Darley, Lorraine Francombe, Margaret Ross, ?
(The last name has faded too much to read, maybe someone else can help).
Photo sent by Penny Parus (nee Clegg).

WRANS Class 81 of May 1965

Left to Right
Back Row: Nola Robinson; Diane Forbes; Kay Colville; Janet Williams; Roxanne Ferguson; Robyn (Bobbie) Campbell; Faye Loutit; Kay Geoghan; Lyn Johnson; Jane Lewis; Hilary Cooper; Kay Inch; Dianne Batchelor; Jan Bamford.


Middle Row:
Ricky Cave; Cheryl Pittman; Sonja Hanley; Beth Cussens; Pat Stone; Helen Schrapel; Diane Burke; Sue Job; Helen Burkhart; Margaret Watts; Jenny Wooller; Jan Walters; Lorraine Taylor; Ann Felburg.


Front Row:
Lyn McDonald; Martine Rycen; Judith Erickson; Hilary Whitehouse; Angela Skinner; Sue Horiban; Helen Lee; 3/O Slosar; Gayle McKay; Michelle Keenan; Lee Deagon; Nancy Lee; Dawn Tebbitt & Kay Wagner.

WRANS Class 82 of July 1965

Back Row:
Janina Mikolajewski, Lynette Child, Rosemary Ganly, Pamela Matthews, Cheryl Garland, Margaret Anderson, Tine Vanstraten, Joan Speedy, Patricia Perryman, Carol Lindsay, Suzanne Harding, Ann Backman, Frances Lawsen, Lyn Mudie, Davidia Leat.


Middle Row:
Margery Eyears, Cheryl Cook, Christine Dunn, Eltara Young, Lorraine Mills (joined May 1965 so should be in class of 81 photo) Mary Brady, Yvonne McLeaod, Patricia Davies, Diana Euling, Lynette Corriecllo, Lorna Broadhurst, Sandra Mead, Lyn Mulready, Anne Condor, Cheryl O’Sullivan, Janine McKenzie.


Front Row:
Anne Mangold Jennifer Chandler, Carolyn Wattus, Sandra Carlow, Pauline Farries, Valerie Kelly, CWR Maiden, 3/O Jan Slosar, Gail Barker, ?????, Diana Fearon, Kerry Nolan, Jacqueline Sorrell.
Pamela Tynan joined in July 1965 but is not in this class photo.
(Photo sent by Sue Hackett, names provided by Carol Mills)

WRANS Class 83 of Sep 1965

Back row: (L to R):
S. Clark (ROM), J. Rathbone (ROT), R. Farne (ROT), K. Keats (SBA), N. Featch (ROM), M. MacPherson (ROM), B. Brien (ROT), D. Burns (MTD), K. Loveday (SA), H. Smith (SBA)


Middle row: (L to R):
D. Bennet (ROT), H. Carlin (ROM), J. Smith (MTD), L. Woods (ROM), K. Jackson (RP), R. Hillier (W)
, V. Webber (ROT), J. Leake (ROT), K. Sharpe ( C), E. Wells (SBA), J. Schrouder (C )


Front row: (L to R):
L. Box (ROM), P. Gray (RP), P. Phillips (SA), S. Kirkland (SA), Chief Maiden, 3rd Off Harris, P. Ellard (ROT), J. MacKay (RP), P. Tubb (W)
, I. Charnley (SBA), P. Saunders (ROM).
Absent: L Croft (W)
( in hospital)
Photo sent by Norma Dix (nee Featch).

WRANS Class 84 of October 1965

Back row:
Lorraine Winton, Elizabeth O’Brien, Peppita McCarthy, Moira Dobson, Dianne Hamill, ? Dees, Lorraine (? ) Lindsay, Vivien Morgan.


Middle row:
Madelaine Leonard, Linda Sanders, Pam Allen, Jessie Ovenden, Cecilia Ash, Chris Sweeney, Pauline Madden, Sandra Grundy, Janine Darling, Kathy Lemon, Denise Arrandale.


Front row:
Lorraine Thompson, Bernice Boden, Diane Harrington, L/Wr Liz Beecroft, 3/0 Harris, Pat Greir, Heather Daniels, Cynthia Crawford, Ida Beattie.
(Photo sent by Kathy Allan (nee Lemon))

WRANS Class 85 of January 1966

Back Row:
Pauline McLachlin, Carol Rodgers, Kim Wanstall, Diane Dunkley, Christine Linderblad, Yvonne Brown, Sue Patterson, Sue Cowen, Margie Veal, Cheryl Billinghurst, Pauline Baker, Joan Abbot, Libby Drinkwater, Bev Ahern.


Third Row:
Robin Turner, Daphne Thrupp, Narelle Sneddon, Linda Clarke, Annette Scanlon, Tahitia Titchonoff, Lyn Hall, Marilyn Young, Mary McDevitt, Marlene Blyth, Annette Dransfield, Nellie Edwards, Paula Dawes, Rita Bushby, Terry Sweet, Ilonka Bosnyak.


Second Row:
Val Watson, Kerry Griffith, Sherowyn Bourke, Gloria Bates, Pat Walters, Janice Kefford, 3/O Slosar, 3/0 Harris, Elaine Wiseman, Anne Smith, Sue Turner, ‘Micky’ De Bruin, Libby Day


Front Row:
Dianne Watson, Pam Swift, Jeanette Blaine, Margaret Johnson, Sharon Jennings, Alison Bates.
(Photo sent by Carol Mills (nee Rodgers))

WRANS Class 8 of March 1952

I was a member of WRANS 8 (1952) and although there was NO class photograph taken, I have two photos of the South Australian contingent being sworn in and being issued with their uniforms. These are attached.


In Photo 1, those being sworn in are (L to R) Mavis Samuels, Christine Foote, Marie Manders, Robina Granger, Val Toft, Margaret Hastings, Shirley Willis and Miriam Davis.


