Sports Team Photos


I am keen to obtain as many Sports Team Photographs (with Communications Branch content) as is possible for publication on this site. If you have any photos hidden away in your archives or albums  please advise me and I will provide my mailing address if required so that you can send them to me for publication on this page. If you are able to scan them and send them as an email attachment, all the better.
Please follow the links below for team photographs:
South East Area Interservice Basketball team 1958. Richard McTaggart second from right rear row. The player at far right back row was also a Communicator – was doing his Kellicks course at the time (name unknown).






Quiberon Cricket Team from 1960/61

Back row right hand end is T/O Daryl Cross

Submitted by Daryl Cross

WRANS Hockey Team Darwin 1958. Pat, Kathy, Hazel, Gladys, Ma’Ma, Ivy, Debbie, Jean, Betty, Margaret, Priscilla.
Men’s Hockey Team Darwin 1958 – Bob Lamb (with beard) back row far right.
HMAS VAMPIRE – Small Ships Rugby Champions 1960 (Kev ‘Wizza’ Wise & Les Church at end of front row). Team Manager was LRO Biff O’Neil (in civvies at back right).
HMAS VAMPIRE Aussie Rules side 61-63. Peter Donald is centre back row.
HARMAN Aussie Rules Team 1961/62?
HMAS CERBERUS AFL Team 1962. Bill Clemson 4th from left back row, Dave Jeffrey 5th from left, Brian Attwood 6th from left. Russ ‘Snoopy’ Hooper at end of back row.
I have attached the photo of the 63 combined Aussie Rules side. In the back row third from right is Bill Fiora and myself next to him. On the Middle row on the right hand side is Paul Feltham, brother of Terry, Paul went on to play in a North Melbourne Premiership side. Fourth from the right is Wayne Batchelor, Batch was one of the best footballers that I encountered whilst in the Navy and in a lot of peoples opinion he could have played VFL (now AFL). He played with Royce Hart in the Clarence under Nineteens and was considered to be on a par with Hart. I think the good life got the best of Batch. You might be able to identify some of the other guys in the team, I was only 17 then and my memory has dimmed a fair bit from that time. Father Mac was a great guy, I heard that he was killed in a car accident. Cheers Barry Appleby
HARMAN Molonglo Shield Team 1964 – Premiers
HARMAN Rugby League Team 1965
WRANS Water Polo Team – HMAS COONAWARRA 1968.
Navy Aussie Rules Team 1971 There are three communicators on the Aussie Rules team that I can remember, myself, Rod Jacobs (Signalman) and Bill Fiora (Sparker). I spent time with Bill later on in my time in the navy and believe he is now in WA. Do not know anymore about Rod or what became of him. There could have been more communicators in that side but not aware of it. The coach was a Roman Catholic Priest, Father McDonald. We trained at Albatross for a week and then on to Sydney and played the RAAF and Army at a ground called Trumper Park. Cheers Barry Appleby
Comms School Rugby Team 1971
Comms School Aussie Rules Team 1973
HARMAN Rugby League Team 1975 – Premiers
VAMPIRE Rugby Team 1974/75. SBLT Les Patakay (now RADM) is the last bloke in the back row on the right. Sent by Ray Powell.
WRANS Hockey Team 1974 – Winners of Interservice Competition
Albatross Men’s Hockey Team 1976
Albatross Women’s Hockey Team 1976
Bonshaw Cup Winning Team 1976
HMAS HARMAN Aussie Rules Team 1976
HMAS HARMAN Aussie Rules Team 1977
Coonawarra Cup Winning Team 1977
HMAS HARMAN Aussie Rules Team 1978 – Winners of Fr Mac Cup.
Navy Interservice Rifle Team 1978 – Margaret Barwood 2nd from Left.
HMAS HARMAN Aussie Rules Team 1979
Harold E Holt Combined RAN/USN AFL Team – 1979 Premiers
HMAS MELBOURNE Rugby Team 1980 – Singapore
Comms School Aussie Rules Team 1981
Darwin Combined Services Aussie Rules Team – 1980/81.
HMAS MELBOURNE Comms Branch Running Team 1981
Coonawarra Cheer Squad 1981 Sheena Connelly provided this photo and says: It was taken during the Mons Cup at HMAS Nirimba in 1981. We were posted to Coonawarra at the time and flew down with our Mons Cup team to act as their cheer squad. We were the only cheer squad there (and the only females for miles) and had a fantastic 2 weeks. We only had to cheer for one match from memory as Coonawarra got knocked out early. The names are: Back Row L to R: (Self) Sheena Connelly, Cheryl Watson, Kerry Sutton Kneeling L to R: Debbie Taylor & Wendy Thompson I was a SWR Beagle at the time (later changed over to EWP- plus a variety of other branch titles). The rest of the girls were all comms.
Bonshaw Cup 1984 – First visiting Navy team.
VIC Inter-Service golf at Albury-Wodonga 1987 Back row from third left – Bruce Willoughby, Ted Sheather, Peter (Harry) Fumberger, Frank Hicks.
VIC Inter-Service golf at Maffra 1989 Back row first left – Bruce Willoughby. Centre row from third left – Ted Sheather, Frank Hicks. Front row first right – Ron Tanner.
RAK Ragers Touch Football Team 1989 – Winners of Russell Offices Lunchtime Cup.
Bonshaw Cup 1995 – Margaret Barwood wins Lady Veteran Runner.
Bonshaw Cup Visiting Teams Winners 1996