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I am keen to obtain as many Class Photographs as possible for publication on this site. If you have any photos hidden away in your archives or albums please advise me and I will provide my mailing address if required so that you can send them to me for publication on this page. If you are able to scan them and send them as an email attachment, all the better.

Recruit Classes

Moran 22 of September 1957

Back Row L-R:
Kevin Bonnington, NK, Rob Partington, NK, NK, NK.

Front row L-R:
Bob Hutchinson, Bill Crans, NK, Mike Allen, Tom Lane, NK.

Back Row L to R

X Smith, Leon Semmler, Mick Patterson, John ‘Slim’ Rosewarne, Dick Steingrube, Geoff Royle, Sandy McNab, Tony Sullivan, X Porter.


Front Row L to R

Doug Manners, Ian Ross, X Vidulich, POQMG Instr.Taylor, Don Spencer, Squizzy Taylor, Dave Oliver


Front Seated L to R

Alan Stringer, Noel (Shorty) MacPherson


I believe we are all still around, John was down Hobart way, Sulli was on the north coast of Tasmania, Doug was up in QLD and I spoke to Don in Adelaide last year. Maybe 2005 we’ll catch up.

Moran 37 of July 1958

Cheers all and if you can fill in any gaps, it would be appreciated.



Re your photie, Tackers was a signalman in those days and was in a T Class with Les Church’s mob.


George Smith was in my recruit class with CCY George Davey as instructor, George got sick and went to hospital and never made it back to R2, he ended up a couple of classes behind R2.


We started out in Moran Division in I block and later they shoved all Communicators into Rankin (Stokers) in J block because of the heavy recruiting of LB’s. Getting and Waller were the other two Divisions. One was full of Starvo’s, Cooks, Stewards (Getting) and Waller all the Dib Dabs, Birdies etc (I think).


George Bracken was the R class Instructor ahead of us, Sully Wop Spoof and co.


Hope that has helped,



Kev Ruwoldt

MORAN 39 OF October 1958

Back Row L to R:-

Leslie Jones, John Franklin, Doug Campbell, Arthur Duncan, Bill Coleman, Peter Giles, George Baird, John Butler, Russel Hedley


Front Row :-

Edward Fitzgerald, Terry Aitken, Ron Beaumont, Ken Furlong(Instructor) Dave Botwood, Laurie Dripps, Graham Charlesworth

MORAN 40 OF 1958

Sent by Kev Ruwoldt, who says:


Back row L to R:

David Marks, John Thompson, Kev Ruwoldt, Ron Rowe, John Owens, Geoff McNally, Jim Mathews, Ray McKewin, Bob Nichol, Colin Simpson


Front Row:

Jeff Neil, Robert Trinder, John Sutton, PO Ken Furlong, Barry Sunderland, Ron Melville, Ray Stuart.


The photo was taken hurriedly as you can see, some of us have not been issued with Nr 8 strides and we borrowed Ken Furlong from Moran 39, as our allocated Instructor (CPO Vic Clegg) was not on the scene at that time.

MORAN 41 OF 1958

Back Row:
Jim Conroy, Brian (Dolly) Gray, Garry Hooper, Bernie Collins, Adrian (Buzz) Bryant, Bill Hillzinger, Vince Griffin.


Front Row:
Kelvin Coker, Gavin Greer, Vic Marsh (Instructor), Ian Bland, Graham Barnett.

MORAN 42 OF 1958

Sent by Sandy McNab (names provided by Lofty Lane):


Back Row L to R:
Bob Perronnet, Jake Newman, Barry ‘Lofty’ Lane, Lofty Ritchie, Brian ‘Fats’ Levett, John Metherall,


Front row L to R:
Tom Jarrett, Graham Ogg, Instructor Blackie Dowson, Ron Morris and Oscar Johannson.

RANKIN 47 - April 1959

Rear L to R: UNKNOWN (believe rct stoker), UNKNOWN (believe rct stoker ‘smithy’), the one and only Bob ‘WOOF’ COLLIE (TO), myself DICK CANTWELL (RO), UNKNOWN (believe rct stoker).

Centre – L to R: CLEM (Elsie or Whacker) PAYNE (RO), GRAHAM (Grub) MACLOUD (TO), Instructor PO HILL, BOB (Kiwi) BURGESS (RO), JIM WILLIAMS (stoker),

Front sitting – L to R: KEN JOHANSEN (TO I think), and GARY MARKEY (stoker).

RANKIN 62 of January 1960

L to R rear row:
R/CO Kenneth Barton (reverted R/SMN), R/ME Gordon Lane, R/CO Graham Jones, R/CO William Mann, R/CO Reginald Watson, R/ME Graeme Treller, R/CO Peter Rogers, R/CO Albert Boyd, R/CO Michael Shannon (reverted R/SMN).


L to R front row:
R/CO John Howie (reverted R/SMN thence PTI), R/ME Brian McGurgan, R/ME Ralph Ringe, Instructor A/PO QMG Stan Shields, R/CO John Ford, R/CO Barry Nagorcka, R/ME Jens Udo Magdeburger.