In Photo 2, those receiving their caps from L/WRAN Val Ware are (clockwise) Christine Foote, Shirley Willis, Val Toft, Mavis Samuels, Marie Manders, Margaret Hastings and Miriam Davis.
Christine Barnes (nee

WRANS Class 90 of November 1966

Back Row L to R:
Pat Byleveld (WA), Dawn Wildsoet (QLD), June Kincade (TAS), Sue Huley (NSW), Veronica Hays (QLD), Gaynor Collins (SA), Mary Cartridge (NSW), Wendy Kingston (TAS), Vicki Dale (NSW), Jackie Haydn (QLD), Lesley Masters (NSW), Kathryn Norris (QLD), Caroline Mann (QLD), Chris Anderson (NSW), Gillian Webber (SA), Christine Healy (QLD), Carol Lucas (QLD), Janette Davey (TAS), Kath Wilkinson (VIC).


Front Row L to R:
Eleanor Taylor (SA), Brenda Cross (SA), Sandra Willey (NSW), Frances Loban (QLD), Georginia Walsh (NSW), Jan Beresford (NSW), 3rd Officer Joan Abbott, 3rd Officer M. Harris, Cath McVey (TAS), Pat Mortimer (SA), Glennis Kennedy (WA), Phillipa Welsh (NSW), Helen Rowbottom (NSW), Heather Trousdale (NSW), Lynette Keys (NSW).
In Sick Bay: Linda Tomlin (NSW),
Photo sent by Jan Gallagher (nee Davey).
Foote – WR 4218)

WRANS Class 91 of 1967

Back Row:
Bev Gilding, Helen Keen, Kay Coulter, Genny Humby, Judy Mudie, Maree Smith, Lee Milne, Denise Turnbull, Beryl Hulbert, Pauline Young, Carolyn Peebles, Roslyn Dewis, Lyn Waugh, Jean Eggleston.


Middle Row:
Robyn Jacka, Cheryl Bryant, P.O. Cassidy, 3rd Officer Scanlon, Sandra Powell, Colleen Northwood.


Front Row:
Mary White, Deidre Rayner, Margaret Towns.
The names are as Margaret Dixon (Towns) remembers them, the italic names went into the Comms Branch, although some of the others may have also.

WRANS Class 92 of 1967

Back Row: L – R: Olwen Smith (Lipscombe), Ros Keysall, Kay Cooke, Coral Baldwin (Searle), Maxine Pugh (Meredith), Sandra Adamson, Merlene McGrath.


3rd Row:
Pat Anders, Jackie Cosman (Foale), Maureen O’Keefe (Jeffrey), Elaine Worrall (Retallick), Sue Halpin (Hackett), Evon Ferguson (Spiers), Joy MacIntosh.


2nd Row:
Lanette Thompson, Sheena Smith, Shirley Rooney, 3rd Officer Scanlon, PO Cassidy, Pat Powell (dec’d), Raylee Nuss


Front Row:
Ros Bassani, Fran Ryan, Helen Burgess, Ros Maxwell (Davey).
Absentees: Marg McIntyre, Barbara Canon, Flora Higgins, Marg Schultz.
(Photograph supplied by Sue Hackett

WRANS Class 93 of 1967
ALLAN Claire June BLACK Christine Eleanor BROWN Christine Jane CLARKE Janice Mary COLE Carlyne Linda COLLETT Lynette Rosalie DEVRIES Anna Maria DUTKIEWICZ Alicja Magdalena HARRISON Norma HAWTHORNE Joan Elizabeth LAWRENCE Valerie Anne MARSHALL Kerrie Christine Scott MARTIN Lynnette Ann OXENHAM Marick Bernadette PENNINGTON Grace Marie REED Erica Joy REID Cheryl Joy RICHMOND Elizabeth Louise ROLAUS Laima Nelda ROSS Teresa Vivienne SCOTT WILSON Veronica Jane SHEPHERD Coral Joan SHERIDAN Lynette Ivy SIMMS Andrea Dale SIMPSON Barbara STILES Robyn Darrelyn TUCKNOTT Barbara Lesley UZZELL Judyth Margaret WILLIAMS Marilyn Gloria WOOD Ruth Beverley
WRANS Class 94 - 1967

Top Row:
Pam Brighouse, Jenny Gannon, Melanie Waterman, L. Hor, Linda Cross, Irene Wilkins, Jan Holden, Krist Hurst, Diane Campbell, Lyn Smith, Maureen Donnelly, Sue Hayward, Aileen Lawrence.


Centre Row:
Pam LePetit, Pam Davies, Chris Haynes, J.(Jan?) Taylor, Lorraine McMahon, Marj Long, Cheryl MacKenzie, Kerry Higgins, Marg Clayton, Sue Cleal, R. (Bobby) Smith, Glenys McDonald, Robyn Walker.


Front Row:

WRANS Class 96 of 1967

Sue Dutton, Maureen Wisdom, Wendy Edwards, Lyn Coomber, Penny Pearce, 3rd Officer Scanlon, P.O. Magor, Betty Siciluk, Gay Evill, Grace Malloy, Chris Taylor, Sonny (?) Jeronyck.

WRANS Class 94 of 1967

Top Row:
Pam Brighouse, Jenny Gannon, Melanie Waterman, L. Hor, Linda Cross, Irene Wilkins, Jan Holden, Krist Hurst, Diane Campbell, Lyn Smith, Maureen Donnelly, Sue Hayward, Aileen Lawrence.
Centre Row: Pam LePetit, Pam Davies, Chris Haynes, J.(Jan?) Taylor, Lorraine McMahon, Marj Long, Cheryl MacKenzie, Kerry Higgins, Marg Clayton, Sue Cleal, R. (Bobby) Smith, Glenys McDonald, Robyn Walker.


Front Row:
Sue Dutton, Maureen Wisdom, Wendy Edwards, Lyn Coomber, Penny Pearce, 3rd Officer Scanlon, P.O. Magor, Betty Siciluk, Gay Evill, Grace Malloy, Chris Taylor, Sonny (?) Jeronyck.

WRANS Class 96 of 1967

Back Row L to R:
L. Smith, D. Jackson, J. Sunbye, J. Irons, J. Turley, D. Waldron, M. Thorpe, J. Simms, K. Hawting, J. Eldridge, G. Johnstone.


Middle Row L to R:
L. Davies, P. Davis, J. Dawson, P. Janke, A. Van ?????, B. Bowen, J. Meredith, S. Wade, I. Mullice, R. Pike.


