bravo zulus

1st National RANCBA Reunion - Brisbane - 24-27 April 1996

Bravo Zulus

Thank you for asking me to participate in the Communicators National Reunion. It was an honour to lead the Association in the march – and no doubt you were very pleased indeed at the turnout – to say a few words at the lunch. The latter was made easy because you very kindly did not give me the difficult speech, and also because by then I had spoken to many old shipmates and friends, and that made it a very comfortable and rewarding occasion.

I trust the activities from Friday on went equally well, and that the Reunion continued to be as successful as it clearly was in the early “formal” part. With your Committee, you can rightly be very proud of your achievement in organizing and orchestrating a most successful first annual reunion. In the words of the Short Secretary, Bravo Zulu! Margaret and I were delighted to meet you, and appreciated your assistance and kindness. We wish you the very best for the future — Tony Horton

Great reunion, didn’t hear one bad word, all wanted to stay. Should have gone on for 2 weeks — Shorty Moffatt

I’m writing to express our thanks to you and your Committee in Brisbane, for an excellent re-union over the entire visit to celebrate Anzac Day. The organization of each function, accommodation, travel and every facet of our stay was superb. On behalf of Lorna and myself, thanks you — Merv May

Tackers – Gale, Jim, Kev, Tony – On behalf of my wife and self, I would like to thank you for the magnificent job that you, your committee, your many helpers and of course, your ever supporting wives, did in making Anzac week 1996 an occasion that even the “knockers” (and I’m sure there were some) would have to admit, was monumental success. On the personal side, thanks for the way you treated my ‘late application’ and slotted me into ‘spaces’ that were not mine. Knowing what I know now, if I had missed it, I would never have been able to forgive myself (you can thank my wife Ruth for the extra work I caused, as it was her persistence that prompted my action).

The effort required to arrange all the functions and ceremonies for a re-union such as the one that we have all recently enjoyed must have been rather frightening at times and I’m sure tempers would have become frayed at times.

The contribution made by the South Brisbane Federal Band at the memorial service is worthy of special mention. Their rendition of “Abide With Me” ‘superimposed’ with “The Last Post” was a finale with immense impact.

Finally I know you needed rain badly up you way and we were initially welcomed for “bringing it with us”. Please be assured that what has resulted was not our aim and we sincerely hope our image as “drought breakers” has not been tarnished too much. Thanks once more – Bravo Zulu —- Keghead Weaver

The Re-union Committee – Thank you for your kindness. Thanks for the great job on the Re-union —- Col & Dawdie Dicker

Tony – Just a short note to congratulate you and your committee on the wonderful job you all did in making the first National Reunion such a success. From a personal point of view I had a great time meeting old and new friends, as I know everyone who attended did. I’m sure, and I hope, that many more re-unions will follow. Once again thank you all for making it possible and for all your time and effort involved – a memorable occasion —- Doriel Wailes

Tony – Having participated in “Re-union 1996” and time to reflect and recuperate from the functions of Anzac week, it is appropriate that we record our appreciation of your efforts on our behalf. There is no question that the Reunion was other that a resounding success and Edna and I would like to add our personal thanks to you and your hard working committee for the time and effort put in to achieve that result.

From the first meeting at Lennons and that wonderful Lord Mayor’s reception to the Dinner Dance – we thoroughly enjoyed every minute – meeting old mates and making new acquaintances – the camaraderie throughout was excellent. I found the trip on the “Forceful” an experience – in that the river, which in my days in Brisbane was lined with wharves and shipping, has undergone many changes – as has the city of Brisbane – I couldn’t find many recognizable landmarks or haunts of the ‘40’s. I hope that you feel your efforts were worthwhile and that having proved that, some other branch of the RANCBA will accept the challenge to do it again. Again our grateful thanks to you committee and to you, Tony, for making the First National Reunion of the Association such a memorable occasion – our best wishes —- Syd & Edna Moore

Tony – Just a few lines to express our appreciation for all the work and preparation which went into the National Reunion. You and the committee did a great job. It was great to meet mates we haven’t seen for a long time (45 years in some cases). We can imagine all the hassles regarding the organizing of events sand dinners etc. Hope things worked out financially. No doubt the next newsletter will tell us and we can square up somewhere along the line. Regards —- Bill & Beth Joyce

Kev – Just a few lines to thank you for all the work and time you must have spent in getting things going for the National Reunion last month. Tony and his committee are great organizers, but if I know you, you did most of the leg work. Sorry you had bad news during the festivities and hope all went well in W.A. Thanks again for all the effort you (and Anne) put into the get together. Some of those characters I haven’t seen for 45 years. You are welcome any time you are out this way – Beth and I wish you and family all the best, Regards —- Bill Joyce

