Photos Anzac Day I

Rancb 2nd national reunion-perth 1999(page 1)

Anzac Day Photos

(With thanks to Graham ‘Scoops’ Cooper and Anne Hamden (Kane) who kindly provided Sandy McNab with copies of their photo’s taken at the reunion.)
Anzac 01
An early start. Tony Horton arriving for the Fremantle dawn service.
Anzac 02
Joan, Gavin and Pat consulting before bussing to Perth for the march and luncheon.
Anzac 03
The old meets the new. Arthur 'Tugboat' Shiplee (1938-55) and maybe Len Boylson (1942-46) seen mingling with some of the new breed before the march.
Anzac 04
Awaiting the 'fall in' call from the parade marshall. In conversation is WO Ted Cummins, WO(N) Michael O'Connell, Bob Trotter and Gavin Ryan with Jim Quick assisting Patricia.
Anzac 05
A proud day for the RANCB contingent. About 320 white-hatted Communicators marching down William St 'in line and in step' and onto the Perth Esplanade to take the Governors salute with RADM Tony Horton, Patron CDRE Bob Trotter and President Ron Tuckwell to the fore. Norma Dix and Patricia Quick are on the forward halyards, Gavin Ryan and 'Dusty' Miller on the rears. Bill Blinkhorn and Barry 'Bones' Lehmann are the banner bearers. BZ all.
Anzac 06
L to R rear Peter Hilton, Peter Shields, 'Trog' Keenan, Front, John Rowe, John 'Shiner' Wright, Jack Shave
Anzac 07
L to R rear Jack and Dee Bawden, Dick Cantwell, Peter Baggott, Brian 'Dolly' Gray, Front, Jean Cantwell, Graeme 'Moby' Edwards, Lou leBoydre, Don and Carlene Spencer.
Anzac 08
L to R rear N/K, N/K, Cass Cairney, Judy Dohman, Trevor Robb, David Kerr, Front N/K , Sue and Barry Sherriff, and Kym Parry (Who above is Kev Rollins, Vern Elms, Bob Toy ?)
Anzac 09
L to R rear Bobbie and Bill Bacon, Judy and Max Prewett, Gay and Glen Hansen, Front, Gayle and John Oats, Robert 'Shorty' and Sue Turner
Anzac 10
L to R rear Ted 'Yockey' Shaw, Margaret Barr, Harry Watson, Les Bartlett, Joan Bergin, Front, Lionel Barr, Denny Reeves, and Bob Bergin