Front Row L to R:
D. Morris, J. Baker, M. Kupke, L. Gleeson, PO ?????, 3rd Officer Scanlon, PO Beedcroft, C. Ashby, R. ?????, M. Hawkins.
(Photo sent by Jennifer Beazley)

WRANS Class 97 of 1967

Back Row L to R:
Chris Pratt, Judy Cooper, Leslie Gerathy, Sharon Esdale, Carol Luff, Barbara Fuller, Lorraine Harne, Chris Fairman, Mary Beattie, Narelle Johns.


Third Row L to R:
Jenny Hamilton, Barbara Walker, Pam Brittain, Anne Jackson, Dale Minchenton, Carole Holmes, Robyn Spencer, Margaret Buckman, Maureen Mcgrath.


Second Row L to R:
Mem Powley, Lyn Thorpe, Dianne Morgan, Julie Lewis, LWR Ralston, 3rd Officer Scanlon, PO Beecroft, Jan Gooey, Lesley Smitch, Dianne Julian.


Front Row L to R:
Roslyn Reece, Rosy Barjactanavic, Tina White, Pat Law, Liz Southwood, Colleen Bruce, Carolyn Poole, Chris Hayton, Sue Burford, Margie Condron. Photo send by Julie Grevett (nee Lewis) Names provided by Carole Parkes (nee Holmes)

WRANS Class 98 of November 1967

Back Row L to R:
Rae Clark, Gloria Vugec, Diane Pittendrich, Shelagh Tullett, Sue Duance, Judy Hallett, Vicki Lewis


Second Row L to R:
Robyn Baker, Ray Weatherall, Margaret Sandaver, Diane Edwards, Rhonda Foran, Sandy Cox, Dawn Andrews, Rae Theodore, Cheryl McGrath, Margaret Burgess, Robyn Weir


Third Row L to R:
Sue Cederblad, Julie Byrne, PO Beecroft, Third Officer Sheehan, Leading Wran Ralston, Deidre Parkin, Pauline Pickvance


Front Row L to R:
Chris Reed, Carol Reynolds, Rosemary Filewood, Margaret Goodlet, Jan Sawyer, Helen Louer, Marian Briggs, Sue Westward (Photo sent by Rhonda O’Brien (nee Foran))

WRANS Class 99 of January 1968

Back Row L to R:
Jill Worthold, Marg Magnar, Julie Baker, Christine Roffey, Ada Vardon, Adina Adams, Margaret Musson, Brenda Parsons, Sue Lewis, Janice Beinke.


3rd Row L to R:
Cherry Hanks, Sonya ?, Leona Lawrence, Carol Marshall, Lesley ?, Jocelyn Blair, Carol Hendy, Maureen Crimmins, Jenny Wright, Barb Farrell, Deidre Botton, Margaret Nolan.


2nd Row L to R:
Rhonda Duffey, ? Fenn/Venn, Etza Raatz, PO Beecroft, 3RDO LeBreton, LWWTR Ralston, Lee Chilcott, Jenny Radcliff, Shirley Pitman.


Front Row L to R:
Pay Whyte, Helen Biddle, Alice Hunter, Vicky Francis, Kerry Richards, Penny Bailey, Sue Martin, Suzanne Hartley, Dianne Yinlo. Some names required please. Photo and names provided Jenny Hollyman (nee Wright).

WRANS Class ? of July 1984

(The last intake of WRANS before the 12 week Co-Ed classes started).


RCTWRROT Michelle Hutchins, RCTWRCSO Lisa Walker, RCTWRROT Dianne Donko, RCTWRMTD Heidi Heinrich, RCTWRMTD Cathy Fuss, RCTWRROS Judi Carter, RCTWRRP Pauline Gardner, RCTWRMTD Hishion.


RCTWRSN Pam Cavenagh, RCTWRMED Carrie Ingram, RCTWRROS Michelle Charles, RCTWRMTD Karen Burrows, RCTWRWTR Janet Goddard, RCTWRMED Libby Smith, RCTWRROT Debbie Bennetts, RCTWRMTD Linda Frost, RCTWRROT Peta Griffin.


RCTWRROT Brenda Edwards, RCTWRMED Vicki Bulliard, RCTWRRP Deanne Copeland, RCTWRROT Suzi Heal, POCOX Nerrida Noyes, RCTWRROT Tracey Watson, RCTWRROT Sandra Cook, RCTWRMTD Hayley Hudson, RCTWRMTD ?? Crosby.
Photo sent by CPOCIS4 Suzanne Jennings

WRANS Class 117 of 13 April 1970

Back Row L-R:
Cheryl Ostbye, Pam Mitchell, Silvana Di Re, Margaret Toll, Sandy Gow, Sylvia Brittain, Alison Bradshaw, Barbara Farnsworth, Micky Southam, Sharon Broadbent, Margaret Barr, Janis-Mai Garrick, Helen Dickson.


Mid Row L-R:
Lyn Dawes, Sandy Whyte, Dianne Garmeister, Sue Gannon, Chris King, Lois Gilbert, Marion Morton, Jeannete Vennik, Kathy Callender, Chris Saunders, Denise Howard, Robyn Wellings, Carol Daddow, Sigi Engel.


Front Row L-R
Patricia Wallace, Sue Ballard, Karen Gorton, Lyn Brackstone, Sue Lowry, 3rd Officer Running, PO Furse, Jill Stroud, Penelope Sharp, Yvonne Moll, Lyn Robertson, Helen Silk.
Photo sent by Troy van Dongen (a serving POET) who is the son of WRSTD Jeannete Vennik (pictured number 8 from the left in the middle row).


Jeannette has been a paraplegic since 1971 when, while posted to Harman, she slipped on wet rocks at Pine Island and broke her back. The wheelchair pictures below would have been taken around 1971/72. Jeanette was a member of the Navy diving team at the time of her accident.


Unfortunately, Jeannette cannot remember the names of the other girls. Please help if you can. (Thanks to Robyn Kenny (nee Wellings) we now have all the names).

WRANS Recruit Class of 18 January 1957

Kindly received from Hazel Grant for promulgation on the website is her January 1957 recruit class photo.