Mr President, Committee Members and Wives – This is to thank you very, very much for all the organizing that you, your wives/lady friends and the entire committee for organising the Inaugural Communicators/.ex Communicators Reunion. It took a lot of hard work to plan and execute such a great four – five days and Trevor and I deeply appreciate just how much went into it. Thanks heaps you lot —- Robyn Malby

Secretary, Qld Branch – On behalf of my wife Jess and myself, please accept our sincere thanks and congratulations on the wonderful work and organization that was so capably put together over the four days of the C.B. Reunion. To all concerned in the arrangements and which necessitated many months of work and long hours, we offer you all our highest praise and which was certainly richly deserved. We had a wonderful time in Brisbane and the memories will no doubt last us a long time. I apologise for the lateness of this letter, but we only returned to Adelaide last Wednesday, after spending a fortnight in Darwin, following our departure from Brisbane. Wishing your branch every success in the future, Kind regards —- John Horton

Kev – I have enclosed an order for two commemorative “Polo Shirts” indicating sizes, and would like one of each i.e. one sparkers and one sigs. My cheque is enclosed. Having spoken with Shorty Moffatt at our last meeting, I believe the reunion was a great success and I’m now sorry that I missed it. However work commitments have to come first these days. Maybe I will be able to attend the next one and finally get to meet you guys. Please pass on my congratulations to those concerned on the organization etc that goes with such an event. —- Andy Mills

Tony – Just a few lines to thank you for the efforts you and your committee made to make the National Reunion so successful. I was impressed with the organization and professionalism achieved by your good selves. It was so pleasing to catch up again with so many old friends. The Queensland Division certainly excelled themselves. Very best wishes to you and your committee and congratulations on a job well done —- Dinny Reeves

COMMUNICATORS – Twelve months ago the theme for Australians was “Australia Remembers” … Anzac Day 1996 saw some 500 Communicators gather in Brisbane for what was a most enjoyable trip down memory lane at the inaugural National Reunion for Communicators young and not so young. As a result of some very fine organisation dedicated hard work of across the board communicators, headed by Tony Miles, the 1996 Anzac Day in Brisbane will be long remembered by those communicators who attended. The theme of ‘Come to Sunny Queensland’ did not however hold up, but somebody looked after us Communicators and the main functions of Anzac Day and our day of nostalgia at the BBQ were dry (perhaps rain free would a more fitting description). Race going types were not so lucky, for it teemed down at Doomben. Some did manage to pay for the ‘holiday’, whilst others boosted the contents of the bookies bags. Suffice to say, for those who attended, the Brisbane 1996 Communicators Reunion was a great success and the organizing committee deserves a very big green BRAVO ZULU —- Ron Tuckwell

Kev – First of all, I would just like to say ‘Well Done’ to yourself, your wife, Tony, Bill and all the others that organised the re-union through Anzac week. Without a doubt, it would have to have been the best Comms get together I, and I know of others, have ever attended. I don’t think anyone could imagine the impact of such a reunion and I will remember it for many years to come. To catch up with so many friends you had thought ‘lost’ over the years was absolutely wonderful. Again, to you all, congrats and well done —- Peter McCarthy

Kev – I would like to thank you, and all your various committees, for the tremendous efforts entailed in the organization and arrangements involved in our National Reunion, like many others I have spoken with we all appreciated the various functions and enjoyed ourselves, meeting acquaintances not seen for 40 – 50 years —- Pascoe Faulkner

Committee – I would like to take this opportunity to say a bit “Well Done” on a very successful re-union. Although I didn’t find a great lot of people whom I knew whilst I was in the navy it gave me an opportunity to meet a few more of the local RANCB members. My civilian friend Trish McKenna who accompanied me also had a great time. Thank you for all the effort that was required to make it such a success, rain and all —- Fay Webber

Kev – We both really enjoyed the get together and ‘do’ on Anzac Day. Just as well we had name tags – the faces in most cases didn’t mean an awful lot. For you, Tony and co, are to be commended for your efforts. If the rest was as good, I’m sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves —- Bob & Bud Simpson

Kev – Many thanks for the great time at the March dinner and the Museum trip. Had a good trip back except for the Qld ‘Wet’ sunshine. Please pass on the thanks of Mavis and Kev Mongan, and myself to the committee for a job ‘well done’. I hear you have all volunteered to organize the next one. Many thanks and once again “Bravo Zulu” —- Deric Kenyon

Kev – We had a great time at the reunion. It was terrific that Gary was able to meet you. Congratulations on a super 4 days —- Leanne Lunn

Tony – Congratulations to you and your fellow organizers for arranging the RANCB reunion. Any person who did not enjoy themselves did not know how —- Garry McCabe

