Ship’s Callsigns

RAN Ships - Names Type/Class, Service years, Callsigns & Hull Numbers (Last updated 12 December 2015)

During his lifetime Sandy McNab put together some outstanding research to provide a comprehensive list of RAN ships and their callsigns. This was a project he worked on for many years. Unfortunately, Sandy died before it could be completed, but his research is now available to all. It is a valuable legacy, but it continues to be a work in progress. If anyone has any additions, or changes please contact me (Web Yeoman)  and I will work my way through the necessary changes.


Follow this link for the workbook of RAN Ships and their Callsigns

Sandy also set out a list of RAN Ships Callsigns in ENCODE & DECODE format workbook of RAN ships names, Callsigns & Hull Numbers. 


Follow this link for the workbook of RAN Ships Names

To complete the listing, Sandy also attached a new file “Shore Establishment Address Indicators” as a new page alongside the Ships Callsigns and Ships Names pages listed above. At the time Sandy said “I guess they will bring back a few memories for many, they did me.”


Follow this link for a list of RAN Shore Establishment Address Indicators
Rest in Peace Sandy, you have left a great legacy for others to follow.