Back row L to R:
Jan Jarrett (Q), Pat Leister (Q), Liz Sinnott (WA), Dawn Dowse (WA), Shirley Higgs (WA), Angela Vincent (WA), Betty Butler (Q),
Hazel Grant (Q), Betty Gollschewski (Q), Pat Hopgood (Q), Jeannie Hill (NSW), Pat Dodds (NSW), Hazel Mether (VIC), Jean Payne (WA).


Centre row L to R:
Mary Plumb (WA), Joan Smith (Q), 3rd Officer Paterson, Philameno Bonanno (WA), June Langlands (WA).


Front row L to R:
Arlene Bullock (Q), Venice Tranchina (Q), Beulah Holden (VIC), Ann Ferguson (WA).

WRANS Class of 30 May 1957

Back Row:
Margaret Fraser, Lyn Morphett, Jenny Nicholls, Judy Bowen, Chief Minton-Laine (GI), Terry Carmody, Val Hamilton, Elma Liddle, Pat Broadbent.


Centre Row:
Pauline Williamson, Ethol Burton, Thea Muus, Bobby Dowling, Barbara Spriggs, Ivy Mc Cormich (Strawb), Marilyn Jebb, Jan King, Helen Kimmins.


Front Row:
Ruth Shinn (Short Stuff), Joyce Hyde, 3rd Officer St George, Kathy Pallamountagne, Robin MacNamara.
(Lyn Morphett married Lin Hackwood – Hackie who passed away several years ago.)

WRANS Recruit Class of 1957

(Donated by Rhondda Cooper (nee Shaw) from WA)


Back Row L/R:
Judy McGrorie, U/K, U/K, Colleen Rose, U/K, U/K, Julia Howes, U/K, U/K, Helen Wallace


Front Row L/R:
Irene Gorman, Rhondda Shaw, U/K

WRANS Recruit Class 41 of 1958

(Donated by Valda Cain (nee Smith) from WA)


Back Row L/R:
Nola McConnell, Barbara Primrose, Pat Redman, Heather Mitchell, Valda Smith, Beverley ?, Judith Hart, Marie Bate, Beverley ?, Rosabelle Atkinson, Dorothy Kennedy, Kay Hastings.


Front Row L/R:
Judith Laker, Valma Gust, Lorraine Lather, 3rd Officer St George, CPO Curren, Hazel King, Dawn Eaton.

WRANS Recruit Class 40/41 of 1958

(including some Class 40) Both 1958 Intakes.
(Donated by Valda Cain (nee Smith) from WA)


Back Row L/R:
UK, Marcia Chalmers, U/K, U/K, Lorraine Lather, UK, Alwin Robinson, Patricia Redman, Dorothy Kennedy, Beverley ?, Heather Mitchell, Judith Hart, Marjory ?, U/K, Valda Smith, U/K, Nola McConnell, Dawn Eaton, Marie Bate, U/K


Front Row L/R:
Rosabelle Atkinson, Valma Gust, Kay Hastings, Judy Laker, Barbara Primrose

L–R: Margaret Whedon (T): Janice Paddick (T): Kathy Brammall (M): Carole Devene (T): Dawn Bryen(M): Jenny Reedman (M): Delma Duke (T): Jan Pidgeon (M): Prue McCrann (M): Annette Monkley (M): (Photos & Names provided by Carole Fullerton (Devene)

WRANS Class 3 of 1962

The chalkboard held my 3RDO Ryan shows this was the 3rd Recruit WRANS Class in 1962.
In the higher scheme of things it was Recruit WRANS Class 62 of May 1962.


Rear Row L to R:
Jan Fenwick (RP), Diana Donavan (RO), Diana Welsh (RO), Hazel Swinton (RO), Helen Worrell (STD), Dot Nankervis (OTC), Marjorie Reid (OTC), Jenney Robinson (OTC), Judy Potts (SBA).


Middle Row L to R:
Denice Bonser (RO), Liz Smeaton (CK), Joy Mitchell (STD), Sue Slater (SBA), Noleen Venvill (RO), Margret Spice (RP), Wendy Sharpe (RO), Heather Garlic (SBA).


Front Row L to R:
Jan Chaplin (RO), Phillis Calvert (RO), Diney Faulter (SBA), 3RDO Ryan, Bonnie Cartwright (RP), Lorna Mars (SBA). (Photo sent by Helen Harvey (nee Worrell))

WRANS CLASS ? of April 1973

Back Row L to R:
7th from the left Liz (Lyle) Hynes


Middle Row L to R:
7th from the left Kaye (Marshall) Kirwan
11th from the left Lee Strong
12th from the left Di (Hall) Rees


Front Row L to R:
2nd from the left Anne (Johnstone) O’Mahony
Sent by Kaye (Marshall) Kirwan ex LWRRO(M)S (Served April 1973 to Sep 1977)

WRANS Intake September 1961

Rear Row L to R:
Sue Hall, Unknown, Unknown, Jan Walker (confirmed), Irene Saddler, Heather Owen, Val Goddard, Veronica Glover


Front Row L to R:
Lorraine Hansen, Unknown, Lorraine McKinnon(?), 3rd Officer Freeland, Unknown, Jan Walker, Rita Ryan.
Sent by Heather Greer (nee Owens) who is 3rd from right in back row.
Unfortunately Heather cannot remember the Intake Number

WRANS Class 76 May 1964

Back Row L to R:
Helen Gillis, Christine Prescott, Dianne Gambrill, Jeanette Trendle, Heather Schrader, Marie McLoughlin, Wendy Sims, Beryl Barnes, Mary Silby, Sandra Smith.


Middle Row L to R:
Thea Bodde, Carol Teather, Margaret de Bree, Val Hall, Beth Friend, Barbara Harrison, Rosemary Hurst, Marie Gillis, Kay O’Malley, Sue Dench, Madeline Smith.


Front Row L to R:
Kathleen Amey, Kathy Keep, Dianne Banner, Marilyn Mann, 3rd Officer Harris, Jenny O’Connor, Denise Hogan, Christine Olsen, Jenny Janes, Kathy Webb.
Photo sent by Beryl Neill (nee Barnes).

