Back Row l to r:
Doug Kissick, Knocker White, Snoopy Hooper, NK, Barry Francis, NK, NK, NK, NK, Mulga Hanson, NK, Garry Evans, Blue Bromley, Albert Rawlings (Civvy Teletype Maintainer).
3rd Row l to r:
Chris Walker (Civy Typing Inst), NK, NK, NK, Pony Moore, NK, John Strickland, NK, NK, Barb Simpson, Fez Parker, Ted Beare, Shiner Wright, Tony Brine, Roy (Jan) Cummins (Civy Typing Inst), George Goodall (Civy Typing Inst).
2nd Row l to r:
Norm Hindle (Civy Radio Maintainer), Doug Pigot, Ted Hunt, NK, Ken Cox, NK, NK, LCDR Ray Johnson OIC, CMDR Richard Arundel, Leut Bob Everett, NK, Bryce Diggle, Knobby Hall, NK, Frank Taunton (OIC Typing Section).
Front row:   NK, NK, Ernie Power, NK, NK, NK, TO Danny ‘Pony’ Moore, Al Conway, NK, NK, Linton Riddell, RO Kel Meschke.