Photos Anzac Day II

rancb 2nd national reunion-perth 1999(page 2)

Anzac Day Photos

(With thanks to Graham ‘Scoops’ Cooper and Anne Hamden (Kane) who kindly provided Sandy McNab with copies of their photo’s taken at the reunion.)
Anzac 11
L to R rear Fay Webber, Margaret and Jim Benson, Shirley Jones, Mike Beasely, Mark Street, and front, Mike 'Bomber' Brown, John Farrell, Val and Gary McCabe, Teresa Street.
Anzac 12
L to R rear Patricia and Peter Guy, Dave and Julie Semmens, Doug Conn, and front N/K, N/K, Shirley and Kevin Rowland, Barbara Conn.
Anzac 13
L to R rear Terry Lees, 'Tackers' Miles, Sharon Grogan, 'Knobby' Clark, Roger Garrett, and front Elain 'Curls' and Alan 'Frapper' Lehman, Jo-Anne Armstrong, Bill Blinkhorn.
Anzac 14
L to R rear Brian McNamara, Les Thurgood, Tom Jarrett, Doug Manners, Geoff Gardner, and front Tom Lane, David Dixon, Arthur and Anita Large, and Sylvia Manners.
Anzac 15
L to R rear Keith and Wendy Bebbington, 'Keghead' and Ruth Weaver, Stan Magro and George Standen. Front, Joan Mott, Nancy Anderson, Gary Wright.
Anzac 16
L to R rear Ray and Olwen Lipscombe, Roley Foale, Front, Shirley Dawson, Helen Burgess, Jackie Foale.
Anzac 17
L to R rear Judy Almond, 'Doc' Watson (?), Michael and Lorraine Webster, Vic Ford, and Steve Jarvis. Front, 'Jock' Donnelly, Win and Des Kennedy, Rod Arnold (?).
Anzac 18
L to R rear, Mel Prosser, Anne Hamden, Jenni 'Cleo' Murphy, Bill Hosking, Ian Paterson. Front, Jan Wright, Fred Harper, Moira and Wayne Bancroft, Di Paterson.
Anzac 19
L to R rear, Peter Launder, Ray and Tina Norton, 'Scoops' and Lyn Cooper, Dick Treasure. Front, Jenni Betts, Robyn and Trevor Malby, Alison Treasure.
Anzac 20
L to R rear, John Rowe, Peter Shields, Peter Hilton, 'Shiner' Wright. Front, Marianne Shields, 'Trog' Keenan, Janie Dennis, Ian McKay, Kate Rowe.
Anzac 21
L to R rear, Col and Dawdie Dicker, Fran and Jim Watson, Peter Retallick, Front, Keith and Evon Spiers, John 'Beachball' and Laura Thorpe, Elaine Retallick.
Anzac 22
L to R rear, Russ Hooper, Ian 'Tackers' Harding-Collis, Hughe 'Scotty' Green, Barry 'Bones' Lehmann, Jim Quick. Front, Marion Hooper, Bob and Jill Hawke, Bryce and Betty Diggle.