WRANS RO(M) & RO(T) Class 69 of July 1963

Margaret Whedon (T): Janice Paddick (T): Kathy Brammall (M): Carole Devene (T): Dawn Bryen(M): Jenny Reedman (M): Delma Duke (T): Jan Pidgeon (M): Prue McCrann (M): Annette Monkley (M): (Photos & Names provided by Carole Fullerton (Devene)

WRANS Class 8 of March 1952
I was a member of WRANS 8 (1952) and although there was NO class photograph taken, I have two photos of the South Australian contingent being sworn in and being issued with their uniforms. These are attached. In Photo 1, those being sworn in are (L to R) Mavis Samuels, Christine Foote, Marie Manders, Robina Granger, Val Toft, Margaret Hastings, Shirley Willis and Miriam Davis. In Photo 2, those receiving their caps from L/WRAN Val Ware are (clockwise) Christine Foote, Shirley Willis, Val Toft, Mavis Samuels, Marie Manders, Margaret Hastings and Miriam Davis. Regards Christine Barnes (nee
WRANS Class 100 of February 1968

Back Row L-R:
MTD Maureen Thompson, RO Maureen Medwin, RO Terry Wilton, RP Jenny Longmore, RO Beth Hoy, RO Shirley Anderson, RO Joan MacAvaney, RP Marion Carson, RO Anne Eassie.


Middle Row L-R:
MTD Beth Butler, RO Yvonne Hawley, Rhonda Jenson, RO Marilyn Furner, RP Chris Rozyn, RO Terry James, RO Helen Lane, RO Caralyn Lindsay, RO Annette Brown, RO Margaret Gibson.


Front Row L-R:
RO Helen Deen, RP Mary Kennedy, RO Gail Walters, RO Helen Paul, PO Beecroft, 3rd Officer Common, LWRAN Rawlston, RO Patsy Cullen, RO Barbara Tietzel, RO Lyndall Smith
Photo sent by Barbara Mellon (nee Tietzel)

WRANS Class 102 of May 1968

Back row L to R:
Carol Erickson (SA); Marg Ubrihien (NSW); Noeleen Stott (Tas); Kerrie Ellis (NSW); Meredith Hales (SA); Anne Evans (SA); Pat Gifford (WA); Kathy Anderson (WA)


Middle row L to R:
Chris Jenkins (Vic); Jill Watson (Tas); Aveon Lincoln (Tas); Sandra Horton (Vic); Meredith Hales (SA); Leslie Eggington (NSW); Sue Higgins (Qld); Dianne Muller (NSW).


Front row L to R:
Tina Price (Qld); Wendy Turner ( unknown); Jane Warne (unknown); 3rdO Baker; LWRAN Rolston; Rosalie McCormack (WA); Sandra Ferris (QLD); Shona Davies (WA) Cheers Anne (previously Evans) Jones

WRANS Class 103 of July 1968

Front Row Seated:
Robin Emms (Cook), Julie Trimper (Cook), Karen Finlay (RO(M)), 3rd Officer Coral Ashby, Carol Alderson (RP), Dianne Buckley (RO(T)), Sue Wilkins (RO(M)), Karen Javonovich (RP)


2nd Row:
Robin Forest (SBA), Merrill Durrin (Cook), Elizabeth Smith (RO(T)), Kathy Simpson (RO(T)), Anne Moxon (SBA/RP?), Elizabeth Murray (RO(M)), Sally Hardy (RO(M)), Elizabeth Bartlett(left after 6 weeks)’ Marlene Queary (SBA), Cheryl Brown (RP), Margaret Wilmott (SBA)


3rd Row:
Heather Howarth (RO(M)), Gisele Bossman (RP), Dianne Charles (RO(M)), Gaye Holt (RO(T)), Jan Craig (SBA), Jane Turner (SBA), Sherry Dicker (RO(M)), Anne Johnson (RO(T)), Joyce Utterson (RO(G)),


Back Row:
Cynthia Moore (RO(M)), Vicki Taplin (SBA), Vicki Martin (SBA), Colleen Sinclair (RO(T)), Sue Witchaiby (RO(M)), Cathy Amistead (RO(T)), Cherie Wade (Cook), Robin Jarrett (RO(T)), Lyne Backcock (Cook), Jill Court (RO(T)) (Photo supplied by Gaye Doolan (nee Holt))

WRANS Class 104 of August 1968

Back row:
U/K, Mary Rumming, Barbara Weedon, Sharon Smale, Sharon Hazelman, U/K, U/K, U/K, Lea Waters, Karen Thompson, Margaret Godfrey, Ondina Sciucca, Ann Prater, U/K, Sandra Ireland, Flo Asher, U/K, Lee Last, Lesley Campbell, Diane Wilton, Sandy Smith.


Middle row:
Cynthia Miller, Lynn Wilkinson, Wanda Watson, Linda Wickham, Sue (surname U/K), Lorraine Lawry , Libby Landstrom, U/K, Helen Judge, Diane Lawrence, Lyn Rhodes.


Front row:
Jean Milligan, Laurel Goodfellow, Lyn James, Norma Robson, 3rd Officer June Baker, LWR Helen Burkhardt, U/K, Keryn Porter, U/K, U/K.
(Photo provided by Diane Lawrence and Ondina Jury)

WRANS Class 105 of Sep/Oct 1968

Back Row (L to R):
Julie Tonkin (MTD), Pam Dredge (RO), Kerry Butcher (RO), Les Bird (?), Denise Emmerson (RP?), Lorraine Nolan (RO), Pat Hyland (RO), Shelagh Murphy(RO), Liz Giblett (SBA), Tina Pilley (SBA), Christine Butcher (?), Lyn Collings (RO), Penny Clarke (RO), Stephanie Reynolds (?).


Centre Row:
Maree Doran (?), Margaret White (RP?), Margaret (Meg) Hmara (SBA), Lyn Adams(?), Robyn Dodd (MTD), Irene Vanderlinden (SBA), Jan Peters(RO), Fran Bloom (RO).


Front Row:
Lyn Hendry(RP?), Joan Pankhurst (RO), Kristina Cameron (RO), Third Officer Carol Ashby, Julie Alders (MTD), Helen Swanwick (RO), Lyn Alcroft (?).
There were only ROs, RPs, MTDs and SBAs in class 105. (Photo sent by Joan Hogan nee Pankhurst)

WRANS Class 106 of November 1968

Back Row L to R:
Melanie Godson, Vicky Bodero, Pam Motley, Kim Taylor, Jenny Hudson, Dianne Snodgrass, Ashleigh Bulmer, Sally Welman, Dianne Comyns.


