Rancba 2nd national reunion-perth 1999


The question asked by many Communicators during the very successful and enjoyable Brisbane hosted inaugural National RANCB reunion in April 1996 was, “when and where is the next reunion going to be held?”

Having observed the event activities and some of the organisation involved for the ex-WRANS reunion at Perth in 1991, their next reunion at Brisbane in 1993, the ex Service women’s National reunion in Darwin in 1995 as part of the Australia Remembers activities, we had experienced several memorable weeks of Naval reunions. The Brisbane Communicators reunion experience was the icing on the cake.

Tony Miles and Kevin Ruwoldt, those sweet talking lobbyists, sounded out both Steve and myself re the possibility of a 2nd National reunion being held in Western Australia. In response, both the Aiberti’s and the McNab’s privately discussed some ideas of what should be considered in the way of venues, accommodation and sightseeing and some itinerary possibilities for several days of official reunion activities. The consensus was that yes it was something that we felt could be done.

Prior to our departure from Brisbane Steve indicated to some of the Queensland reunion committee that we were quietly confident that such an exercise with careful planning could be entertained, and that we as an inaugural steering committee were prepared to step forward to get it up and running.

After a couple of months (call it a cooling off period) it gave one time to reflect on the enormity of the tasks ahead, possible time frames to consider, ideas to discuss, options to contemplate etc. Several meetings took place to review our thoughts and ideas for a five day reunion incorporating the ANZAC Day weekend 1999.

It was subsequently formally promulgated nationally in the next RANCBA quarterly Newsletter and also announced at the W.A. Communicators pre-Xmas‘96 ‘get-together’ that an organising committee had been formed and that the next National RANCB reunion would be held in Western Australia.