Tony and Crew – Thank you for a magnificent turnout. No detail was overlooked. Yourself, Bill, Kev, and your no doubt many helpers made a formidable team in order to fulfill a dream. Once again I thank you and congratulate all of you. Bravo Zulu —- Ken Wheeler

Tony – Just a short note to say thank you for the effort you and your committee put into the reunion. We had a really great time. Hope to see you all at the next one —- Frog & Lyn McCoy

Tony, Bill, Gayle, Kev & Anne, other Organisers – I have no hope in the world of saying a big enough “Thank you” and “Congratulations” on the week of memories you have provided us with. I personally am forever grateful and most appreciative. Thanks and God Bless to all involved —- Rae Hyslop

Tony – I have at last made the effort to put pen to paper to thank you and your team for putting together such a successful reunion. It was really fabulous and I’ll certainly be there for the next one. I ran around with my camera and took lots of pictures of people and I have had spare sets made, one for Sandy McNab and I thought you’d like the other set. It was fantastic to meet up with so many old acquaintances and meet many new friends. I had 10 days off in Queensland and Sydney before I came back to Adelaide. Just as well, it took a few days to get down to earth again and a week to wipe the smile off my face. Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos, I took mostly the people I know and met around our vintage. Some of them I don’t know, but I’m sure you will. Bye for now, love to all of you and especially to that terrible reprobate Kev Ruwoldt —- Anne Kane

Tony – Just a note to thank you all for the reunion. Everything was just perfect. It’s going to be a hard act to better. Thanks again —- Rowan Paine

Kev – What a colossal job you blokes did for the great reunion in Bris, long to be remembered and never to be forgotten. The work behind such organisation must have been demanding and massive, should earn you the A.O. eh? The W/T office on Diamantina proved a ‘top’ venue with the opportunity to pump an old morse key after too many years, surprising how it sticks in the brain, seemed like yesterday to sit down with the ‘spew bucket’ and receive and transmit once again. For me that last time was in 1949, paid off in 1950. Best wishes —- Ted ‘Tinkles’ Garth

RANCB Committee – Another ‘BRAVO ZULU”, best 3 days since “PUSSERS”, congratulations. C.U.L – OM’s – 73’s —- L/Tel Dutch Holland WT3 1945, PO/Tel Spike Marlin WT2 1945, L/Tel Laurie Baker WT5 1946, Tel Ted Garth WT3 1945, LRO Paul Garth 1976, Coder Les Smith 1944, L/Tel Pascoe Faulkner WT5 1946, CPO/Tel George Bell WT4 1946, Tel Max Bottrell WT3 1945, L/Tel Ruben Markovitch WT2 1945, L/Tel Eric Stuart WT5 1946

Gayle and Crocodile – Firstly, Bravo Zulu – what a wonderful Reunion for all you ex Navy Communicators – congratulations on a job well done. I enjoyed myself very much too – feet didn’t touch the ground for five days. I met some very nice people. You made an excellent speech Gayle – just right and you thought of everyone to thank. Fred was quite ‘chuffed’ about being mentioned and I noted you mentioned me too – thank you for that. Once again you all did a wonderful job and judging by the comments from people they are certainly keen to get another one organized —- Jan MKII (Wright)

Jim – I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks for the organization and hospitality afforded at the Reunion. We certainly had an outstanding time in Brisbane. BZ to all concerned. No doubt the organizers for Reunion 2 have a hard act to follow and should Perth get the nod I do have some concerns about the logistics of it all. I would hate see it fall apart because of distance and related factors however, we will have to wait and see I guess. Again thanks for everything and take care —- Ken

Tony – As promised at the re-union, I am writing to thank the organizing committee for all their effort they and their willing helpers put into organising the Communications Branch Queensland Re-union. Apart from having a great time, Sheila was very impressed with at the tone of the functions, well run, everyone enjoying themselves. She was particularly impressed, as was I with the Memorial Service at Newstead and the luncheon at Lennons was particularly well set out and managed. Please pass on my sincere congratulations to all concerned and we are looking forward to similar functions in the future. Sorry for the delay in putting printer to paper but this retirement is hell – so many things to do, thanks again for your efforts —- Bruce Brew

Reunion Committee – Thank you, that was really something, well done. That was my first Anzac Day march, after the buzz of being part of the Comm Branch and receiving the accolades of the people lining the route, it will not be my last. Thankfully I made contact with George Bracken and he steered me onto people I would have known. My wife Cecily, was taken in the groups we were with and enjoyed the occasions as much as I did. And who will ever forget the “Wool Shed” dance and dancers. We had the fun of being at the same table as ‘Keghead’ and a heap of ex Wrans and then Doug Elliott and his wife sat next to us and it was back to the ‘Harman’ days. It was good to meet Tony and Kev, can’t remember if I met Bill. Now there are faces to go with the names on top of the Queensland Newsletters. —- Ben Simons