3rd Row L to R:
Jackie Jackson, Chris Bury, Lana Ellard, Colleen Brown, Deszrae Tranter, Cynthia Bennis, Wendy Rowe, Beryl Burke, Citra Gaiduks.


2nd Row L to R:
Charmayne Baker, Lyn Harrison, Sue Kelleher, Sue Porter, Anne Smith, Dianne Hutton, Kerry-Anne Kitchler, Bronwyn Babbs, Linda McLachlan, Kady Howgate, Jennifer Hooper, Anne Morley.


Front Row L to R:
Margaret Oxenham, Sue Creasey, Marie Crowther, Jan Parker, 3/0 Dixon, Sue Bowman, Margaret Finlay, Annie Klien, Sandra Miles.
Photo sent by Bronny (ex Baird, nee Babbs) Dawson – LWRROT 1968 – 1974. Served: HMAS Cerberus, HMAS Harman, HMAS Albatross, HMAS Coonawarra.
Names provided by Sally Kissick (nee Welman).
Incomplete Names provided by Linda McLachlan:
Margaret Oxenham, Annie Klein, Sue Bowman, Marie Crowther.

WRANS Class 107 of January 1969

Back row L to R:
Judy Steel, Peggy West, Julie Harris, Linda Coleman, Anne Kostuik, Heather Rice, Diane Altimer, Linda Payne, M Walters, D Rowe, Jenny Bull, Barb Fitzgerald
Middle row L to R:
Kerry Arnold, Mattie Harden, Lesley Massey, Heather Benson, Anne Cooke, -NK-, Marilyn (Kit) Carson, Pat (Karri) Willers, Margaret Parker, Kaye Clarke, Shirley Woods, Chris Evans.


Front row L to R:
Nancy Phillips, Jenny Jarvie, Bobby Brown, Vickie Altschhiago, Jackie Fitzgibbon, 3RDO Ashby, LWR Hurst, Kay Shearer, Robyn Hadden, Sue Neilsen, Beth Taylor, Dianne Stanley. (Photo sent by Mattie St.John (nee Harden))

WRANS Class 110 of May 1969

Back Row L to R:
Hylie, Sidnam, Atken, Horan, Judy Wallace, Fox, Gillespie, Mensing, Wilson, Greig, Brenda Tait, Jan Carruthers, Ruskin, Paterson, Strooband, Chris Armstrong, Penny Gross, Sue Bartholomaeus, Butcher, Blucher, Endres.


Front Row L to R:
Carol Tingle, Ward, Rosie Molrose, Johnson, Jill Luck, Sylvester, 3RDO Ruming, Wran Esdale, Sue Montgomery, Gerheridie, Ros Issing, Mills, Hyward, Ward, Cumming, Carol Davies.
(Photo sent by Sue Montgomery who can’t remember the other girls christian names. If you can help please do so).


WRANS Class 111 of 22 July 1969 ont Row L to R:

Centre Row L to R:


Back Row L to R:

WRANS Class 112 of September 1969

Left to Right
Back Row

Dianne Phillips, Gail Jeffers, Kathy Hoar-Sykes, Sandra Gedye, Jane Miller, Karen McLeod, Liz Farley, Pam Heaton, Marion Glass, Marilyn Brodie, Lee Willmont, Judy Ehlers, Shirley Temple,


Middle Row
Pat Jones, Ann Winter, Marilyn Sander, Lorraine Rumble, Ruth Millstead, Maxine Barnard, Jenny Marston, Carol Colin, Raylene Sellen, June Magann, Lyn Bignell, Denise Horn, Margaret Nixon


Front Row
Robyn Jensen, Jenny Morrow, Colleen Gould, Anne Barry, 3RDO Mary Rumming, WRAN Sharon Esdale, Barbara Howship, Ann Iles, Jane Stanley, Trudy Hanson, Margaret Crowley

WRANS Class 114 of November 1969

Sent by Juanita Strachan (nee Price) who says: “If only we wrote on the back of photos who was in them. My memory is not all that fantastic, I can only remember a couple of names”.


Back Row L to R:
Teresa Feeney, Judy Dowling, Gloria Price, Sue (Wicky) Wickham, Lori Brodie, Sue Bailey, Sue Noskie, June Haynes


Middle Row L to R:
Chris Vincent, ?? Mitchell, ?? White, Maree ???, Robyn (Bobbi) McVean, Juanita (Skeet) Price, ?? Gregson, Di Maloney, ?? Russell, ?? Sheehan


Front Row L to R:
?? Greenslade, ?? Grogan, 3rd Officer Ashby, LWR Sandy Powell, ?? Kingham, ?? Torrice
Cheers Juanita Strachan

WRANS Class 118 of 18 May 1970

L-R Back Row
Julie Clapton – Ro from Dandenong Lorraine Johnson – MTD from Sydney
Sue Shepard – CK from South Tamworth Annette Hallahan – CK from Townsville Roberta Turner – SBA from Geelong Winnie (Lois) Macdonald – RO from Brisbane Peggy Macdonald – RO from Brisbane (twin to Winnie) Suzanne Turnbull (Me) – RO from Sydney Lea Taylor – RO from Darlington Point Denise Garrett – MTD from Qld Rhonda Barton – CK from Fish River


L-R Front Row
Julie Morse – RO from Sydney Beth Coventry – CK from Tailem Bend Gayle Gow – SBA from Brisbane Lyn Stanborough – CK from Punchbowl 3rd Officer Nolan from Brisbane PO Furse from Brisbane Jean Andryk – SBA from Sydney
Lea Slater – RO from Adelaide Vicki Miller – RO from Sydney Donna Tubb – MTD from Wollongong
(Names sent by Sue Elford – neeTurnbull)

WRANS Class 119 of July 1970

Back row L to R:
Gai Kimber, Chris Rowe, Zita Venn, Sue Hocking, Cathie Baker, Marie Baker, Jan Hallett, Sue Stenner, Carol ? (Scottie) West, M. Christensen, Judy Gardner, Margaret Cunningham (now Beckinsale), Chris Fry
Middle Row L to R:
Jane Holt, Coral Cooper, Paula Bradley, Ann Charlton, Sandra Hay, Jane Ormandy, Judy Clegg, Christine ? (Dina) Dorahy, Lesley Hart, Bronwyn Maker, Wendy Head, Loella Rennie (Lee), Carol Connor (now Andrikonis).


