Malayan Emergency

Malayan Emergency

Meg Haensel Fuss shared a post.(Facebook)
We had a fairly big involvement in this “campaign” – ships were sent on 9 month duty tours to SE Asia, some of the ships & crews involved directly in the Malay Emergency were:
Arunta & Warramunga (Tribal Class Destroyers);
Anzac II & Tobruk (Battle Class Destroyers);
Quiberon, Quickmatch & Queenborough (Q Class Destroyers);
Melbourne CV21 & Voyager.
Someone will be able to add more, not sure about smaller vessels such as patrol boats.
The RAN & RAN Personnel also helped with the formation of the Malaysian Navy.

  • Len Payne
    Posted at 02:51h, 01 May Reply

    As an ord RO in 1960 on Queenborough I was transferred at Penang to MFV 715 a small 35 ft wooden flush deck fishing vessel with a Yanmar diesel motor (top speed 6 kts & a toilet but no shower & a single burner gimbal mounted stove. We (all 8) under command of subLt S.D (c) Norman Barrett took a combined patrol of navy/army with a Gurkha guide & dropped them in darkness to sweep for 3 days searching for any remnants of Communist Terrorists on a section of East Malaya.& could only cook either We retrieved them 3 days later & returned them to Queenborough & were then ordered to sail MFV 715 some 400 miles to Singapore with very little food or water. We had to sail into Port Dickson to replenish & refuel & then anchored each night at dusk as we were in Malacca Straits with big Tankers which could crush us into matchwood & not know!!My only radio was an army 625 with a battery pack , we had no working radar & could only cook either bully beef with spuds or Irish stew with rice for 10 days. Len (wacka) Payne ex PORS

  • Ben Franklin
    Posted at 07:03h, 13 January Reply

    Derwent did a cupl of trips to the Konfrontasi zone….I think a few of the type 12s did…

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