A Message from Nathan Cole, Officer Commanding the Defence Force School of Signals – Maritime CIS Wing.

A Message from Nathan Cole, Officer Commanding the Defence Force School of Signals – Maritime CIS Wing.

8 Feb 2022

A Message from Nathan Cole, Officer Commanding the Defence Force School of Signals

– Maritime CIS Wing.

 Greetings RANCBA community. I hope this message finds you well and safe.

I have been asked by the RANCBA presidency to reach out due to growing concerns surrounding membership decline and increasing distance between the association and the current serving CIS community. There is genuine concern I am told that the RANCBA’s future is in doubt.

I have always considered the RANCBA to be a form of family in my life. Have always looked forward to catching up on ANZAC days with those that came before me and many that I have served with to share stories and it has always reminded me that the fundamental aspects of Naval Communications that have bonded us together have not changed.

Information superiority: ensuring the right information is in the right hands to make the decisive move.

The technologies we have used throughout history since Nelson’s time to the modern day have and will continue to evolve. These evolving technologies continue to present as many challenges as they do benefits.

It has been concerning to watch in recent years as our people have been subjected to a consistent level of derisive feedback fed by sense of superiority from those that came before us.

I realise this is not unique to RANCBA and can be found throughout the Many Naval associations. I do believe however that it is the actions of a small minority that continue to ruin the experience for the majority.

Bearing in mind that we all belong to the Naval family, I would like to ask you to consider the following questions:

  1. Would I speak to a member of my family like this?

  2. Would I use this tone with my child/grandchild?

There are essentially three paths to choose from here.

  1. Status Quo. Continue to alienate those that follow the proud traditions of naval communications and contribute to the folding of one of the oldest Naval associations in RAN

  2. Consider embracing and supporting today’s Communicators. Maybe it is not too late to recover and ensure RANCBA goes on, remembering its many members and

  3. Say nothing and allow the afore mentioned minority to continue dragging the community down the current trajectory.

I am very proud of the people that were part of the story of Naval Communications before us, those that carry out the roles now, and those that I have the privilege of introducing into our community as our future Communicators.

You should be justifiably proud of today’s Communicators. They are a highly sought-after    employee in industry. They live by our Defence Values of Service, Courage, Respect,

Integrity and Excellence. See them for who they are, not the technologies they are required to operate.

I humbly ask for your consideration and support on behalf of the RAN CIS community and the RANCBA Presidency. In return, I will do everything I can to encourage the current serving CIS community to consider interacting and perhaps joining their local chapter of the RANCBA. I shall also encourage my serving peers and superiors to provide similar encouragement to their CIS staff.

Nathan C

    Posted at 06:48h, 14 February Reply

    Hi Nathan great words and fully endorsed by myself. I served from 63 to 72 in the last century (that makes me sound old) which by the way I am, in age only.
    It would be great if we could have a rundown on what the communicator of today does that is different to when we older communicators served, both ashore and at sea.
    This would help us understand what our new generation of communicators tasks are compared to our generations. also any other input from you or someone from your area
    that would enlighten us
    Kind Regards ex POCY.

  • Alan Murgatroyd
    Posted at 05:24h, 05 March Reply

    Couldn’t agree more Apples. We had a small group of present day communicators with us in Sydney on Anzac day last year . We had a great time with them and I think they enjoyed our company as much as we did theirs . I hope we see them (and maybe more) at this years Anzac day march . Alan Murgatroyd (murgy to you ! )

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