Front RowL to R:
Lesley Geisel, Lyn Dale, Cheryl Fox, Margaret Chapman, Jennifer Harvey, 3rd Off Nolan, Leading Wran Brown, Kathy Wesley (now Harrington), Wendy Pedersen, Cathy Devlin, Ann Southam (Photo sent by Cathie Baker – names provided by Marg Beckinsale (Cunningham) who says “I’m having some trouble with the girl sitting on the extreme left in the front row – I believe her surname was Geisel – unsure of the spelling and think her first name is Lesley, just not confident enough to put it on the webpage. She was a Radar (RP)?). This was confirmed in December 2011 by email from Katie Lipsett, the daughter of Lesley Geisel (now Nancarrow). The above name list was updated with mainly first names on advice from Carol Connor (now Andrikonis) in June 2010, and again in October 2010 after advice from Lesley Hart.

WRANS Class 121 of September 1970

Back Row (L-R)
Linda Edwards, Maxine Perkins, Carolyn Kidd, Elizabeth Grimes, Meryl Thompson, Liz Reid, Sharon Cross, Susie Shaw, Ginnie Peddie, Margo Harris.


Centre Row (L-R)
Gail Le Rossignol, Ann Smithson, Kathy Field, Penny Womal, Chris Sharp, Jenny Lyons, Cheryl Treloar, Georgina Holmes, Ethel Calderwood, Louise Brown, Denise Cobb, Kerry Pope.


Front Row (L-R)
Carinne Santo, Trish Haines, Iris Eade, L/Wr Sharon Esdale, 3rdO Sue Higgins, Vicki Williams, Kim Gannell, Margi Miller. Photo and names sent by Iris Wilson (nee Eade).

WRANS Class 122 of 1970
Photo sent by Fran Visini (Choppy Ah Mat) middle row 5th from Right.
WRANS Class 124 of February 1971

Back Row:
Pam Bowman, Helga Ratke, Jennifer Watt, Carolyn Jones, Eileen Dent, Gabriel Schumann, Anne Holmes, Margaret Mudford, Karen Hession, Carol Sullivan, Jennifer Hamilton, Lynne McClelland, I Varga, Helen Caughey, Lynne McRae, Lee Clendenning.


Middle Row:
Sharon Hessop, Vivienne Dunn, Margaret Ey, Jennifer Watson, Gwen Harlow, Gail Olive, Marie Thomas, D Gonderman, Bronwyn Cheetham, J Williams, Robyn Atkins, Carol Cunningham, Ann McGrath, Elizabeth Budek, Carol Goldsmith, Jan Allen.


Front Row:
Lyn MacInerney, Julie Colley, Maria Ulijn, Jean Scott-Rees, Meg Magarey, 3rd Officer Higgins, LWR Dillon, Marie Fisher, Julie Dorsett, Maria Ciffollilli, Sue Dittmann, Jennifer Grant. Sent by Lynne Dobson (nee McRae) and updated by Eileen Dunlop (nee Dent).

WRANS Class 125 of March 1971

Back Row L to R:
Colleen Tarant, Rhonda Brewer, Robyn Williams, Sue Wilson, Marilyn Phillips, Anne Klease, Francis Rodda, Gloria Parkes, Annette Baker, Del Scmidt, Chris Slowinski.


Middle Row L to R:
Robyn Lambourne, Bindi Francis, Sonja Magnus, Dawn Goddwin, Carol Webb, Chris Stuart, Alison Hart, Judy Hayes, Cheryl McNee, Marilyn Thompson, Robyn Day.


Front Row L to R:
Heather Graham, Mary Barr, Lyn Harrison, PO Chiverton, 3RDO Higgins, Leading Wran Harden, ? Martin, Margaret Harth, Judy Clark.
(Sent by Alison Supple (nee Hart))

WRANS Class 126 of May 1971

Back row L to R:
Carol Baker (now Harris), Brenda Humphrey, Sandra McIntosh, Helen Harbutt, Sheridan Lunn, Kathy Munroe, Lyn Grace, Louise Perdrix (now Taylor), Judith Knight (now Rowe), Annett Waldron, Crystal Knobbie.


Middle row L to R:
Margaret Blackman, Ellen Tognolini, Barbara Huggett, Sharon Thompson, Robyn Lee, L. McDonald, Gail Fuller, Cheryl Kean, Rosalie Boom, Barbara Ess..(?), Paddy Halpin, Merril Haley, Carol Mezzino, Joanne Ferguson.


Front row L to R:
Nicole Gryzo, Liz Piet, Lee Edwards, Chris Downs (now Gleeson), Sandy Boyle, Third Officer Susie Shaw, Petty Officer Chiverton, Ann Hoatson, Leslie Lunn, Clair Watson, Christine Johnston. Photo sent by Judith Rowe (nee Knight).

WRANS Class 132 of 1972

Back Row L to R:
L. Fletcher; Carmel O’Sullivan; Annette Kenwrick; Lynette Smith; Maria Bonomini; x Hoskings; D. Hick; Wendy Nichols; R. Narracott; M. Abrahams; x Taylor.


Centre Row L to R:
M. Powter; R. Trotman; C. Mannalxx; D. Kennedy; H. Brimson; G. Bailey; R. Dunne; Annette Geddes; G. Ward, J. Gxxxnisky; M. Blockland; M. Taylor


Front Row L to R:
K. Napier; Bev Adams; Ros Fletcher; Lauren Fowler; M. Talbot; J. Loney; Third Officer Wallace; Chris McKay; Karen Abbott; S. Ivens; Bronwyn Hamer; A. Thrift; J. Bell.
Photo sent by Christine Powell (nee McKay) – front row, 8th from left.
Names provided by Lyn Nelms (nee Smith) – back row, 4th from left.