RANKIN Class 71 of 1960

Back row:
Rct/M(E) Airey, Rct/M(E) Flux, Rct/M(E) Pryor, Rct/M(E) MacPherson, Rct/CO G Seymour, Rct/CO J Eagles, Rct/M(E) Joynes.


Front row:
R/M(E) Arnold, Rct/CO Johnson, Rct/M(E) Wulff, PO Keith Kempnich, Rct/CO G Hopkins, R/M(E) Shiplock, R/M(E) MacConnell

HMAS LEEUWIN Stevo Division 1980

WOCIS Col Scott (3rd Row far left) and CPOCIS Col Keesing (Rear Row second from right) still serving.

Rankin 51
Class 46 Moran
Rankin 52
Winjan 1 1963
Winjan1 Signatures 1963

Radio (R) Classes

Telegraphist Class 1942
Back row: N/K , George Delfs, Clive Griffith, Stan Drury, N/K , Dick Mayes, Don Crowley ,

Front row: N/K , Eric Ablett, Jack Wood, Ch.Tel. Francis Walker, Bruce Dyker, N/K , N/K

Follow these links for an amazing story of detective work by Sandy McNab:

Original Posting QSO 2009
QSO Update April 2010
Update from Sandy late April 2010
QSO Update November 2010
QSO Update 24 March 2014
R2 of July 1959
L to R rear: Martin McGurgan, Kerry (Rocky) Lusk, Brian Lewis, John (JCO) Gray, Don Spencer, Sandy McNab, Frank Benny.

L to R front: Kev Ruwoldt, Brian Jones, Bill Lowe, Laurie Dripps, Tony Adams
Advanced RO 1985

Back L to R:
The late Roger Jones (PORSSM), Jeff Milward, Harry Coulson, Greg Goodwin,
John Cunniffe.

 Cranston Robert Bob Doyle, Bob McGregor, Peter Beau Breeze, Graeme White.

Advance RO Class 1988
Advanced RO Class 1988
Advanced RO1995
Advanced RO Class 1995
Class photo of Tier 2 session 15 2004 (One of the last lot of RO's holding out to change to CIS)

CIS tier 2 alignment course session 15

LSRO french, LSRO mcdougall, LSRO bowerman, LSRO Grasso, LSRO Cusio

 ABRO jewell, LSRO pinner, LSRO Bird, LSRO Bloom, ABRO Bradelly,  LSRO Frampton

Radio Frequency Management Course1994
Radio Frequency Management Course 1994
R82 1992
R82 of 1992
R85 1992
R85 of 1992
ADV RO 1990
Advanced RO - 1990
RO Conv 1991
RO Conversion 1991
Radio Section 1992
Radio Section 1992 Comms School
ROT Conv 1991
ROT Conversion 1991


DEFCOMMARS Day Staff 1988

Back Row left to right:
ABSIG Gary Murray, CWRRST Karen Robson, SWRROT Trish Manderson, POWRRST Mary Ann Wall, CWRRST Mert Jeffery, CPOSY Peter Cook.

Sitting left to right:
SBLT Natalie Read, LCDR Judith Rowe, ASLT Monique Buckley.

Coding Class 1953
Greenies DEFCOMMARS 1988
Discon Cat-B Supervisor Course1992
DISCON CAT-B Supervisor Course 1992
SGCE Topman - Leeuwin 1969

Back Row:
‘Tug’ Wilson, Bill ?, Chris White, Ian Picone, Geoff Tye, Denis Mole, Royce Bell

Centre Row:
Darrel Phyacklea, IaElvie, Bill ?, ‘Robbie Robinson’

Front Row:
Sam Rundell, Peter Zeptner, Dave Vin ‘Slim’ Astill , Dick George, Alex Mcncent, LEUT Birrell, CMDR Wal Sharp, ‘Spider’ Webb, David Horton, Geoff Booker

Photo sent by Royce Bell


Back Row Left to Right:
Ray Cully, Vince Sicaroo, Ray Powell, Ted Callister (decd 1-7-1983), Carol Rodgers, Larry Mills, Frank Morrah, ???, Mick Haines, ‘Spike’ Jones.


Front Row Left to Right:
Paul Harris, Kevin ? Humphreys, ‘Johno’ Johnson, LCDR John Birrell, CMDR Wal Sharp, Mick Butler, Paul Threlfall, Sam Hughes.

CIS Classes

CIS 151.1

CIS 151 was the first class to go through Comms School as the new Communications and Information Systems category.

Back row: (l to r):
SMNCIS Michelle Jolly, SMNCIS Caitlin Velnoweth, LSSIG Steve Brooks (Divisonal Leading Seaman), WOSY John Perryman,
(Trainees Divisional W.O.), PORS Lorna Jewell (Divisional P.O.), SMNCIS Sarah Parnell.

Front row:
SMNSIC Joanne McInnes, ABCIS Sharon Webb, SMNCIS Abby Dempster, SMNCIS Karen Bailey.

NTCC Corrie Station

Photos from Detachment to Naval Technical Training College in Pensacola Florida USA. NTTC Corrie Station. Specialist training in 1979 for (S) rates. Those shown include Nugget Nugent, Marty Hicks, Steve Wilmore, and ganga Barclay. Commanding Officer was Capt Bondi.

Bottom picture is Nugget being inducted into USN as a honorary Chief.