WA Chapter – Recent Changes

WA Chapter - Recent Changes

West Australian Branch – Changes 26 April 2017


Commodore Bob Trotter RAN Rtd.

David Maclean


Brian Nichols
0407 726 994


Arthur Large
0417 175 884

new meeting date for march- 20th march at 2.00pm



President voice.

Following a great meeting in October 2015, it was agreed the WA branch of the RANCBA NOT fold but continue. It was generally agreed that such a group to fold would be an absolute shame.

A discussion was held in relation to the continuance of the branch and it was voted that Alan Rodgers as nominated be elected unopposed to the position of President. Alan was pleased and proud to be so nominated and accepted the nomination.

Alan then suggested that we all put our thinking caps on in order to up with ways of enticing Communicators back to the numbers which used to attend meetings as in the past. I fully understand there are many ex-navy groups out there all in the recruitment mode however, I think that as Communicators we are a little different – we are family.

It is very sad the numbers of communications people in the west for some reason do not come together on two occasions per year. It was further agreed that the two dates currently arranged be continued.

These two dates are the end of March and the end of October

It should be noted that these dates are agreed because they do not interfere with both – ANZAC DAY and or Christmas.

It would be very pleasing to see those who have, for their own reasons ceased their attendance to once again join together on the dates above at the Riverton RSL.

I believe Communicators, unlike other branches, are a family and should act as one.

With that in mind please give some serious consideration of re-joining with each other at the RIVERTON RSL for a drink [together with our partners] and general “chit chat”, I believe communicators are good at that and enjoy each-others company.

We considered other facilities for our meetings and it was agreed that as the Riverton RSL is a very centrally located facility and should remain as our meeting place. For those who drink the prices are cheap and the charges for the use of the facility are very reasonable.

We look forward to meeting with you all in March 2016

communicators banner


We are now also looking for a member of our group to be the Custodian of our Communications Banner. This duty was always carried very capably by our Hon Treasurer, Arthur Large, however Arthur has now had two shoulder reconstructions and is in need of a replacement person. This person who takes over the custodianship of the banner will also need to bring it into Perth for the ANZAC DAY march. Can someone please give some serious thought and then make contact with Arthur in order that the changeover can be arranged. Thanking you in anticipation.



In the last couple or more years, the newsletters have been produced and sent out via Email together with mailed out copies. We believe that we have to take a good look at this as many of the mailed out copies are also delivered by Email. If you fall into this category, please advise Norma and we can then reduce the cost of delivery of the Newsletters. Further we believe that some of you may not be interested in receiving these letters, once again if you fall into this category please also notify Norma.

There is a lot of work needed to produce a newsletter and those of you out there who consider something is newsworthy once again put your hand up and send that news to us for inclusion.

There is often something of worthiness which should be distributed prior to the newsletters and when this occurs, we will from now on send it out via the Internet, only.

We will also ensure that relevant information is sent over to John Curbishly for inclusion on the RANCBA Website. This is your newspaper and John does a great job putting information for all Communicators Australia wide.

office bearers

Members of the committee and contacts are as follows:


Commodore Bob Trotter RAN Rtd.


David Maclean


Brian Nichols
0407 726 994


Arthur Large
0417 175 884

The main contact for the RANCBA WA – is Brian Nichols, the Hon Secretary

Please direct all your enquiries to him for consideration

Should you wish to discuss any matters in relation to our branch please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the above contacts.

We will only be too happy to assist you in any way possible.


The WA Chapter functions for 2016 will be as follows:
Sunday 20th March – meeting at the Riverton RSL 2.00PM
Monday 25th April – Anzac Day.
Sunday 30th October – meeting Riverton RSL 2.00PM
More details will be promulgated by the Secretary closer to the events.


We have discussed the matter of membership fees at previous meetings with those in attendance agreeing that the $10.00 per year be imposed. We have not commenced this action until now.

It is therefore appropriate to include an application form within this notice as follows. We thank you for your cooperation and assistance with this payment.

The payment is considered appropriate to make the year run on a calendar year basis. With payments to be made by 1st February of each year.


Please print, complete and mail the following form:


I wish to apply for;

or renew membership with the Royal Australian Navy Communications Branch Association (WA).

Membership costs are $10 for one year’s membership or $20 for 3 year’s membership.

Our preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer to our bank account:

Account name – RANCBA (WA) BSB – 06 6164 Account Number – 10373577 “ENSURE TO PUT YOUR NAME ON THE REMITTANCE” Please find enclosed: $10.00 for one year’s membership. $20.00 for 3 year’s membership.

My personal details are:
Given Names:
Preferred Name: .
If relevant, please indicate Comms sub-branch: (SIG, RO, WRROT, CIS, etc.):


The Honorary Secretary:
Telephone: 9474 4154

Elaine & Alan Rodgers 5 Skye Lane
Phone 08 9297 1599
Alan 0416 096 841
Elaine 0420 526 339