WRANS Class 137 of September 1972

Back Row (L to R):
RWRMTD Vicki How, RWRSTD Shirley Marshall, RWRSTD Kay Hannah, RWRRP Christine Shwartz, RWRSTD Rita Koostra, RWRRP Michelle Simpson, RWRSTD Helen Hancock (now Baker).


Front Row (L to R):
RWRMTD Lorraine Linger, RWRMTD Leonie Forde, RWRSTD Sandy Flatters, LWRREG Baker, Third Officer Belinda Board, RWRRP Lyn Powell, RWRMTD Christine Arnold (now Sheppard), RWRSTD Dianne Palmer. Sent by Christine Sheppard (nee Arnold) front row, second from right, who advises that the class began training on 26 September 1972 and consisted of MTDs, Stewards and RPs.

WRANS Class 140 of February 1973

Back Row L to R:
Karen Guy, Dot Wright, Chris Berry, Joan Czarnecki, Lyn Alderton, Chris McCart, Sue Prest, Kay McKinnon, Sue Waldron


Middle Row L to R:
Robyn Thomas, Lyn Price, Lori Gust, Robyn Smith, Leonie Berry, Karen Morgensen, Mary-Anne Phillip, Rhonnda Stevenson, Toni Morrison


Front Row L to R:
Ruth Turnbull, Madeline Halstead, Lyn Constable, Helen Irwin, 3RDO Maxine Kupke, Patricia Collins, Jennifer Winters, Libby Smart, Sue Chidgey
(Photo sent by Lyn Baker (nee Alderton)

WRANS Class 142 of 1973

From Jennifer Barrett:
I have attached a photo of my WRANS Class 142 for publication. Names of those that I remember appear below:-


Back Row – L to R
Gaye Pop (STD), Stacey Sheridan (WTR), Karen Lang (ROT), Dianne Hood (Boswell) (ROT), Pauline Hayden (WTR), Pat McCabe (ROT), ????, ????, Kathy Griffin (Herbner) (STD), ???? (WTR?) Marina Gruyis (STD)


Middle Row – L to R
Carmel Quinn (Robertson?) (ROT), Bev Inks (Recruit – left after 3 weeks), Sarina Edridge (???), Cheryl Hall (Palmer) (ROT), Sandy Ninness (Recruit – left shortly after joining), Virginia Croswell (ROT), ???? (MTD), ????(WTR), ???? (WTR/MTD??), Jo King (ROT), ???? (???), Leonie Moore (STD)


Front Row – L to R
???? (???), Jennifer O’Rourke (Barrett) (ROT), Elizabeth Holt (MTD) ???? (???), Leigh Pettit (ROT) LWR Kendrick (REG), 2nd Officer Harrington (Parry), Cheryl Horton (ROT), ???? (???), Hilary Chapman (ROT/M – Left during categorisation), ???? (???), Dianne Brookes (Bron) STD/COX)

WRANS Class 145 of September 1973
(Photo sent by Kay Saint (now Martin))
WRANS Class 146 of November 1973
(Sent by Barb Conn)
WRANS Class 155 of January 1975
Photo sent by Jeannie Roberts (nee Groth).
WRANS Class 156 of Feb 1975
Sent by Toni Pearse, who says: II’m the third from the right middle row. Ann Cronin (MTD) ??? next to me (STD) and then Faye Pearse (nee Gallagher). Back Row 3rd from left Mary (Nan) Roberts (Medic) last on right is Jill Carrithers (STD) Middle row 1st from left Andrea Barnes, Marilyn Pearce???? Front row 1st left Helen Honin (STD) 4th left Terry Carroll (SV) next to her 3rd Officer Wardle. Thanks, that’s the best I can do with this old memory bank. Regards Toni Pearse Assistance is required to put remaining names to faces. If you are able to assist please email admin@rancba.org.au
WRANS Class 157 of April 1975
Photo sent by Kerrie Belstead
WRANS Class 159 of 1975
Photograph sent by Margaret Barwood
WRANS Class 162 of 1975
Sent by Penny Johnson (nee Galloway W116677) who says “I have only a few names that I can remember. Will try and list them for you.” Penny was a WRSTD but only served for 13 months, she would like to make contact with friends from her Navy days. If anyone can assist with names of the above it would be appreciated.
WRANS Class 178 of September 1977

Back Row L to R::
CK Kelsey ?, ROS Kerrie Taylor, WTR Dawn Stephenson, WTR or ROT Anne Sutherland (I lean towards ROT), ROT Denise McLachlan, ROT Julie Fowler, ROT Moira Robinson, WTR Lorraine Kirby, ROS Sue Gabriel


Front Row L to R:
ROT Ruth Coleman, ROS Judy Ross, POWTR Macklin (Instructor), MTD Sharmaine Piggot, LWRREG Nan Roberts (Instructor), ROS Debbie Doyle, MTD Cheryl Barrett.
Photo sent by Judy Broster (nee Ross)

WRANS Class 19 of 1954

Back row from left to right:
Recruit Wran Writer Norma Sharpe, Recruit Wran Officer’s Steward Norma Maynard, Recruit Wran Writer Anne Brady.


Front row, left to right:
Recruit Wran Officer’s Steward Nancy Clarke, Third Officer Joan Streeter, Recruit Wran Officer’s Steward Mavis Moorcroft.

WRANS Class 44 of 1959

Back Row:
Marg Jarius, Joan Noyes, Margaret Lumsdon, Helen Singleton, Terry Dolan, Ros Neilsen, Viv Lipscombe, Penny Broadbent.


Front Row:
Nola Ezard, Sondra Nunan, Third Officer Thelma Bowes, CPO Curran, Elizabeth Wickens, Jenny Davis, Deanne Hill.

WRANS Class 51 of August 1960
(Photo sent by Jackie Horton) Princess Alexandra at HMAS HARMAN 1978 POWRRS(T) Pat McCabe shaking hands with Princess Alexandra at HMAS HARMAN during 1978. Other names required please. Princess Alexandra at HMAS HARMAN 1978 Princess Alexandra shaking hands with POWR Nancy Jensen at HMAS HARMAN during 1978. Norma Dix is at the far end. Other names required please.