Photos Finale Dinner

rancb 2nd national reunion-perth 1999

(With thanks to Graham ‘Scoops’ Cooper and Anne Hamden (Kane) who kindly provided Sandy McNab with copies of their photo’s taken at the reunion.)

Photo's taken at the Fremantle Sailing Club. Venue for the finale dinner/dance.

Finale 01
Complimentary pre-dinner drinks on arrival. L to R. Joan Aiberti, Pat McNab, Fran Watson and Lyn Cooper.
Finale 02
Pre-dinner interlude with a partial overview of the lower concourse and dance floor. The R.A.N Reserve Navy Band tuning up, Denny and Ted conversing, Mel, Les and Kev reflecting on the moment.
Finale 03
Dennis and Ted making their selection. A magnificent buffet spread. To quote 'dear diary', ton's of it !
Finale 04
Ailsa Brooke, Graeme 'Moby' Edwards, Craig and Glennis Woodhouse.
Finale 05
Our A.C.T. visitors. Ted and Pam Pretty, Dennis and Barbara Kugler
Finale 06
Geoff and Wilma Gardner.
Finale 07
John and Coral Tuke.
Finale 08
Judith and Pieter Oetelmans (Catley).
Finale 09
John 'Shiner' Wright, Chris and Lyn Walker (Good).
Finale 10
1951-1956 revisited.
Rear L to R. Margaret Moriarty (53-56) Joan Mott (a reunion visitor) Front. Nancy Anderson (51-54), Margaret Barr (51-53), Alison Williams (51-55), Ailsa Brooke (53-55).
Finale 11
ANZUK Communicators.
L to R rear, Col Dicker, Garry Pyke, Ken Hankinson, John Somers, Bronte Daniel, Trevor Malby, Dick Treasure. Front, Lynn Nash, Leonie Pyke, Jan Hankinson, Oriel Somers, Robyn Malby and Alison Treasure.
Finale 12
Coonawarra 65-66 Communicators.
L to R. Front row, Joyce and Eddie Pearson, Robyn and Trevor Malby, Anne Hamden, Rita Back, Pat McNab. Middle row, Jim Carey, Gayle Brady, Doriel Wailes, Fran Watson, Pam Canney, Jen Murphy, Jock Donnelly, Brian Nichols, and Heather Walford. Rear row, Ron Tuckwell, Ian Paterson, Kev Ruwoldt, Tony Miles, Brian Harley, Sandy McNab.
Finale 13

A grand gathering of Communicators. BZ the Ladies.

L to R.
Front row,
Wendy Hanley (Sims), Anne Bell (Halpin), Jan Stamp (Berry), Jen Murphy (Reedman), Glenys Woodhouse (McDonald), Jennie Glen (Sundbye), Marj Heaney (Long), Margaret Nason (Buckman), Pat McNab (Hawkett), Joan Aiberti (Noyes), Judith Oetelmans (Catley).

Second row,

Joan Bergin (Rinaldi), Marjorie Dowel (Franklin), Margaret Barr (McLachlan), Alison Williams (Dobie), Margaret Moriarty (Young), Norah Tuckwell (Walmsley), Patricia Quick (Hyland), Sylvia Manners (Brannigan), Alison Poole, Jan Hankinson (Seekamp), Robyn Bacon (Smith), Marie Nitschke (McKenna).

Third row,

Gayle Brady (Walker), Ailsa Brooke (Ellis), Nancy Anderson (Belbin), Doriel Wailes (Eade), Carol Hall (Teather), Lynne Gidman (Dance), Fay Webber (Geiszler/Cumerford), Shirley Jones (Griffiths), Jennifer Rafferty (Wooler), Tina Norton (Brewer), Robyn Malby (Campbell),
Margaret Boydle (Brown), Gwen Rann (Courtney).

Fourth row,

Carmel Delaney (Nolan), Helen Moffatt (Foreman), Betty McLaren (Howse), Roz Davey (Maxwell), Gaynor Maggs, Anne Hamden (Kane), Jennie Rathbone, Jenny Downing (Jarvie), Norma Dix (Featch), Sue Hackett (Halpin), Shirley Rowland (Hiscock), Sonja Hellier (Dutton).
Back row, Fran Watson (Lawsen), Chris Sutherland (Fairman), Judy Almond, Patricia Berwick (Whyte), Joyce Pearson (Lawson), Pamela Canney, Lynn Nash, Lesley Lalor (Masters), Heather Walford (Brumby), Lyn Cooper (Mulready), Evon Speirs (Ferguson), Cheryl Fittock (Geekie), Keryn Northrope (Porter), Rita Back (Pond).

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After the dinner, the photo sessions, the speeches, the presentations, and the 'Canberra in 2002' announcement, it was on with the music, back onto the dance floor and into it.
Finale 15
' but not always on the dance floor ' Whooping it up behind (?) , are Joyce and Eddie, Jim and Fran, Lyn and Scoops, Gay and Glen Hansen.