HMAS Stalwart 1976/77 & HMAS Melbourne 1974

HMAS Stalwart 1976/77 & HMAS Melbourne 1974

Some sea-time memories submitted by Drew Mounter.

HMAS Stalwart in Java Sea 1977. Mending dress-ship lines. L-R ABRO Al Ashman,  ABSIG Ian Johnson (furthest away), ABSIG Terry Blighton, ABSIG Mickey Jeffries

The lads from HMAS Stalwart comms enjoying a restorative cordial in Noumea 1976.

L-R – Ian Johnson (ABSIG), Tony Linley (ABSIG), Mickey jefferies (ABSIG) Mickey Dare (ABSIG), Bomber Brown (ABRO), Me – Drew Mounter ( ABRO).

We were there for a week with a makers every day!  Needed a duty to dry out.

Melbourne Cup – HMAS Melbourne enroute San Francisco to Pearl Harbour 1974.

Runner up Miss Melbourne – Melb cup – HMAS Melbourne en route San Fran to Pearl 1974.

No name  – thank heavens!!

Al Ashman getting dunked in crossing the line ceremony, HMAS Stalwart Java Sea 1977.

L-R ABRO Tom Byrne, ABRO Al Ashman Jahore Baru 1977.

CTL ceremony HMAS Stalwart Java Sea 1977.

I took this one from the starboard bridge wing of HMAS

Stuart in Bass Strait 1975.  Got in deep shit from the OOW for ducking out to take it in such lumpy seas.

Guys were getting thrown out of their bunks, and Rags Hardy (ABRO) got tossed from one side of the wireless office to the other without touching the deck.

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